Golden Love

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6. Chaos and the vine.

"Only in the darkness can you see the stars."

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Cynthia hugged Aiden tightly in excitement. He was happy. He never felt this happier in his life, although he was embraced by many,touched my many but this embrace was something special.

"So! Let's celebrate?" Hardin smiled and looked at them to obtain a response.

"Let's fix everything first, let's do our meetings with other investors and Aiden please fix a meeting with Mr. Allen. Then we will celebrate" Enrique said, looking at the meeting schedule.

" Hmm, okay then, let me talk to Mr. Allen. Bye. See ya soon." Aiden looked at Cynthia, who nodded and he moved out of the room.

"Guys! We have a meeting with Taylor Midthunder, the engineer? Remember?" Hardin asked, checking some details on his diary.

"Okay, Call him, we will meet him right now, I have a work to do after five." Enrique said, sipping over his coffee.

"Okay." Hardin said and immediately called Taylor. Within fifteen minutes Taylor was at the entrance of the lab.

"Hey." Taylor said awkwardly as everyone was busy working in the lab. Cynthia looked around to see his face.

Greyish blue eyes, dark black hair with olive colored skin. Perfect Spanish vibes. Black shirt with blue jeans and a Grey trench jacket gave him a Sherlock Holmes look. He smiled at Cynthia.

"Oh, Taylor? Right?" Cynthia smiled at him.

"Yeah!" He said politely.

"Taylor! My friend! Welcome." Hardin got up out of that chair and said.

"Hello! Taylor. Welcome to the gang." Dr. Enrique nodded and smiled politely.

"Shall we begin?" Cynthia asked, collecting some papers from the desk and stood right in front of the white board. Taylor nodded, sitting on the chair.

After that she explained every thing about the project to Taylor. She gave all the details of things she required in that app.

"So? Taylor? Can we do this?" Cynthia put the cork over that marker in her hand and said.

"Absolutely! We can." Taylor smiled.

"Bravo! So Let's start working on it tomorrow." Enrique smiled and said.
Hardin started working on the equation and Cynthia was collecting her things from her table as Taylor already left to collect his required books from the library.

"Okay then, Dr. Enrique? Now I got to go. I have to work on my sub-topic for the course." She smiled. Enrique nodded in response with a sweet smile on his face.

"Bye Hardy! Work hard." She chuckled, collecting some books from the shelve.

"Willy! My mum wanted to meet you. You got some time?" Hardy said without looking at her.

"Mrs. Carter? Woh! Let me guess? You lied to her that I'm your girlfriend?" She laughed out loudly.

"No. But she is curious to know about you, after she saw my insta pic with you." He laughed.

"And All you have to do is, tell her that we are just friends and nothing else. She will kill me for having a girlfriend before completing my course." He said ,laughing at his mother's rules.

"Lol. No! I'm gonna tell her that we are so much in love with each other and you are the best boyfriend ever." Cynthia said, grabbing her backpack and left.

"Williams!! Such a rat you are!" Hardin shouted with irritation.

Enrique, who was listening all of this, laughed out loudly at Cynthia's cute banter with Hardin.

She was near the library when someone took her hand and dragged her to the side.

"What the...?" She jerked his hand with a force and looked at him with anger. As soon as her eyes landed on that face, his electric green eyes met her brown ones and her anger just faded away like a smoke.

"Aiden? What the hell? What are you doing here?" She said, looking at him. He was wearing a white T-shirt with black jeans and cherry red woolen coat with a mask of that same color.

"Shh...Don't shout. People are gonna recognize me, listening my name Williams." He silenced her, putting a finger on her lips.

"You got some free time? I want to have a coffee with you and want to tell you something very important." He said, looking at her.

"No. I'm busy. I have lots of assignments to do." She frowned.

"Okay. Give me your phone." He said, looking around to make sure nobody is looking at them.

"What?" She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Oh god! You heard me." He said and put his hand in her pocket to get the phone. She took a step back in shock.

"Hey! What the hell?" She said.

He dialed something on her phone and gave it back to her.

"Here. I saved my number in your phone and got your number. Now text me, whenever you'll be free. It's really important. I want to tell you something." He said and left immediately.

