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"Aren't nerds supposed to be shy and timid?" Keith eyed me curiously. "Not me, I'm not your typical nerd. Trust me." I responded with a smirk. After the sudden departure from her mother and her father's critical illness, Riona's teenage life is put to a halt when she assumes the role of both parents in the life of her siblings. She takes an odd job and becomes a professionally trained assassin, whose only goal is to kill. She hides behind the mask of a nerd at Colton's High thinking it would draw less attention to her, but when Keith Anderson transfers to her school, he becomes drawn to her and gets driven to discover the real person behind that mask. Will he succeed or will he just become one of the targets?

Romance / Drama
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Prologue + Chapter 1

“Please...” Her tiny voice cried in a screeching sound.

“Nothing personal Anna, but I’m getting paid.” I replied in a monotone before bringing out my knife.

“No!” She cried as I stabbed her hard in the gut with it.

Her lifeless body fell to the ground, eyes opened, blood spilling out of her body and into the wooden floor.

I stood up and examined her lifeless body on the wooden floor and a smile creeped into my lips before I walked out of the small wooden house.

After sitting in the car, I first took off my hand gloves then placed my gun into my duffle bag then brought out the bloody knife and stared at it.

The blood stain on this knife made a smile creep into my lips once again as I remembered how I so easily stabbed her.

I looked into my bag and took out a piece of white cloth which had a few dried out blood stains from my previous victims and wiped the boys off it before it could dry.

After I finished cleaning it, I placed it into my bag, zipped it up and placed it at the back of the driver’s seat.

I grabbed my glasses from the passenger seat, put it on, let my hair loose and drove home.

“Rie’s home!” Cassidy’s screamed when I pulled over in front of the house.

A smile made its way to my face when i saw her. I grabbed my bag from the back seat and was greeted by two of my sisters.

As if on cue, my phone rang and looking at the caller ID, I answered immediately.

“Well done, the other half of the money you were promised will be sent to you immediately.” Victor said at the other end of the phone before hanging up.

My phone buzzed again but this time, it was a notification that Victor had paid me for Anna’s murder.

“Let’s go shopping girls!” I said to both my sisters, who in return squealed loudly.

“Right after I take a bath.”

“Hurry!” Cassidy yelled.

I walk up the stairs and look down at both my sisters who were smiling and talking to themselves.

It’s all worth it.



“Where’s Thalia?” I questioned both Cassidy and Iris.

“We haven’t seen her since you left.” Iris raised her small hands in surrender.

“She left the same time you did.” Cassidy added before taking a big bite out of her burger.

“Where did you go Rie?” Iris asked after a huge sip out of her coke.

“Work.” I answered with a smile and wiped off crumbs from Cassie’s face who in return smiled at me.

“I don’t know what you do but I love it if it keeps bringing us goodies.” Iris said in between munching fries.

“Lia says you do bad things but that’s a lie right Rie?”

“I take care of people my darlings.” I said, knowing they wouldn’t catch anything.

“I love you Rie.”

“Me too Rie.”

They both said and hugged me. For a moment, a tear almost dropped from my eyes but I wiped it away before they could see.

“I love you guys much much more.” I managed to say.

“That’s enough sentiments! Tomorrow you both will return to school, so when you are done eating, go pick out your clothes and then do you want.” I informed both of them.

“Rie remember you promised us all new bags this year? But school is starting tomorrow and we still have old bags.”

“Oh shit! I totally forgot! I’ll go buy some from the shop, don’t worry.”

I kissed both their foreheads, grabbed my keys and went to the supermarket to get two new backpacks, one was mint green and the other bright pink.

I’m sure Cass would love the green one while Iris would just adore the pink one.

After paying, I drove home and gave them both their backpacks which resulted in a hug war where both Iris and Cass tried to hug me till death.

“What’s going on here?” A familiar voice questioned, though the image was upside down there’s no way I could mistake my own sister.

“Lia!” Iris ran are hugged Thalia.

Thalia looked down at Iris and hugged her back which resulted in Cassidy leaving me and also running to Thalia.

I sat up straight and brought down my glasses to the bridge of my nose.

“How are you guys doing?” Lia asked with a genuine smile.

“Great!” Cassidy answered immediately.

“First Rie went out then she returned and took us to Burger King and then she bought us milkshakes and coke and then she went to the supermarket and got us all new backpacks. In conclusion, I am feeling good.” Iris summerised and topped it all by showing her teeth which was missing one.

“Oh seems you all had fun.” Lia smiled whilst pulling her cheeks.

“Rie can you-”

My phone rang interrupting her and the caller ID showed Boss and I immediately disconnected it.

“You were saying?”

“Isn’t that important?”

“Nevermind just keep talking.”

“Since when are your calls not important?”

“Lia can you just fucking talk!” I snapped but covered my mouth as soon as I said fucking, can’t have this girls saying that in public.

“Let’s talk in your room.” She eyed the girls watching us with big eyes.

Lia and I went up to our room and I positioned myself on my bed but I noticed the strap of my duffle bag lying on the wooden floor and pushed it inside.

“Is that the bag?” Lia questioned.

I rolled my eyes, “Well yes.” I admitted and didn’t bother denying it.

“It wasn’t here when you left Rie, did you do it again?” She stressed on my name.

I let out a deep sigh knowing fully well where this conversation was leading to.

“Lia, you know why I am doing this.” I calmly replied.

“I know you’re doing it for us and dad but you’re just seventeen for fucks sake! You’ve got the blood of up to three to four people on your hands, how are you still calm and sane?! I’m fucking scared for you Rie!”

“You don’t have to think about anything, I’m your older sister, it’s my responsibility to take care of you all and dad while he isn’t in the condition to do so. Don’t worry about me, just live your teenage life to the fullest.”

Lia engulfed me in a hug while I heard sniffles coming from her. I rubbed her back telling her everything would be okay.

“Listen, I’m gonna transfer cash to you, I couldn’t get you a backpack because I didn’t know what you’d like. Also extras so you can buy other things you need.”

“Rie, that money...”

“It’s our money, your sister worked hard for that money. You will spend the money the money with joy because I’m working so you all can get whatever you want and be happy.”

“Why do you always do this?”

“It’s all because I love you guys, you all are all I have and I can’t let you all suffering!”

“I love you so much Riona.” She hugged me again.

“Me too.”

“What about dad?”

“I’ll go to the hospital during the week to pay this week’s installment.”

“I can’t believe dad could actually survive this, it’s all thanks to you.”

“It’s enough, go to bed already tomorrow morning is gonna be the start of your junior year.”

“I’ll stay with the girls tonight, don’t worry.” She smiled before leaving.

My smile fell immediately she closed the door behind her.

I walked over to the mirror and looked back at my reflection.

The person staring back at me isn’t who I thought I would become.

Someone getting paid to murder other people, the bad thing is that I’ve actually gotten used to the fact that I’m just on this Earth to simply kill.

If it wasn’t so, I’m certain that I wouldn’t have been put in a situation whereby I would have to choose between being killed or becoming a killer.

But I didn’t choose this life, it chose me and now I’ll simply just have to live it that way.

You have a missed call.

“Fuck!” I cursed as soon as my brain reminded me of Boss’s call.

I grabbed my phone from my bed and dialed him back.

“Who told you that you had a right to disconnect my call?”

“I’m sorry Victor, I had to take care of family issues.”

“Come to my office tomorrow during your lunch break. I’ve got an assignment for you.”

“I will be there.”

He disconnected the call and I plopped down on my bed.


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