Golden Love

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5. Together we can fly.

"Each new friendship can make you a new person, because it opens up new doors inside of you."

- Kate DiCamillo

Enrique and Cynthia were working on their project as they had to present that before MIT admin next day. It was all quiet and peaceful. Only sound which could be heard was a ticktock of a clock on the back of the lab.

Cynthia looked at the wall. It was 2:00 already. Enrique was working on the formula to make it more convincing and Cynthia was trying to solve the equation to convert the appropriate amount of hydrogen and helium from the star into liquid or electricity, on the white board.

"We need a strong instrument to heat up the star at the double of its own heat, to convert the gas into liquid. This seems nearly impossible.'' Cynthia sighed in frustration and threw marker in the distance out of anger.

''Cynthia, I am trying to crack the equation from 10 years. This is not an easy job.'' He said, smiling at her eagerness.

"Hey Champions! Need some energy?'' Aiden opened the lab door with his leg as he was holding a three cups on a tray.

"Oh yes, My Saviour!" Enrique chuckled, looking at him and took the tray.

"Enrique, we need to work on the nuclear fission and fusion process of the star to know more about the inner composition of it. Then may be, we will be able to get some idea to convert the gas into the liquid." She sighed and took a cup from the tray.

''Thanks Aiden." She smiled.

''I am studying about it, but it's a mess. So many particles are there and we have to study them one by one to get the desired results." Enrique sipped at coffee and said.

"Guys, Do you need any help? I'm available. My mind isn't ready to sleep yet." Aiden said with a bright smile on his face while sipping at his coffee. Cynthia looked at his face. Although, he was smiling, but that intimidating aura was still there and it made him look sexier with that serious bright smile.

''No. This is science Aiden, not your singing studio. You cannot help us. This isn't your cup of tea." Enrique said very casually without looking at Aiden.

Cynthia noticed that bright smile on Aiden's face disappeared as soon as Enrique said those words.

"Um, Actually I need some help. Can you just write the things on my diary which I am writing on this board? I need to record all of this on my diary so I could figure out my mistakes." Cynthia smiled, looking at Aiden.

His eyes brightened with excitement and a big smile appeared in his face again.

''Yes, Yes! I can do this." He said, picking up the pen and her diary to note down the things written on the white board.

Enrique faked a smile, but deep inside his soul was burning out of jealousy as he didn't like Aiden and Cynthia's new grown fondness for each other.

They all worked till six in the morning and didn't even know when they fall asleep. Enrique was sleeping on the chair, his legs were on the table and a red file was on his chest. Aiden slept on the table he was working on, while Cynthia slept on the chair in opposite to Aiden. Suddenly, An emergency alarm started ringing.

"Where's the fire?" Aiden frowned in sleep. Cynthia woke up with a jolt.

"Oh, wake up guys! We are already late." Cynthia grabbed her jacket and other required files. Enrique opened his eyes and patted his face with his hands to get out of the slumber. He arranged some papers in a file.

"Cynthia, meet me after the class. I will text you the time after discussing with the Admin." He said.

"Hmm, Aiden can you please give me a lift to MIT? I'm already late." She said to Aiden who was still sleepy.

"I can't ride a bike like this! I'm sleepy, you see?" He said and yawned like a child.

"But I can. Let's go. You just have to sit at the back peacefully, in the meanwhile you'll feel fresh again after a morning ride." She chuckled.

"Williams, you are a real pain in the ass." He sighed and smiled.

"Let's go." Aiden said.

"See you, Dr.Martin." she smiled and they both left the lab.

Cynthia started the bike like an expert biker and Aiden sat in the back,resting his sleepy head on her shoulder.

"Aiden!!! At least sit properly." Cynthia tried to jerk his head off her shoulder.

"Why? You forced me to come with you. Now I will sit the way I want." He said and put his head back on her shoulder with a tight grip around her waist.

"Asshole." She murmured and sighed annoyingly and they left the Martin Mansion. After almost five years, She rode the bike again. She never thought to go on a bike again after Alex died. But she felt nice. She was feeling so new and excited riding the bike again.

Within 15 minutes, they were in the front of MIT.

"Aiden, get off my shoulder." Cynthia pushed him to the back with a little force.

"Really? We've reached?." He groaned and moved back a little.

"Okay then, Bye!" She said and walked toward the gate.

"Hey Williams!!!" Aiden called her from behind as she walked away. She turned to see why he was calling.

"All the best for your presentation!!! Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me after your presentation?" He asked with a smirk on his lips.

Cynthia stared at him for a second and smiled.

"Okay, meet me at the canteen at five." She smiled and turned back.

Aiden smiled and left. He arrived back at his house. Enrique was doing his breakfast and his dad as usual was not at home because he was out with some scientist friends to research on a new found bacteria.

Aiden sat on the chair and grabbed an apple.

"Aiden! What has gotten into you?" Enrique asked, taking bite of his sandwich. Aiden looked at him, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

"What did I do now?" He scoffed and bit the apple mercilessly.

"You are behaving extra nice with Cynthia, making a coffee for her, taking her to dinners? This is not the real you and you are hiding your real character from her." He said and sipped at his coffee.

