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***If his eyes weren't already mind blowing. This 6ft, dark brown hair, mysterious looking 5 o'clock shadow with black on black on black suit, definition of perfection, was standing right in front of me, making my mouth dry. With all his tattoos peeking out on his hands and neck, but the delicate hidden under the suite give him total bad boy vibes. Someone your dad would never want you to date. If only I would have dad. *** Layla has nothing. No one to turn to. Her whole life, she has been hurt, tricked and eventually sold by the people with the vicious gender. Feeling like she has no more fight left in her to keep going, she brakes. But at the gloomiest moment, he is here to save her from eternal darkness. Even his cold heart can't stand seeing the broken soul of a gorgeous stranger and having been there before he has the desire to make things right this time and don't let yet someone else slip past his finger. He lacks a soul, but she has more than enough to give. She has never been safe, but he can provide security better than the Royal family could even dream off. Which one can adjust to the madness another brings to their life better. And make out of it... It's love story BUT ‼️⚠️ ⚠️⚠️Book contains a lot of violence, sexual themes. Mentions abusive childhood and relationship. Talks about rape and suicides. It also have fear amount of swearing.⚠️⚠️⚠️‼️

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One: Eternal Darkness

I park my a car on the bridge. The rain hasn't stopped since this afternoon, with every minute, it only seems to be getting worse. Wonderful.

I roll my eyes, annoyed by this theatrical meeting location. Unsure why can't it be some cafeteria or anything under the roof, preferably with heating in it?
Nevertheless, I pull my coats collar up before I climb out of the car.

"Mr Sinclair, I'm so happy to see you, boy." My gaze clouded in a blink of an eye, even more than an evening sky. I'm cold, wet, and now annoyed because I am talking with this sheep-head that assumes being some pal of mine.
Yet I don't give it away. I never do. And keep my cold-blooded face.

"Remind me again, Stefan. Why I'm letting be drench in the rain?" I insert my hands inside my coat pockets as he extended his arm to shake.
He barely grins and shakes his head in my actions but doesn't comment on it. At least he knows better than to do that.

"Because I possess something you may desire." He pulls a white envelope from the inside pocket of his coat, giving it to me.
"What exactly is that?" I don't even glare at the envelope, keeping my eyes on the man in front of me. Always maintain eye contact.
"Something you will like to know." He smiles mischief, and I had to try hard to stop myself from rolling my eyes. There isn't a thing I want to know that I already didn't.
But I control myself. Didn't want Mr Collin to read me wrong. Anger and annoyance would be emotion, and I don't show them, at least you earn it.

He didn't.

However, I choose to play a game with his weak, pathetic mind. So I ask: "What do you want for it?"
"Is it hard to believe that I'm doing this from my goodwill?" I slowly blink and release a deep but quiet breath. A guy is wearing out my patience.
"Cut this bullshit. What do you want?" I say a little bit more cruel than my usual cold tone, in hopes he goes to the point.
"Your good word in tomorrow's meeting." He ultimately blurs it out, and the corner of my lips twist in the evil smirk.

"If you are equally innocent as you claim to be, you have nothing to be afraid of." I turn around to walk off when my eyes caught the silhouette of the person in the distance.
It all seems like a blur because of all the rain and darkness.

For a minute, I start to think. My head is messing with me as a consequence of a lack of sleep. That my mind playing tricks and I now see things. Am I daydreaming and it's just one of my nightmares, and none of it is genuine? But it looks so realistic. It feels substantial too.

I'm sure it's a person on the other side of the bridge—a woman I suppose, as her wet blonde hair is flying in the wind.

"Great, some bitch with a death wish..." Stefan's words would mean nothing, at different circumstances. Other than a fact I'm not hallucinating. And for some reason, he is still talking. "Think about what I said to you, Mr Sinclair. I was loyal to your father for years. What would he say if he sees you left me to the lions?" Mistake. He thought that would benefit him, but he just signed his sentence.
"That's correct. You were my fathers' friend, not mine." I lean slightly closer to him. "When you face him in hell, say, hi. From me, would you?" I don't tolerate mistakes.

After I said everything, is required. I completely zone out of everything else that comes out, of that lying shits mouth as Collins gets back to his car and drives off.
Nothing he said would matter anyway. He is as good as dead to me.

Though, the main reason why I didn't hear him is on the opposite side of the road.
For a solid minute, I didn't move, felt like my legs got paralysed. I just froze on the spot I am standing. Like I'm reliving my worst nightmare all over again.
She stands on the other side of the railing, hands still holding tight, keeping her from falling in the deep cold weather several meters underneath her. A fall himself will likely instantly kill her tiny figure.

