Golden Love

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4. FuelAxCy07

"And at the end of the night, they realized how important those little stars were, which they ignored while adoring the beauty of the moon whole night"


It's a human nature to pretend to be happy even when your heart inside your body is painful as someone stabs it again and again, Pretend not to care about someone's ignorance even when it hurts to be ignored. The person who ignores you may not realizes the pain it gives by his mere ignorance but it hurts. It hurts like somebody's been squeezing your heart and your brain mercilessly.

Aiden left the table after Everyone in attendance there ignored him as if he was invisible to them.

"AJ? You okay?" Edmond came into his room and asked.

Aiden was seated in silence on the armchair in the corner of his room with no lights.

"Hmm? I am okay. I don't know why I came here when I clearly knew I would never fit here. A crappy musician must never be a memeber of scientist family." He scoffed and looked at Edmond. His eyes were wet as if his eyes could push the gout toward his cheeks anytime.

"AJ! You are a rockstar dude. Don't you dare to speak low of you. At least not in front of me." Edmond sat on the bed and said.

"Ed, I just want to spend sometime alone. Can you please cancel all of my interviews for the next week. I just want to discover myself peacefully for a week." Aiden smiled feebly and looked at Ed.

"No problem boss. I'll go and inform them. I'll be back." Ed left the room right away dialing some numbers on his phone.

Aj was staring at the moon through the window near his chair. It looked so bright, full of life but then he focused his sight on it's dark spots.

"Even you are not entirely white, My friend. The Dark has its ways of getting inside you. You just cannot escape that." He scoffed.

And suddenly somebody opened his bedroom door and he thought it could be Ed again.

"Ed. Please Leave me alone for sometime." He said and sighed annoyingly without looking at the door.

"Um, sorry I ...didn't want to disturb you. I just brought a dessert for you." Said Cynthia who was standing at the door with two ice-cream cones in her hands.

Aiden looked at her in shock and rose out of the chair. He checked if he was wearing any decent clothes and checked if anything around him was disorderly.

"Cynthia...I..please come in." He smiled and invited her in. Cynthia sat on the sofa in front of the bed. Aiden also sat hesitantly there, maintaining a proper distance.

After a minute of awkward silence she cleared her throat to speak.

"I noted that you left the table in the middle of your meal. I am sorry that we ignored you. I ,Ididn't mean it. I felt so bad when you left and realized We shouldn't let you down. I am sorry." Cynthia hesitantly said and smiled. Cynthia was a pure hearted girl. She knew exactly how it feels when someone ignores you and She felt bad when Aiden left the table. So she decided to have ice-cream with him to clear the air.

Aiden smiled but tears fell down on his cheeks as he controlled his emotions from last 30 minutes but as soon as Cynthia offered him an Ice cream, He failed to control his emotions. Because he didn't expect anyone to worry about his feelings like that, at least not expected this kind of gesture from Cynthia.

He took the cone and smiled again.

"Thank you Cynthia." He took a bite and looked at her.

Cynthia was stunned by this side of Aiden. He was a real asshole back in arena, but now this Aiden sitting in front of her,was so soft and sweet, so pure just like a child. She didn't know who he really was. The Aiden who almost killed her just for revenge or Aiden who is smiling like a child sitting in front of her and eating an ice-cream happily.

She sighed and looked again at his beautiful rosy white face. His nose and eyes were more red than usual, probably because of crying.

"Cynthia. I am sorry. I didn't do all those terrible things intentionally. I didn't....threw coffee at you intentionally...I didn't." He was halfway through his sentence that Cynthia took his hand in hers.

"Its okay Aiden. I know you didn't mean any bad. It happens. No worries." She smiled. Aiden was looking at her with so much affection in his green shiny eyes. He came closer to her face and to his surprise Cynthia didn't flinch,she didn't backed off ,not even an inch. He came more closer that his forehead was touching her head,her nose was touching his nose, suddenly someone called them downstairs.

"Cynthia! We are getting late." Enrique shouted downstairs. Cynthia looked into Aiden's eyes and smiled.

"I got to go. Bye." She ran immediately out of his room. Aiden chuckled at his action that how he was so near kissing her.

That night Aiden slept peacefully. He didn't take the drugs and didn't touch the whisky that night and it was the first time in six years that he slept without drinking.

Cynthia also had a strange sensation within her heart. She was happy,confused and taken aback by herself. Aiden's face when he cried before her, when ate that ice cream like a child turned again and again before her eyes. She slept peacefully but night wasn't t gonna be so quiet for her.

"Cynu, I am back. Where are you kiddo!" A boy in his mid twenties said by putting his backpack on the sofa.

Cynthia ran down the stairs like a jet and hugged him tightly. He picked her up by hugging.

"Alex! Champ, I missed you. Mom said you'll not come for the Christmas, this year." Cynthia pouted and looked at his face.

"What? No. I cannot even imagine celebrating my Christmas without my little cutiepie sister." He kissed her forehead and smiled.