Aiden thought for a minute before speaking.

"Ennie, I was just trying to be friends with her. She is a nice girl" Aiden said with a serious look on his face.

"Yes, that's the problem Aidie! She is a nice girl. You cannot just use her and throw her like you did with Victoria Rose and Camila Sharon." Enrique said and looked at him to obtain an answer.

"I will never use her Ennie." He said and tried to control his anger.

"Who knows? I mean, if you don't wanna use her then why you are pretending to be nice? Show her the real you. Start a new friendship with a truth." Enrique grabbed his bag from the chair and said.

Aiden didn't say a word and sat there quietly like he had something on his mind.

"Aiden, I am not saying to end your friendship with her. Just be real and show her the real you. Bye. Got to go." Enrique said and left.

"The real me? She will never be a friend with a man who killed his mum, who abuses his every girlfriend, who is a drug addict." He scoffed.

At MIT, Cynthia was sitting in her class as it was only 7:45 and class starts at 8.

"Cynthia! Busy bee! Where the hell were you?" Hardin entered the class with files and a excitement on his face.

"Hardin!" She hugged him as she was meeting him after decades.

"I was searching for you. Where were you? No texts, no calls?" He said, putting his files on the desk.

"Hardin, I have so many things to tell you." She sighed and explained everything about their project.

"Alex Williams was your brother? Like real brother?" He gasped in shock.

She nodded with a smile.

"Wow. That's just awesome. Hey am I the part of your project?" He said, narrowing his eyes.

"Of course, you are hardy! After all, you're senion assistant of Dr. Martin." She chuckled dramatically.

"Hardy, but we need a software engineer for this project." She looked at him with a hope in her eyes.

"Got it. He'll be there whenever you'll call. I have friend named Taylor. He is an expert in this field." He smiled proudly.

In the meanwhile, Enrique entered the class and class went well.

"Cynthia, you told about the project to Hardin?" Enrique said.

"Yes, Dr. Martin. He has some friends in software engineering department. Everything is arranged." She said, packing his backpack.

"So Hardin, you go, talk to your friend and Me and Cynthia will meet you at 17:00 in the lab after the presentation." Enrique said and Hardin nodded.

"All the best Willy." Hardin hugged her with a wide grin on his face.

"hah! We needed that Hardy. Bye." Cynyhia and Enrique left the room.

They entered the admin room, where already a senior team of research wing was waiting for them. They greeted each other.

"Mr. Enrique please, prcoceed." A man in grey suit, with grey hair and blue eyes said.

"Sir this whole idea is of my assisstant Miss Williams. I would like to give her a chance to present the details." He said and looked at her.

"Please Miss Williams, Proceed." Another man In his early thirty said with a smile.

She presented the details gracefully in just 45 minutes. Everyone in the room was impressed with the presentation.

"Miss Williams, what about the funding? We are ready to fund your project as much as we can. But your project is massive, it will need some private funding too. Do you have any plan for the funding?" Admin, who was lady in her early seventies, said.

"Yes, 'Mam. We will find some ways but before that we need your permission to convince the investors that our project has some potential." Cynthia smiled confidently even though she had no idea how would she arrange funds.

"Hmm. We are ready to take your project in. But, Please fix a meeting with your investors within 14 days" She smiled and signed on a contract to give them permission and everyone left the office.

Enrique and Cynthia came out with a smile on their face. Hardy was already waiting for them outside.

"Dr. Enrique! What's the update?" He asked as soon as he saw them.

"We got permission. But now we have to find an investor as soon as possible for private funding." Cynthia said with a smile.

"Don't worry. We will arrange everything." He clenched her shoulder to assure her.

"Fourteen days. We have only 14 days Carter." She said with concern.

"Okay. Now that's a big problem." Hardin said, widening his eyes in shock.

"I have some contacts. Let's fix meetings with them. Don't worry, we will get through this together." Enrique said, giving them assurance.

"Willy, let's go. First we'll do our lunch then will make a proper map of funding." Hardin said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Dr. Martin? Would you like to join us?" Hardin asked to Enrique.

"I would love to Hardin. Stop calling me Dr. Martin. We are team now. You can call me Enrique.It will make me feel less old." He chuckled. Hardin and Cynthia laughed at his humour.

They all went to college canteen to have their lunch. So many people were roaming here and there with the food plates in their hands. They sat on a table far from all those noises and ordered their food.

" Resources closed to AJ has revealed that he is going to take a break for sometime as he wants to write his next album. For next year, There is no concert, No interview planned in his schedule. Fans went crazy on social sites after getting this news" A lady in the tv screen said, which was hanged there on the back wall of the canteen gracefully.

Cynthia listened every word carefully.

"So he is gonna stay?" Cynthia asked to Enrique while sipping at her strawberry shake.

"I didn't have any idea about this." Enrique said, looking at the screen.

"let's finish it up quickly. We have lot to do." Hardin said, biting his sandwich quickly.

"Another resource closed to the singer revealed that he is again dating the famous model and singer Victoria Rose. This adorable couple separated their ways last year but now they are back together. Recently spotted in Quincy market, Boston." Lady in the tv said and Cynthia turned her head immediately toward that screen. They were showing some recent pictures of Aiden and Victoria.

