Golden Love

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3. The regret and Pain

"From hurt comes pain, from pain comes change. If it hurts enough, change will happen."

Tripp Evans

She tried to see his face but only thing she could see was his specs. She tried harder to clear her vision and slowly she saw pair of green eyes,curly brown hair.

"Dr. Enrique? " She managed to speak only two words and fainted.

Enrique picked her up and left the spot immediately. Oliver and all others ran behind him.

"Shit. Oh shit. No.What I have just done. Shit." AJ cursed himself under his breath as he only wanted his revenge but he didn't imagine his prank would make her this much anxious.
His bouncers took him to the back stage through the crowd.

"Laiyla I have to go. Please tell everyone that concert is over. It's an emergency, I have to go." He grabbed his jacket and ran towards exit door without waiting for his concert organiser's response who was standing in a shock there.

Within hour every news channel was talking about the incident. Luckily nobody had captured Cynthia's clear face in videos and pictures as it happened all of sudden.

Enrique took her directly to the city hospital and her condition was stable now but her internal organs suffered a lot of pressure due to two back to back panic attacks in two days.

"Enrique! Is she okay.?" AJ asked while running towards Enrique who was completing some formalities on the reception counter.

Enrique looked at him like he was going to murder him. He blinked and within a second a hard big punch hit AJ on his face that he fell down on the cold hard floor. Enrique grabbed his collar and made him stand again on his feet.

"What the hell were you doing Aiden? She could have died you asshole." Enrique said angrily.

"I know,I fucked up,I am sorry I didn't know she has this much serious anxiety issues,I swear I didn't know." He said while catching his breath. His voice was trembling out of fear.

"I am warning you Aiden,Don't you dare to hurt her because next time I will cut your throat if you dare to do this again." Enrique's eyes were full of rage. He was not the calm,sweet,good boy anymore. He was looking so dangerous that AJ was shaking like a child in front of him. He was afraid of him as he knew the dark and Dangerous Enrique could do everything he was saying. He would not think twice to cut his throat, Aiden knew it.

"You have just known her for a day and you are threatening me of my life because of her Ennie? What has gotten into you? You are saying you will cut my throat for the girl you just met yesterday? Seriously? I know I did a mistake but dude You are behaving like a maniac." AJ scuffed off his collar from his hands.

Enrique closed his eyes and sighed.

"I am sorry Aidie. It's just...I was so afraid if something happens to her,your image, our image will be ruined forever." Enrique squeezed his shoulder while smiling sadly.

AJ nodded.

"Is she alright.?" He asked to Enrique.

"Yes. She is stable now." Enrique assured him with a smile.

AJ was feeling a strange kind of pain in his chest,a pain of regret. He was hurt. But this pain of regret was not enough for him to change himself. At least that's what he was thinking and assuring himself that he did a mistake but this doesn't mean he needs to change his ways.

"I know what I have done is morally wrong. But that's who I am. Morally wrong always. If I am doing something that I always do then I shouldn't feel sorry about it. Moreover She is out of danger now. Everything is fine." AJ tried to assure himself mentally that whatever he did was morally wrong but not so unusual. This was him. This was his personality And no matter what but you cannot change your personality in a single day and that too when you do not want to change it at all.

"Ennie. I'm leaving and please do not tell her that I was here. Please." AJ squeezed his brother's shoulder and smiled.

"Aidie She deserved to know that you are not as bad as she thinks. You do mistakes,you do regret, you are not bad at heart.She deserves to know who you really are." Ennie furrowed on his brother's statement of not to tell Cynthia about his presence there.

"Yeah,That's what I am saying. This is me. The real me. I do not care about that random girl whom I met a day before. It doesn't affect me that she is in hospital because of me. She deserves to know that I am exactly the type of person she thinks I am. So please don't tell her." AJ tried hard to control his emotions but his frustration, his anger on himself was clearly visible in his shiny green eyes. He smiled looking at brother and left the hospital without even meeting Cynthia. Enrique shrugged carelessly on seeing him leaving and after completing formalities He and others brought Cynthia back to her dorm.

"Willy you gave me a little heart attack back there. " Oliver sat on the chair placing left side of her bed and grinned.

"You guys forced me to go there when I really wanted to avoid that shit." Cynthia pouted and rolled her eyes on him.

"Yeah so we are ready to pay the price. I mean let's help her unpacking the things." Daniel chuckled.

"Wow Dan you can speak?" Cynthia widens her eyes while raising her eyebrows dramatically to make fun of Daniel. Everybody present in the room cracked up in laughter. Daniel sighed and smiled with what-the-hell look on his face.

After that everyone helped Cynthia to manage her things which she brought with her while leaving California.

"Hah! Done! Finally now we can rest." Ruhya said while stretching her muscles.

"In peace?" Liam laughed at his own joke. But everyone in the room gave him annoyed look.

"Ok ok guys I know that was lame." He raised both his hand to accept that his joke was really bad. After some more chit chat they left and Cynthia did her dinner in her room only as she wasn't feeling well to go to the dinning hall.