Suddenly everything turned dark and Cynthia was in the hospital with her brother. Alex was on ventilation system and had a big bandage on his head. Cynthia was not able to speak a word. And he died, Heartbeat line turned straight on computer display. The whole world became numb and dark again.

Cynthia awoke from a sudden terror. She couldn't breathe, she took a bottle off the beside table of her bed and drank a bit water. She got out of her bed and opened the closet of her study table, picked a photo that was placed inside that cabinet carefully.

''I miss you champ, I miss you." She sighed and flashback from that day played in her brain again.

They all were happy. Her mother, her father and her brother, all were decorating their Christmas tree as her brother Alex came home after an year. He was a scientist working for NASA. So he didn't have much time to spend with his family, but he always had his ways of meeting Cynthia, even in his busy schedule because the only person he cared for, was Cynthia. She was six years younger than her brother so he always treated her like his own child. Alex went to the market to buy some sweets that day and never came back. He had an accident and passed away two days later.

''Cynu, I know I will not get through this. Can you do me a favour? '' Alex said in a weak low voice laying on the hospital bed. His bright brown eyes were not so bright now,his lips were dry and skin was more pale than usual.

"Please champ don't say like this,You will be fine soon.'' Cynthia assured him with wet eyes and a fake smile on her dry lips.

''No. Just...listen me carefully. I have been working on a project..called FuelAxCy07. If I die, you promnise me you will complete that project?" He completed his sentence with difficulty.

''You are not gonna die Champion . Stop it.'' Cynthia didn't want to cry but now she couldn't hold the tears back anymore.

''The details are in my green book. Left cabinet of my study table. Read it." And after a minute he became lifeless. No movements. Doctors declared him dead

Cynthia felt a knot building in her stomach. These painful memories were so hard to avoid. She felt a pressure in her lungs and tried to search for her inhaler immediately but couldn't find. She took her jacket and ran out of the room to get some fresh air to prevent the anxiety attack. These attacks were normal for her since the day Alex died. She was suffering with hyper anxiety for the last five years. She went to the garden in front of her dorm.

"Cynthia?" She heard a familiar voice and turned her face to the direction of that voice.

''Are you alright? What are you doing here? It's 1:00. Too late to adore the beauty of this place." Enrique said while sitting next to her on the bench.

''Dr. Martin? I wasn't feeling well. Wanted to get some fresh air. But what are you doing here? You live here in MIT?" She asked and looked at his face to obtain an answer.

He smiled and cleared his throat before speaking.

''I am working on a project so I spend my nights here usually, in the lab mostly.'' He looked at her and answered.

"Oh, do you need any help? I mean this anxiety won't make me fall asleep right now. So?" Cynthia asked raising her eyebrows curiously.

He waited a minute before speaking like he had something on his mind.

''No. I don't need any help, but come with me. Let me show you something about my project to make you feel better." He smiled and they both began walking toward laboratory.

This lab was so big and modern. Full of microscopes, telescopes and Chemicals. On the right far there was a huge table and 4 chairs around it. So many files,and papers on that table made it look like a total mess.

"Here. Come." Enrique set up a huge telescope and called Cynthia.

"This is the best telescope here, in MIT with extra large resolution. Look." He stepped aside to let her take the position in front of that lens.

It was focused on Mars. The wonderful miracle planet. Every line and spot was so clear that Cynthia could clearly see the whole view. It was a breathtaking. She smiled like a child looking at Enrique.

"Wow. It feels like I'm there, flying in the space, passing by the solar system." She smiled.

"You like it?" He asked and she nodded in excitement. After 30 minutes of walking in the space through that telescope, Enrique started to collect his research paper to leave for his house. Suddenly Cynthia noticed a blue book on the table. "FuelAxCy07" was written on it in bold letters.

"You are the part of FuelAxCy07 project?" She picked up that book from the table and asked.

"Was. I was the part of this but after my partner died I left it incomplete. But recently I got some leads on its formula so I started working on it again. But it is still complicated. "

"Your partner? Alex Williams?" Cynthia gasped in horror because she knew exactly what his answer would be .

Enrique looked at her in horror and touched his upper lip with his tongue nervously.

"Yes. Alex. How do you know him?" He asked narrowing his eyes in confusion.

"I'm his sister." And a tear rolled through her eye to her cheek.

"Oh my god, you are his Cynu? The sister he loved the most?" Enrique asked raising his eyebrows in shock.

"Yeah." She smiled sadly and wiped the teardrop off her face.

"He talked about you a lot. Never showed me any pictures, but he always talked about you." Enrique put his hand on her shoulder to give her strength .

"I didn't like clicking pictures, so he never forced me to click one." Cynthia chuckled sadly, remembering how she always avoided cameras since childhood.

"Dr. Martin I want to help you in this project. Can I join you as your assistant as Logan is already leaving?" Cynthia gulped down all the sadness and looked at him.

"But Cynthia this is an old project and I am not sure if it will work or not. We have to convince Admin her to work on it." He said with a concerned look on his face.

"It will. It will work, if we will make it work. Please Dr.Enrique? This was the last wish of my brother before dying. Please?" She pleaded.