Even from where I stood, I can hear her loud sob, and my cold dead heart starts beating. My legs begin moving and I barely even check the road before crossing it quietly, not wanting to frighten her.
It's not a hectic road, but several cars are driving past, not bother about the woman that is ready to take her own life. And I bean called a man without a heart.
I am nearly by her side now clearly hearing her piercing cries. She doesn't want to do it. I don't think anyone desires to die. Well, most people don't.

I am not even sure what I should do. Should I try to say something and try to convince her not to do it or what? Me doing pep talk? That would be something.
Or I shouldn't beat around a bush and rip her off the railing without a word. Since looking at her physic, it clearly won't be a problem for me. And that's what I would typically do. My actions talk the loudest.

However, I hesitate, another thing I don't do. First time in 10 years, I felt panic in my veins, and I didn't know how to stop it. I just slowly and quietly walk closer. To the young woman crying so hard, she isn't even aware of my presents.
As I tear myself apart, what my actions should be. One of the passing cars seemingly found it funny to put a loud horn and got girl frightened.

She panics, and I swear my heart stops beating for a second as I see her hands let go.
I'm not even sure how I got to her so fast since the moment ago I was still quite a few steps away, but just right before she altogether slips in the eternal darkness. I grab her by her tiny waist and instantly lift her on the other side with me. I guess the story's about how adrenaline kicked in are real.

We both collapse on the wet, icy ground while I still hold her. Long breath leaves hers blue for the frozen lips, and she starts crying even more.
"Shh it's okay, I got you, " I whisper in her ear and I already can sense stiff body loosening up from the near-death experience.

She holds on to my hand that is still around her, and she cries, without even facing me. She cries. We now completely drenched in the rain. But neither one of us even attempt to move in what feels like hours.
I let her weep when for the first time in a decade, I felt like I did something right and not for my own selfish needs, but for someone, I don't even know. The feeling is uncanny and forgotten, but I let it in. Just for this one time.

Eventually, I think she runs out of tears and lost her voice, but she quieted down and stopped crying.
"Come on, let's get warmed up." I ultimately speak, and we both stand up. Feeling, like I can let her go now.
"Thank you." She barely whispers, and for the first time, I resembled her face.

Something inside me twisted. A woman is so gorgeous and young. Her porcelain skin looks so soft and her now wet blond hair makes her green eyes pop up even more even if they are red and puffy from all the tiers. Her sweet cheeks make me imagine her smile and without a sliver of the doubt, I know it must be beautiful.
She can't be older than in the mid-twenties, so why the fuck someone like her would be standing on this bridge ready to take her own life? When she is probably one of the most attractive women, I have ever seen. And I know a lot of good-looking women.

"Hey, come with me. In my car, you will warm up." I stretched my hand for her, and she eyes me sceptically. "You won't seriously consider that I'm going to harm you now? Do you?" I raise my brow, but she still looks uncertain and scared.
I don't blame. At any other circumstances, I enjoy the fair on people's faces when they are in front of me, but for the second, I saw her shadow. I made it my mission to make sure that person will be okay. Maybe that will finally make me find a piece.
It's been a good start; at least I made it in time to save her life.

"Look, you cold. I know I am. I get that you are frightened, but I have no intention to hurt you." I try to step closer to her again, but she steps back.
"Then what do you want?" She finally spoke, but look so frightened, so traumatised like she will break in another cry any second.
I took notice when she talked. I can hear her accent, and I can't entirely obtain it what it is, but I'm quite sure she is not from England.

"To get me and yourself somewhere dry. For starters." That has seriously is my prime intention. My hands and legs start getting numb. I'm all soaked thru, and that alone could quickly put me in a bad mood.
She maintained silent again, but I noticed her looking up and down my whole body, probably just realising how drenched we both are.

When her eyes go back to mine, her look softens, and she gives me a little nod.
This time I make sure the road is clear before crossing with her by my side. For the instinct, I take her hand like I always do with Sophia, and I felt her stiffen even though she remained patient before we got to the other side by my car before she removes her hand from my grip.

As soon as we got in, I instantly start a car, and she grabs my hand with everything she got in her. It's not much, but it shows me how scared she is.
"I'm just putting the heating on so we can warm up." She lets go of me, but now I'm kind of unsure I want even to move so that I won't make her jump. Why he fuck I care? " How did you get here? Did is anywhere you want to go now? Home? Hospital? Some friend?"

She eyed me questioningly again but then spoke: "I don't have a home."
It made me even more curious about how she ended up here. She doesn't look homeless, but even though I crave a proper answer, she won't be given me in this state.
"Okay... So where do you want to go? Because I'm not letting you stay here." She looks away and pulls her legs closer to herself pretty much already curling herself in a ball. I thought she would stop speaking again, but then she seems to be remembering something.

