Golden Love

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7. Emotional Turmoil.

Emotional turmoil can be a powerful catalyst to reconnect us with our divine nature. It propels us into a journey of self discovery and urges us to learn how to love and accept our entire being.

-Debbie Ford.

Aiden saw Victoria entering into the cafeteria and she was looking here and there, probably finding him in the crowd.

"Who told her that I'm here???" AJ tried to hide himself behind Cynthia.

"I'm begging you Cynthia, Please save me, help me." He pleaded.

"Save you from what? She is your girlfriend!" She said, eating her fries.

"She is not my girlfriend! Okay? Can we just decide later if she is my gf or not? Now please help me." He said, grittiing his angry teeth.

Cynthia annoyingly looked at him and sighed. She got out of her chair and took his hand. They ran out of the cafeteria through the back door before Victoria reach them. She was running, holding his hand and Aiden was smiling like a crazy while looking at her face. For him, the whole world got disappeared and he felt like only person he could see was Cynthia.

"Stop staring at me like that Aiden. This is scary." She said,without even looking at him. He immediately glanced away and chuckled embarrassingly.

She took him to her dorm room. It was perfectly clean like no one ever lived there. Aiden looked around and raised his eyebrows in shock.

"You keep your room so clean. Seems like nobody lives here at all. Perfect in every way." He jumped on the bed carelessly. She put her backpack on the table and started working on her laptop.

"You can stay here as long as you'll keep your mouth shut." She said, looking at the laptop screen.

"Okay. Okay. I'm quiet." He said and smiled. He noticed a book on her bed. It was twilight novel. He started reading Twilight novel to pass his time.

After thirty minutes, someone knocked at the door. Cynthia opened the door and it was Hardin.

"Hey buddy. What's going on?" He grinned and hugged Cynthia. He entered into the room with files in his hands and got shocked seeing Aiden.

"AJ? What are you doing here?" Hardin smiled at him.

"I should be the one, asking this question. What are you doing here in my girlfriend's room?" He said, eating the apple.

"What? Cynthia and you?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Ignore that moron, Hardin. He is joking." Cynthia took the files from him.

"These files are important for our project so read it, make short notes, meet me in the lab after three." Hardin smiled at her.

"Okay AJ, see you soon, enjoy with your gf. I won't disturb." Hardin laughed and moved out of the room.

"So you and this Sexy boy?? Dating or what? The way he hugged you was not a friendly hug!" Aiden said, biting the apple in his hand angrily.

"Aww Sweetheart, Let me clear one thing, Every boy I hug, is not my bf just like every girl you sleep with , is not your girlfriend!!" She smiled sarcastically.

"Why you gotta be so mean?" He sighed dramatically.

"Oh, I am sure you haven't met yourself yet!" She said, checking some files Hardin gave her.

"I want to tell you something. I said, earlier, that I like you. Actually, I think its more than a like. I cannot stop thinking about you, the day I met you I instantly find you attractive, but now when I got to know you more, you are making me fall for you even harder." He said, gulping down the fear, waiting for her response. Cynthia looked through her file and paused for a second.

"Aiden!!! I know you are a brilliant actor. But I do not have any time for this. Please shut your mouth." She smirked and started looking again on the file.

Aiden got up out of the bed and took the file from her hands.

"Cynthia! Look at me. I'm damn serious. Give me a chance, at least? " He said, looking into her chocolate brown eyes.

"What nonsense is this? Seriously? We met a week ago. Just a week. Okay? And you are here, standing and talking about falling in love with me? Have you gone mad?" Cynthia said, gritting her teeth to control her anger.

"So what? A second is enough to fall in love with someone, forget about the week." He said, looking at her with a hope in his green shiny eyes. His brown curls were all messed up and somehow he was looking sexy in those bed hairs.

"Aiden! Stop. I am not the type of girl who will easily get into your bed just because you are some kind of celebrity.I am not ready to be your fling." Cynthia sighed and turned her face to the opposite.

"What? No. No. This is the thing, with you it is special that first time I don't want a girl in my bed just to fuck with, but I want her in my life till the end. " He sighed and made her turn to face him.

"I know it's been a week only, but give me a chance." He pleaded.

"Aiden, please I..." she was trying to find the words but failed.

"I killed my mother, Cynthia." He shut his eyes in embarrassment. For a moment everything around them paused. Cynthia was numb, shocked and confused at the same time.

"I haven't told this to anyone I slept with, but telling you because you are more than a fling." He touched his dry lips with his tounge to hide his nervousness.

"I..I.." She ran out of the words. And within next second, his lips were on her red rosy lips. That kiss was not passionate but full of emotions. She didn't know how to respond but one thing was very clear in her mind that this kiss was nothing like the kiss with Enrique. Kiss with Enrique was full of passion, lust and without any emotions but this kiss was full of love, care and a connection of soul through soul.

He broke the kiss but his face was still close to her face that their foreheads and nose were touching in a very romantic way.

