Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Fourteen


When I woke it was extremely bright and I felt someone holding my hand. I opened my eyes and saw Kyle sitting beside me eating a McDonalds burger and fries. It looked so good but I couldn't eat. He looked to me and handed me a fry, I shook my head at him.

"Eat the fucking fry Addi!" He snapped at me, I ate the fry with disgust. The doctor walked in at that moment with a serious look on his face, he looked at my chart and shook his head. Kyle squeezed my hand in reassurance, I looked over to him and saw him smile at me, breathe he mouthed.

"Addison unfortunately you have had a miscarriage, we are very sorry for your lose." I didn't know how I felt, the doctor walked out of the room giving us some privacy.

"Addi? Are you okay?" Kyle asked climbing onto the bed beside me, I shrugged, I didn't know how to feel.

"I feel happy but also guilty for feeling happy." I explained as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"It's fine, its not like you were going to keep it." He explained placing his hand on he back of my neck, he slanted his lips across mine and moved his hand under my shirt.

"Excuse me but your disrupting Miss Carson's rest" Kyle laughed beside me and hopped off the bed.


Addi was still in hospital and no matter how much I wanted to be with her I needed to look after Nikki. I was currently sitting on the couch playing some game on my phone whilst Nikki sat next to me watching some Disney movie.

Hey Bryce can you look after Nikki so I can go see Addi? I couldn't leave Nikki by herself but I needed to check on Addi.

Nah sorry I'm on a date with Ally. I rolled my eyes at him, I looked at the little girl beside me, her dark curls covering her gorgeous blue eyes. She looked up at me with those eyes curiosity filling them.

"What's wrong Kiki?" She asked me, using her girly ass nickname for me.

"Bryce is to busy to look after you." I explained throwing my head against the back of the couch.

"Why cant you look after me?" She asked as sadness filled her face.

"I need to go see someone in hospital." I was always straight forward with Nikki, she hated being left in the dark because of her age. She smiled up at me.

"Take me with you then, I'll be a good girl. And we can get them a big teddy bear, so they don't get lonely when you leave them." She really was to sweet for this world. I nodded down at her.

"Who is it Kiki?" She asked as I picked up off the couch and placed her on the ground beside me, we headed outside as I called for a taxi.

"My girlfriend." I smiled as I thought of Addi.

"Ooo Kiki and his girlfriend sitting in a tree k i s s i n g." She didn't stop singing until we got to the hospital. When we entered Addi's room Nikki immediately ran up to her and jumped on her bed. I chuckled as Addi's face represented just how shocked she was by Nikki's powerful hug.

"Addi! What are you doing in Kiki's girlfriend's bed?!" She screamed making both Addi and I flinch back at her sheer volume of her voice.

"Who's Kiki?" She asked looking to me.

"Your looking at her." I smirked making her cheeks turn red.

"Well in that case I am." She turned to the little girl that sat on her lap. Nikki looked to me smiling widely. She squealed extremely loudly in excitement. We all sat there and listened to Nikki ramble on and on about how excited she was that Addi was my girlfriend.


Kyle left to go grab something that Nikki demanded him to get, she wouldn't say what but demanded he get the "special thing". She smiled up at me, her sweet happy smile. Her smile could melt anyone's heart.

"Addi does this mean that your going to live with Kyle and Bryce?" Nikki asked as her baby blue eyes met mine.

"Doesn't Kyle live with you?" She shook her head at me.

"Nikki! Nobody was supposed to know." Kyle's angry voice boomed through the room.

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