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My Alpha

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Luna had it all. She was living the Dream, that is until someone accused her of something she didn’t do. She tried to prove her innocence but no one would listen. Her siblings are the only people who believed her. She was forced to leave, and one day she is called back to her pack to see everything is different. Luna changed over the years that she left. What will her pack think of her now?

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Chapter 1- Prologue

Two Year’s Ago

“No! Please!” I cry tears streaming down my face.

“I didn’t do it!” I scream at them with pleading eyes.

All of them dismiss me, calling me a liar. The pack surrounding me calling me names slut, whore, bitch, etc. The people I trusted the most stand there smirking. They are fucking enjoying my pain! No doubt they are the ones who spread rumors about me.

I am not going to trust anyone the way I trusted them ever again. My heart shatters that they betrayed me.

I’m on the ground sobbing in front of the alpha and the council. I compose myself and stand. I don’t give them a chance to say anything before I run. I run to my house as fast as my legs can carry me. I feel some tears still flowing down my face and I angrily wipe them away.

I continue to run until I get to my house. I walk inside and run up to my room. I grab the necessities and a duffel bag from my closet. I grab a stash of money that I have saved up. There is about $500 in there so I should be good for a while until I am able to get a job.

I put clothes in the bag for about a week. I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste and a brush because I am not going to look like a mess for a week or more. I grab my phone and a charger even though I’m pretty sure I’m not going to need the charger and I’m just going to get another phone later, somehow.

Once I have all of my things packed up I grab the duffel back and run back down the stairs. I really don’t care if my parents are down there or not because they didn’t even try to stand up for me. I’m a fucking 16 year old girl! I’m not an adult I needed them and they turned there backs.

I run out the door and into the woods, duffle bag in hand.


That was the last time I looked back at my- the pack. Yeah I’m technically a rouge now but I could care less. I don’t need them and I am stronger than ever. Once I got close enough to the pack borders I had broken the pack link so I no longer have to have any sort of connection to them. I still talk to my siblings because I didn’t want to leave them, when they tried to stand by me.

I don’t plan on ever going back there. I have learned things about myself and trained. I’m a badass now I’m no longer weak. I don’t trust anyone who is not my family. I have trust issues but that comes with the territory of betrayal.

I decided to go get my DNA tested because I couldn’t stand the thought of being related to my parents. I mean yeah they are my parents but them just abandoning me when I needed them hurt. When I got my blood drawn the nurse told me that my blood didn’t match that of my parents. Which meant that I am fucking adopted! Like why didn’t my own mother and father tell me this I had to hear it from a freaking nurse?! I think a part of me always knew but it was very small and I always ignored that small part of me.

The nurse told me that I could find out who my dad was. So I did, she had to do some reader herself by eventually she found out who my dad was/is. My dad is none other than Klaus Mikaelson! (From the originals) I knew his reputation, like I mean come on who didn’t?! However that wasn’t what shocked me the most. What shocked me the most is that I have TWO dads. Apparently my mom kept tabs on me after I was born so that they could know how I was doing.

My mom had sex with the original hybrid my dad and it was just a one night stand. Apparently my mom didn’t know that she was pregnant so she went and had sex with someone else. This time it was with the alpha of the Crescent moon pack. So my Alpha dads sperm went into me and welp here I am! As soon as the nurse told me about all of this I was determined to find my family, but first I knew that I would have to find a way to make her keep it a secret.

She was absolutely terrified of me. Understandably so like I mean one of my dads is a notorious killer and the other has one of the strongest packs in the world, I think. I had no choice but to kill her. I felt so bad about it seeing as though she was innocent. I had also never taken a life before, but I knew I had to for my safety. Once I had dealt with that I went on my quest to find my family’s. Keep in mind I’m only 16 and am technically homeless and a rouge.