"What did you feel? Lust?" He said, looking in her eyes.

"No. It was Pure affection, Love." She said, looking in his eyes but there were no expression on her face. It was hard to tell if she was happy, angry or what?

"I am sorry for your mother." She sighed, looking at him with confusion and fear in her eyes..

A tear rolled through his eyes down to his cheeks. He sighed.

"I know you are afraid, I am not a serial killer Cynthia. It was an accident." He smiled feebly. He sat on the floor and looked at it for a second.

"I was a drug addict, Actually I am a drug addict. I was high on drugs that day, came home from the studio. My mother saw me trembling and she realized I'm on drugs. She shouted at me, I shouted at her back. We were standing on the edge of staircase and I unknowingly pushed her and she fell off to the ground. The worst part was I walked toward my room and didn't realized that I pushed her because I was so high on drugs." His eyes were all wet and his nose turned red.

"Next day, when I woke up, My dad and my brother were mourning over her body and Enrique told me what I just did. It was like somebody killed a part of me that day." He said, looking at the floor. She was numb and didn't know how to react. She sighed, blinked and put her hand on his shoulder.

"I do not believe you can kill anyone. It was just an accident. Right? So stop blaming yourself." She said, looking at her red nose and wet eyes.

"But no reason can justify, what I did six years ago. Even if it was an accident, at the end I lost her forever" He said, wiping off his tears.

"We do mistakes, we do sins, we are not god, to err is human. You lost her because of the drugs, right? And you still use drugs. Now that's really disrespectful to her soul. If you are really regretting what you did, stop taking drugs." She said, clenching his shoulder to give him strength.

"I try, I fail, I try again and I fail again. It's not easy for me." He sighed, looking in her eyes.

"I know, I know. But don't give up." She said and nodded to assure him that he can do this.

"Hmm, okay let's make a deal. If you don't use drugs this week, I will go to amusement park date with you. Deal?" She said, smiling at him.

His dull red eyes shone like a diamond and he smiled.

"Yes. Done. I love amusement parks." He smiled.

"ok, Let's be friends first before everything." She said, giving him a side hug. And after chit chatting for some more time he left.

For the first time in these six years, Aiden was feeling relieved, lighter. He was happy that he told everything to Cynthia. He was feeling good after a long time. He changed into his comfortable pajamas and started playing guitar.

On the other side, Cynthia was working on the presentation with Enrique and Hardin. Cynthia was lost in her thoughts, how Aiden kissed her and how it felt so divine. How he told the biggest truth of his life to her without any hesitation. All these things were circulating in her mind like a tornado.

"No, no Cynthia. You are not here to fall in love. Stop thinking about him. He was not the part of your game. No. Stop behaving like a love sick teenager." She mentally scolded herself.

"He is nice, but that doesn't give you the permission to ruin your Mission. No" She again scolded herself mentally.

"No Cynthia, No,No, just A big No." She said loudly, unaware of her surroundings.

Enrique and Hardin looked at her, raising their eyebrows.

"Uh, Sorry! I am just fighting a war against my heart." She shrugged and chuckled.

"Uh huh? A war against your heart? You are never gonna win. Nobody wins." Hardin laugh out loudly.

"But Why are you going against your heart Cynthia? Is your heart forcing you to listen Kanye West songs ?" Enrique chuckled, looking at her.

"Who is Kayne west? I have no idea." She shrugged and started solving equation on the board.

"Oh my god, you don't know Kanye West?" Hardin said, placing his files on the the table. She shrugged.

"It's good you don't know him, Such a crap rapper." Enrique smiled at her.

"He is my favourite, Dr.Martin." Hardin pouted.

"Then Sorry my friend, I can not allow you to work here, in our team." Enrique smirked and they all laughed out loudly.

"Mr.Smith and Aiden will come tomorrow for the meeting. Be prepared." Enrique said, checking his phone. They nodded.

"If he is Kanye West then his wife should be something North, south or east! Right?" Cynthia broke the silence in the room again.

"No. But his daughter's name is North West." Hardin chuckled.

"Woh!!! Seriously?" She laughed at this funny name.

"Dr. Enrique? I need some documents of the project we were working on yesterday." Cynthia said, sipping over her coffee.

"Oh Cynthia, those are at my home. My lab. I have a meeting with Admin, can you just go and get it by yourself?" He pierced his lips into a thin line and gave a I-am-helpless look.

"Oh no problem, I can do that." She said.

"Take the keys, Dad isn't at home and I'm not sure about Aidie." He gave her the keys.

She grabbed her backpack and keys, immediately left for Martin mansion.
Within twenty minutes she was in front of Martin mansion. She entered into the house. Nobody was there in the house. She directly went to Enrique's room and trying to find out those papers. She found the file within two minutes. She looked at the door. Nobody was there. She sighed.

"Hah! Time to dig some more Cynthia." She muttered under her breath and opened the cabinet. Nothing found there which she required. She came up to his room from the basement and opened his closet to search what she wanted.

