Golden Love

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2. Inner Darkness

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.

-Terry Pratchett

Aj finally reached at his home after meeting his step brother in MIT. His facial expression changed from a bright sexy smile to dark ,dangerous expressioless face.

He always behaved like chirpy playful bird in front of the world but deep inside he was hiding his dark side,his dangerous aura from the world. He was arrogant, playboy,sadist behind the walls of his house but philanthropist,sweet,caring in front of the world. He used to torture his every girlfriend, used to take every kind of drugs behind those walls of his house but in front of the world he was the cover face of "Say No to drugs" campaign. He was the total opposite what he was in the front of those cameras. Every fan of him worshipped him like he was some kind of god ,unaware of his dark personality.

Due to this dark aura his dad never talked to him after he did something terrible but his step brother was good enough to talk to him. He was the only one in this world with whom AJ could share anything. Almost after five years he was back to his home in Massachusetts where his dad and His step brother moved six years ago from london.

As soon as he entered in,his mind started playing the most terrible flashbacks of memories of Incident happened six years ago.

"Mom you just cannot control my life like this. This is none of your business. I will do what I want to do. I'm a fucking rockstar now. Stop being nosy." AJ yelled at his mom.

"AJ you have to stop this nonsense. You will die. And I cannot not see my son suffer like this. Please for god's sake stop this." Woman with green eyes and pale white skin pleaded while grabbing AJ's shoulders.

"Mom please. Just get out of here" He yelled hell out of his lungs.

A tear rolled down through his eye to his cheek while remembering those fights with his mom. He never thought that he will miss those fights as he hated her mom being so nosy in his life. He sighed and wiped out the drop from his face. He tried so hard to forget that darkness of his life for these six years ,to change himself, to improve himself but no matter how hard he tried to make his light fast but his inner darkness was always ahead of his inner light.

"Hey dad." He greeted his dad who was reading a newspaper sitting on his favorite chair. His dad has invited him after 6 years for a birthday party of his step brother. His dad didn't want to mend any kind of relationship with AJ but his elder son forced him to do this because he knew how much his dad missed AJ.

"Hey. Come in. Would you like to have some tea?" His dad faked a smile and put down the newspaper. AJ was expecting that at least his dad would hug him after the separation of six years but deep inside he knew he deserved what he was getting.

"Yes. Sure Dad." He put his backpack down and his manager and others took his luggage to his room.

"Did you inform Ennie?" His dad asked while making tea for him.

"I did. In fact I met him before coming here." He coldly replied.

"Okay." His dad said. Anybody could judge that there was something big issue is going on between them by their cold conversation. Both wanted to talk but were hesitating like they were some strangers to each other.

AJ looked around the living area and there was trophy spot at the end of it where all the trophies won by his brother placed gracefully.

Gold medalist in Masters in Nuclear Physics, Winner of Olympiad in physics competition, Silver medalist in Bachelors, Award of shinning Young mind by President Obama, Winner of New Zealand science fair at the age of 13,And Discoverer of New star system called En12XH,And last but not least The Nobel Prize in Nuclear Physics.

"Enrique! You are a great son big b. You are just amazing.Perfect scientist son of a perfect Scientist Father." AJ whispered and smiled sadly.

"Here. Your tea." His dad place the cup on the table and said.

"Thanks dad." He said while picking up the cup.

"I have to go to old red science club. Will meet you at dinner." His dad left immediately.

AJ sighed.

"This old man can never change. All I expected a hug and a little talk oldie but No,I will never get this old man's forgiveness. " he sipped on his tea.

"AJ you have an interview with local radio station and then tomorrow you have to perform on a concert at MIT to promote your upcoming movie." Edmond informed him about his schedule. He nodded in response.

His phone viberated in his pocket.

"Aidie I am not coming home today, got to do some research work and prepare my lecture for tomorrow 's class. If you want you can join me at Martin laboratory.

He sighed while looking at his phone's screen.

"Dad is at science club,Ennie is doing his science work! Fuck this science. It has ruined my life,snatched the love of my mother,my brother and my father out of my life. Fuck this bloody science." He yelled and threw the empty cup out of anger in the distance.

Next day Cynthia woke up at the sound of emergency alarm which was her alarm ringtone. She was excited to start a new life in MIT. She ran towards washroom to get ready for the class and She wore a turtle neck crop top of Black colour with Blue Jeans and a Jacket over it as it was end of November so weather was cold there. She grabbed an apple and a banana with a cup of Yogurt from the canteen on her way for the breakfast and left for her class. After struggling with the map she finally reached in front of the room where the class was supposed to start after half an hour. So she sat down comfortably there and ate her breakfast. She was the first one to enter and then the whole group of students who were under supervision of Dr.Enrique entered, the same group of people she met last night at dinning table.

