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Denied and Unnoticed

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You think she'll accept you? You're poor...she only used you to pass exams that's it" That made Terrence more angry and he punched Phillip hard that he fell to the ground and soon it turned to a fight "Stop it" Aimee shouted trying yo separate the two "Please stop you're hurting him" She succeeded in separating and stood in the middle of the two "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!" SLAP!! She slapped Terrence That shocked him Aimee turned around and started inspecting Phillip's body crying "are you hurt?" She asked and touched his face like it was fragile "I'm sorry" she cried "Aimee" "Aimee what are you doing.....you-" "SHUT UP!!!"

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Chapter 1

Terrence POV

"TERRR!" "TERREEEENCE!" my little sister calls me from where ever she is. I'm currently watching anime and I don't like being disturbed. I remove my headphones and get up stretching my back, I hear footsteps then my sister's head pop up on my room door

"Seriously mom and dad need to get rid of those headphones," she said

"What do you want?"

"Family time.....anime got you distracted?" She said entering and sits down on my bed taking my laptop and putting it on her lap

"Shingeki no Kyojin its awesome I just started it,"

She chuckles "its the first anime that comes in mom's mind when we bring anime topic," she says and laughs a little

She takes the anime of the screen showing The SNK folder and clicks the first episode

"Didn't you come to get me?" I ask her

"Meh dad's probably distracting her she could've called us by now,"

"TERRR!!!" mom Sharon Nowels calls me or my sis...not actually sure because our names are a little similar, nobody answers and I look at Teresa

She looks at me like I'm a dummy and says "what?"
"Isn't she calling you?"

"She might be calli-"


"TIKUBWELAAAA (we're coming)" Teresa says putting my laptop down and getting up "we gotta go before she starts complaining about us,"

We're Africans to be specific we're Malawians but we barely speak our language because our parents wants us to get used to speaking English. I follow my sister as we leave my room walk through the hallway and down the stairs and enter the living room. The living room consists of an L like chair with a Plasma screen in front and a glass table in the center of the room.

Teresa lies down on the chair or sofa and I sit at the end of the chair.

"What took you so long? You know family time is very important and-" mom says

"I was checking Shingeki no Kyojin out it's interesting mom," I cut her off because I seriously don't want to be lectured about how important family time is for the tenth time

"Really?" Mom says her face lits up immediately she hears what I said.

Dad puts Frozen since it's movie night and sits next to mom putting his arm around her

"Uhuh it's awesome mom and-"

"When did you start?"

"After I got home from school,"

"Don't you think you're too young to watch it?" Dad Ronald Nowels asks

"I'm 14 almost 15 I can handle it," I say proudly

"We can watch it together you know I never get tired of it," mom says

"Okay okay shhhh its starting," Teresa says and we quiet down and start watching the movie

My dad really doesn't watch when its movie night. He takes advantage that we're looking at the TV and steal kisses from mom

I love my parents they're loving and I've never seen them fight , sure they do but not in front of us. My Dad found his true love and Mom too and I wish I'll find love some day

I look at my parents and find Dad caressing mom's shoulder and kissing her neck, I smile and look away


My alarm clock wakes me up at 5 am, we went to sleep after the movie

I sit up for a few seconds and yawn getting out of bed to get my books, I study till 6am then start getting ready

I go downstairs to the dining table where I find my sister already sat on her table eating breakfast

She greets me with a nod as I sit next to her and mom comes from the door that connects to the kitchen with a plate of chips and a cup of milk in her hands

"Morning," she says putting the plate and cup in front of me

"Morning," I answer back

She leaves going upstairs probably to help Dad get ready

"Still got no new friends at school?" I ask my sister while cutting my sausage with a knife and fork

"Yea," she sighs and looks at me "I wish I didn't follow Mia and went to your school like mom said...she changed so much"

Mia was my sister's best friend in primary school, they were always together

Mom and Dad's plan was to send us to the same secondary school just like it happened in primary but my sister wanted to go to the school Mia was going

After some excess tantrums our parents agreed to let her go but I ended up in the school of our parent's choice

"You can always transfer to my school the second term ..its not too late,"

"I'm scared mom might not allow me,"

"Then tell Dad,"

She sighs "you kno-"

"Alright guys finish up we're leaving," mom says coming and dad following behind

We take our plates to the kitchen, wash and leave them on the sink and followed our parents

