Travel for love.

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We all love to travel, but have you ever travelled searching for love. Well our protagonist sets off to find his love by travelling around. As per he desired, he met his dreamgirl, but his every effort proving himself a good person always ended up in an imbroglio as well as humorous situation. Things takes a turn when she starts to think he's a ruffian. Will he be able to change that hypercritical girl's opinion about him by fixing everything between them during an lovely but irksome journey with his sweet cum coarse qualities?

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A decisive decision.

"heyy, wake up it's 7:00 now "a yelling knock at my bedroom's door interrupted my sleep. I woke up just to respond " I will be there in 15mins". When i was simply rubbing my eyes to get a clear vision, my site laid on the table with calendar and a portrait of my mom beside my bed . "Ugh it's june 1st, a start of another boring month" I mumbled.

The only memory I have with my mom is that portrait, she passed away when I was 3 yrs old, which made me to be more attached with my dad for the past 21yrs though we have contrary perspective about living a life we really appreciated each other's company.

After a while I went downstairs to have my breakfast with my dad, as soon as I finished I left to my car. "Hello Sean,Where this early morning? My neighbour Joel Who is also a good friend of mine asked. "Yeah..being an architect is not an easy job". I replied while starting my engine and drove as fast as I could cause' I don't want my bossy boss to scold me.
Thank god I wasn't late. As soon I entered I saw Eden my only friend whom I trust utterly and pour all emotion was waiting for me outside the meeting room.
"Good morning Mr.Sean the perfect" he jokingly said.
"Umm, morning ed. Do u have any idea of what we are gonna do today?" I asked pointing to data files arranged on the desk.
"Who cares.." he causally smirked while staring at some girls passing by us. I was not suprised by his response cause I know he's a great procrastinator yet brilliant enough to manage projects. Every girl in our office has a soft side for him, do they really think he's a good boy or what...! Only I know the intentions behind his geniune and lavish behaviour.
I always stay away from girls I don't know why, maybe just a fact that I don't how girls react. As far as I know my mom is the only girl I been close with. After her death my dad and Ed became my companions.

When I was lost in my own thoughts someone grabbed my hands pulling me Inside the meeting room.
Eden ofcourse
I took a seat as our boss started his presentation. At the end of the session he assigned everyone with a new project.
He started to explain
" It can be a group of two or three, you can also clup with anyone you want."
I looked at Eddie cause he's the one who came to my mind first, but he was looking at the rookie girls.
I rolled my eyes and turned towards my boss as he continued "A list of our clients living in different countries is pinned to the board, grab a place where you feel yourself confident with that architecture style cause our company has a good reputation I don't want you to spoil it."
And the session finally came to end. Everyone rushed themselves to check the board.
I slowly got up from chair showing slightest interest. But the moment I heard the list has France i jumped and goggled at the pinned paper.I don't know what made me to choose france. First of all I'm not that much good at French gothic architectures or neo architectural styles, second of all I can't even speak French.

I approached Eden to discuss and confess about my idea since he is my teammate.
As usual he was surrounded by a bunch of girls, From a little distance away I waved my hands to get his attention, but to my surprise he just rolled his eyes to other side and continued his flirting.
I felt shattered By his action but I just bottled up my emotion.
After a while
" Aeyy, Sean come here," ed said while dragging me towards the pinned list.
" Do you know this project exist ?" I sarcastically asked raising my eyebrows.
" Of course yessss," he replied
I was completely excited when I heard his yes."With whom to where and how many days???"I asked assuming he would tell my name.
But he was just chuckled and said "why are you shooting with this this much questions, well I'm going to Korea."
Disappointment was written all over my face. When I was making up mind thinking atleast I would be working with Eden.He just broke everything by asking
"Sean, I need a favor fom you. Will you do this project with anyone else, so I can go with those girls to Korea."
Wait, those girls?? Is he showing me off that he has girlfriends or did he indirectly meant he's not ready to carry-on this project with me.
Though I really wanted him to come with me I responded covering up my biggest discomfort with a little smile.
"Eddie even I was in thought of telling you that I need some space and want to spend some time alone." I smiling said.
"Well, so you mean gonna do everything all alone..? So Where you decided to go." He asked.
" Of course" I nodded "after all we're childhood friends." I genuinely said making sure he didn't notice my discomfort.
" Great decision,best of lucks" he said while aiming for a hi-five but he stopped as soon as his girlfriend came and left me without even a bye.

Everything happens for a good reason because after this conversation I understood that I can't except Eden or dad to be with me all the time they have there own life to live so do I .
At first I just wanted to visit France and work peacefully there, but now my only intent is to go around and find a girl to love.

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