Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Eleven

It had been about a week since Tim was arrested and my cuts were healing very well, Kyle and I have been hanging out for a bit, but its always at my house never his. Every time I try to bring it up though he changes the subject almost immediately, I don’t know what’s wrong but I will find out.

Today my mum will get home and in a few weeks she’ll be back at work. I was heading out to my aunt’s car with my mum in a wheelchair beside us, she was walking but still in a lot of pain so the doctor told her to use the wheelchair.

“Jenny can you grab my phone out please.” She asked looking up to my aunt. We continued walking whilst my mum was typing away on her phone. The drive home was quiet, nobody said a word.

“Are you happy to be home mum?” I asked when we got to the front door, she nodded.

“I’m going to take a nap.” She said as Jenny wheeled her to her room.


I was scrolling through my Instagram feed for the 15th time today, I had to distract myself. My dad slammed the front door closed, he was early. He wasn’t suppose to be home for another three hours, I turned my head in the direction of Nicolette's room. I saw my dad walking straight in there, no hesitation, no guilt for his actions. I quietly walked over to my little sister's room, pressing my ear against the door lightly.

"Hey Nikki I need some help, I had a bad day at work." He told my little sister, I heard a zip being undone. I didn't know what to do, if I barged in there I could put Nikki in more danger and myself. But if I didn't, I knew exactly what he was going to do. My phone blasted its ringtone scaring the shit out of me. I quickly bolted back to the couch.

"Oi Kyle! what the fuck are you doing here! I'm home so fuck off!" he yelled, as he came storming into the lounge room. I heard Nikki's sob from her room.

"I'm sorry Dad, Bryce isn't here yet to pick me up. That's who was calling." I explained looking at the ground. I needed to take Nikki and get out of here.

"I want Mummy." Nikki sobbed coming into the lounge room. I moved past my dad to go pick her up.

"I know you do Nikki, we all miss her. But Mummy is playing with Nanna and the angels now." She wrapped her small arms around my neck and cried.

"I'm going take Nikki to visit Mum's grave." I told my dad taking a step away from him.

He moved towards us, his dark eyes showing his soul. His large hands reaching for the little girl in my arms, I stepped back at his movements. He wasn't going to hurt Nikki if I was here. He reached for her again, but she only hugged my neck tighter, I held her tighter in response.

"No your not taking her anywhere, I need her to comfort me." He yelled reaching for her again. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, taking a few steps away from my dad I pulled my phone out.

I'm here. Bryce texted, I shoved my phone away, and looked to Nikki.

"Do you wanna go see mummy's grave?" I asked her, she nodded her head eagerly.

"I'm going, bye dad." I said moving around him and grabbing my backpack.

"I'll drop her off just before bed." I said leaving for the door. My dad stood there his hands in his hair, he nodded as I left, I headed out to Bryce's car.

"Wait, what's Nikki doing here?" Bryce asked as I got in the backseat with Nikki.

"My dad was going to do those things again, she wants to see mum." I explained putting her seat belt on.

"Nikki, if we get pulled over Bryce is your big brother and your 8." I went over how little lie again, she nodded her head as Bryce started driving. He drove to my Mum's grave, I held the handles of the car and Nikki's hand. I've hated driving in a car ever since.

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