She was just thinking what just happened a moment ago, suddenly someone called her name from behind.

"Cynthia!!" Someone called.

"Dr. Enrique?" She turned and said.

"Got some free time in the evening? I Just wanted to celebrate with our little lead in the project. I know how important it was for Alex. He deserves some celebrations." Enrique shrugged and smiled.

"I..I have to complete the sub topic submission. I haven't even decided the topic for the course." She said and shrugged.

"Hmm, Why don't you submit the topic about Exploring the pattern of predictability exhibited by various planetary atmospheres and how they relate to the fractal characterisation of the clouds." Enrique smirked at her proudly.

"Wow. Yes, and I can establish Connection between chaos and non-linearity in the topic and also can figure out how it fits into the physics of alternative energy and sustainable building mechanisms. This will help me in our project too." She jumped out of joy.

"Problem solved? So now can be celebrate?" He smiled affectionately.

"Sure Dr. Enrique." She nodded with a wide smile.

"I'll pick you up at seven for dinner." He said and left.

Cynthia was happy that she got the perfect topic for her PhD research as well as got the invitation of celebration from her ideal man.

"Perfect. Everything is going according to my plan" She smirked and laughed out loudly. Her innocent vibes turned into the evil ones. She picked up her red dress and silver heels, did a light makeup with hot red lipstick. She was looking like an angel.

Her phone buzzed and she unlocked the screen to see the text.

"Cynthia, You ready? I'm at the parking lot.

She smiled, looking at the text and ran down to the parking lot.

Enrique was waiting in the parking lot. His eyes suddenly fell on the beauty in front of him. Red dress with red hot lipstick. He was amazed how Cynthia turned from nerdy cute girl to hot, sexy woman.

She smiled, standing in front of him. He was still stunned by her beauty that he couldn't even blink his eyes.

"Enrique?" She said,smiling at his stunned expression.

"Cynyhia, You are looking wow." He gasped at the beauty of a beautiful angel in front of her. She smiled proudly.

"Thank you. You are looking Wow too." She said,noticing that he was wearing a black tuxedo.

" Shall we?" He said, opening the gate of the car for her. And they got into the car.

In the car Enrique played the song "Why you gotta be so rude." By MAGIC. It was after five years, Cynthia listened that song again. She was never into music or movies. But her brother was so fond of music. At every Christmas, he used to gift a mix tape to Cynthia of his favourite songs, mostly sad ones, which she never listened carefully as she didn't like listening songs. But this particular song was her favourite and they always used to sing it out loudly.

"Saturday morning jumped out of bed
And put on my best suit
Got in my car and raced like a jet
All the way to you"

She smiled, listening those lines. It felt so nice listening this masterpiece after so long.

"Knocked on your door with heart in my hand
To ask you a question
'Cause I know that you're an old-fashioned man, yeah"

She was trying to control herself not to sing because she was with her Professor, technically. She wanted to sing hell out of her lungs, But hesitated because of Enrique. Feeling was mutual as Enrique was controlling himself not to sing the song as he used to sing this song loudly in the car because he didn't want to ruin his serious, gentleman types image.

They both looked at each other. Smiled. Shrugged and started singing the song as loud as they could.

"Why you gotta be so rude?
Don't you know I'm human too?
Why you gotta be so rude?
I'm gonna marry her anyway

Marry that girl
Marry her anyway
Marry that girl
Yeah, no matter what you say
Marry that girl
And we'll be a family
Why you gotta be so

They sang the whole song. They looked at each other and laughed out loudly like kids.

"Hah! I used to sing this song with my brother." She smiled, looking outside the car window.

"It was our favourite song. We used to sing this while working on our project." He chuckled.

Cynthia's facial expressions suddenly turned from happy to sad and dark. A tear drop made its way through her eyes to her cheeks and she immediately wiped it off.

"So, You and Alex were best friends?" She asked, still looking outside the window.

"Yeah, kind of. He was really a nice person." He said, clearing his throat.

"Yeah. He was. Very nice." She said coldly. And they finally reached in front of a lavish restaurant. It was the same restraunt Aiden brought her for the dinner last time. They both entered into the restaurant.

"Welcome Sir." Same manager greeted them but he gave a strange look to Cynthia.

