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hunters & challenges

A GUARD KNOCKED ON Aida’s office door drawing her away from pack work. Normal pack work for Luna’s was to deal with the women, children, and those who were ill, however, Aida was currently dealing with Rogues Werewolves.

The pack was known for taking in abandoned lycans of all ages, especially those below the age of 18. Some even joked that they were Lycan Child Protective Services, however, they never took in werewolves. There had always been issues between Werewolves and Lycans as they were two different species. Werewolves wanted to demolish the Lycan population because they feared them.

“My Lady. Your Majesty Draco requests your attendance at his next meeting.”

“Thank you Smith.” Stepping out of her office she surveyed the people who were sparring with one another, making mental notes as to what she wanted to change. “Is he at the palace?”

Her personal guard shook his head—“pack office, My Lady.”

There was no crown on her head or Alpha’s mark on her neck, yet the people still bowed when she passed them. Her long blue dress sweetheart bodice trailing on the ground behind her. She wore flats underneath her dress, in attempts to save her feet from immense pain in heels.

“My Lady,” Smith bowed and stepped away as they reached the doors to her mate’s office. Her hands hung by the side of her body, unsure if she should knock or just walk in.

“Come in Sweetheart.” Draco’s voice echoed through her head just as she raised a fist to knock. A lazy grin spread across her face as she pushed the door open. Draco sat behind a stack of papers, an amused look on his face as he watched his mate enter his office.

“My King.” He’s so handsome.

“My Queen,” he pushed back his chair to allow her to straddle his waist, her chest pressed against his in a matter of seconds. “How are you?” His hands ran up and down her spine, unable to keep to himself. She shivered. Since the mating bond had 75% completed it seemed to be even harder for either of them to be near each other without some form of physical contact.

“I’m good,” she kissed his lips tenderly, hands running through hair. It was down, giving her better access to grab at. It was getting a little too long for her liking, reaching just below his collar bone, but that would be a conversation for later. “How are you?”

“Better now that I’m with you,” he smiled.

Rolling her eyes at his cheesiness, she captured his lips once more, moaning at the feverishness. Her teeth bit down on his bottom, tugging on it just a little. His posture went stiff, and she paused afraid that maybe she had done something wrong.

“The meeting is starting,” his tone shifted from loving and caring and mate to full on businessman.

With a nod, she expertly tied his hair up into a bun and then clambered off his lap.

The walk was short to the conference room, and the minute the two monarchs walked through the doors, all eyes fell onto Aida.

“Sit,” Draco whispered sternly in her ear as they reached the head of the table. Her knees wobbled from underneath her and she sat down. Draco waved a hand for the meeting to commence.

“Word has spread that the Hunters plan to attack on the solstice.” A deep rumble vibrated the ear drums of everyone in the room as the King voiced his protest. Every supernatural creature feared the Hunters, but werewolves and lycans more so. “Some loose lipped idiot let slip that the seven royal packs go to Colorado every solstice. They also managed to mention her,” Alpha Jacob’s thumb pointed to Aida.

“What do you mean they mentioned her,” the King hissed.

Alpha Jacob trembled in his chair. “I didn’t hear news about her exactly, but her name was mentioned.”

“Well find out.”

“My King with all due respect, how does this affect you?”

Everyone turned their attention to Alpha Erik.

“Once you mark her, your roles change, you’ll no longer be my King.”

“You’re right, I won’t be your King after she bears my mark but for the time being I am still your King. And even if we had already moved to Greece to agree to our formal roles as God and Goddess, even then I would still care.”

“I-I’m sorry for disrespecting you, My King,” he bowed his head low. “I meant no disrespect.”

Draco huffed and leaned back in his chair. His posture was sloppy, but his aura suffocated everyone in the room except for Aida.

An Omega from Alpha Erik’s pack had challenged Draco for both the throne and the Queen and everyone had come to watch. On the other side of the field, Aida stood in front of Draco, her face in the crook of his neck as she breathed in his scent. There was zero way her mate would actually lose, but she worried about him. No words were spoken between the two, their actions were enough. When she fell back onto her heels, the King leaned down to kiss her—“I only kiss winners.”

“Looks like I need to win then.”

She hummed, as he backed away until her hand slipped out of his grasp.

Draco walked to the center of the field, his shoulders were squared and his face was hard. He was not going to lose this fight.

Steven was the first to make a move, shifting into his wolf almost instantly. He was the proper size for an Omega standing at roughly five feet, almost a foot shorter than his human side. But he was no match for Draco’s wolf who stood at almost nine feet. Steven’s wolf advanced, his belly low, and eyes close to slits; he was ready to attack. He lunged off of his back legs and towards the King who still stood in his human form. His jaws were open, ready to snap down on Draco’s neck, but he never made it. A loud whimper echoed through the grounds as he took a powerful blow to the nose.

