A Sterling Silver Love

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holiday spirit

THE AIR WAS CRISP, the skies were blue and the trees were gold with hints of red and green. It was November in Greece, Aida’s favorite time of the year. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Paul had done a fantastic job dressing Aida in a sparkling burnt orange off the shoulder dress. It had gold embroidered leaves along the neckline, and a simple gold rope along the waist. With a dazzling smile Aida turned around and thanked her friend, her eyes twinkling almost as much as the crown on top of her head. Gold block heels, gold nails were paired and her golden wolf eyes were paired to perfection with the gold theme of the evening. After one last glance in the mirror she spun on her heel and walked out of the bedroom.

“Holy fuck,” but the words didn’t come from Draco, they came from his sixteen year old cousin Kai who was now staying with the pack. The comment earned Kai a crisp slap on the head from his senior.

“Settle down boys,” Aida grinned, “there’s enough of me to go around.”

“Absolutely not,” Draco’s chest rumbled.

Aida laughed before sending the high schooler a wink.

“You looked beautiful, Aida.” The King brushed his lips against her knuckles as he led them to his car. It was the Thanksgiving feast followed by a ball and every pack member 16 and over was buzzing with excitement.

The car purred as it came alive and Aida couldn’t help but squeal.

With a smirk plastered on his face Draco sped off. The ballroom wasn’t far, just a fifteen minute drive away so it gave the two mates time to catch up while Kai sat in the back on his phone. “Not a scratch,” Draco pointed a finger at the valet person.

Kai scrambled through the door hoping to find a girl to score with, while the King and Queen were escorted to their doors.

Her arm looped through his elbow as they waited for the announcement to be over. The doors pushed open and the two monarchs stood on the top of the stairs watching and smiling at the other Lycans. The ballroom was filled with golds and oranges and reds, the perfect mix of Thanksgiving colors. Draco led Aida to the centre of the dance floor, his eyes never leaving hers. This dance was different from the first one they shared almost a year ago and the ones in their offices. There was no swaying or love filled looks, this dance was practiced and sophisticated yet it left them both immensely turned on. The music was loud enough to mask the pleasurable groans that came from the mated pair due to their current position.

Both of the female’s legs wrapped around the male’s waist, his hands kissing the small of her black, as she was arched up to the sky. Anyone behind her had a clear view of her plump and supple breasts, and the valley between them that seemed to go on forever.

Slowly Draco dragged Aida’s body up to his so they were chest to chest.

As the song came to an end she slipped down, one foot on the ground and the other wrapped wrapped around his lower thigh.

The ballroom exploded into cheers as their first public dance since her coronation.

With knowing glances they excused themselves from the floor and made their way to the bathroom. Aida’s back slammed against the tiled wall as she moaned into Draco’s mouth. His tongue skillfully battling with her own. “Draco,” she whimpered while his mouth trailed down her neck. “Please, I need you.”

His eyes darkened. The feeling of her fingers wrapping around his throbbing member pulled him out of his trance. Without warning he slipped two fingers inside her warm centre, loving the way she moaned as he fingered her.

After a shuddering release she focused her attention back on his dick. No matter what pace she went, he loved it. A low groan vibrated his vocal chords, signifying his fast approaching arrival.

Hoping off the sink Aida took him in her mouth, not wanting semen on her dress.

His hands weaved through her hair, and he grabbed the back of her head, forcing her to take all of him. Another grunt filled the bathroom followed by a muffled moan.

When she pulled away he still had a dazed look on his face, like he wasn’t sure if any of what had just happened was real or not.

He pressed her swollen lips against his, not minding the salty aftertaste of his cum. “I love you.”

“And I you.”

The royal feast was like nothing Aida had ever experienced before. Each table had their own turkey and fixings, there was enough apple cider to last a lifetime and the pumpkin pie, the pumpkin pie was what the Queen was looking forward to most. It was a nice tan color with whipped cream scattered perfectly around the top. Aida watched as Draco cut the turkey, his large biceps flexing underneath his button up. The tastes that exploded inside Aida’s mouth caused her to moan, and beside her Draco stiffened. “This is absolute heaven,” she pointed to her mounds of food, with a soft chuckled he leaned over and kissed her temple. “Ooh pie!” She clapped when she was done with her third plate of food.

“Sweetheart slow down,” Draco was done with his food and leaning back in his throne, his hand on her thigh. “You’re going to get sick if you don’t.”

With a huff she leaned back and let her dinner digest. Her eyes flickering over to Kai who seemed to be hitting off with the doctor’s daughter.

He was different than the rest of them, more human than Lycan, therefore he didn’t have a mate or a wolf for that matter. Within the past month he had already earned a womanizer title, hitting on anything with boobs, age and relationship status did not matter to him one bit.

Her attention shifted from Kai and back to what she really wanted, the pumpkin pie.

