Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Nine


I woke up screaming, feeling his hands touch my back I jumped up running for the door. I turned at the last minute, only to see Kyle staring right back at me confusion twisting his features.

“Hey, its okay. Breathe” I hadn’t even realized that I was holding my breath. I stood there staring at him as tears welled up in my eyes, It was just a bad dream. He wasn’t here, he wasn’t going to hurt me.

“Gorgeous come here, talk to me. What happened when you left to meet the doctor?” He asked reaching for me. I walked over to him sitting on his lap, and wrapping my arms around his torso.

“He spoke to me about my mum and the pregnancy,” I explained remembering the awkward conversation.

“Then why were you crying when you ran into the bathroom.” I felt him kiss my head for the second time tonight.

“Because the police showed up and told me they found Tim’s house. He was stalking me Kyle, he had videos and photos of me.” I sobbed into his chest.

“He didn’t need my dad telling him my address he already knew it.” I clutched at his shirt.

“They will find him, and its going to be okay again.” He told me as his arms tightened around my slender form. I nodded against his chest. I heard Ally and Bryce laughing downstairs.

“Lets go downstairs I'm so hungry.” I looked up into his big brown eyes.

He nodded pulling me off his lap. I groaned slightly being extremely comfortable, he chuckled as I threw my arms around his neck resting my head on his chest. His muscular arms slide down my waist and grabbed the backs of my thighs, he lifted me up into his arms and I rested my head on his shoulder. We headed back down stairs to eat with our friends.

“Hey gorgeous you alright?” Ally asked me when we entered the kitchen. I slide down Kyle until I was standing on the ground again.

“Yeah I'm alright just have a headache.” I smiled.

“She probably just fucked Kyle so she’ll be a bit sore.” Bryce chimed in, Kyle moved around me and slapped him upside the head.

“No she just slept, I'm not like you who gets a boner from a girl sitting on his lap.” Kyle nodded towards Ally.

“I thought I felt something sitting there.” Ally joked pointing to his lap. Bryce’s face started going red. We all laughed at his embarrassment.


I looked over to my desk where my phone sat. I had texted Kyle over an hour ago, why hadn’t he replied. If he was with that freak I would lose it, I got up immediately as my phone pinged only to be disappointed when I read Amberly’s name pop up. She just needed homework answers, again. As I was typing away my phone pinged again this time Kyle’s number.

‘Hey sorry got busy. What’s up?’

He was texting so dry I needed to make this conversation more interesting, we talked for another 20 minutes before I opened my camera app. Taking a few sexy pictures, only ten this time.

’Enjoy 😉’

He didn’t respond to that. My phone blasted it’s loud ass ringtone as Amberly started calling me, that girl needed serious help. I rolled my eyes and answered the phone.

“Yes?” I spoke.

“SOS I have no idea what I’m doing! why is school so hard?” she whined I laughed at her, she could be so dramatic.

“Can’t I’m busy taking photos for Kyle that I think he’ll really enjoy.” I smirked. I heard her scoff on the other end of the phone I sat upright at that scoff, what was her problem?

“If you are talking about nudes, which knowing you, you are. Seriously haven’t you seen him looking at Addi, its the same way you look at him. Seriously grow up its never going to happen.” She snapped at me.

“What the fuck Amberly! It’s going to happen, I just need to get that slut Addi out of the way. I heard she’s knocked up Kyle wont like to hear that.” I put her on speaker as I opened my messages.

“Don’t you fucking dare you crazy obsessed bitch.” We continued to yell at each other.

“If your that much on Addi’s side go hang with her then. Bye you fucking bitch.” I yelled, hanging up.

“KAILEY GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!” My mother screamed from downstairs, I ran downstairs immediately.

“Care to explain these photos?” she asked her face showing how mad she was. I gulped.

“I um uh.” I stuttered. I then explained what happened and she wasn’t happy. She ended up taking my phone and I’m grounded for over a month now. I hated Kyle!



I woke up screaming. I still felt his hands all over me. Breathe Addi, your safe. I turned around to make sure and saw that Ally was waking up from the other side of the room probably at my screams.

“Sorry Ally.” I whispered hoping she wouldn’t be mad.

“Its fine what time is it.” She rubbed some sleep from her eyes. I glanced down at my alarm clock.

“5:30am its still early you can go back to sleep if you want I'll wake you up at around 7.” She nodded going back to sleep. I got up and went to my set of draws grabbing my running clothes, I needed to escape, just for a little while. I headed downstairs and went running.

I ran all the way to the gym, ran on the treadmills and ran back. By the time I got home it was 6:45am, I jumped in the shower loving how the hot water felt on my skin. I lathered my body and rinsed off, I didn’t want to go to school today, it was bad enough that Kyle and Kailey was going to be there, but I would also be without my mum.

“Hey Ally, its time to wake up.” I gently shook her as she groaned and rolled over. “Ally we have school today you need to get up.” Yet another groan in response. “Bryce will be there.” She rolled over and looked at me but rolled back over, I leaned down so my lips were at her ear. “Do I need to get the ice?” I whispered. She sat upright at my words.

“I’m up I’m up!” she yelled. I simply laughed, as I headed downstairs to make breakfast.

As soon as we got to school Bryce and Kyle came up to us. Bryce immediately swung his arm around Ally’s shoulder, and when Kyle tried to do the same I moved away, I just wanted to go home.

“Did you girls hear? We have a sub today for English history.” Bryce told us trying to act discreetly. I rolled my eyes at him.

Classes seemed to drag on today and Ally knew something was wrong but she didn’t push me on it, Kyle and Bryce hung out with Ally and I during breaks but I felt like an outsider. Nobody apart from Ally knew the truth about why I was so upset. Today was Kat’s anniversary.

As we strolled into English Kyle tried grabbing my hand but I merely crossed my arms over my chest. We sat down and waited for the sub to show, Ally and I passed notes as we waited but I didn’t look up once. The sub entered the room and immediately started handing out books he placed one in front of me that had a note on the front.

“I miss fucking you. How's our little baby doing?”

I spun around to meet his dark eyes staring at me, with the same smile he had when I was sobbing completely naked.

I couldnt breathe. deep breathes

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