"I have a car." She blurs out from nowhere.
"Where?" I look ahead not be able to see much anyway through this frightful weather.
"It's on the other side, but I think it broke down. Don't know." She bits her lip certainly holding up another bust of tears.

I turned around, and as some passing car light up the road, I notice a glimpse of a car, halfway on the pavement at the other end of the bridge. I growl knowing I need to go back in the rain.

"Stay here." Her eyes widen when she looks up at me, ready to leave her in my car. I see her eyes look at the keys still in the ignition. "Don't do anything stupid. I will go see what's wrong with your car and be back in a moment." She slightly nods and curls back in a ball.

"Fuck, I hate rain." I shiver walking up to her car.
It was an old silver Vauxhall. Nothing out ordinary, but when I reached for the door handle, it is hard to miss noticeable breaking marks.
Fantastic. I thought and pulled out my phone looking back at my car.

"Yes, boss." After the second ring, he picked it up.
"I need you to check this license plate -" I tell him the number, and while I wait for information I open a car and see some wires tangling explicit evidence at how it's started. I try to start the vehicle, also using wires, but it seems dead. Pulling up a bonnet decide it won't hurt to have a look.

It may be something simple, you never know, but as I start checking all the wiring, my man on the phone speaks up again.
"Car registered at David Beck name. 42 divorced, have a son, and work as a Buchalter in central London." He quickly repeats all the essential information, and I glance back to my car.
The vehicle doesn't belong to her, and it soon got confirmed when the guy on the phone spoke. "Oh, this car has just been reported as stolen about 10 minutes ago. Did you need me to look at anything specific, boss?"

I violently slammed the bonnet down. "No, Connor. Call Tom, tell him to pull the car off the road, clean fingerprints, and drop it somewhere for the police to find. It's on Meltham bridge right now." I command and end a call without waiting for a reply.

Before leaving, I got a quick peek back in "her" car and see a little black purse. Quickly opening, I hope to get her ID or something, but everything that I find in the handbag was lipstick, a dead phone, one key, and a bunch of condoms. Marvellous.

I walk back in my car, and as soon as I open the door, I notice she doesn't even stir. Sitting on the driver's seat, I look up at her and see her eyes shut. I would think she is asleep if she wouldn't be shivering.
Don't want to scare her, so I very softly touched her forehead, and she clearly has a fever. I know I can't wait any longer, so I start driving back to a city, while I think about what to do next.

I thought about bringing her to the hospital, which was probably a sensible idea, but somehow I think that won't do her much good. She certainly stole that a car, and for some reason, I am curious about her.
It would be too easy to drop her in the hospital and forget. I'm sure she has some story about how she ended up on the bridge ready to commit suicide, and I want to hear it.

Yeah, that idea is out of the question.

"Sophia, will going to have my head, " I mumbled under my breath and looked at her slightly when I start going forward home.


I park a car in the driveway, and one of my bodyguards jumps from his spot running to me with the umbrella.
"Good evening, sir." He welcomes me by pulling an umbrella over my head and looking hell a lot confused when I got to the passenger side.

As I open the car door, she almost falls from it, but luckily, I get her in time. She only then stirs a little bit, so I pick her up and start carrying her inside.
"Doors Toby, " I bark harshly to the still confused guard, and he quickly opens the main doors to the house.

"What an f-! Seb, I ask to bring home a pizza, not a person." Sophia greets me by the door seriously disturbed and displeased with me carrying a woman that she doesn't know in our house.
"Why aren't you in bed?" I look at her furious.
"Waiting for you to bring pizza, you moron." She folds her hands on her chest, tapping her foot on the floor.

"Hey! Watch your mouth before I wash it with soap and get Maria. Tell her to call Phill to come immediately and come to the spare bedroom to help me." I quickly gave her orders, but it won't be Sophia if she wouldn't want to argue with me.
"But - "
"I say now, Sophia!" I'm not in a mood for her bitchiness, when I demand louder and she leaves mumbling something, under her breath.

I let her go for now. I brought the girl into the guest bedroom and laid her on the bed.
Her clothes are soaked, and she is cold. So as I, but I'm used to it, I know how to ignore it. She doesn't.
So I immediately take my shoes and pull off my coat. All I could drench, but I rush to a girl first trying to take her out of her clothes.
She mumbles something in-. I think it is Italian. Still, half-unconscious when I pull off her coat and take her shoes. I tried to take her swather, but it becomes a challenge, not only because all her clothes were so wet they were stuck to her body but additionally because she is all limp and I can't get her to sit up. That's when I heard Sophia clearing her throat behind it.

