A Sterling Silver Love

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contractions & contentment

DRACO WAS RACING THROUGH the hospital corridors as he tried to find his mates room. He could smell her intoxicating scent as he stood outside the door before growing a pair of balls and walking in. His heart broke when he saw her reaction to his presence.

“What are you doing here,” Aida said, her teeth clenched as he made it through yet another contraction.

“I’m sorry,” Draco whispered from his position in the doorway. “I’m so sorry. I know that actions speak louder than words, but I need you to know that I’m sorry. I’m trying so hard to protect you,” he stepped closer to her. “That I don’t stop to think about the fact that you don’t need protection all of the time. I’m overbearing, I know that, I just can’t lose you.” Draco stretched out a hand, wanting to touch her, but not knowing if that’s what she actually needed. “Erika told me you didn’t want me here, so I’m not going to stay.” His eyes burned as he said those words, “stay safe, Sweetheart.”

Aida watched as his fingers kissed her shin before retreating to his suit pocket. “Stay,” she whispered just as he was about to step out of the room. “I’m sorry too,” she looked up at the ceiling, to stop the tears from flowing.

“Stop,” Draco said sternly. “You have nothing to be sorry for.” Draco leaned down and rested his lips to her forehead. “I love you.”

Aida sobbed, “it hurts Draco.”

“I know, Sweetheart,” he murmured lovingly. “I’m sorry.” His inked fingers brushed her curtain bangs behind her ear as he kissed her lips tenderly. Their short loving moment was interrupted when she arched her neck in pain and let out a scream. Draco hated seeing her in pain and wanted nothing more than to take it away, but he knew that wasn’t possible.

Hours went by before they heard the words they had all been anxiously waiting for—“10 centimeters! Let’s start pushing, My Lady.”

’Oh thank the Goddess.”

The sound of the King’s fingers breaking caused the whole room to go quiet. “Shit that hurt!” He yelped, which only earned a stern glare from the Queen.

“You don’t get to say that,” she paused another groan erupting from her throat. “I am pushing out your babies, out of my vagina.”

“You’re right,” he chuckled uncomfortably, earning another glare.

“Get out.” She seethed, “if you aren’t going to try and help me then get out.”

He stood there staring at her, unsure of what to do or say.

“Draco I swear to god. Get. Out.”

Fear flickered across his face when he realized how serious she was being. He nodded curtly and then left. He didn’t go far, just right outside the door where his mother and father were anxiously waiting for the good news. “So?”

“Oh,” Draco laughed bitterly, “she kicked me out, I guess my comment about her breaking my hand didn’t sit well.” He leaned against the wall, flinching every time she let out a groan or scream.

“You should go back,” Orion suggested to his son.

“But she told me to get out,” he muttered looking at his father confused.

Orion chuckled. “Son, when your woman tells you to get out, she never really means it.”

“I-what?” Draco ran his hands over his face. “Why are women so confusing?”

His father laughed loudly, “I wish I knew the answer to that son. Fuck ow!” He cried when Selene slapped him on the back of the head. “But not you, you’re easy.”

“Oh so I’m easy like a whore?” The Moon Goddess stared at her mate and then walked away with a scuff.

“I’ll go after mine if you go after yours,” Draco suggested to his father who nodded grimly. With a sigh Draco walked back inside, his heart aching at the sight of her in so much pain. He didn’t say anything as he walked in, fearing that she might kick him out again.

Aida watched her mate from the corner of her eye as he awkwardly shuffled back in the room. Her hand slowly broke the space between them as she yanked him to the bedside again. Tears were flowing freely down Aida’s cheeks. “I want these boys out of me,” she groaned.

He ran his hand through his dark chestnut hair, hating that such a beautiful concept was causing her so much pain.

Her fingers gripped his forearm as another ear piercing scream erupted from her throat. Her whole body felt like it was splitting open when the head of her son appeared.

A cry almost as loud as her own filled the room. Nurses cheered as they confirmed the birth of the first royal twin Prince. Five more minutes went by before she pushed again, and this time it went much more smoothly.

“Do we have names already, Your Majesties?”

“Perseus Jordan Rivers and Cairo Xavier Rivers.”

The King and Queen sat watching as the nurses bustled around the room.

“Thank you,” Draco kissed her head tenderly, ignoring the pain he was still feeling in his hand as it re-healed. Her smile was that of pure exhaustion but that was understandable.

“Here,” a soft voice broke their love filled gaze. “Perseus and Cairo.”

“Hi Percy.” The King smiled at his second son, taking in his features; they were similar to his wife’s, even taking after her blue eyes. The room was silent as they stared at their sons the only thing missing was the eldest. “Johnson is on his way with Doni.”

“Okay,” Aida smiled, not taking her eye off of her sleepy newborn. To her, he was perfect, they both were.


“Hey little man,” the father of three groaned as Adonis slammed into his chest. “Careful, you don’t want to wake your brother.”

The Prince had been so excited to see his father awake he didn’t even notice the newest family editions.

“Come Doni,” the empty spot on the bed was patted by the Queen. “Be gentle.”

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