Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Ten

My heart sunk to the ground, I felt as if I was going to be sick. His dark hair was slicked back and he held a smile to his face, I was supposed to have this man for a double period. I couldn’t breathe, I looked to Ally as tears welled up in my eyes.

“I have to go.” I whispered. I grabbed my stuff and ran for the nearest bathroom. Sobs shook my entire body as fear gripped my chest. He was here in my school, in my classroom, I felt someone’s arms around me, I looked up to see Ally and I sobbed harder into her chest.


Addi had been acting really strange today and I had no idea why. She kept pushing me away. I tried holding her hand as we walked to English but she just crossed her arms. When we all sat down she just sat there silently passing notes to Ally. The sub walked in and began handing books to everyone, he handed one to Addi. She spun around and looked him straight in the eyes then turned back around. She stared back at her table taking deep breaths, she then turned to Ally and whispered something then ran out of class.

“What was that about?” Bryce asked rubbing Ally’s arm.

“I don’t know but I have my suspicions.” Ally just stared after Addi. “Poor Addi she must be missing Kat now more then ever.” We all snapped our eyes to Ally, who was Kat?

“Ally baby, who’s Kat?” Bryce asked moving closer.

“Her twin, she passed away when we were 11. Suicide.” She turned to Bryce.

“Write my work for me? I’m going to check on Addi.” He nodded and she placed a kiss on his cheek.

Isaac walked in at that moment smiling, so did Kailey but for the first time alone and glaring at me. Isaac sat down in his spot snickering away as Kailey came around to my spot.

“I fucking hate you. What is wrong with you asshole?! I’m now grounded with no phone. Fuck you!” She stormed away to her seat. Isaac only started laughing harder.

“What the fuck. I don’t know what the fuck I did but I would do it again if it got her to hate me.” I smiled.

“She texted ‘you’ last night” Isaac explained doing quotation marks around the word you. “She sent you 10 interesting photos and you not only emailed them to her mum but printed them out and mailed them as well.” We all burst out laughing, Isaac was a fucking genius.

We all started working away, I wondered what was taking Addi so long. I really wanted to be the one who gave her comfort, but Ally made more sense.

“Holy fuck! Kyle did you get Addi pregnant.” Isaac whisper shouted sliding me a note.

“No.” I felt the anger filling me up like a glass of water.

“I miss fucking you. How’s our little baby doing.” I whispered. I knew who our sub was and I was fuming, at that moment the police walked in with hand cuffs. I could just see Addi and Ally from a distance. The police walked up to our sub and started talking to him, then he turned around and was placed in handcuffs.


After a few minutes I looked up at Ally, I felt my face being extremely red. Her eyes reflected my broken face, I felt completely shattered. On Kat’s anniversary Tim shows up as my sub and says he misses me. He knows he got me pregnant, the question is how.

“Tim is our sub. He gave me a note saying I miss fucking you. How’s our little baby doing.” I held back the tears. Ally pulled out my phone.

“Call the police.” I nodded and rung, more tears slid down my cheeks.

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number they gave me. We waited for the police, I was to scared to go back to class and see him standing there. I just sat there in Ally’s arms for a little bit. When I heard the sound of sirens I got up and headed back to class, I’m sure he would be gone. When we entered the hall way we saw him standing in the class. I immediately stopped in my tracks, they were still there.

“He’s still in there.” I whispered, Ally nodded beside me.

I looked back at our table and my eyes met Kyle’s for a brief second. Tim was carted away out of the classroom but the police were walking this way, I think I’m going to be sick.

“You bitch! When I get out I’m going to make you my personal sex toy!” I just stared at the ground as he screamed.

I started walking back into class and sat down, silent tears slid down my cheeks. The class erupted in whispers most likely at Tim’s arrest, I couldn’t stop the tears, I felt someone’s arms wrap around me. I looked up and saw Ally.

“It’s finally over.” I sobbed. I felt everyone’s eyes from our table on me.

“Alright everyone from this class can go home early, as this can be considered stressful and we can't get anyone to sub for your class.” The principal spoke from the door. I immediately got up and rushed outside.

“Addi! Wait up!” I could hear Kyle yelling but I was already running to my locker.


“Ally, why was she crying?” Fear gripped my chest for my Addi.

“That sub’s name was Tim. It's finally over. He cant hurt her again.” She said exhaustion tinging her voice as she grabbed Bryce’s hand.

“Is it cool if we come hang at yours.” Bryce asked reading my mind. Ally nodded standing on her tip toes to kiss his cheek, I rolled my eyes at them, I just wanted to cradle my Addi. We headed to the lockers but Addi wasn’t there, Ally noticed that I was looking for Addi.

“She’s probably just gone home. She will okay Kyle, she’s strong.” I nodded my head but couldn’t comprehend anything she was saying. I didn’t know whether or not to believe her. I knew Addi was strong, hell she had lost her twin sister to suicide and kept going.

We were walking home, the rain slightly pelting down on our skin. The rain perfectly matched my mood, Addi wasn’t walking with us and I was worried about her.


I ran all the way home, even when my lungs begged me to stop I didn’t. I couldn’t stop, I needing to leave, I ran through the rain that perfectly matched my mood. Tears slid down my cheeks I had no idea if they were happy or sad. My legs came to halt when his orange car purred in the driveway, his dark brown hair slicked back, his dark eyes staring straight at me. Fear squeezed my chest, my dad slammed his car door shut. Just breathe.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” My dad shouted from across the road, his navy suit getting drenched in the rain.

“How dare you be such a fucking baby over one little rape incident.” Anger filled me up as if a jug was being pored down my throat and into my lungs.

“How dare you come here and stick up for a man who is a rapist and rapes your daughter. I know you hate me but seriously, what if this happened to Kat!” I screamed as I walked over to him.

“This wouldn’t have happened to Kat. I never would have sent Tim photos of Kat, I only do it to sluts like you!” Tears welled up in my eyes knowing he was responsible for this whole thing.

We stood there in the rain arguing for who knows how long. He stepped closer to me, and kept etching forward every few seconds.

“Leave my house right now, and go fuck yourself while your at it!” I screamed. He didn’t like that because his fist was suddenly colliding with my cheek, I fell to the hard gravel below me. He grabbed a rock from nearby and threw it at full force, it collided with my cheek. Black dots danced my vision, I could hear my dads car pulling out the driveway.

I don’t know how long I was laying there but somebody lifted me up, I groaned in protest when pain shot through my head. I opened my eyes slightly to see Kyle’s face staring back down at me.

“She’s awake get the door.” He said to someone I don’t know who I wasn’t paying attention. He carried me all the way to bathroom and sat me down on the cool countertop.

“We keep hanging out in here.” He laughed kissing my forehead, then opening some of the draws to try and find the first aid kit again.

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