Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Twelve


I'd been trying to reach Kyle all day and nothing, at first I thought he was busy, but as night fell I wasn't so sure. Ally had been texting Bryce all day and Kyle had said that they were spending the day together.

"Hey Kyle just wondering if your okay?" I texted him. I probably seemed pathetic. I felt stressed so I decided that I would go see Kat and go to our favourite Café. I walked out of the house and down the street, when I got to the cemetery a little girl was sitting a headstone sobbing, I couldn't see anyone with her. I sat down and talked with Kat for about an hour before heading to the café. I saw the same little girl walking around looking lost.

"Hey, are you okay? do you need help?" I asked her, she nodded.

"Okay well what's wrong? and if you don't mind me knowing what's your name?" I spoke as i squatted down to her height.

"I cant find my brothers, or their car." she sobbed, I pulled her into a hug.

"It's okay I'll help you. what does the car look like?" I asked getting up.

"Thank you, its black" she began describing the car and what was around the car. "My name is Nikki by the way." She finished.

"Well Nikki my name is Addi, now lets go find the car." I spoke reaching for her hand, she took it and we walked around. after about five minutes we found the car. She let go of my hand and ran towards the car. I tried to follow her but as soon as she entered the car sped off.


Bryce and I headed back to the car whilst Nikki stayed at the grave, she knew what to do in an emergency so we thought it was fine. Bryce talked to me and got me to not think about the accident, much. We were sitting there when we saw Addi heading this way holding Nikki's hand, as soon as Nikki pointed to the car she ran towards us.

"Get ready to drive, as soon as Nikki gets into the car you need to drive. Addi cant know that i was here today." I explained to Bryce. he nodded back at me. When Nikki jumped into the car, as soon as the car door shut Bryce drove off.

"Hey Nikki, did you enjoy your talk with Mumma." I asked once I had buckled her in. She nodded eagerly.

"Yeah I talked to her about a lot, she didn't respond though." she said pouting.

"Yeah but she would've been listening." I explained. she nodded.

"Kyle, I got lost. But a really nice girl helped me, her name was Addi." She spoke fidgeting with her hands, I nodded.

"that's okay, I'm glad someone nice helped you." I explained a small smile playing at my lips as I thought of Addi, I don't know why I had been so sure to run from her, I wish I hadn't.


I walked into the café and sat down in the corner, I stared at my coffee in my hands. I felt tears run down my cheeks as I remembered Kat's smiling face.

"Come on Addi, I want a drink and this place seems nice." She had said, smiling her cheeky grin.

"Okay but will they serve to two eight year-olds." I asked, she shrugged her shoulders and walked right in.

"Can we please have two apple juices?" She asked the cashier, they nodded handing us the juices as Kat payed. We sat down on the grey couch -that I sat on now- in the corner, declaring this our spot and our café. Ever since then we always hung out here. After her death it took me to two whole months to even walk on this street, another month to even walk in, by four months I finally sat back in this spot.

"Let's sit here for a bit." Her smiling face filled my thoughts, we used to laugh and talked for hours on end in this spot; I wish we still were. Her funeral was the hardest thing I've gone through, people asked me if I was okay more then my parents. I lost half of me that day.

I felt some tears run down my cheeks, I stared down at my coffee as some tears splashed into it's dark depths, I swiped at my cheeks as a little girl ran up to me.

"Hi Addi, are you okay?" I recognized Nikki's voice as she hugged me.

"Yeah I just miss someone that's all." I brushed some of her dark curls out of her face.

"If you miss them then you should go talk to them, even if they are in heaven." she smiled at me. I nodded my head.

"I got to go, my brothers are waiting for." she ran out of the café before I could say bye.

My phone went off beside me and I answered it as soon I saw Kyle's name pop up, I smiled when I heard his voice but my smile quickly fell at his words.

"Hey sorry been busy." He sounded so distant.

"That's okay, want to go hang out?" I heard him sigh on the other end of the phone.

"No." He told me straight up, he took a deep breathe.

"Look Addi, I don't think we should talk anymore." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Why am I not surprised, your the same as every other fuckboy at school. You know I actually thought you changed, stupid me." I couldn't believe I could be so stupid.

"I did change Addi, but I'm not ready to be a dad. I'm 16, I still have so much I want to do." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Kyle knew I wasn't keeping it.

"Fuck you Kyle! I'm not keeping it!" I hung up on him. I saw him standing outside the café holding Nikki's hand, I hated him.

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