Golden Love

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9. Not that sugar sweet

I love you just the way you are
but you don't see you like I do.
You shouldn't try so hard to be perfect.
Trust me, perfect should try to be you.

- Anonymous

Cynthia ran behind Enrique leaving Aiden there. She entered into the lab where Enrique was trying to focus on the research papers but anger and sadness were clearly visible emotions all over his face.

"Enrique...I" She said but as soon as Enrique looked at her with those sad angry Green eyes, she completely forgot what she was about to say. She didn't know that Enrique's intense gaze could affect her that much. She was here to win his trust to access more information about the operation snapback but she was getting lost in the rift of two brothers. One she loved, at least that's what she thought and other she needed. But somehow, looking at Enrique, his sad eyes, her mind was compelling her to choose her need over her love. Seeing him broken and angry made her heart sink, like it was drowning in an ocean.

"Cynthia, Please just leave. I am not in a good mood." He said, looking back at the papers.

"Enrique, what you saw was nothing. We just caught up in a moment and..." she tried to explain, looking at him.

He looked at her and got out of his chair, took few steps toward her. She took a step back and hit the wall behind her. No escaping.

"You don't have to give any explanation, I am not your boyfriend. " He whispered in her ear, coming more closer to her and his mouth was almost touching her neck.

"Just tell me, did it feel good? Did it make you feel butterflies in your stomach?" He said with a husky british voice. She sighed. She was afraid of him. She kept mum and did not utter a word out of fear as Enrique was not so calm and sweet as always but he was more like a Aiden now, in fact more intimidating than Aiden.

"It hurts when you make so much efforts to get something but then you never get it. It hurts when you invest your time into something which was never yours. I am not mad at you but hurt." He said, looking into her brown wet eyes.

"But, bad boys always get the girl! This is the universal truth." He said. Sexual tension between them was at its peak. She looked into his eyes and silently pleaded to let her go as his steel body was blocking her path and she was pinned against the wall.

He smirked but his eyes were still wet and left the lab immediately.

She gasped out of horror and took a deep breath.

"Oh my god. Cynthia, what's wrong with you? Why you are feeling so sad if he is sad. You are messing it up girl. Hold your hormones up. You cannot screw both the brothers like this. This is really threat to the whole mission. You'll end up dead." She whispered to herself, sitting on the chair. She grabbed her phone and called Charlie.

"Charlie? Can you, Can you meet me? Now?" She said, cracking her voice as she was feeling low and wanted to cry hell out of her lungs.

"Cynth! Hey! What happened baby? I'm on my way. Meet me at Raxonne's" voice on the other side of phone said and she disconnected the cell.

She grabbed her backpack and rushed out of the MIT to meet Charlie as she was emotionally vulnerable and Charlie was the only person who could show her the right path and could motivate her. She entered into the bar and Charlie was already waiting for her there. She ran toward him and hugged him tightly as much as she could. He hugged her back with the same intensity and she felt safe. After Alex, Charlie was always there for her to make her feel safe and motivated. He was her only friend in California. Her best buddy forever.

"Cynth? What's wrong? Look at me kitten!" He broke the hug and cupped her face to make her look into his eyes.

"Tell me, what happened?" He asked, looking into her eyes with concern.

"I can't do this. I was supposed to trick him but now I'm feeling like I'm betraying both of them." She cried out loudly, Digging her face to his chest.

"Hey, you are not betraying anyone. Okay? Enrique is a bad guy. You are doing this to give his Karma back to him." He said, caressing her brown silky waved hairs.

"Cynth, Aiden is out of this game and Enrique is the bad guy. So you just remember one thing that you lost your brother because of him, I lost my best friend because of him. No mercy for the devil himself. Moreover this mission is much bigger than your personal conflicts. It's about our National security. Enrique is just a pawn. We have to find the King here. Without you it would not be possible." He hugged her tightly to make her feel safe.

"Through Enrique, we can reach to the devil's den. We can finally catch The Shark, the most wanted international mafia king. Do you realize how big it is? Catching the illegal nuclear weapon maker?" He said, cupping her face. She nodded.

"Thank you Charl, I needed this. My emotions were making me weak. But now I'm gonna rock it." She smiled and dug her face again in his chest. His body was warm and comforting. After that they drank their coffee.

"I should leave now. Thank you." She smiled, looking at Charlie.

"Take care of yourself." He kissed her forehead and smiled. She immediately came back to her room and jumped on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts were running like a jet in her mind. She was not like them, cruel and heartless. She had never hurt anyone's feelings till now. She had no friends and no enemies but now she was stuck in between her compassionate heart and vengeful brain. It was not just the fight between good and evil but between her morals and her duties. She knew it from the start that journey she was about to began was not easy but full of miseries and sorrows. She closed her eyes and the face of her dying brother came in front of her eyes.

"Axie! I'll do this. I'll do this for you." She whispered to herself and slipped into the slumber.