"Hey Williams, early bird huh?" Oliver said while holding his hand up for high five. Cynthia gave him high five and greeted everyone. Oliver sat next to her.

Everybody was talking about the recent launch of starlink mission of spaceX. And suddenly Someone entered in class along with Hardin and an other boy.

"Hey buddies. Welcome to MIT. I am Doctor Enrique James Martin. Here I will guide you through your PhD course and will lead you in your thesis work." He smiled.

Cynthia was awestrucked by his presence. He was looking exactly like he looks in science magazines. Tall,six feet two inches height, Green eyes,brown light curly hair,Perfect pink lips and milky white skin and those specs were making him more sexy just like a demi god. He was in simple cotton white shirt with blue jeans and a black denim jacket. He was 29 but looked like a twenty years old.

"He is your senior and my assistant Hardin Carter and your other senior and my assistant James Logan." He introduced both the boys who were standing behind him. Hardin greeted Cynthia by raising his eyebrows and a little smile on his lips. Cynthia smiled back at him.

"So? Let's start with your introduction then?" He said and everybody told their names and qualifications while Enrique was checking their documents and achievement files.

At the very last it was cynthia's turn.

"Hello Dr. Martin I am.." She was in the middle of her sentence and Enrique cut her off in between.

"Miss. Williams,you don't need to introduce yourself, One of my dearest friend has already told me about you yesterday, all praises for you and specially requested me to take care of you." Enrique Looked up from the file and smiled. Cynthia had no idea who he was talking about.

"Oh, Doctor Roger Greenwood called me up, haven't you done your Masters from CIT? You are the most favourite student of my Friend" He smiled again on seeing her shocking expressions. Doctor Greenwood was professor at CIT and Cynthia did his masters under him. Even she assisted him in his research as a part time job at Greenwood Laboratory.

"Yeah. We were a great team." Cynthia smiled.

"A team?" Enrique closed her file and stared at her. His continuously staring was making her nervous.

"Yeah..yeah I...was his assistant during my masters, kind of part time job." She managed to speak with lot of struggle under his intimidated Gaze.

"Wow. You have assisted Greenwood? Amazing, I mean he is not a person who would love to be assisted by someone as he always prefer to work alone." He shrugged in shock. She smiled and everybody in the class was staring at her like she was an alien.

"What?" She whispered and everybody shrugged in sync and smiled.

"So Buddies. After this lecture I want you to decide your sub topic within a week and start working on your topic. Okay?" He said and started the class. It was a class about relationship between nuclear fusion and its role in making early universe. It was wonderful experience for Cynthia.
After a class of two and half hours ,Enrique left and gave them assignment to complete for next lecture.

"So He is already impressed with you Miss CIT." Oliver said while walking out of the class.

"No just a coincidence that Dr. Greenwood is his dearest friend. " Cynthia chuckled.

"I am not talking about your qualifications Willy, He was more impressed with your beauty." Oliver put his hand around her shoulder like an old bestie from high school.

"What? No. He was..." She didn't have words to counter.

"Come on, Haven't you noticed the way he was looking at you like a hungry wolf?" He chuckled again.

"Shut up Oliver. Stop assuming things. He was such a gentleman." She hit him with her elbow.

" hurts. But can't a gentleman be hungry wolf,no gf,no social life and suddenly this fairy looking girl in front of him? What else would he supposed to do? Right?" He said and ran towards the library because he knew Cynthia was going to beat hell out of him after listening this.

"You asswipe, I'm gonna kill you." She ran behind him towards the library. But suddenly hit a hard body like a stone. As soon as she collided with that person,the hot white chocolate fall down on her black shirt.

"Oh my god..."Cynthia looked in horror towards that person. Green eyes,brown eyebrows. He was faking a smile awkwardly.

"I didn't do it intentionally. " he said in horror.

"You Asshole!!!! Douchebag,this is going to be your last day in this world." She hit him with the punch as hard as she could.

"Shit..ouch..are you mad?" AJ screamed in pain and twisted her hand to get revenge.

"Leave my hand or I will cut you in thousand pieces. " she turned around with full force and got out of his grip,hit him at the back of his knee and twisted his left hand backwards.

"Hey you crazy bitch,have you gone mad? Leave me or I will scream to gather my fans here." He winced in pain.

"Scream as loud as you can. Nobody is around. It's backside area of library. Nobody is allowed here except the Nuclear wing students." She twisted his arm more and he winced in pain more.

"What is happening here guys?" Someone asked from behind. Cynthia turned to see the face.

