Golden Love

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8. Rose garden filled with Thornes.

You can keep pondering on which thing to do first or which path to take or by simply taking action now of most any kind, you may just find yourself on the way to where you most needed to go.

April Bryan

Next day Cynthia, Enrique, Hardin and Taylor all were waiting for Mr. Allen Smith and Aiden for the meeting. Cynthia knew that Aiden was going to be dick as she just broke his heart, but she was praying for the best.

"So? Everybody? Everything is ready?" Enrique said, sighing out of tiredness as they all were working hard for hours to make this presentation look better.

"Uh huh! Now I need some strong black coffee." Cynthia stretched her arms, sitting on her chair. She just slept for four hours.

"Guys. They have arrived." Enrique said as his phone buzzed.

"Aiden has just texted me." He looked at their lazy, tired faces.

"Damn." Cynthia got up out of her chair and collected all the required files from the desk. Taylor and Hardin got other required papers from the cabinets. They all directly went to Admin office where Admin, Allen Smith and Aiden were already waiting for them. They greeted each other. Allen Smith was tall, dangerously charming with electric blue eyes, pale white flawless skin and honey brown hairs. He was in black tuxedo. He smiled looking at Cynthia.
She smiled at him back.

"Hello Miss Williams! Heard lots of good stuff about you." Allen said, looking at her with his charming blue eyes in flirtious tone.

"Dr. Greenwood should stop advertising me I guess." She chuckled at the fact that her professor Dr. Greenwood had told good things about her to his every friend.

He laughed at her sarcasm.

Aiden looked at Allen and then looked at Cynthia. Anyone could tell that he was not liking this little chit chat between Cynthia and Allen.

"So? Shall we start?" Aiden cleared his throat and said.

"Yes sir. Sure." Cynthia pierced her lips in a thin line and faked a smile.

The presentation went well.

"Brilliant Dr. Enrique. I'm all the way in. We are ready to fund your project.

Cynthia looked at Enrique and smiled. He gave her "Well-done" look. Hardin gave her side hug and she gave a high five to Taylor. They all dispersed. They directly went to their lab.

"Taylor you are an amazing speaker, you know?" Cynthia punched his shoulder mockingly.

"Thank you Cynu. Let's grab something to eat. I'm starving." He said, putting his arm around her shoulder.

"Ty? Dude, are you planning to snatch my bestie?" Hardin covered the distance by running slowly and said.

"Yeah, I kinda like her. She is cool. Not like other "cotton candy" girls." He said and winked. Hardin and Cynthia laughed at his humour.

"Cotton candy girls? Seriously Ty?" She chuckled.

They all became very good friends as they worked day and night on project. Hardin and Taylor always treated her like their buddy.

"Guys?" Enrique called them from the behind.

"Yes Dr. Enrique.?" Taylor said, raising his eyebrows.

"Uh, It's my birthday today and you all are invited. My place. 5pm." He said.

"Woh!! Why didn't you....Oh god..happy birthday Enrique." Cynthia hugged him, smiling like a child.

"Thank you Cynthia." He smiled.

"Happy Birthday Enrique." Ty and Hardin said in unison.

"Thank you boys. It's theme a party. Horror." Enrique shrugged.

"Horror? Seriously? It's your birthday not Halloween!" Cynthia chuckled.

"Aiden!! Hah" Enrique sighed and smiled.

"His idea? Aiden will be Aiden." She scoffed.

"Okay see you at five." Enrique said and left.

"I'll become Stefan. Woooo The angel vampire" Taylor made a funny face to mimic Vampiric growl.

"Yeah? Then I'll become Damon. The devil one. Woooohhh" Hardin laughed.

"Wow. Then I should go for Katherine? Mean bitch" Cynthia chuckled.

"Yes." Taylor and Hardin said in unison, grinning like a baby.

They all laughed out loudly at their childish talks.

"We Americans and our obsession with Tvd" they all sang in unison and laughed.