On the other side Enrique was still thinking about the kiss between Cynthia and Aiden, sitting on his chair. He threw his specs in the distance out of anger and looked himself in the mirror in front of him.

"I cannot pretend anymore. I can't pretend being a sweet, calm gentleman. You like the bad boys? Trust me, love, I am the baddest" He smirked. His phone buzzed in his pocket. He looked at its screen and frowned.

"Please do not involve Cynthia in all of this mess. Don't hurt her or I'll break all the deals and agreements.

He looked at the text and scoffed.

"You don't have to worry about it. I will not allow anyone to hurt her" He typed the text on his phone and clicked the send button. After a minute his phone buzzed again.

"Let's meet at 22:00 in Eastern Standard bar and discuss the further plan.

He looked at the text and typed ok and replied him back. He changed his clothes. He wore white turtleneck shirt with long black trench coat and a muffler with black pant and left his room immediately. He reached at Eastern standard within thirty minutes. A man in black trench coat with black sunglasses and black mask was already waiting there. It was hard to see his face. Enrique went to his table and sat gracefully.

"Cynthia took the black book Balder." Enrique said, sitting there comfortably.

"Don't you dare to touch her. She is not the part of our game. Nobody is allowed to hurt her." Balder's voice was intense husky.

"Do not give me the orders dude. I am not your employee." Enrique smirked.

"And don't worry, I will not hurt her man! You just continue our project and I will take care of her. Charlie is the one who is forcing her into this mess. I can torture Charlie through her. Charlie can't see her suffer." Enrique smirked, looking at Balder.

"Please! I'm begging you, don't involve her. I know she stole that book because of Charlie but do not punish her." Balder said, gulping the grief down his throat.

"Hey, hey, hey, stop overreacting Dude. I said I'm not gonna hurt her. I am just gonna play a little game to torture Charlie. Let her play the game. She is enjoying it and I'm enjoying it too. Never in my wildest dreams I can thought to hurt her. I love her bud." Enrique put his hand on Balder's shoulder and assured him. He nodded.

"But Aiden is really annoying me now. She is messing up with my girl and this irks me." Enrique said, sipping over his whiskey.

"Aiden is just a small fish. He can't compete with you." Balder scoffed.
After talking for thirty minutes they left the place.

Enrique reached at his home and got into the shower to freshen up a bit before starting on his project in the lab. As soon as he came out he listened a sound down in the basement lab. He was only in his towel and went down in the basement. Cynthia was already there doing her photoelectric test to study the structure of atoms deeply.

"Cynthia?" Enrique called her name without thinking that he was standing only in his towel.

She turned to see him.

"I know Enrique..I am.." as soon as she turned, her body froze in that moment. Enrique's brown hairs were dripping water, water drops on his chest were shinning like tiny little diamonds. She gasped looking at him.
She wanted to turn her face to look away but somehow she was not able to do that, instead she was looking at him shamelessly.

"Like what you see?" He frowned and immediately smirked.

"Yes. Very." She blurted in a low tone and then realized what she was saying.

"Oh, I, I am sorry. I should have inform you, I ...'' She stammered and glanced away. She tried to collect the files from the table but her hands were shaking in nervousness.

"Its okay Cynthia. And about earlier, I am sorry, I overreacted." He said and smiled.

"Yeah, that's okay. I...can you just put your clothes on? This is amazing but distracting. " She said, looking through the corner of her eye. He chuckled and left immediately.

"Cynthia!!! What the hell? Control your hormones. You are here to trick him, not to praise his naked body." She groaned and mentally slapped herself.

"What is happening with me? I claim to be in love with AJ and then Enrique's mere presence makes me crazy. What the hell is wrong with me?" She whispered to herself while collecting her research papers. Suddenly a phone buzzed. She checked her pocket but it was not hers. She looked around and there was a phone placed on the desk. It again buzzed. She picked it up and checked the text.

"Sharkie, I have done all the tasks you gave me. What's the update on designs?

Her eyes got widened in shock. Her heart was beating fast with excitement and nervousness. The person she was eager to found was none other than Enrique.

''Sharkie? That means Enrique is The Shark. O my god!!! I have to inform Charlie." She whispered to herself and smiled proudly. She took her phone, clicked the picture of that text and that number, was about to dial Charlie's number but someone entered into the lab. She looked at him in surprise and He smiled.

"Sorry, I didn't intend to disturb you, I, actually was reading some books here and forgot my phone here last night." Aiden said, looking at her. He took his phone, the same phone on which Balder sent a text. Cynthia was numb. She forgot how to breathe for a second. She couldn't believe her eyes that Aiden could be The Shark.

Aiden looked at her still body and frowned.

"Hey Cynthia, I know you are probably upset with me because of that kiss but trust me I didn't have any bad intention. I really like you." He said, looking at her. She didn't respond at all like she never listened what he was saying.

"Hey! You ok?" Aiden grabbed her arm and asked, looking at her. She came out of the world of her thoughts and looked at Aiden with fear in her eyes.