Draco had never intended on shifting, but Tobias was fed up and wanted a chew toy. A roar escaped the King’s mouth as he shifted, unlike most wolves, he never liked shifting for his wolf often blocked him completely out, resulting in massive amounts of catastrophes. Silver eyes blinked down towards Steven’s wolf, he stood ready and waiting for another useless attack.

The fight went on for fifteen minutes before Steven submitted. The sound of his neck being fractured echoed across the field. As much as he wanted to kill him, Tobias didn’t do it, he couldn’t do it. A doctor rushed forward to tend to Steven, as Tobias sauntered towards Aida, a wolfy grin on his face.

Her hand went just behind his ear, scratching his sweet spot.

He purred.

Aida’s head jerked behind her, as much as she wanted to kiss him, she couldn’t risk him shifting naked in front of the other women. Mated or not, Draco made girls and boys weak at the knees. And seeing him naked would probably cause several people to faint.

“How about that kiss, hmm?” Draco shifted the moment the door closed, not wanting to wait any longer for his gift.

She stared at him for a moment, her eyes darkening at his naked state. “Put clothes on,” her voice was strained and she was struggling to not look down.

He grumbled and dragged her off to the bedroom with him. “Kiss me,” he demanded, not caring that he was naked. One of his big hands yanked her against him. A kiss that was supposed to be quick, soon turned quite heated. His hands palming her ass, her legs around his waist, and soon her back was against the plush pillows.

Her slender fingers wrapped through his hair, pulling it out of the bun. She loved the sounds he made when she tugged on his hair, it ignited a different kind of fire inside her.

“Celeste,” he moaned against her lips as she grinded up on him. He continued to pepper kisses down her neck until he reached her sweet spot. He loved the feeling of her back arching and pushing her supple breasts against his chests.

She whimpered as he bit down, leaving a bruise as he went.

“We should stop,” he whispered as he stared into her eyes.

Aida whined and shook her head, trying to lean up and kiss him again.

“Celeste, we need to stop. You’re still sore.”

“No I’m not,” she protested.

Draco grabbed her chin in his hands. “I promise that when you’re ready, I’ll take you the way you want me to—but that time isn’t now.”

She frowned and looked away, feeling rejected.

“Aida stop, I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I have.”

“But you haven’t hurt me!”

“Please just trust me on this, okay?”

She furrowed her eyebrows, and then nodded.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I understand.”

Draco kissed the top of her nose and rolled onto the bed.

“Can we watch Harry Potter?”

“I’ve never seen them,” he admitted.

Aida looked over at Draco, whose eyes were wide with both fear and excitement as he watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They had been at it all night, choosing to not sleep until all eight movies were done. Her hand floated to the popcorn bowl and she frowned when nothing but hard kernels passed through her fingertips. There was still an hour to go before the end of the movie, and there was no way she was going to survive without her popcorn. “We need more,” she murmured quietly.

Draco looked over at her, his silver eyes scrutinizing her appearance. “More what?”

“Popcorn,” she said with a frown. Draco laughed and paused the movie with a quick press of a button. “Where are we going?” She asked as he pulled her off the bed. Without responding, he carelessly threw an arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his side. “Draco,” she whined.

“Be patient Sweetheart.” Aida scowled, but clutched the popcorn bowl tightly as he led them down the stairs and towards a part of the palace she had yet to see.

“Is that a popcorn machine?” She asked excitedly. Draco nodded and she watched in awe as he began to set things up. When they made it back to the room, with bags upon bags of popcorn, Aida was more than happy. She was ecstatic. She had her very own popcorn machine.

With her back to his chest, Draco leaned and kissed her bare shoulder. The words, ‘I love you’ were right on his tongue, but he suppressed them. It had only been a few weeks since their first meeting, and he was determined to feel the love without the bond.

“Do you like them?” He hummed, “the movies I mean. Do you like them so far?”

“Yeah,” he said with a smile. “I’m excited to read the books.”

“Who are your favorite characters?”

“The twins.” Aida remained quiet, not wanting to run his current happiness. “Yours?”

“Snape.” Turning more onto her side, Aida rested her head against his chest, feeling it speed up as she did. The feeling of him combing through her wavy locks made her want to fall asleep, but she willed herself to stay awake.

When the movie ended, Draco turned to her in shock, his face full of betrayal. “But I liked Moody,” he whined.

Aida laughed and turned the tv to the next movie. The theme song to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix played and Aida found herself snuggling deeper into his chest.

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