They all arrived at Martin masion. Cynthia decided to become a witch, Hardin a Vampire and Taylor become killer clown.

"Let's Attack!!" Taylor said dramatically. They all giggled.

"Tay! We are not teenagers anymore." Cynthia smirked playfully.

"Don't be party spoiler Cynu." He rolled his eyes at her.

"Okay let's give these gifts to Enrique then we'll rock the party." Hardin said and they all looked around to spot Enrique. Enrique was talking to some friends and Aiden was also there in the right corner of the hall. He became Loki and Aiden was in costume of Lucifer. Enrique looked at Cynthia and smiled. He excused himself to his group of friends and came toward them.

"Hey! Finally the supreme trio is here." Enrique smiled.

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Dear Enrique, Happy birthday to you." They sang in unison. Enrique chuckled at their sweet gesture.

"Thank you sweethearts." He said.

"Here your gifts." They all gave him gifts and he gave those gift to maid to place them safely in his room.

"Let's rock the party?" Taylor said, grabbing Cynthia and Hardin's hands and they danced like a crazy on "Cheap thrills".

"Would you like to have a dance with me?" Someone said from the behind to Cynthia. She turned and her browns eyes met electric greens.

"No." She said and smirked at him.

"Cynthia, I was asking you to have a dance with me because I wanted to be a gentleman but I guess you like it rough and hard. Don't you?" He gave a devilish smile and dragged her to the dance floor.

"Aiden!! Stop." Cynthia tried to losen his grip on her hand but failed. They danced for ten minutes.

"Excuse me Aiden, I need to use washroom." Cynthia excused herself and went directly to the washroom area. She looked herself in the mirror for two second and then smirked.

"Payback is a bad bitch." She said, looking at herself. She washed her face to cool down the agony inside her heart.

"You'll get what you'll give. Time to receive your karma bitches." She said and left the washroom area. She went to Enrique's room without being noticed as corridor was already full of people and light was dim. She immediately entered the room and opened his closet. She searched the whole closet but there was one cabinet which was closed with the password.

"Shit. That's it. It must be here. But how to open it?" She hissed out of frustration.

"Here, my girl. I think you forgot something." A man said from the behind. She turned to see his face. He was wearing a black tuxedo with black mask, but His gray eyes were enough for Cynthia to recognize him. She widened her eyes in shock.

"Dr. Greenwood? What are you doing here?" She whispered as low as she could.

"Charlie sent me here to help you." He raised his eyebrows and gave her a password hacker card to hack the password and a bag. She grabbed it within second and Greenwood left the room immediately. She hacked the password and there it was. A black book with silver designing on it. "Operation Snapback" was written on it with golden bold letters. Cynthia looked at it and smiled. She immediately closed the closet and changed her dress. She wore jeans, shirt and high neck boots which were in that bag professor Greenwood had given her. And put her witch costume in the bag. She jumped out of the window with help of the rope she had in that bag, collected the rope back and put it in the bag and immediately left Martin mansion. She directly went to her dorm room, hid that bag into her cupboard and again changed her dress into the same witch costume. She immediately went back to the Martin mansion within 40 minutes before cake cutting ceremony.

"Cynu? Where the hell were you?" Hardin said, looking at her.

"Uh, somebody locked me up in the washroom and Dr. Greenwood came to my rescue after half an hour." She said and shrugged.

"You could call us." Taylor said.

"I could If I had my phone with me. I forgot that in the dorm." She smiled sheepishly.

Cake cutting ceremony started. Enrique cut the cake and everybody clapped. They ate the dinner.

"Cynthia? Where were you? I wanted to dance with you." Enrique came to her with two glasses of vines in his hands.

"Someone locked me up in the washroom. I was stuck there for half an hour. I had no phone and then Dr. Greenwood helped me" she said and smiled.

"Oh my god, You ok?" He said, giving her a glass of red vine.

"Yes, absolutely." She smiled and sipped over her vine.