She completed her assignment and was about to sleep as it was almost 11p.m. that her phone viberated which was placed near her laptop on the table.

"Williams come out. I wanna show you something. You'll feel better.

She furrowed on the text and grabbed her jacket to step out. She reached at the ground floor where at the gate of the building Hardin was waiting. As soon as he saw her,he Ran towards her and gave her a friendly hug.

"I am so sorry I couldn't come to the hospital earlier as I was in the lab. Got to know about you from liam. You fine?" Hardin said with concern clearly visible on his face.

"Calm down Carter. I am perfectly fine. Chill." Cynthia chuckled to assure him. Hardin and Cynthia already became good friends as they were in touch before even meeting in real through the college site.

"Okay then let's go. Let me show you something and your all the anxiety will vanish." He smiled and grabbed her hand to run towards the back side of that building.

"Where we going?" Cynthia asked while running.

"Keep calm. We are just about to reach there Williams." Hardin replies with a beautiful smirk on his lips. And within a minute they reached in front of a beautiful huge water fountain made of marbles in front of Dean's office. Its water was shinning like the Pearls in the bright moonlit. Hardin and Cynthia sat on the desk in front of that fountain. Nobody was there except them. Cool breeze, bright moonlit with a beautiful water fountain was completely complimenting the Green trees and rose flowers in the garden there.
Cynthia wanted peace after that chaotic day and this view was more than enough to sooth her soul. She sighed with calm expressions of satisfaction on her face and looked at Hardin .

"Thank you so much Carter. This is what I needed the most after that mess. A peaceful place to sit around." She smiled and bent her head towards his shoulder to make him realize that how grateful she was to him.

Next day Cynthia was a bit late for her class as she slept late at night. She wore black jeans with white skin tight turtle neck shirt,White shoes and a black trench coat. She skipped the breakfast as she was already five minutes late for the class but grabbed an apple to eat it while running . Everybody was already sitting there but luckily Doctor Enrique had not arrived yet. She ran towards her chair and greeted everyone while eating Apple.

"Willy. How are you feeling today?" Noah sat next to her and asked. Noah was a bit introvert. He never talked much to anyone and this was the first time he was talking to her.

"Wow. Noah! I thought You and Daniel cannot speak. But I was wrong." She chuckled in shock.

"Haha. You are funny." He said with a plain annoyed look on his face.

" It's just I do not like much to interact with people. Kind of introvert, you know?" He shrugged. Cynthia smiled at him as she totally could relate this "I-don't-like-to-intreact-much" kind of people.

"Oh. I am fine by the way. Completed your assignment?" She asked.

"No. The ninth statement was a little vague for me. Gonna ask about it to Doctor Martin." He shrugged disappointingly.

Meanwhile Hardin and Logan entered in the room with files.

"Guys dr. Enrique is on his way. He is a bit late today because he had to attend an importance meeting. He will be there in ten minutes,till then you can discuss your doubts with me and logan" Hardin announced.

Logan and Hardin started helping the group with their doubts.

"Carter I am confused in the tenth one. The equation is not satisfied even though I put all the given variables and constants still the right hand side is not satisfied the left." Cynthia asked and Hardin sat next to her to help her. They tried for next five minutes but expected result was not even a near to the result they were getting.

"These bastard variables are really pain in the ass" hardin muttered under his breath, he completely forgot that Cynthia was listening all of this. She chuckled at his cursing.

Suddenly Dr.Enrique Martin entered in. And everybody went on complete silent mode.

"Good Morning buddies." He observed each and everyone carefully and his eyes landed on Hardin and Cynthia who were sitting next to each other.

"Williams got new friends?" He asked while checking some documents.

Cynthia realised that she was sitting so close to Hardin that she could listen his breathing. She and Hardin were totally lost in the question that they didn't realize it.

"Oh, I was just helping me in my assignment doubts." Cynthia moved to the right to create a distance between her and Hardin.

Hardin and logan got up and submitted their research paper work to dr. Enrique.

"Here Dr. Martin next part of our thesis." Hardin handed over a file to him.

"Hardin! You and logan go to the lab and design the presentation about the orion constellation. You have to add this to your thesis." Enrique said.

"Yes sir" logan replied.

Hardin ran towards Cynthia to talk.

"Willy meet me at lunch. Wanna show you something. " Hardin collected his files from her desk and left.

Dr.Enrique who was observing everything standing there,his muscles tensed up. He was staring at Hardin like he wanted to punch him right there. He made his grip tightened on the paperweight he was holding and flashbacks started in his mind ,how Hardin and Cynthia were sitting on that bench in the garden last night and how they were chuckling and smiling in the class. He sighed.

"Come on Hardin,I have put so much effort to bring her here and you are just coming in my way like a biggie stone. You are gonna pay for this." Enrique thought and sighed.

After the class,Everybody left the room and Cynthia was about to leave when Enrique stopped her.

"Miss. Williams. I need a little favor." Enrique scrunched his nose cutely.

"Yes Dr.Martin?" She smiled.