I went out and I found my hybrid dad and he welcomed me with open arms because my mom kept him updated about me. I was so excited to meet him. He didn’t seem like he was mean and ruthless but I do think that when it comes to his family he will do anything to protect them. I learned that I am a freak of nature because my grandmother on my hybrid dads side was a very powerful witch and well I’m the one and only tribrid. I am a combination of a werewolf, a witch, and a vampire.

Once I spent some time with my Mikaelson family I went to find my other dad. The one weird thing about my mom was that she wasn’t dating my hybrid dad but my uncle Elijah. Once I found my alpha dad, I told him I was his daughter. He didn’t believe me and so he did a DNA test again, because I’m an idiot and didn’t grab the one from before, and surprise surprise it showed that I was indeed his daughter. He then started to trust me and showed all of the things about our history. I learned that he is an elemental wolf. Elemental wolves are very rare, he is able to control the water element. It’s rare for an elemental wolf to be able to control more than one element but welp me being the freak of nature that I am, I can control all of them. I can control fire, water, earth, and air.

He started to help me learn to control my powers. My hybrid dad helped me to learn and control my compulsion skill. I didn’t even know what compulsion was until he explained it to me. Compulsion is when your are able to basically mind control someone to do something for you. It was weird because as soon as I met both of my dads I was incredibly strong. My dads have met before they aren’t friends but they get along for me.

My hybrid dad said that it was my vampire side that had a lot of strength adding on to my werewolf strength. Then my alpha dad said that it was also apart of his alpha blood, since he is an alpha is stronger than average wolves. My dads helped me to learn to control my strength. I was still getting used to it but I was starting to get better.

I also learned that I have TWO wolves! Like isn’t that crazy I have two dads AND two wolves. One of my wolves was considered a legend. Her name is amber and she is a golden wolf. I normally let saga out, my wolf that has been with me since birth, because she is my more normal looking wolf. I say more normal looking because she is a big black wolf and only alphas have black wolves. Which I guess makes sense because one of my dads is an alpha. I let amber out but only when we are with my dads, or if we are totally alone. Once I met my dads I went to go and love with them, seeing as though I didn’t really have a home. My alpha dad normally comes down to New Orleans, where I now live, to see me.

Sometimes I go up to see him in his territory, but not usually, because of his pack. We don’t want them to be suspicious as to why I am there constantly.

I am so glad that I met my dads! We have known each other for almost a year and I already know that they would die for me. I do miss my little siblings at times. I know that they might not be my blood family but I still miss them. It’s why I normally call them on the drive to see my dads. They still don’t know that I’m not their actual blood sister but I’m not going to tell them. If I do it would be in person not over a call, but I don’t know when I am going to see them in person.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by someone knocking on my door.

“Come in” I say to whoever it is.

“Good morning princess” my hybrid dad says and I get up from my bed and walk over to the door to give him a hug.

“Good morning dad” I say to him with a smile.

“Come downstairs when you are ready, we are going out to have breakfast” he says and I smile and lick my lips.

“Ok” I say and with that he walks out of my room.

What he means by breakfast is we are going to go feed. Oooh right I forgot to tell you where I live, I live in New Orleans. I am so happy with my life now, I don’t think I would be happier. I do miss my siblings, I FaceTime them but I wish I could see them in person.

I go over to my black dresser and grab out a simple grey T-shirt and some light blue jeans. These clothes might get blood on them so I have to be things I don’t care getting ruined. The blood should wash out but if it doesn’t then I wouldn’t care.

Once my clothes are on I grab a pair of black and white converse sneakers and grab my phone and head down the stairs. Once I get down the stairs I see the family waiting for me.

“Good morning mom” I say and walk over and hug her. My mom’s name is Hayley Marshal, but ever since she welcomed me with open arms I just call her mom.

“Good morning dear” she says and hugs me back.

I repeat this process with my Uncle Elijah, uncle Kol, uncle Marcel, aunt Freya, aunt Keelin, aunt Bex, and aunt Davina. Aunt Keelin and aunt Freya are married so I do not feel any hate for the LGBTQ community.