“Happy?” Draco had a smug look on his face as he watched her devour it.

She hummed, handing him her fork to try.

His teeth bit down on the gold cutlery as he dragged the pie away and into his mouth slowly.

It was a teasing act that made her legs clamp shut. The event was long from being over, but Aida and Draco made up an excuse; the twins needed them. His fingers dug into her hip bone as he walked them briskly to their car. Growing impatient by her slow antics, Draco shoved his wife into the car. From a distance it could have looked dangerous and abusive, but all she did was giggle—loving the dominant side of him.

The castle was quiet as the two tipsy mates stumbled around, unable to keep their hands off of each other. Slowly the Queen stepped out of her dress, her black lingerie causing Draco’s bulge to pulse. Her fingers wrapped around the ends, letting it all pool to the ground around her.

A sharp inhale could be heard from the corner as Draco saw his mate naked for the first time in weeks.

Her hips and breasts had filed out to childbearing, and her stomach was flat, in a healthy way. Her legs seemed to go on for miles, as she stood in nothing but gold heels. Every time he stepped forward she stepped back until her butt had hit the dresser.

His tattooed fingers wrapped around her waist forcing her to sit on top of the dark wood.

Her eyes never left his as he stripped down to his naked glory. The sharp gold nails she wore trailed down his chiseled chest, stopping just above his pelvis.

Carefully he removed both of their crowns and placed them in their closets. When he came back his hands tangled in her hair yanking her head to the side. His eyes flashed a bright silver his canines lengthened as he sank into her mark.

She gasped and then moaned at the feeling.

When he was done he trailed kisses down her body, stopping only to suck on each nippled until he got a nice stream of milk.

It was a sight Aida never thought she would see but it made her wetter than ever.

He spread her legs so her heeled feet were resting on the dresser. His mouth connected with her upper thigh kissing and biting until he reached his intended target.

Her back arched up away from the wall as he licked from the base of her warmth to her pearl. Her hands went pushed against his head but he locked them behind her, not wanting her to feel any ounce of control. She rocked her hips against his mouth wanting him to go faster.

“No,” he growled, smacking her pussy. “I’m in control slut, do you understand?”

She whimpered, dripping even more at the degrading name.

“I asked you a question, Slut: Do you understand?” His breath was hot against her neck.

“Yes I understand.”

He slipped two fingers inside her, moving at a snail’s pace. “Yes what?”

“Yes Master, I understand.”

“Good girl,” he chuckled, going a tad faster. “What a good little slut you are for your Master, hm? Are going to let Master fuck you however, whenever he pleases?”

She whimpered again, loving this side of him.

“Words baby, I need words.”

“Yes Master—I’m all yours.”

The answer seemed to please him because he went faster, giving her what she wanted. Even from just his fingers, her legs began to shake as she came undone. But he didn’t stop there, his thumb rested on her clit as he rubbed, while he pounded harder at the spot he knew made her legs shake. Satisfied by her release he slowly pulled his fingers out and placed them at the tip of her mouth.

Her lips parted and her tongue darted out, tasting herself on his fingers. The best part wasn’t that she was sucking his two digits like a dick, the best part was that she never broke eye contact.

His lips pressed firmly against hers as they shared their first kiss since the arrival home. Moans filled the room as their tongues battled.

Firm hands lifted her off the dresser and carried her to the bed, hot once breaking their kiss. A squeal left Aida’s mouth as she soared through the air and landed on their bed.

“Head over the edge of the bed baby.”

Complying with his request she shifted and waited for what would come next.

“Oh fuck,” he swore, his head rolling back as she wrapped her lips around his length.

He had never straddled her face before but they were both loving it. His long fingers weaved through her hair as he took control, changing it from a blow job to a face fucking. They both moaned when he hit the back of her throat. “Fuck, take that dick like a good little slut bitch.”

Her eyes began to water as he choked her.

“that’s it baby, choke on my dick.”

The tears began to fall freely now, but she never took her eyes off of his own. The trusts began to get more and more ruthless until they stopped on together. “Fuck! Swallow all of it,” he grunted as his seed flowed down her throat. Only when he went soft did she take her lips away from his member, causing some of his cum to land on her lips. Moving them so their heads were back on the pillow he leaned over her, his tongue darting out to catch the excess cum.

“Was that okay?”

She nodded.

“I need words, Sweetheart.”

“It was perfect,” she said with all honesty. “I like that side of you,” she giggled.

“Is that so?”

“Mhm,” Aida couldn’t help but blush. With one last kiss on his chest she turned over onto her side so they were spooning.

“I love you,” he said into her ear but she was already fast asleep. Her naked back pressed against his naked chest. A position they fell asleep in only after some form of intimacy. It was nothing like falling asleep on her chest but he loved it nonetheless.

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