"Cynu!! Let's go. We are already late. We have to work on the structure of atom yet. Be quick" Hardin called her from the distance and she turned back to Enrique and gave a smile.

"Hah! Gotta go." She shrugged and Enrique nodded. She left immediately.

She reached at her room, took off those fancy clothes and after a blissful bath changed into her night pajamas. She opened the closet to take a look on that book. She opened the first page,sitting on her bed. Book was full of drawings of nuclear missiles and their designs. At the end of every design there was a signature. A signature of a person named Balder.

"Balder? What kind of name it is?" She frowned, looking at the signature. Her phone buzzed on the table. She picked it up to see the text.

"Meet me at The Roxanne's bar. I'm waiting.

She looked at the text and sighed, changed her clothes and grabbed her jacket as it was cold outside. Within 10 minutes of walking she was in front of the bar. She entered into the bar and looked around for Charlie. And there he was sitting on the far left. Cynthia went to him. As soon as he saw her, he hugged her tightly.

"I missed you Cynth" He whispered in her ears.

"I missed you too jerk. I told you I'll handle it. Look I did it." She smiled, sitting on the table.

"What's in there in the book?" He asked, sipping over his milkshake.

"Drawings, Designs of Nuclear missile and its parts. Every page has a signature of 'Balder'. I don't know what it is." She said, looking into his bright hazel eyes.

"I'll find out. I just want to see that book. I'll meet you at your college tomorrow." He said, raising his eyebrows.

"College? Seriously? It will be a great risk." She said and frowned.

"Nobody knows me there except Enrique. Don't worry I can manage to hide myself from Enrique." He said. She nodded.

"Uh, one more thing. Aiden is back. I mean, he was not the part of our plan. I don't know if he is a threat or not." She said, looking at him.

"I know. I got the news. He will not be a threat. He doesn't know anything. Just ignore him" charlie said, eating his noodles.

"Speaking of devil and here he is." Charlie said, looking over Cynthia's shoulder at the entrance. She turned to see the person and it was none other than Aiden.

"Damn. Just leave. He can't see you here." She said nervously.

"Calm down. He doesn't know me Cynth" Charlie chuckled at Cynthia's nervousness.

"Yeah but he will definitely gonna ask about you. What will I say?" She said and within next second Aiden was in front of her.

"Hey Williams? You are stalking me or what? You are everywhere I go." Aiden said, looking at her with shocking expressions.

"Technically I should be the one to say so. I was already present here before you so that means you are the one who is following me." She scoffed, looking at him. He smirked and then looked at Charlie.

"Oh, I am Charlie. Cynthia's childhood buddy." Charlie offered his hand for the hand shake and Aiden grabbed his hand with a tinge of jealousy inside his heart.

"I am Aiden. Cynthia's no one...yet." He smirked. Charlie laughed out loudly at his humour. Cynthia rolled her eyes at him.

"It's late Charlie. I think. I should leave." Cynthia got out of her chair.

"Okay I'll drop you. Let's go." Charlie took her hand in his hand.

"Ok then Aiden." He smiled and left the room immediately.

Charlie dropped Cynthia in front of MIT.

"Cynthia! I'll meet you tomorrow after five. Good night." He smiled and drove away.

"This is really fun. Hah! I never knew I would enjoy these kind of adventures in my life, spying on someone, cracking someone 's password to steal a document. Damn. I am good at this." She thought and mentally praised herself.

Next day Cynthia went to her class and after attending all the classes, She headed for canteen to grab a lunch and There was Charlie already waiting for her.

"Are you ready?" He asked, sipping over his mango shake.

"Yes, I am." She said and they both went to her dorm room. There she gave that black book to Charlie. He carefully studied each and every design.

"These are designed by an expert nuclear scientists. They are so perfect. No mistakes at all." Charlie said, looking at those designs.

"So you mean Balder is Enrique? I mean obviously he is expert in this field." Cynthia asked, looking at him to obtain an answer.