"Hey, hey, hey!!! Look what I caught!! A hot theif." Someone chuckle from the behind. Cynthia knew exactly who he was. She sighed, turned and tried to act normal. As soon as she turned, her eyes fell on the man in front of her, Aiden was leaning against the door, his hair were dripping wet and he was in his towel only. His upper half of the body was completely naked, wet. He was looking very sexy. Cynthia couldn't blink her eyes for a second.

"Like what you see Williams?" He smirked, looking at her shocked expressions.

She immediately glanced away from that sexy body and sighed.

"There's nothing I haven't seen before, Aiden." She turned and closed the closet.

"Uh huh?" He said, coming toward her. He stood just right behind her that she could feel his breath on her neck.

"I can show you everything you have seen in a very different, skilled and amazing way. You wanna see?" He said, shaking up his head intentionally so that some water droplets could fell on her neck.

"Stop. What are you doing? She turned to face him and his face was much closer than she expected.

"These tricks are not gonna work on me Aiden." She said, pushing him backwards. He chuckled on her nervousness.

"What are you doing here in Enrique's room?" He said, narrowing his eyes.

"Finding some research papers, he was busy so he sent me to find those papers." She sighed, checking some files in her hands.

"Okay. Anyway, have you decided if you are going to give me a chance to date you? Because I'm sure I want to date you." He said, leaning back against the wall.

"What? No. I'm not here to play these games of love, dating and romance. My aim is something else" she said, packing her backpack.

"Come on, just dating? I'm not forcing you to marry me. Just dating? After that you'll be free to decide what do you want. Okay?" He said, pouting like a child.

"No Aiden. I cannot date you." She said with expression less face.

"Why Cynthia?" He said, looking at her with anger.

"Because...I.." She stammered. His eyes were still locked at her face and his intense gaze was making her more uncomfortable.

"Because I love someone else." She blurted. His eyebrows scrunched with shock.

"What? Seriously? Stop lying." He sighed.

"I'm not lying." She said, looking into his green orbs.

"" He said with a lot of anger in his eyes.

"No. Why should I tell you? You are no one to ask me." She bit her lower lip to hide her nervousness and tried to left the room but Aiden pulled her back, grabbing her hand.

"No baby, I'm not allowing you to leave. Not before you tell his name." He said, looking at her.

"Aiden please, this is none of your business, okay? Let go of me." She said, trying to loosen his grip but failed.

"It is my business. I hate it when I want something and I can't have it. I want to know his name. Tell me or you can stay here with me as long as you want because I'm not gonna leave your hand." He said, sitting on the bed.

Cynthia sighed.

"Aiden, I love, I love Enrique." She said, looking outside the window because she didn't want to see his sad face.

"Enrique? You mean Enrique Martin, my brother?" He said. Pain was inflicting clearly in his voice. She nodded and he loosen his grip on her hand and she immediately left the room.

Aiden's mind was still processing what just had happened.

"Enrique?" He chuckled sadly.

"Why everyone chooses him over me? What is so special in him?" He whispered to himself and a tear made his way through his eyes to his cheeks.

"You've ruined me by not being mine Cynthia. You've just killed my last hope to be a gentleman. But I guess this world needs the AJ more than Aiden" He chuckled sadly again.

Cynthia reached to her dorm room. She didn't want to cry but her tears were not in the mood to stop. She wanted to be with Aiden but she couldn't because of Enrique. She needed Enrique more than Aiden at that time. She knew that she loves Aiden but she was also aware of the fact that She needs Enrique to complete her mission. That mission was her life, her only aim, she was working on it from years so how could she easily ruin everything just for the sake of love? She was hurt that she hurt Aiden but she was helpless. She had no choice.

She wiped off her face and drank a glass of water to cool down the agony inside her heart.

"I am sorry Aiden. The fact that I love you cannot change the fact that I need Enrique. I am here for Enrique. You were never the part of my plan." She said, sitting on her chair.

"No Cynthia. You just cannot ruin everything because of Aiden. Focus on Enrique, just Enrique." She mentally scolded herself and opened the cabinet to find her anti-depression tablets but instead of the tablets she found a pen-drive given by her brother Alex. It was a collection of his favourite sad song. She immediately transfer the songs to her mobile and put on her headphones.

The first song played, was 'elastic heart'. She closed her eyes just to feel the song. First time in her lifetime, she could feel the pain behind those lyrics.

"And another one bites the dust
Oh, why can I not conquer love?"

Cynthia could relate to all of these words. She never fell in love before but now when she did, she had no choice but to quit. She couldn't enjoy the feeling of falling in love. She couldn't conquer the love because she was here to conquer something else, something more important than love.

"And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons
And I wanted it, I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags
Now another one bites the dust"

Yes, she wanted to fight her war without weapon, without hurting anyone but him. But now Aiden was making it difficult, She wanted him badly, she wanted his love badly but she couldn't because there were so many warnings from her inner conscience. Her inner conscience was not allowing her to fall in love with Aiden.
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