A Sterling Silver Love

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moving in

AIDA’S THUMBS RUBBED AGAINST her temples as she stared out her office window. She had been in there for hours trying to recreate the training program for the Royal Silver Moon Warriors but little to no progress had been made. Her mind was too busy with thoughts about her mate. Now that the news had spread—about him being at the gala and finding his mate—the Lycan Kingdom was demanding that he be more present than he had been the past eleven years. A knock at the door tore her gaze away from the dark yet inviting forest.

“Come in.” Her voice was soft and melodic, still easily heard by the person on the other side of the door heard her.

“Luna, the Alpha wishes to see you in his office.” She nodded happily, for she could finally take a break.

“Thank you, Smith.” With a nod, he backed out of the room and waited for her to gather her belongings. She struggled to keep up with his long strides as they headed away from the wellness centre and towards Draco’s office in the pack house. Her knuckles played a swift pattern against the dark wood.

“Enter.” Slowly she pushed the door open, her eyes taking in the bland room around them. He watched her reaction to his office, over his circular black glasses, “do you like it?” She pursed her lips, trying to find the right words. Finally she settled on—

“It’s colorless. Black, white and gray are not the only colors in the rainbow, you know?” A deep booming laugh filled the King’s office walls,

“I’m well aware there are more colors in the rainbow, Sweetheart.” He pushed himself out of his chair, long strides connecting the two of them together quite quickly, “however, they are the only colors in my rainbow.” Aida snorted, “give me a kiss.” Her eyes rolled, but she followed through with his demand anyways. “Thank you,” he gave her a cheeky grin, his dimple on full display.

He looked like he had once had two, but that it was now gone. Slashed away by his jagged scar. With a sigh, Draco shifted them over to the couch, his back slamming against the pillow while her head rested on his chest. “The Kingdom wants to meet you,” his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. “They’ve given me two moon cycles to announce you as my Queen.”


“The Higher Council, six males and six females—they’re still under our ruling, but they help keep us in line.” She nodded, pressing a kiss to his clothed chest. He shivered. “I actually wanted to talk to you about something else.” She gestured for him to continue on, “will you move in with me?”

Her head bumped against his chin. The pair hissed in pain. Her face flushed with embarrassment before muttering a quick and quiet apology. “You want me to move in with you?” Draco nodded, a wave of nervousness rushing through his body.

She stared at him, “okay. I’ll put my apartment up for rent or something.” The King smiled, his lips connecting with hers in a tender kiss.

Draco sat on the couch in his mates apartment, his nostrils filled with her tropical scent. He watched as she ran around looking for things she wanted to bring and those she would leave behind. As much as he wanted to help, she wouldn’t let him, she was far too independent. “Five minutes, Sweetheart!” He yelled, and then went back to being a fly on the wall, or really on the couch.

Aida lived outside of the protected pack lands, her apartment surrounded by humans. Mundanes. To Draco, humans were the most annoying species on earth because they cared only for themselves. He watched from underground as they destroyed the environment, forcing the more supernatural species to fix it in their spare time. The humans were a part of the reason he wanted Aida in the castle with him, he didn’t trust them, particularly the hunters.

But the other part of him, loved waking up beside her and couldn’t get enough of it. Pushing himself off the couch, he buttoned his suit jacket and walked towards the kitchen. “They’re here.” His voice was low, close to a whisper but she heard him. Her heels clicked across the floor as she passed him and went to the door.

“Hi,” Aida smiled gently at the three men standing across from her. “You guys must be Emerson, Joshua, and Dylan?” They nodded absentmindedly, too occupied with her looks. She wore a tan mini skirt, matching blazer, and a black long sleeve turtle neck top. “Come in,” she stepped aside, allowing the three of them to step into the house.

“This is your first time seeing the apartment, yes?” The apartment had been up for rent for awhile now, but the building manager was the one who had previously done the showings.

“Uh yeah,” Joshua nodded, finally snapping out of the trance.

“It will come fully furnished, but don’t worry I took away all of the more feminine pieces. I don’t know if you saw online, but it has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and a den. All of the kitchen appliances and the washer and dryer are new. You’ll also have complete access to the gym, pool, and restaurant.”

“Do you want to be paid in cash or bank transfer?” When her building manager told her a few days ago, that the apartment was going to three college boys, her initial reaction was no. This apartment was her baby, her first space where she lived alone and she wasn’t going to let it be trashed. But when the price was mentioned, no doubt being paid by their parents, she caved. It was bad, but she knew that if they would be paying almost triple what she paid, they could afford to pay for what they broke.

“I think bank transfer will be easiest. I’ll only be 30 minutes away, but I can’t promise that I’ll be around to physically come by and pick it up every month.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the apartment right?” Dylan spoke up as he looked around. Aida shook her head. “Then why are you moving?”

“Oh,” she scratched behind her ear. “I’m moving in with my...fiancé.” Aida watched their reactions, all of them looking quite shocked.

“F-fia-fiancé?” Emerson stuttered in disbelief, she just nodded, a smile on her face. “But there’s no ring.”

“Don’t worry,” a deep voice turned the boys’ heads towards the kitchen. “It’s on its way.”

“Draco,” Aida rolled her eyes at his possessiveness. “These are my renters, Emerson, Joshua and Dylan, guys this is my fiancé.” Joshua and Dylan waved timidly at him, but Emerson just stared at the man in front of him, his jaw on the ground. “Anyway, I left my number on the kitchen counter, in case you have questions or anything like that. It was nice to meet you though,” she smiled softly.

“Oh one last thing, there’s a nice older gentleman who lives in the apartment below you; when you go out for groceries, knock on his door and ask him if he wants anything. He’s also a huge sports fan,” her eyes twinkled, “so I think you guys will get along quite well.” With one last wave goodbye, Aida and Draco walked out and towards the garage.

“Let’s go home, Sweetheart.”

“Home,” she agreed, with a dreamy sigh. Although their home was more of a palace, she had grown to love it.

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