Aunt Freya, aunt Keelin, and Aunt Davina are all witches so they do not have any mates. The rest of my family doesn’t have mates because they are vampires. Mom used to but he rejected her so she rejected him right back and then he died. I don’t know if dad has a mate because he is a hybrid, I also don’t know if I have a mate because... well freak of nature!

Once we all are ready to go we run into the town. I don’t ever have to worry about holding in my full strength because I know they can all handle it. Well except for maybe aunt Keelin, aunt Freya, and aunt Davina. I am stronger than the rest of them considering one I’m the only one of my kind, two I have alpha blood running through my veins and three... I don’t have a three but that’s beside the point.

Once we get to the town we all spread out. We are not allowed to feed off of the locals, however we do sometimes because the town belongs to us. I used to be ashamed of my body, I worked hard to get where I am now. I wanted to make sure that feeding would become easy for me, so I workout a lot. My body gets a lot of attention from the boys, which makes feeding on them easier.

Normally the tourists are at the bar, day drinking or something. I don’t understand the purpose of day drinking, it will never make sense to me, but that’s fine. I walk into the bar, standing out because of my outfit. I look around to try and see some younger men but don’t see anyone, so I walk out.

Normally I try to talk to the people and convince them to follow me somewhere, but I’m hungry and don’t have the patience right now. I look around to see if there are people roaming the streets, but don’t see many, weird.

I see one person so I run and grab them and cover their mouth so they don’t scream. I bring them to an alley and look them in the eyes.

“Don’t scream” I say and remove my hand from their mouth. I compelled them to not scream and they are helpless against compulsion. I allow my fangs to extend before I sink them into the soft flesh of his neck. At least I think it’s a male, I’m not positive.

I feel the warm metallic liquid run down my throat soothing me, and my bloodlust. It is quite nice for the entire supernatural world to fear your family. They don’t fear me because we are keeping my existence a secret, because being some of the most powerful people in existence, you gather quite the amount of enemies.

I have to make sure that I do not kill this person, only take the amount that I need. I feel my eyes change and the veins underneath my eyes bulge. This happens every time I feed and I welcome the feeling.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. Seriously?! I retract my teeth from the mans neck and allow my eyes to change back. “Stay” I command him and he does so.

I answer my phone and put it on speaker phone so I can continue to feed.

“What” I hiss and sink my teeth back into the man in front of me.

“Luna” I hear a female voice say over the other line and I freeze.

That is my mother, Olivia. She is not my mom she is my mother, she might have raised me and shown me love but once I needed it she and my father left me out to dry. I have my family and I don’t need them.

I retract my teeth from his neck and allow them to retract into my gums.

“Hell no” I say and go to hang up but she stops me.

“Luna I need to talk to you” she says sounding sweet, but I see past her words. I don’t know what I did to have her hate me but oh well I don’t need her affection.

“What do you want” I say to her my words laced with venom.

I mute myself quickly and turn to face the man in front of me. “The hickey came from last night. Go back to whatever you were doing” I say to him and then step away and he walks out of the alley.

I unmute myself so that she does not question why I am muted.

“What is that you need mother” I ask her again impatiently.

“You need to come home Luna” she says coldly.

I scoff/lightly laugh at her words and roll my eyes, even though she can’t see me. She actually wants to tell me to come home?

How dare she! How dare she tell me that I need to go back there!

“That place... is not my home” I spit. I have found my home, a place where I am actually wanted.

“This is your home Luna” she says and I roll my eyes again at her words.

“Somethings happened to your siblings” she says and I feel my heart stop.

What happened to them? Are they ok? Did my idiot of a mother do something to them? Did my idiot father do something to them?

“What happened?” I ask her but keep my voice strong.

“I can’t tell you over the phone, but your siblings need you” she says.

“I’m not going back there without a reason” I say to her coldly.

“Your father died and your siblings need you” she says and I hear her voice crack.

I stay silent thinking about what to say. “Fine” I say and pause “I will go back there, but only for them” I say and hang up.

Great I have to go back to that retched town. That stupid fucking pack. Just great.
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