"Okay. Okay. Fine. We'll start working on it tomorrow evening. Meet me at my house lab. Now go and take some rest. I don't like latecomers in my class." He smiled and wiped the tears off her face.

She nodded and they both left the lab.

Next day Cynthia woke up early as she didn't slept at all. She was working on his brother's project to make a good presentation to convince Admin that this will work. She did her routine and ran toward the class.

Class went well. She grabbed an apple and a burger for her lunch and ran toward the liberary to collect required books for her assignment. She worked on it till five of the evening and she already had permission to leave the dorm at night to work with Enrique from the Admin office so after completing her work she packed important papers in her backpack and left.

As soon as she came out of the main gate,Aj was standing there with his bike.

"Aiden? What are you doing here?" She asked narrowing her eyes.

"I was free so Big B wanted me to pick you up." He shrugged and gave her a helmet.

"Wow. So now the famous hot singer will work as a driver for me?" She chuckled and put helmet on.

"Hah! In your dreams. I wanted to ride my new bike, so I said yes to him. So please do not think so high of you." He scoffed.

"Yeah. Whatever." She sat on the bike and they both left the place. It was almost 21:00. People were roaming here and there in the streets. Cool breeze felt so soothing on Cynthia's face. She never rode a bike after her brother died. It was her first time after five years and she felt amazing. She closed her eyes to feel the soothing air on her face. She used to go on bike rides with her brother. She felt nostalgic.

"Had you dinner?" Aiden asked.

"Nope. But I'm kinda hungry. Can we just grab something on our way?" She said.

"Nope. But we can dine together." He said and turned his bike to the different direction and within ten minutes they were in front of a marvelous restaurant.

"Let's go in. Treat is on me." He smiled and they both entered into the restaurant.

It was huge,well decorated and very posh in look. As soon as AJ entered, manager ran toward him.

"Mr.Aiden. Welcome sir." He smiled.

"Jake! My friend, how are you? Tell Jeffery to make my special dinner for two." He ordered him and walked toward VIP corner of the restaurant.
Aiden and Cynthia sat on beautiful decorated table. Cynthia was shocked at how every staff member there treating Aiden like he was the boss.

"You come here a lot? Everybody is so fond of you." Cynthia asked with a smile.

"Nope. I don't. But they are really nice people." He said while opening a bottle of vine. The dinner went well. She enjoyed every bit of it. It was delicious and healthy. After dinner Aiden and Cynthia were about to leave but Cynthia was shocked more at the fact that Aiden didn't pay them.

"Aiden, you forgot to pay or what? Treat was on you, right?" Cynthia asked in confusion. He chuckled at her question while putting his helmet on.

"Why would I pay at my own restaurant?" He said and started the bike.

"You own this place?" She sat on the back of that bike and said.

"Yeah. Obviously. " he said proudly.

And after ten minutes of ride, they both arrived at Martin house. A tear through her eyes made it's way to her cheeks.

"Hey? You crying? What happened?" Aiden said, wiping off her face with his soft hands.

"It's just I used to go on bike rides with my brother and after he ...died, I never.. rode the bike again." She was controlling her tears with lot of difficulty as she didn't want to show her weak side to him.

Aiden looked at her face sadly and hugged her tightly.

"Cry. Cry the hell out of your lungs." He said patting her back. And she cried like a child on his shoulder. After crying straight for ten minutes, she felt so relieved.

"Cynthia?" Someone called her name and she broke the hug immediately.

Enrique was standing there on the entrance.

"What happened? Are you crying?" He said walking towards them.

"Yeah I just told a poor joke to her and she didn't like it. So she started crying." Aiden chuckled. Cynthia laughed at his humour.

"Nothing. I'm fine Dr. Martin." Cynthia said and they three entered into the house.

Aiden went directly to his room and Enrique and Cynthia went to the lab in the basement. Enrique clenched the paperweight in his hand.

"Dr.Martin? You ok?" Said Cynthia who was noticing Enrique's grip on that paperweight.

"Yes, Cynthia. And please call me Enrique! Here you are not my student." He loosened the grip and smiled at her. She nodded in response.

"Here sir. I made a list of some plus points about the project to present it before MIT so they could give us permission to work on it, in that lab." She handed over a file to him.

"You prepared presentation? Go on. Give me the details." He said checking that file.

"FuelAxcy07 is all about how to make a fuel of a spaceship by getting energy from the nearby stars in the space. So it can go as long as it wants, without concerning about the fuel. So the first thing which we have to do is study the inner composition of a star. For that your spaceship should have the program to detect the composition by scanning that star. We need a software engineer for this. Second, after detecting the composition, here our work starts. We have to find out the proper formula to convert that heat and energy to the fuel that can be a liquid fuel or may be an electric energy to charge the ship." She explained for 30 minutes about the furthur benefits and disadvantages of it.

"So at last it would be a revolutionary in the world of science. Yes, there are risks but science is all about risk. Isn't it?" She said, ending up her speech.

"Nice. Very nice. But we need to do some corrections in this. And we will present this project to MIT admin tomorrow. " Enrique said and they worked on it whole night.

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