"Actually Hardin and Loagan are working on their thesis in the lab and I have to do some research on the nuclear fuel which I am making for the SpaceX's next launch. I need someone to help me in my readings,would you like to help me?" He said while collecting his files from his desk.

"Umm okay?" She smiled.

"Actually I have to present its formula before the club this evening. So I really needed some one to help me with readings for more accuracy and you have assisted Greenwood too so I thought you'll be the perfect for this job." Enrique said while walking.

"But the lab is on the other side. Right?" Cynthia asked as he turned to the opposite direction of lab.

"Oh we are going to my house in my personal laboratory, it's kind of sub unit of Martin lab here." He smiled while opening the gate of the car for her.

"Oh. Okay." And they left for his house. On the way her phone viberated in her pocket.

"Willy. I'm waiting. Where are you?"

She looked at the screen and immediately replied him back.

"Sorry Carter. A little busy. Will meet you in the evening. " she texted him back.

And after drive of hardly fifteen minutes, they reached in front of a big marvelous mansion.

"Martin House" was written on the front of it. Huge Green lawns with beautiful fountains on the both side was looking so elegant. Enrique and Cynthia entered in.

As soon as they entered in, A loud voice hit their ears like the sound of grenade.

"What the hell? I asked for a tea you moron, this is coffee!" Someone yelled at the maid. Cynthia bent her neck to see his face which was hidden behind the head of that maid. And it was none other than Aj.

Aj angrily throw the cup in the direction Cynthia and Enrique were standing as he was unaware of their presence. Cup was in the air flying elegantly towards Cynthia. The coffee in that cup was gracefully dripping down towards the floor. Cynthia gasped in horror as she was sure the coffee cup would hit her directly on her head but as soon as it was about to hit her,Enrique pulled her towards his side and cup landed on the spot she was earlier standing. She sighed in relief.

"Aiden!!! What's wrong with you? " Enrique walked towards him.

Aiden looked at Cynthia in horror as he realized where his cup was about to hit.

"Shit. I didn't do it intentionally. " he said while looking at Cynthia in horror.

"You Asshole! You almost killed me yesterday and was almost going to injured me today." She asked angrily.

"I swear I didn't know you were there." He said making puppy face.

"Clean this mess Aidie. I am in my lab and Smantha prepare a lunch as soon as possible. Cynthia is hungry for sure." Enrique ordered his maid and left for his room with Cynthia.

His room was so calm and peaceful with modern architect. Everything was colour coordinated with grey and white color. He opened a gate on the front wall of his room and a staircase lead them into the basement. It was huge laboratory ,full of scientific equipments and Chemicals. Basement was smelling so strange due to those chemicals but Cynthia was used to it as Dr.Greenwood too used to work in a similar lab. But this lab was more modern and big.

"Welcome Cynthia." Enrique smiled and put his files on the desk.

"Wow. Its huge. Wonderful." She smiled while looking at the instruments there.

"You like it?" Enrique said while checking a file.

"Like it? I love it Dr.Martin." she smiled and they both started working on the files. Cynthia helped him in readings through microscope so she wore her specs.

"You look cute in specs." Enrique chuckled.

"Thank you dr.Martin." she smiled looking through microscope.

After working for an hour Aiden came in there.

"Big B lunch is ready. Let's go." Aiden said while playing with the paperweight placing on the desk.

" Dr. Martin you go! I'll come after organising my last readings. It will take just fifteen minutes. " she said.

"Okay until then I'll freshen up then we will do lunch together. " Enrique left the lab. Now there were Aiden and Cynthia alone in the lab.

"Cynthia! What I did with you yesterday was wrong but I will not say sorry because I cannot promise you by saying sorry that these kind of mistakes will never happen again. It may happen. Because this is the way I am." He bent his face towards her. His green eyes met with her brown ones.

Cynthia was angry at him but she could clearly see his honesty through those two shiny green orbs.

"Its okay AJ. I can understand you didn't mean it." She wanted to yell at him but said exactly opposite to what she really wanted to say. She felt like his green eyes were casting a spell on her. She was behaving so politely under his gaze even she didn't want to.

"Call me Aiden" he smiled

"Cynthia! Aiden! Come on. Lunch is ready." Enrique called them from outside.

"Yes big b coming !" Aiden smirked as he knew Cynthia was feeling uncomfortable under his intense gaze.

"Cynthia! Meet my Father Dr.John Martin." Enrique introduced his father to Cynthia who was sitting on the dinning table already.

"Dad she is Cynthia, my student at MIT" Enrique said and smiled.

His Father looked at Cynthia and smiled.

"Miss Williams. Greenwood is so obssessed with you. He always talks about your work very passionately. " He smiled and signed her to sit.

"Thank you sir. Nice to meet you." She said while sitting. After that Lunch went well with talks of Science and innovation. Enrique,John and Cynthia were really enjoying that chit chat related to science but Aiden felt so left out there and he left in between and carried his lunch to his room. Nobody even noticed that Aiden left as they all were busy in discussing new innovations and experiments. That's what generally scientists do. They care about the innovation,about the launch of missions but they totally ignores the human feelings.
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