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This story is about Asia Jones, a shy girl that goes to college depressed because she feels unloved by everyone around but that soon changes when she meets the man of her dreams. But will she be able to handle all the baggage that comes with her dream man? Smut warning 🚫🔞 Ddlg 🦄

Romance / Erotica
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An annoying sound rang next to her as she put her hands on her ear to try and block them out. It was her alarm ringing "ugh stop!!!" She screamed as she raised her hand from ear and picked the alarm up to turn it off, she opened her eyes lazily and turned off the alarm. She glanced at the clock and it was 7:15,~shit I have to get ready for college~ She sat on her bed and rubbed her eyes slowly before finally realizing she was in college. " wait!! I forgot I was in college ugh I'm gonna be late!!" She jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face, she didn't have time to take a shower, she rushed to the closet and grabbed a pink floral long sleeve top and a pink skirt that ended a little under her ass and a black boot shoe. She got dressed quickly and picked up her bag and she rushed out the door locking it." Thank god I put all my stuff in my bag last night or I would have really been late" She said as she rushed down the stairs almost tripping on literally nothing. She lived in a three story apartment building close to her school NYU because her parents didn't like her living with strangers that may distract her in the school's dorms. She ran towards school as soon as she came out of the building desperately trying not to be late. The street was filled with people going to school or work or just normal people jogging around. She stopped running as soon as she reached the front of her English building, She was an English major. She wiped the small sweat gathering on her forehead as she realized, she had done nothing to her hair. She opened her bag and brought out a crunchy and used it to pack her light brown long hair in a messy bun. She smiled and walked into class taking a seat at the middle row and looking around. There weren't a lot of people in the class but they started to row in slowly. The teacher was late and it pissed her off," I do all that rushing and the dumb shit teacher isn't even here yet" she murmured to herself as a young looking man in a shirt and suit pants walked into the class.~ was he the teacher?~

"Hello everyone, sorry I'm late, I'm Mr Richard Williams and I'll be your first year English teacher. I would like to know each and everyone of you, so let's just do introductions today okay". People started to introduce themselves but all she noticed was Mr Williams, his sexy emerald green eyes, blonde short hair and muscular body. ~why was someone as sexy as him a teacher~ "Okay has everyone introduced themselves?",he asked but a couple people said no. She stood up and smiled shy "hey my name is Asia Jones and I'm 18 from Illinois Chicago" Mr Williams smiled at her and said "Hello Asia, thank you and you may sit down now". She sat down and a couple more people introduced themselves and then class ended. She didn't have anymore classes today so she was pretty happy, she walked out of class slowly and headed towards a small cafe not too far from her English building. She was incredibly hungry, she walked into the cafe and looked around there were just a few people in the cafe which made her happy because she didn't have to wait in line. She walked up to the counter and ordered a iced latte and two donuts with extra sprinkles. She took her order and left, walking back to her apartment as she ate her dount. "Mmm this is so goo-", she was hit by a boy running and not long after she was hit again by another boy that seemed to be chasing the first boy and she was pushed into the road, falling to the ground. When she looked up a car was heading straight for her, her eyes widened but the driver saw her and started to slow down but it was too close and she was hit by the car. She blinked slowly as her vision started to fade. She saw someone running to her as she blacked out.

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