A Sterling Silver Love

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AIDA WAS SHAKING NERVOUSLY as she walked into the courthouse with Draco by her side.

The castle guards who had accompanied them on the trip walked silently behind them like shadows.

Draco looked around and then pulled Aida to the side. “I’m okay,” he murmured, pulling her to his chest. “It’s okay, we’re going to be okay.” Stroking her hair until she stopped shaking Draco kissed her forehead. “Let’s go.”

Taking a seat behind Draco and the lawyer, Aida nervously bounced her leg up and down. Hatred flowed through her veins as the police officer who shot Draco in the chest three times took to the stand. Tears pooled in her eyes as she listened to his statement—Draco was making the neighbors uncomfortable, the kids in the back of the car weren’t his and he was yielding a weapon.

Draco stood up and walked towards the stand. His large frame and brooding face caused a few people to let out audible gasps. “I was sitting in the car, waiting for my wife to finish meeting with her sister.”

“You didn’t go in?” The officer’s lawyer butted in.

“No Mr. Kramer I didn’t. Mrs. Rivers and her sister are estranged, I didn’t think it appropriate to barge in on their first meeting in ten years.” Taking a deep breath Draco continued on. “Our sons were with us as well, so I was watching them. I had turned around to see if they were hungry and when they didn’t respond I faced the front again.”

“How would the boys respond when they’re only ten months of age?”

Draco’s nostrils flared. He hated human trials. “My wife and I have been teaching basic sign language. I was looking out my window, watching neighbors greet each other—”

“So you were stalking them?”

Draco flinched at the accusation, “what? No. That was my first time in the south, I’ve spent the last year in Greece, our cultures are very different. Officer Morison knocked on my window and started to ask questions. Why was I there? If the kids in the back were mine?”

“And are they?”

“Excuse me?”

“The boys you had with you, are they yours?”

“Yes. I was there when my wife and I found she was pregnant and when she gave birth. My lawyer brought birth certificates and dna tests.”

Kramer huffed. “You had a weapon when my client shot though, did you not?”

“No,” Draco’s silver eyes drifted to his wife. “My wife—”

“What’s her name? You keep saying, ‘my wife’ but you won’t give us her name.”

Draco sneered, “because you are not worthy of knowing her name. My wife came down the stairs and was running to the car right as I was shot. I held out my hand to stop her because I didn’t want her to be injured.”

“Do you mind if I question her?”

Draco’s eyes widened and he looked at Aida. “Look at me, Sweetheart. Are you okay with being questioned?”

Aida nodded timidly and rose to a stand. Her guards were by her side in a moment, surrounding her in the event that someone tried to hurt the Queen. After swearing on the bible, Aida took a seat.

“What’s your name?”

She opened her mouth and cleared her throat. “Aida Rachel Celeste Rivers.”

“And your maiden name is?”


“And what were you doing in Alabama Ms. DeLuca.”

Aida waved her left hand in the air, “it’s Mrs. Rivers. I was visiting my sister Millie.”


Aida no longer felt fear as she sat up on the podium, but instead was annoyed. “If you would let me finish my sentence, maybe I could tell you.”

As they walked out of the courthouse, Aida felt a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders.

“Do you want to get food?” Draco asked as they settled into the limo.

Aida shook her head and climbed into his lap. “I don’t want to be here anymore, I just want to go home. See my babies.” Kissing his mark, she felt him shudder underneath her lips. “Are you okay?”

“Of course,” he murmured, pulling her closer to his chest. “Are you?”

Aida rested her chin on his chest and looked up at him. “Draco you were shot and the man who shot you didn’t go to jail.”

“I’m aware of that, Sweetheart. As much as I would love to do something, it’s not my place. I’m okay, I promise. A few puny bullets isn’t going to take me down.” A dull and tired giggle escaped her mouth and Draco smiled. “Go to sleep, I’ll wake you in a few hours.”

Draco looked over at his mate, who had been sleeping for over eight hours. The flight was about to touch down and he was contemplating whether to let her keep sleeping or wake her up. Squatting down at the bedside, Draco shook her slightly. “Sweetheart,” he murmured into her ear. He watched her eyes peel open slowly and he smiled. “We’re here.”

“Already?” She rubbed her eyes and looked around.

Draco nodded and twisted a strand of her hair around his finger. “Come on, Sweetheart, we’re not going to be able to see the kids off if we don’t leave soon.” He chuckled as she began to move quickly at the mention of their kids. “Ready?”

Aida nodded and weaved her fingers through his own as they walked down the stairs and towards the car. “Do you think we’re ever going to get a break?”

Draco threw his head back and laughed loudly. “I foresee a break in our near future.”

Aida let out a breath of air, “I hope so.”

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