Metanoia - An Adventurous Mishap

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Metanoia - An Adventurous Mishap (Myths of Yoeveth Kingdom Book 6) Metanoia - the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life (c.wordables) Rose White. She has always been a wolf with an adventurous spirit, but what she did not expect was that her fearless nature would lead her to associate with a group that has always been looked up to. The military pack. They say that everything about them will always remain a secret. With her spirit being adventurous and a gift that had been given to her, she ends up being another member of their pack. When you mix an adventure-loving girl and a guy whose life is the definition of adventure, along with an odd mystery that is yet to be solved, what would you expect? But will the mate bond be a hindrance to them and their story? When they don't feel those sparks as they touch but their hearts always longing for each other PS. Steamy scenes are present and language is not censored so please be warned This can be read as a stand alone - Hey loves, So I'll just get this off my chest before we begin The characters I have formed are purely out of fiction. Any similarities with the characters of my stories and real life, are not intended. Storyline was conjured up in my mind, and I do hope no plagiarising would occur. I am very open to criticisms and notes on how to improve from anyone, but I do

Romance / Mystery
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Author’s Notes

Hey there loves!

Before I would begin my story, I would like to make some things clear:

For one, this story along with the other stories that I will be making, will all be stand-alones. They are under the main title of 'Myths of Yoeveth Kingdom' which will be a compilation of the books that I will be making that has that pinch of magic, werewolves, vampires, and all. There will be connecting characters in my stories, as that is how I panned it out to be. Some main characters of the other books will be represented here and vice versa.

I hesitated, but I finally decided to make the 6th story in the series first. I have all the other stories plotlines written down and I think that they may be darker than this one, and so I thought, why not post the one that is light-hearted first, so if they feel that the others are too dark, they can come up here and read this one. So I did just that.

The story of Metanoia will definitely be much much more light and friendly than my other books and so to lighten your hearts before or during the reading of the others (if you will, which I hope you will haha), I am posting this up now. I got around 20 chapters done and I am nearing the end, so it aided my decision.

I am very open to criticisms and your inputs. Feel free to correct me and my grammar as English is not my first language, but I try to make it so haha!

Another note: I usually get my inspiration to write from songs, so I tend to connect some songs with the stories that I make. A small game you can play while reading my book is trying to guess the song title that I used. The lyrics will be used in random places and random chapters so if you do get the reference, then boy am I glad I have found a fan friend. I won't acknowledge the correct answers until I finish the story, because if I do, then I might just as well make it the spoiler.

I want to give something to those who got it right, but I have no idea what. So if you do come up with an idea, please tell me hahaha. Personally, I enjoy interactions with the readers, cause I am one too.

Bless you all and I hope you will enjoy the journey!

PS: The title of the book is important to me as well. Wink wink


"This is when they are talking out loud"
'This is when one talks with their wolf in their heads'
'This is how their wolf would reply'

I hope that the notes are clear.
This story is mainly focused on the POV of our main lead, Rose White. But if you lot would like an intro to our Male lead's mind, I don't mind making one.

Check out my instagram for the character names and how they are related to each other as the story passes by, and some mood boards at times, as well as some updates and ideas on how the characters are or their locations. Follow me on twitter for my random rants and updates similar to instagram as well!

Instagram: Oriorioi
Twitter: otomedoc
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