We get into the car mom and dad normally use when we're together

I am not really a fan of being driven wherever I go, I prefer walking or using public transport since I learn new things everyday

Adding to that, a sponsor student can not be dropped off by 2020 Honda CR-V

"Drop me here Dad," I say when he reaches the junction that connects to my school


"Are you sure? we can reach your school we have a lot of time," mom says

"You shouldn't worry babe, our son here has identity issues" he jokes

"Dad" I rolled my eyes

"Honey are you sure" Mom ignores Dad

"Yeah, I want to walk a little"


I kiss my mom goodbye and pat my little sis before getting out of the car

Our school Junior High is expensive, only rich people are able to afford it

The school started a program of sponsoring students who scored good grades in primary and cannot afford Junior High fees

A lot of influential people entered the program saving hundreds of students dreams

I am a sponsor student in the eyes of the students according to my appearance

I have my reasons

My school uniform consists of a light blue shirt and black pants with a black sweater and black shoes

All second hand

My appearance is by purpose, the school provides their own uniform but expensive

I wouldn't want to blow my cover anytime soon because of clothing

I enter the gate and see people in their normal groups chatting

I'm never a fan of too many friends, half of the school contains spoiled humans that are not to my liking

As I'm walking I see a group of girls where one of them is the girl that was meant for me

She is beautiful, light skinned, big eyes perfect sculptured eyebrows with light pink lips, everything in its right place

I've been crushing on her since the very first day I saw her in this school

I've been gathering up my courage to talk to her but fail miserably

I plan on succeeding today

I walk towards her and everything seems like its in slow motion, she looks just like an angel, smiling and laughing talking to her friends

The nervousness in me increases as I get close to her each step at a time

Alright this is it

The more I get close the sweater my palms get

I reach where she stands and I pass by failing yet again

I just couldn't do it

I sigh and enter my class sitting on the place I normally sit and wait for the bell to ring

"Hey bro," my desk mate greets me as usual taking his sit next to me


The bell rings and students start flocking inside

My crush passes by and I take in her scent

"Aimee Mpango," I hear a voice say bringing me out of my trance

"What?" I ask looking at the source of the voice surprised

We never held a conversation out of group work, this was a first

"Aimee Mpango....that's her name,"

"Who?" I furrowed my eyebrows

"The girl you drool over everyday?" He says and his thumb points at the direction of my crush "girl over there,"


"I'm Fred.....Fredrick Samba," he says looking at me

"I know"

"Starting over wouldn't hurt" He grins

"Terrence Nowels"

"You Malawian?" He jokes


Fred had been trying to make friends with me ever since the term started, maybe making friends with him wouldn't be that bad

Before Fred starts responding our Math Teacher Mr Chad comes in greeting us all and starts teaching


"Wanna grab something to eat?" Fred asked as soon the bell for break time rang

"Nah I'm cool,"

Aimee passes by and I stare at her for what seems like forever

Everything about her is just lit, her body movements her-

"Dude" Fred waves his hands in front of my face getting me out of my trance

"What?" I look at him annoyed

"Control your drooling" he says earning a frown from me

Was it that obvious?

"Are you coming?"

"Let's go" I nod getting up

"Sure" He smiles

This is how we ended up being buddies

He was the only one I chilled with from there on

There is one thing he doesn't know about me though, the fact that I wasn't a sponsor student

I was in fact one of the richest kids the whole school.

Knowing that fact would hypothetically lead to him taking advantage of our friendship to get access of things

"Why don't you just talk to her?" Fred asked me when we were in the cafe eating lunch

"I don't know ...I get really nervous every time I try," I answered

"You could always start with a hi" he said getting up "come on you'll have to say hi or you might not get a chance with her"

"What? Now?"

He nodded

"I can't"

"Man up man" he encouraged

"Okay," I sigh getting up

We walk towards her direction which is close to the Cafe's door

My palms start sweating as we get closer

Fred taps me on the shoulder and i feel a little cool since I'm not alone this time

"Come on say hi," Fred whispers as we get closer and I nod

Alright ...it's now or never

We get close and Aimee looks in my direction causing my heart to beat fast

Just a hi just a hi just a hi
Just a hi just a hi just a hi

I tell myself

"Hey" I say to her

"Hi" she answers back and we pass by exiting the Cafe

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