"Jake, Everything is ready?" He asked the manager.

"Yes. Yes. This way please." He lead the way to a beautiful VIP corner.

They had their dinner and vine. Music began to play and all the couples started dancing on the floor. Cynthia was high on drinks and happy because she achieved what she wanted. Now she was very close to complete his brother's project. Suddenly "Up all night" played and Cynthia couldn't stop herself from dancing.

"Enrique? This is my jam. Let's go. Alex always used to dance like a monkey on this one." She laughed and took his hand, dragged him to the dance floor.

They started dancing. Cynthia danced like a pro, moving every part of her body and jumped like a child. Enrique smiled at her innocence and joined her in that madness. They both were happy and excited about the project. At the end of the song, Enrique pulled her towards him and kissed her. To his surprise she responded to his kiss with passion and that kiss turned from sweet to aggressively passionate kiss. She looked at him, green electric eyes met her brown ones as always. She smiled. She felt like the whole world got blurred.

"Aiden!" She murmured, smiled again and kissed Enrique again, mistaken him for Aiden.

But she was unaware of the fact that Aiden was watching all of this drama from the distance. He came to the restaurant with Victoria but as soon as he entered the hall, he saw something he never wished to see in his life. The girl, he had a newly developed crush on, was kissing his brother passionately.

"AJ? Baby? What happened?" Vicotoria said.

"No. Nothing. Let's get our dinner." He said, faking a smile.

Enrique and Cynthia came back to the VIP corner after dancing. Enrique widened his eyes in shock seeing Aiden with Victoria on the next table.

"Aiden? " he grinned and hugged him.

"Hmm, you seem happy, extra happy actually! What's the update?" Aiden said, trying to control his anger.

"Aiden? The famous rock star? Is it you?" Drunk Cynthia came to his table. She looked at Victoria and rolled her eyes at her.

"I must say your choice is so, um.. shit." She looked at Victoria and then looked at him.

"Oh, I am talking about the chocolate milkshake." She laughed.

"Cynthia. You are drunk. Let's go." Enrique put his arm around her to keep her safe from falling.

"No Doctor Enrique, wait. Let me ....see the 'most talked about' couple of this century. Aiden and Victoria. Literally sounds like a crap. Right?" She smiled at Enrique.

Victoria was busy texting on her phone and sat there silently.

"Aiden? You look like a dirtbag in this pink tuxedo. You are a god damn rock star but with zero sense of fashion." She patted his back with a force.

He was still mad at her because of the kiss But he was stunned, seeing her this side.He was actually enjoying this new side of her, trying hard to control his laughter.

"Who the hell is this mad girl?" Finally, Victoria spoke, who was watching all the nonsense silently till now.

"Look at her Aiden! She doesn't even deserve to be your friend and Enrique seriously? A person like you is hanging around with this type of girl? Yukk, No manners at all " Victoria said with disgust.

"Which type of girl? Hmm? Intelligent, smart and not dumb like you types?" Cynthia banged her hand on the table with a thud.

"And look who is talking about the manners! Bitch! You are here on a date with Aiden and texting "meet me after 10, I'll teach you what is called real sex." To a person named Aron." She chuckled. Some people stared at her, listening the word "sex".

" What? No she is lying. the hell?" Victoria was shocked at her statement.

"I looked at your screen when you were typing...I have a photograpic memory baby." She pouted and said proudly.

Enrique and Aiden was trying hard to control their laughter. Victoria was burining in rage.

"You, bitch! How dare you to talk to me like that." Victoria got out of the chair and threw water on Cynthia's face.

"Victoria? What the fuck?" Aiden grabbed the glass and looked at her in anger.

"ouch! That was really cold. Not fair dude." Cynthia smiled and leaned backward to place her head on Enrique's shoulder.

"Victoria, Enjoy your dinner. I have had enough of you." Aiden and Enrique left the spot with Cynthia.

As soon as they reached at parking lot. They both cracked up in a laughter.

"Oh my god! This girl is mad." Enrique said, laughing out loudly.

"Victoria must be cursing her." Aiden laughed.

"Hey you both, stop laughing. It's hurting my ears. You both laugh like a donkey. Two donkeys in tuxedo..laughing like a donkey. Strange!! " She pouted, sitting in the car.

