A Sterling Silver Love

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AIDA STOOD IN THE bathroom staring at her semi naked self. Her hips had gotten wider from carrying the twins and her boobs had gotten bigger from feeding them. Her stomach although it was flat, wasn’t as tight as it had been. There were some days when she screamed and cried at the reflection of herself in the mirror and others when she truly loved herself. Combing her fingers through her freshly curled hair she finished up her natural makeup look. A groan from the corner of the room caused her to drop her water bottle in fright.

“Aida,” Draco sat lazily slouched in the corner, a joint hanging peacefully from his caramel tattooed fingers. “Are you trying to kill me?” His eyes trailed down her body, lingering on her full breasts, wide hips, and plump ass. “Are you,” he asked again, blowing a large almost invisible cloud.

“No Master,” she giggled. His eyes darkened and gestured for her to sit on his lap. At a pace much too slow for his liking she swayed her hips towards him. Draco ordered her count, as he laid her across his lap with her ass straight in the air.

And so she counted after each slap until he got to twenty and her cheeks were bright red.

“Are you okay?” He shifted so she was straddling him.

“Yeah,” she moaned at the feeling of his hands on her back end. “I need, need to get dressed.” She stumbled over her words, high on lust. Clambering off his lap she picked out a pale pink turtleneck floor length dress with flowing sleeves. With their hands clasped firmly together, Draco and Aida walked down the stairs. “Are you going to be okay dealing with them?” She stared at her mom who had so kindly offered to watch the kids.

“I’m not that old Angel, besides I have Rose.” Blaise beamed at her new found friend. “Go go go, we’ll call if we have problems.”

“Okay,” the two parents laid forehead kisses on all of their kids. “We’ll be back later.”

“Be good,” Draco added.

“Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!” Adonis and Maverley yelled their mouths full of pancakes.

The snow was falling gently in Zurich, Switzerland. Making it look like a winter wonderland, around the DeLuca property. The grandparents had opted to stay behind and fawn over Charlie and Percy why Aida and Draco took the other snowboarding for the first time. The mountains were crowded with people from all over the world, but they still managed to have a good time. “Do we want to keep going or go home,” Aida asked, staring at the two wiped kids. She already knew the answer to the question but still thought it would be a good idea to give them their own option.

“Home!” With a throaty chuckle she led them down the run with Draco pulling up the rear. As they piled into the SUV, Aida smiled at the memories from today, reminding her of when she first learned to ski.

“I think la mémé has hot chocolate for all of us when we get home!”

“What does that mean?” Maverley paused on her condensation window drawing, intrigued by the foreign word from her mom’s lips.

“It’s French for grandma, maybe one day I’ll teach it to you and your brothers.”

A few cheers broke out at the promise to learn languages other than English and Greek.

When they pulled into the driveway the kids were quick to run through the front door, hot chocolate the only thing on their mind.

“I made your favorite,” Blaise smiled at her daughter. “Spicy mocha with extra whipped cream.”

“Thanks maman,” Aida flashed a genuine smile in her direction, “how were the twins?”

“Good! They’re asleep now. I can already tell that Percy is going to be like his father. He has the same mischievous smile.”

“Oh boy,” was all Aida said, followed by an eye roll. Walking away from her mom she went to serve herself another cup of hot chocolate and coffee mix when a firm hand landed on her ass. “Draco!” She yelped, “not when our kids are around.”

“So I can do it other times?” He teased causing her cheeks to flame. “I’m expecting an answer baby, that wasn’t a rhetorical question.” His voice had gone octaves deeper, something that only happened when he was no longer her mate, but her Master.

“Yes Master,” she whispered, afraid of the others hearing. “You can do it other times.”

“Hm, damn straight. Because this,” he gestured to her body, “may be worn by you but it belongs to me. Only I can satisfy your every need. And why is that?”

“Because I am yours.”

“Damn straight.”

“And you are mine.”

“You own my heart, Sweetheart. You have since the moment I first saw you on your balcony. I love you,” he mumbled against her lips. It amazed her how quickly he could turn on and off his dominant side and switch and suddenly become the sweet and cliche mate.

“I love you too.”

The DeLuca and Rivers grandparents had taken the kids for a three day trip to Northern Italy, allowing Aida and Draco time alone. Something they hadn’t gotten since before the war. With a loud sigh Aida dumped her presents on the kitchen counter, trying to listen for Draco but she didn’t get a response of any kind. He must still be out doing his own shopping. A wave of exhaustion washed over her and in this moment she was more than proud of herself for getting her gifts pro wrapped. Meaning all she had to do was put them under the Christmas tree and then nap all she pleases. The warmth of the fireplace and her blanket comforted her as she fell asleep, not waking up until she felt kisses sprinkled across her face. Her unfocused eyes finally locked on to the man sitting in front of her. “Hi,” it was an innocent whisper that left her mouth.

He continued to stroke her hair softly.

“how are you?”

“I’m good Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “how are you?”


He laughed at her adorable pout, her plump bottom lip jutting out.

“how long have you been home?”

“Two hours. It gave me time to wrap my presents, which by the way I have on for you now. Come.”

Submissively she followed close behind him as they walked towards their room, there were no presents in sight and that made her confused.

“Look up.” It was a mistletoe hanging perfectly in the center of their door frame. His large hands rested behind her head while hers laid on his hips.

She squealed as he lifted her up to wrap her legs around his torso, a position that would save them both major back pains.

Shutting the door he walked them over to the bed, her back landing in the soft cloud of pillows.

His sweater that she had chosen to wear along with some leggings were quickly thrown to the ground. His piercing gaze memorizing every curve and dip in her body.

“On your stomach.”

she eagerly did as he told her, all the while wiggling her ass as she did it. The tie around his neck was slipped off and secured her to the bed frame, keeping her in place. She hadn’t worn a bra under the sweater and for that he was glad.

“Please Master,” she was humping the air desperate to come into contact with something but she never did.

“What a needy little slut,” he chuckled. “Tell me what you want baby and I’ll think about giving it to you if you promise to be a good girl.”

“I promise. I promise I’ll be a good girl for you daddy,” she sobbed.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to finger my tight little pussy.”

“Like this?” He interrupted her commands as he slipped two fingers in.

Her back arched up at his three fingers and she let out a loud moan. “Y-yes Master,” she panted like a dog in heat. “Just like that.”

He leaned over her, his naked chest brushing her back as he nipped at her neck.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.” Her ass jiggled as he continued his rough assault on her pussy.

“No, no, no!” She cried, “don’t stop.”

Draco laughed at her and firmly smacked one of her cheeks.

“Please, I need you.”

With a grunt the King slammed home.

“Oh fuck!”

She squealed as he plowed into her, not used to the ferocity. “Yeah? You like it when I pound your tight pussy slut?”

“Yes Master!”

Their moans continued to fill the room for the next five minutes. “I’m cumming,” she screamed louder than ever before, but all she got was a grunt response.

“Oh shit,” Draco’s eyes rolled back as he felt his balls tightening.

“I’m going to fill up your slutty pussy.”

Aida rolled onto her side giggling like a pleated skirt school girl. “You’re so perfect Sweetheart.”

“Mhm,” she pushed back into his side forcing him to make her the little spoon.

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