When I fall

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Rowan lives a peaceful life, working on her farm raising her sheep, goats, ducks and chickens. She hasn't been interested in a relationship for years but after a little pushing from her best friend Madi, she decides it's time to get back out on the dating seen. Only she has no idea that the hot as fuck bar owner of Lou's has had a crush on her for 6 months since he has moved to town. Kade has been interested in Rowan since he first seen her around town. Her bright rainbow hair, piercings and tattoos along with her no fucks to give attitude just call to him. But when he finds out she's not interested in dating he decides to stand back till she is ready. Over heading her telling her friend she is ready to start dating again, kade decides to go for the woman of his dreams. Will kade and Rowan end up together? Or will the past keep them apart?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

"God damn it Charlotte" I grumble, while throwing my long hair into a messy bum. I finally reach the middle of the paddock and sigh while looking her over. The tree splits into 2 trunks from the base and separates into a thin V shape before going up into the leaves. she somehow gets her self stuck here atleast once a week, at first it was funny, now 6 months later, not so much. She never hurts herself, she just can never manage to get back out. "Baaaa!" Charlotte yells at me, as if telling me to hurry up and help her. " don't yell at me woman, if you didn't get stuck you could be off with the others" I grumble back while moving behind her, I reach one hand over her head to hold between her 2 front legs while my other hand goes under her belly before I start to lift her out of the tree. It only takes a few seconds before I have her out of the tree and back on the ground, where she gives my leg a gentle head butt as a thank you before running off to join the others. I sigh deciding to go check on the other animals while I am already down in the paddock, I only get half way to the others before spud sees me and runs up to me excited for his daily pats. "Hey spud, how are the girls?" I ask him while also giving underneath his chin a good scratch before moving down to rub his neck. Spud is a 1 year old pure white ram, who when I got him at 3 months old, didn't like anyone coming near him to much but within 4 to 5 weeks he warmed up to me so much he now always wants to be patted and will leave his girls to get attention. "Baaa!" Thelma, a full white sheep except for a black line over her left knee and her head and half way down her neck, also comes running over when she notices that spud has left them. Following behind her she also have the 3 other girls running behind her. Pumpkin is also pure white except for her right ear which is a light brown, Louise is pumpkins twin but is a spitting image of Thelma. Freckles is dark brown everywhere except the top of her back and half way down her sides which is white, with brown spots. The girls immediately spot pickles, a 2 week old lamb who isn't allowed in the paddocks until she is older and can protect and look after herself, she is jet black with a white spot on her head and a white line down her side. I give them all a quick pat while seeing that the goats are all good and have decided to go to the other paddock to graze. " pickles! Come on, it's time for lunch" I say seeing that it's 1pm and all the animals are good. I head back up the paddock with pickles following behind, making sure I shut the gate before going inside the house. I set able making the 3 bottles needed for lunch when my phone rings. "What took you so long to answer! I rang 4 times!" My best friend Madi yells once I answer. "Sorry, I had to get Charlotte out of the tree again" I reply chucking " and now I'm making the bottles for the babies" I reply while shaking the bottles. "Stupid goat" she laughs, " I'm going to the pub tonight, and your coming with me" she says, and I can hear the smile in her voice. Madi has had a crush on one of the bartenders, Luka, for the last year but because she is a single mum of 4, she thinks he isn't interested, even tho he has a 4 year old little boy Nicholas. "Who's watching the kids if we're going out?" I ask even tho I know it is probably her mum. Madi unlike me isn't a very social person, where I am happy to talk to anyone Madi doesn't like being around people she doesn't know and is very shy. "Mum demanded that I will be going out, and threatened that if I don't when she watches them on Monday she will fill them with ice cream and candy for me to deal with after work." She grumbles " of course I agreed! I don't get home till 9:30 on Monday's and they would be bouncing off the walls!" She says still grumbling and mumbling under her breath about her mum. I laugh hard, knowing that her mum is serious, last time Madi didn't listen to her mum's threat of the same thing, she came home front work to the kids being awake and running around like crazy. Thank god it was a Saturday as she didn't get them to bed before midnight and they where cranky and sooky all Sunday. " alright" I reply still chuckling while Madi is still mumbling under her breath about her evil mother, " I'll meet you at lou's at 8? I have to feed the babies before I go" I reply while giving pickles her bottle. " yeah, that sounds good, it gives me time to have dinner with the kids before I go" she replys before I hear yelling and crying in the background " shit!" She hisses "I gotta go I'll see you later" she says quickly hanging up before I have a chance to say anything. I chuckle to myself before letting picking out to the back yard so I can feed pebbles and bam bam, the 5 week old Pygmy goats. Pebbles is black with brown on her front legs, chest and over the base of her neck to the other side of her front legs on her back. Bam bam has a white face with a black strip between his eyes and everywhere else except for the middle of his back that has a white strip the goes front front to back legs before going back into black. Pickles is a orphan, whose mother has passed and her old owner couldn't keep up with the bottle feeding, while pebbles and bam bam where a surprise arrival, there previous owner sold them at 3 weeks old because her mother couldn't handle having twins and he though he was to old he be chasing around after baby goats as active as them.

I let the goats outside with pickles before cleaning up the house so they don't get into anything while I'm gone for a few hours. Once everything is neat and tidy I see that it's 4pm so I decide to go the animals food and water early. I go out the back door and go down the path toward the pens where the ducks and chickens are. The pens are all huge areas, made of wire and wooden posts and pailings. They also both have a smaller paddock off to the side of each pen where they can go out and grace though the day or night whenever they want, the other difference between the paddocks is the ducks have a large pond for them to swim in. I enter that gate for the chicken pen with the lamb and goats following and fill up there water and food containers and collect the eggs, while they run around trying to play with the chickens, before doing the same with the ducks. I made a ticking sound to call the goats and lamb over before shutting the gate and heading up to the house to make there 3rd and last bottle for the day and to make dinner.

After feeding the babies and myself, I go for a shower where I shave everywhere, and wash my self and my hair with my coconut scented wash. Once out of the shower, I go to my room to put on some mascara to make my hazel eyes stand out more, and lip balm while letting my sunset coloured hair air dry. I change into my distressed light blue shorts, with a acid wash purple muscle tee and a pair of white volleys. Looking in the mirror I decide I look good and I like the way it shows my tattoos. My right arm is a sleeve full of animals that i love the meaning of like the elephant and wolf, while I also family on my left wrist and shhh! On the inside of my left pointer finger, along with a angle on my left thigh, that only the bottom half is able to be seen under the shorts. I always have lots of piercings, my tongue, left side of my nose, right side of my lip, my belly Botton, both nipples, I have 4 lobe piercings in my ears with my helix, tragus, forward helix 3 times and snug on my right ear and on my left I have Tragus, industrial and inner conch. I have always loved piercings and tattoos and having bright coloured hair, I haven't had a "normal" hair colour since I was 18 and I'm now 24. Deciding that I like they way I look, I check the time and see that it is 7:35pm and decide to leave now as the drive will take about 15 minutes to arrive. I grab my stuff and check on the babies before heading out.
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