"That was rude." They both stopped laughing and said.

Enrique dropped her to the dorm.

Aiden was laying on the bed and chuckled, remembering Cynthia's fight with Victoria.

"She is amazing. Right Oracle? He patted his cute little white pomeranian dog.

On the other side, Enrique was smiling remembering his kiss with her. That wild fire in her eyes made him love sick puppy.

"Dr. Enrique!! You are gone!!!" He smiled at himself.

Next day Cynthia woke up on her alarm's sound. Her head was hurting so badly. But somehow she managed to do the routine and took a bath. She ran down to her class as she was already five minutes late.

This time Enrique was already in the class and signing the assignments.

"Miss Williams! Come in. Submit your assignments quickly." Enrique looked at her with a smirk on his face. Cynthia didn't remeber a thing about the last night. She entered into the class and sat next to Liam. He smiled at her and she smiled back at him.

"You decided your sub topic?" Liam whispered in her ear.

"Yeah. Yeah. Planetary atmosphere pattern and relationships." She smiled and submit her assignment to Enrique. She was so upset and wanted to know what happened last night after she got drunk, so she decided to ask Enrique after the class got over.

"Dr. Enrique? Umm.. I..I am unable to recall what happened last night after the drinks. Did I do something stupid? She asked as only she and Enrique was there in the class.

He looked at her with a smile and then that smile turned into a chuckle.

" didn't do anything stupid. You just umm...called Victoria a bitch and you exposed her in front of Aiden." He laughed, remembering the events of last night.

Cynthia tried to remember the events and slowly she remembered all the things she did.

"Shit. I fucked up." She gulped down the fear and closed her eyes in embarrassment.

"Oh yes, one more thing. You said to me and Aiden that we laugh like a donkey and it hurts your ears." He shrugged, controlling his laugh.

"Shit. Shit. And before that I kissed you. Right?" She widened her eyes at her stupidity.

"Oh, that was not stupid" He smirked. She closed her eyes and ran like a maniac out of that class.

"Cynthia, what you have done moron!!! Shit." She cursed herself out of frustration.

"Forget it. Forget it. Forget it." She was repeating again and again while sipping over her coffee in the canteen.

"How can you forget that hot passionate kiss baby? Tell me, how did it feel?" Someone said from the behind and Cynthia knew exactly who he was.

"Aiden? Like seriously? Don't you have any work to do? You are a singer, write some songs for god sake but please stop buzzing around me like this." Cynthia said, nervously sipping over her coffee to hide her embarrassment.

He dragged a chair and sat in front of her. He was in his casual with the mask as usual.

"I am on a break, you dumb." He said, eating fries.

"So? Care to explain? You didn't have time to go out with me, but you were kissing my brother in a restaurant!!!" He said with a deadly look on his face.

"Oh, you need to calm down. First, I was drunk so I didn't know what I was doing. Second, who the hell are you? You are no one to deserve my explaination." She said, looking at him confidently.

"And third, You were hanging around with that blonde after telling me that "I like you, the way a boy likes a girl." She imitated him in a funny way.

"Okay, I just...I just need a distraction. You know? A distraction? When you are upset you need some distractions to tackle out that sadness." He touched his upper lip with his tounge in nervousness.

"Oh, you were upset? Why?" she said, looking at him, narrowed her eyes.

"Fine. I just needed sex. I was craving for that. I didn't have it since a week. But Trust me I didn't have sex with her after you picked a fight on her" He whispered in her ears. She choked on her coffee, listening his words.

"Look I'm being honest. This is good, right? At least I'm not lying to you. I swear I didn't F that blonde last night. " He said proudly and smiled.

"F? Fuck! It's Fuck. Have some guts to use a proper word for your deeds, And in the same way, like you need sex when you're upset, I feel to kiss someone, every time I'm happy. Ding! We are so similar." She faked a smile.

"You're such clever cat Williams." He rolled his eyes at her.

Suddenly people in the cafeteria started whispering, looking at the entrance.

"Victoria? What she is doing here?" Aiden widened his eyes in shock.

"Here comes the distraction!!!" Cynthia smirked, eating her fries.

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