"I, I need to go. I am sorry, I gotta go." She gulped down her fear and took her backpack, left the lab immediately.

Aiden was confused at her behaviour. She was afraid of him but he didn't have any idea why. He shrugged and left the room.

Cynthia called Charlie and asked him to meet at their usual place.

"Charl, now this is getting complicated. Aiden is The Shark" she said while lowering her voice on the word 'shark'.

"Have you gone nuts? Cynth!! Aiden is out of this game." Charl said, looking at her in disbelief.

"Oh, come on Charlie. Look at this." She shown him the picture of that text and number.

"Okay. Now this is getting interesting." Charlie smirked.

Cynthia was hurt and confused. Hurt, because she loved Aiden, at least that's what she thought and confused, because how can a idiotic personality like Aiden can run the whole badass business of Illegal nuclear weapons.

"I'll trace this number. You carry on with your study." Charlie looked at the number and said.

"Yeah, I have assignments to do. I gotta go." She got out of the chair and gave a peck on Charlie's cheek. "Bye."

"See ya." Charlie hugged her and they both left the bar.

"Seriously I still can't believe that Aiden can be The Shark. Look at him, the silly, idiotic and over emotional person. How can he run this big mafia?" She whispered to herself while walking back to her college.

"But if Aiden is Shark so what the hell black book was doing in Enrique's closet? So much confusion. I'll end up in the mental asylum for sure." She thought while walking. She was so lost in her thoughts, she totally forgot that she was walking on the road. A car was about to hit her but someone pulled her back.

"Watch where you going Willy." Hardin said, looking at her.

"Hardy!!!!!" She hugged him. Hardy chuckled and hugged her tightly. He was on leave for some days because of her mother's health issues.

"I missed you Jerk. How's your mum?" She said, digging her face in his chest.

"I missed you too and my mum is fine now." He said, putting his arm around her shoulders and entered into the MIT.

The day went well, all the classes, chit chat with Taylor and Hardin during the lunch, all the things went well. Now it was time to go to the lab for the further research. She entered into the lab and Enrique was talking to a person sitting next to him. Cynthia looked carefully and immediately recognized the man sitting with Enrique.

"Mr. Allen?" She smiled, looking at him.

"Cynthia!!! So good to see you." Allen got out of the chair and kissed Cynthia's hand like a gentleman.

"Wow." She chuckled at his gesture in surprise.

"I am a l'il old fashioned man." He shrugged looking at her surprised face.

"Cynthia, I was here to invite all your team members for a launch party. Now I'm the part of your project so I'll announce it today after party in the conference. I want you all to be present there at 19:00." Allen said and smiled.

"Sure, Mr. Allen." She looked at Enrique and he nodded in response.

"Thank you, love. Now allow me to take your leave." Allen said, closing his tux's button.

Cynthia felt so strange when he called her love. Like seriously this is way too old fashioned to address a woman. She scoffed mentally. She looked at Enrique and it was clearly visible that he was not so impressed with the Allen's gesture. His muscles were stiffend and he was clenching the table's corner in anger. Cynthia smiled mentally because Enrique was falling for her. Everything was going just the way she and Charlie had planned.

Allen left the room and now Cynthia and Enrique were alone in that space.

"Cynthia, would you like to be my date for the party tonight?" Enrique asked, raising his eyebrows.

Yes, that's what I want. Dates,kisses and fake love to access the information. Ding! Cynthia, you are rocking the world. Cynthia thought and smiled.

"Sure, Why not." She smiled.

Dates, kisses and fake love to get the information about 'The shark'? Hottie you do not have any idea that you are just a pawn. I own this game from the start. Now I'll show you how to fight a war without weapons. Enrique thought and smiled.

"Great. I'll pick you at 18:30 then." He said, closing his file.

Enrique, you have no idea what game I am playing with you. It will be fun to see you all broken and sad when you'll know the truth. Cynthia smiled at him. ''Okay." She said.

It will be fun hottie, to see you all broken and sad when you will finally realize that the person you wanted to destroy is the person you'll be spending your Every night of your future life with. Whether you like it or not. Enrique smiled and left the room.

Both Enrique and Cynthia were happy on their achievements. Enrique was happy because now he knows that Cynthia is working for Charlie. But it doesn't matter to him at all. He loved Cynthia unconditionally and her being a spy was just a fun game for him as he knew that Cynthia belongs to him and he would get her at any cost. Cynthia was happy to think that Finally Enrique was falling for her fake love and this was the first step of her mission. Now she knew that Aiden was the Shark but through Enrique she could locate the real business location of the shark and could get proofs against them to punish them. She didn't have any idea that the game she is thinking of winning, was never the game designed by her but she was mere a pawn at the chess board and the game was lead by the King himself. King had the power to make her Queen or to kill her like an insect. But now the question is who was the king? Aiden? Enrique? Balder? Or someone else?

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