"You need to get yourself a girlfriend, can't even get a woman undress." She giggles, and I roll my eyes.
"Usually, my woman doesn't get unconscious so early." I quickly fire back, and she pulls her face in disgust.
"Eeew.. spare the details. Your sex life is the last thing I want to know about."
"Good, now come and help me." She rolls her eyes but came for help. I lifted a girl as she pulled her sweater and a t-shirt.

"Damn, what have you done to this poor thing? Did you drug her?" I give my sister a death glare, and she shrugs her shoulders. "What? You never know with you."
"Seriously?" I put on my bitch face and started unbuttoning girls' jeans.
"Wow! Hey! have some respect for a woman." Sophia hit my hands.
"What an actual fuck?" I look at her irate again.

"Go in my room and open the first draw at right, my pj's in there, get her one, I think they should fit her, and I will undress her, you creep."
"It's not like I never saw a naked woman, stop freaking out." I try to protest, but Sophia stands her ground. Teenage girls... there isn't anything more draining.

Not feeling like pulling a fight with my sister at this hour. I pick set of simple pj's and drop it at the room before I got to mine and quickly took my wet clothes off.

I am switching from my suit to some comfy tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirt.
When I got back, Maria informed me that doctor Phill is on his way. And after long arguing, I manage to send Sophia to bed, promising to explain everything in the morning.

Even though I wasn't sure, I could give her any answer.


Soon the doctor arrived. He serves for my family for years and is intelligent enough not to question.
He checks up on a girl and states that she is merely cold and exhausted, so she needs a warm bed, good night sleep, and a big breakfast in the morning.
I know I can't do much today. So I thought about having some sleep myself. But it's already late, and I usually get up in like an hour anyway, so instead, I got in my study and started answering my daily emails.

I did some work, and after my usual alarm ring at 4 am, I got changed and went to the gym for morning work out starting my daily routine.
At 7:10 I'm already showered and dressed in a suit, continuing answering never-ending emails related to work and other business that I do. At the same time, Maria is busy making breakfast.

"Morning." Grumpy Sophia got in a kitchen dress in her school uniform, dragging one foot after another.
"Morning sunshine, " I smirk drinking my coffee, and she rolls her eyes.
"What I have to do for you to let me not go to school today?" She sits up next to me by the breakfast bar pulling her puppy eyes in action.
Oh I hate those eyes, she knows she has me wrapped around her little finger, so it's sometimes tough to say no to her.

"Shouldn't stay up so late last night."
"I was waiting for you." She grumbles bitterly.
"How many times have I told you not to do that?"
"And how many times I have to say to you that I can't sleep until I know you are at home?" She spits it out, getting more frustrated.
"I told you not to bother about me."

"Easy for you to say. It's not like you work behind some desk from 9 to 5 every day! I never know where you are and what you are doing! I never know if you are going to come back home or not. And every time you are late, I'm going nuts!" She says it bitterly, but a few tears roll down her rosy cheeks.
"Sophia, calm down, I know you're worried about me, but I'm always careful, nothing bad will happen to me, sis."
"Yeah, right. " She jumps from the barstool, walking away, but then stops and that familiar bitter, that looks at me in the mirror is no evidence in her eyes as she says: "You know dad also though he is immortal and nothing bad will happen to him until he ended up dead. And now if you forgot, I only have you left." She left me in the kitchen numb.

I know Sophia doesn't mean to hurt me. Well, that may be not true, but I know her intention is genuinely good.
Of course, the idea of leaving Sophia alone is terrifying. I know she is concerned, and I understand that, but everything I do is for her.
Sure, I could be more careful, but my position in the world doesn't come without a price.

AN: This has been my passion project for a very, very long time.
It's very different for other stuff I have on my profile, but it's something... I guess I just want to do it.
I start writing this few years ago, never thinking I would even going to publish it. Like ever, but as I'm writing this now in my drafts... Well, I'm still not sure.
I guess if you are reading this, I did it, but it just takes me a lot of courage that I don't have, so tap on a shoulder for me.
Why is this one special? Well, because it touches subjects, you rather usual don't discuss or show to people. Such as sexual themes or violence.
Mostly I don't want to do this because I don't think I'm good enough to express my thoughts in a language that isn't even my first, but then again you only learn something by doing it. So I'm doing this.
Once again. So if you easily offended person its not for you. If you don't like violence, an abusive relationship, dirty sexual contest this story, it's simply not for you. I have more PG -13 books at my profile, check them out. X
Help me learn more and progress, be commenting and sharing your thoughts.
Thank you

-Dy 🖤
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