"Doctor Enrique? I..." she immediately stood up straight leaving AJ's Twisted arm.

"Big b she was molesting me for no reason. I am already late for my concert and she was making a fuss" AJ dusted off his blue shirt.

"AJ but what are you doing here? It is a restricted area." Enrique said while Dusting off the back side of AJ's shirt. Suddenly he looked at Cynthia 's shirt full of white chocolate.

"Miss Williams,you okay? Did my brother do this to you?" Enrique asked while looking at AJ with You-are-so-dead look.

"Your brother? This strange looking thing is your brother?" She chuckled sarcastically.

"Yes. This most handsome and sexy guy is his brother." AJ replied irritatingly.

"This is the second time he did this to me sir,you better make him understand or I will do it in my way." Cynthia said to Enrique as politely as she could.

"Threat huh? You can not do anything to me or my fans will cut you in thousand pieces " AJ chuckled sarcastically.

"You know what? You don't deserve a threat. You deserve an action sweetheart." She said and grabbed the cup of white chocolate and poured the remaining liquid on his head.

"Here baby,go enjoy your concert,your fans are waiting." She said and left. AJ's mind was still in processing what just has happened.

Enrique was shocked too on what she just did. He looked at AJ and white chocolate was dripping down from his head to his shoulders. Enrique tried hard to control his laughter but failed and he laughed out loudly.

"Seriously Ennie? You are making fun of me? You are going to pay for this. But now I have to go. I am late." AJ said and left the spot.

"Wow. Miss. Lava" Enrique chuckled at what just happened and left the spot too.

AJ took a bath quickly and fixed his hair with the help of his hair stylist.

"That Miss. Savage is going to pay a hard price for what she did." He whispered and His chirpy bubbly personality vanished and a dark aura replaced his sweet and cute aura.

On the other side Cynthia collected the books she needed for assignment from the library and was about to leave.

"Williams,come along,lets go to concert. I have 10 VIP first row tickets. We all are going." Liam said with a cute smile.

"Concert? I am not intrested and I have lots of things to unpack." She said and shrugged.

"Hey we will help you in unpacking and settle down your things. Let's go. Please?" Ruhya pleaded with puppy face.

"Okay. Okay let's go." Cynthia couldn't disappoint her new friends as she didn't want to lose a friend on her first day of college.

They all went to the concert, all were standing in the first row.

AJ was singing. He was brilliant singer.

"Saw your soul through your eyes,
Then how couldn't I just catch your lies,

That feel was so pure
Your touch felt like a bliss,A divinity
I never wanted it to happen though,
But it happened in a way like infinity
Like infinity, like infinity.

Your dreams when I sleep,your memories when I open my eyes
You were playing mean games
And every piece of my heart died.

Your love just snatched my sanity
I never wanted it to happen
But it happened in a way like infinity. "

AJ sang a beautiful melody.

"How was it guys?" He shouted in his mic with full energy. The whole stadium cheered in sync. Everybody was holding a light stick in their hands and it was looking like an ocean of lights.

"You guys always encourage me to try new things. So here I'm presenting the poster of my next movie "Code101". Basically it is a scifi movie with full dose of romance."
Curtains fall and a beautiful poster appeared in front of the crowd. Everybody screamed in unison.

"Thank you,Thank you Guys. Sorry I was late today but it was not my fault,someone just beat the hell out of me because I poured my chocolate drink on her on my way." He said sarcastically and everybody started laughing and booing.

"So? I think the fault was mine so she deserved an apology. Don't she? " he said and Cynthia's eyes got widened as she knew what he was upto.

"He knows probably from our last meeting that I am claustrophobic and anxious in crowdy places. He is doing all of this to get a revenge. God I have to leave." Cynthia thought and tried to ran through the crowd and reached midway through it.

"Cynthia are you still upset with me, love?" AJ said in front of the whole crowd and the whole stadium fell silent. Nobody was making noise, not even a little bit. Everybody turned their faces towards Cynthia as a white spot light fell on her in the midway as she was rushing towards the exit gate of stadium. As soon as everybody turned their faces to her,she stopped running,her legs froze, her heart was running at the speed of sound and she feeling a knot in her stomach.
AJ jumped down the stage and came to her along with the bouncers.

"Cynthia please forgive me that I ruined your dress twice." He smirked looking at her frozen petite body from behind.

"No,No,No Cynthia control your anxiety, you can do this." She whispered to herself to keep herself in senses but nothing was working when there was thousands of people looking at her. She wanted to vanish in the thin air but this was not possible. A tear rolled down on her cheek and she was about to hit the cold ground but instead of hitting the ground she hit a strong hold of manly arms.
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