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Purple Rain Suite

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Ryan Callaway is a comeback kid in need of someone stable. Ian Newman is a stripper at the Blue Bayou Club who is in need of someone who won't bring him down. One night of passions changes everything.

Romance / Erotica
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I had officially screwed up in the world of romance. And after the fiasco with the late Caylee Amerson (the girl who forced me to dump my blind ex-boyfriend Isaiah Van Blackwell), I am ready to call it quits and just play the field. But tell that to my parents and my distant cousin, who are threatening to cut me off completely unless I find the right GUY (they support me for being gay after dumping the she-devil) to settle down with. But with my track record, who can say that I’ll be able to find Mr. Right in a sea of walking wrongs? Unless… a chance encounter with a hot stripper can help me enjoy a night of wonderful bliss.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a guy that loves to entertain in the adult business of stripping in front of young gay boys and single women. But I’m also the guy who also wants as chance of real happiness with a steady guy. But with a spinster of a sister set on sabotaging my love life, I’m basically facing being cut off from my parents and losing my share in the family empire. A certain yuppie has recently caught my eye and we both agree that we had bad chances of love. So when it came down to a simple one-night stand, no one- not even the two of us- would dare expect to find something much greater than that, especially when it came down to the yuppie’s nosy PA.


This is a story of two young men in search of romance and not expecting anything between them. The passion between them is imminent, but someone wants them to remain apart. It’ll take a lot of effort from their friends and families to have both boys dancing underneath the purple rain that is ready to shower down on them both… with love.

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