"May be or may be not. We need to find it out and for that You have to win his trust to access more information." Charlie said, looking at her with affection in his eyes.

"He already likes me so much. I mean he is an easy target." Cynthia smirked.

"Yes, because he has no idea that you are working for us. Plus now when his black book is missing, he will be more careful so you have to be in his good books always" Charlie said, looking at her. Cynthia got out of the chair and stood near the window just to feel some fresh cold air on her face but She saw someone entering into the dorm building. She couldn't see his face but he was wearing the same shirt as Enrique. Cynthia's eyes got widened out of shock.

"Shit. Charlie!! Enrique is here. Oh God." She turned to Charlie and they both were in shock.

"Okay just relax. Let me think." He said, walking here and there in tension.

Footsteps were coming closer to her room and suddenly her eyes landed on the lock. She didn't lock the door.

"Oh my god. Door isn't locked. Shit." She ran to lock the door.

On the other side Aiden reached in the front of her room and knocked twice, looking at his shirt as he was wearing Enrique's shirt because his closet's lock got jammed. He didn't like the shirt but he had no choice as he had to come to the college to give some files to Cynthia. After knocking twice he realised that door was opened already and he pushed the door to open.

"Oh god." Cynthia whispered and Without looking at the door Charlie grabbed Cynthia and Within the next second His lips were on her lips. Aiden was standing at the door, shocked. He couldn't see Charlie's face but only back. Cynthia looked at the door and widened her eyes out of shock. It was Aiden. She pushed Charlie back and break the kiss.

"Aiden...I....." She ran toward the door but before she could say anything Aiden kept those files on the table near the door and left the room already.

"It was Aiden. Shit. Charlie I'm gonna kill you jerk." She grabbed her jacket and ran down the staircase.

"Aiden Please listen to me." She shouted from the behind but Aiden didn't even look back at her and kept moving. She ran faster to close the distance and grabbed his hand.

"Aiden? Please listen to me." She said while huffing.

"What Cynthia?" He snapped at her in anger.

"Look,It's not what you think. Me and Charlie are just friends." She said, looking at his angry face.

"So? Why are you explaining it to me? Haven't you made clear already that you don't like me?" He gritted his angry teeth.

"No I..I just..I just wanna clear this to you that me and Charlie are only friends." Cynthia said.

"Seriously? Friends with benefits? Or your so called friend was teaching you how to kiss? Yesterday you said you love Enrique now making out with your friend? What is going on Cynthia?" He scoffed and raised his eyebrows.

"No..I.. He kissed me. I didn't know he was going to kiss me. Charlie kissed me without my permission." Cynthia explained. Her eyes were wet as she knew Aiden was not going to believe her.

"I swear. I didn't know he was going to kiss me." Cynthia tried to control her tears but failed.

Aiden couldn't see her cry and his anger melted away in a second.

"Don't cry Cynthia. I trust you. And I'm happy that you explained yourself because that means somewhere deep down in your heart, you feel something for me and you don't wanna lose me." He said cupping her face in his hands and smiled. She looked at him. She was in big dilemma. She knew she loves him but couldn't accept it because this would ruin her mission. But as they say we cannot control love. Can we? Cynthia looked in his green eyes and then to his lips, light red soft lips. His gaze too, moved to her lips. And within next second his lips were on her lips. Cynthia wanted to forget everything for once and wanted to enjoy that moment. She forgot that they were standing in front of her dorm building, kissing in public. She didn't want to care about anything.

"Cynthia?" Someone called her name. They broke the kiss and looked in the direction to the source of that voice.

"Today is not my day definitely." She looked at him and scoffed.

"Dr. Enrique!!" She said embarrassingly.

"I, I wanted to inform you that Taylor want to discuss something about project. At five." He said, he was hurt and it was clearly shown in his bright green eyes. He immediately left the place.

"Congratulations Cynthia, you officially screwed up." Cynthia whispered to herself, closing her eyes out of frustration.

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