"Aiden will be Aiden." Enrique scoffed and looked at the screen.

"Willy! I have a meeting with Taylor to discuss our project software so I have to go. Text me the details about our meetings with investors once you both discussed." Hardin said, grabbing his backpack from the chair.

"Sure Hardy. Best of luck." She gave a side hug to him and he left.

Enrique and Cynthia went directly to lab. They made some calls to fix a meeting with interested investors. They made their presentation more convincing to present it before the investors. After finishing the whole work Cynthia looked at the wall clock. It was already five.

Cynthia was confused if she should go to meet AJ or not after that news.

"I shouldn't. He is busy with his gf so he must have forgotten about that coffee thing." She thought and sighed.
She started working again.

"Cynthia? Can you bring some books from the library for me? Please?" Enrique asked,checking some files.

"Sure!" She said and Enrique gave her a list of books.

Library was so quiet as usual. Cynthia showed her card to Mrs. Willow, who was a librarian there and started finding books, after fifteen minutes, She managed to find five books out of seven. It was a huge library so it was hard to find the required books immediately. She went to the last shelve in the right corner. Finally she spotted the last required book, but it was on the height so she tried to pick it up by standing on her toes, But failed. Suddenly someone picked up that book for her. That person was standing behind her, so close that his breath could clearly be felt at her neck. His scent was familiar to her. She turned to see his face and she was right. It was Aiden. Her brown eyes met his electric green and the surroundings began fading slowly like he was casting some spell on her. He was looking sexier in that black jeans, grey shirt with long black coat.

"Its 17:30. We decided to meet at cafeteria! Remember?" After looking through her soul for straight five minutes, he said.

"I thought you are....busy...with, with your girlfriend." She stammered under his intense gaze.

He chuckled and sighed.

"So you heard the news already?" He said and chuckled again.

"She is just a friend. These reporters make spicy news out of nothing." He said, looking at her.

''Oh! Ok. Get a side, I have to go back to the lab. Dr. Enrique is waiting." She said and tried to push his rock like body but he didn't flinch a bit.

"Let him wait. I was waiting for last thirty minutes. Don't you care about that?" Aiden said and came more closer that his face was just an inch away from her.

"Cynthia, I really like you. I really like you the way, A boy likes a girl. The very first day when I accidentally collided with you at cafeteria, I became a fan of your big brown eyes, I am unable to forget those red cherry lips, your golden skin is too much to handle." He sniffed at her cheek. Chills ran down in Cynthia's spine. This Aiden was dark, intimidating and dangerous. It was not the Aiden she saw that night.

"Aiden, Please. Let go of me. This is the library." Cynthia gulped her fear down the throat and said.

"Are you afraid of me?" He said, noticing her wet eyes. He immediately took a step back.

"I am sorry. I am just claustrophobic." She said,taking deep breaths.

"I am sorry! I didn't know." He took another step back in shock.

"Its okay. You aren't supposed to know." She smiled feebly and tried to balance the books in her hands.

"Let me help you, please?" Aiden took the books and said.

They both walked toward the lab. AJ covered his face with a black mask so no one could notice him.

After a walk of five minutes, they arrived at the enterance of lab.

"Cynthia? What took you so long?" Enrique said, without looking at her as he was solving an equation on the board.

"Hey Ennie." Aiden said with a wide smile on his face.

"Aiden? What are you doing here?" Enrique turned and asked in a surprised tone.

"Just helping your assistant?" Aiden shrugged and put those books on the table.

"So? How was your date with Victoria. You didn't tell me that you are back with her?" Enrique looked at him and asked. That question made Aiden a bit awkward.

"Big B, She is just a friend." Aiden cleared his throat and said.

"A friend? How can you be friends with your ex? This is lame." Enrique chuckled, looking at his board.

"Its a long story. I'll tell you later." Aiden said, looking at Cynthia who was arranging some papers on the desk.

In the meanwhile, Hardin entered the lab.

"Dr. Enrique! Taylor is ready to work with us. What's the update on the funds department?" He said, without noticing AJ.

"Hardy, we are trying to fix some meetings but I don't think we will achieve our target in funding even if they agree to fund. They are not gonna give us the required amount." Enrique put the marker on the table frustratingly.

"Funding?" AJ asked and Hardin realised AJ was also there in the room.

"AJ? Wow. What a surprise?" Hardin grinned like a fangirl.

"Hi." AJ laughed.

"Oh, we are short of funds. We need a great amount of funding for our new project." Cynthia explained to Aiden.

"I can fund your project." He smiled.

"AJ, its a massive project. We need a massive amount of money." Enrique said, raising his eyebrows in shock.

"I know. I mean, Mr. Allen Smith, owner of the leading space company New Space Age is selling half of its shares to me next week. I can help to convince him to fund this project collectively." Aiden looked at all of them, they all were looking at him like he was some kind of alien.

"Guys? What happened?" Aiden asked, seeing them numb.

"Oh my god!!! Aiden you are an angel. You just solved half of our problems." Cynthia hugged him suddenly and he was shocked at her sudden gesture.

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