A Sterling Silver Love

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fourteen years later

THE GROUND BENEATH AIDA was wet, but she didn’t mind as she watched her kids, Adonis, Percy, Cairo, and Odessa race around the backyard. Doni tackled Cairo into the green ground and like the mother she was Aida yelled at them to be more careful. Percy and Odessa were playing one-on-one soccer, their voices carrying as they kept score of who was winning. Her head turned as she heard, small feet racing towards her. “Why aren’t you playing with your siblings?”

Echo just smiled and handed her mother the bundle of flowers the gardener had just given her as a present. “Will you paint them?”

Aida smiled and kissed Echo’s cheek, “of course.” They were outside for four more hours, until the warmth of the sun disappeared and the wind began to pick up. “Wash your hands, we’re having spanakopita for dinner.”

Despite being thirteen years of age, Percy let out a groan and stomped his foot on the ground. “Perseus Jordan Rivers—”

The mudroom door clicked open and Aida’s scolding was interrupted as the kids turned their attention to see who had just walked in.

“Daddy!” Echo screeched happily and raced towards her father.

Percy shot his mother a mischievous glance and then took off in the same direction as his youngest sister.

With a sigh, Aida leaned against the kitchen counter waiting for her husband and kids to walk through the entryway.

Draco walked into the kitchen with a giant smile on his face as he listened to his daughter babble away about her day. Setting Echo onto her feet, he leaned down and kissed his wife gently as they were still in the presence of their children. “Spanakopita?” Draco asked, his Greek accent had gotten thicker over the years and Aida loved it. Behind him, Percy whined loudly and stomped his foot once more. “Perseus Xavier, I know you did not just stomp your feet.”

The teenager went quiet and trained his attention on the white floor.

“Percy, I know you don’t like spanakopita, because it has spinach, but it’s good for you, do you know why?”

He shook his head, his ears turning a little red from embarrassment.

“Spinach is good for you because then you’ll be healthy and won’t have tummy aches. I’ll make you whatever you want for breakfast tomorrow as long as you have some spanakopita for dinner tonight, okay?” Ruffling his hair, she shooed him back towards the dinner table. They ate dinner and shared stories about their day and what they were looking forward to tomorrow during their first day of school.

After pressing a kiss on Echo’s forehead, Aida and Draco slipped out of her room and towards their own room. Draco stared at his wife in the mirror as he watched her wash her face. “Stop looking at me like that Draco,” she scolded, knowing where that look normally led. He narrowed his eyes at her and stepped forward causing her breath to hitch.

“Can I finish putting my oil on, Master?”

“Two minutes,” was all he said as he turned on his heel and strutted off to the bedroom.

Finishing her routine, she sauntered out of the room and stood between his legs, her eyes wide with excitement.

“On your stomach,” he whispered into her ear before moving to stand behind her.

A smile spread across her face and she slid onto the silk sheets, presenting her backside to him. His breath hitched and Aida felt butterflies in her stomach; thirteen years later and they still managed to render each other speechless.

He trailed a finger up her leg and dipped it into her soaking core.

Her gasps and moans filled the room as he rocked his finger in and out, mimicking what his member would be doing in a few moments.

Draco could feel her walls tighten around his finger and he withdrew it and plunged himself inside, drawing a loud moan from the both of them.

She moved her hips back in time to meet his own thrusts, her ass bouncing with the contact.

Unable to hold back any longer, Draco moved at an insane speed, ready to unleash inside of her when someone knocked on the door.


They stopped at the sound of Echo’s voice.

“Just a second baby,” Aida replied. Suppressing their need for one another, they quickly fixed their appearances and opened the door. “What’s wrong, Coco?”

Echo’s chin wobbled and she burst into tears.

“Oh my baby,” Aida picked her up and walked them back to the bed.

“I’m scared,” Echo said in between hiccups. “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow, I want to stay here with you.”

Aida sighed, “baby you have to go to school—you’re six years old and not even in Kindergarten yet.”

“Why can’t I stay here,” she whined, her small fists playing with the silk comforter on her parents bed.

Aida opened her mouth to respond, but Draco beat her to it. “How about you go to school the first week and if you don’t like it, we can hire a private teacher for you,” he stroked his daughter’s curly honey colored hair. “That way you can still go to school and stay home with Mommy too. Does that sound okay?”

“Really?” Echo whispered, her eyes gazing up at her dad hopefully.

He nodded and she smiled slightly.

“Okay. Can I stay here tonight?”

“Sure, baby.”

Echo slid under the covers and closed her eyes.

Aida and Draco stayed put at the end of the bed as they watched their youngest daughter sleep peacefully in their bed. There was another knock on the door and Draco stood up and padded quietly towards it.

“Where’s Coco,” Odessa’s concerned voice came from the hallway. “I heard her bedroom door open, is she with you?”

Draco nodded and pointed to the bed.

“Did she have a bad dream?” Odessa stared up at her parents with worry in her eyes.

“No Oddie,” Draco shook his head. “Coco is scared about starting school tomorrow.”

“I’ll protect her,” Odessa said fiercely and her parents smiled.

“You’re a wonderful big sister, Oddie,” Aida kissed her daughter’s forehead. “Now go get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow.” Hugging Odessa once more, Aida leaned against the wall and looked at Draco.

“Let’s go,” he murmured, leading her towards their bed.

“What are you thinking about?” Aida asked Draco as they took up one half of their Alaska King bed and Echo took up the other.

“Just how much I love you,” he smiled. “You’ve given me everything I could ever ask for and more.”

Aida leaned up, tilted her chin and kissed him roughly. One of his large hands wrapped around her waist while the other pulled her leg up at a ninety degree angle. “I love you,” she said with all honesty when they pulled away.

He grinned and kissed her nose. “I love you too, Sweetheart.” Closing their eyes, they slipped into dreamworld—their hearts beating as one.

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