Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Fifteen


As I stepped into the room I heard Nikki tell Addi about my living arrangements. I currently live with Bryce and his family, I haven't lived with my family since my mother passed away. I looked at my little sister as she slid off of Addi's bed.

"I'm sorry Kiki I thought she would have known." She looked up at me as tears filled her big blue eyes. I ran my fingers through my hair.

"I know Nikki, its okay." I placed the huge bear just inside of the door as I leaned down to pick her up. I placed her on my hip and held her close to me, she wrapped her little arms around my neck and hugged me for a second.

Hey Bryce can you come pick Nikki up from the hospital? I need to talk to Addi alone. I sent out a quick text to Bryce before placing Nikki on one of the chairs.

"Nikki wanted to get you a big teddy bear so you wouldn't get lonely." I smiled as i grabbed the giant bear from beside the door.

"SUPRISE!" Nikki shouted making us flinch again. I moved to the seat closest to the bed and sat down, holding the bear in front of me.

"Thank you Nikki I love it. Thanks Kyle." Addi smiled grabbing my hand.

I felt my phone ping in my pocket, I pulled it out and immediately opened the message at Bryce's name.

Yeah I'll be there in 5. I turned my attention to Nikki as she was climbing of her seat and back onto Addi's bed.

"Nikki, Addi needs her rest." I told her, she looked up at Addi then to me with the saddest puppy dog eyes she's ever done.

"But Kiki I want to be close to her and give her lots of hugs." She pouted. Addi giggled behind her pouting and giving me puppy dog eyes too.

"Yeah Kyle, she's giving me hugs and love. pretty please can she stay on my bed." I shook my head chuckling away at the sight the two of them made.

"UGH, your impossible. Fine." I sighed running my hands down my face as both of them shouted YAY in excitement.

"Nikki, Bryce is going to pick you up in 5 minutes to take you home okay." I told her, she looked at me with the same puppy dog eyes.

"No Kyle, please don't make him take me home." Tears started running down her face at the mention of home.

"I'm sorry but he has to, maybe try talk to him and delay it but you will have to go home eventually." I reached over to grab her hand but she turned and gave Addi a hug instead, Addi rubbed Nikki's back and comforted her. We all sat in silence until Bryce came.


I didn't know how bad Kyle's living arrangements were until Nikki started sobbing at the mention of going home. I comforted her in my arms as she cried. When Bryce showed up Nikki refused to leave, so Bryce stayed and talked to me as Kyle tried to convince Nikki to leave.

"So, how come your in hospital anyways?" He asked me the one question I didn't want to be asked.

"I fainted." I prayed he wouldn't make me elaborate.

"What from?" It's like he was reading my mind and asking me all the questions I didn't want asked.

"I over exercised at the gym and didn't eat anything before or afterwards." That was one way to describe starving yourself.

"Did it effect your baby?" Okay now I'm sure he can read minds cause I never told him I was pregnant, I looked over to Kyle as he mouthed sorry.

"Yeah, I uh had a miscarriage." Bryce's eyes widened at my news.

"Oh shit Addi I'm sorry that must have been really tough on you." I shook my head at him and his eyes only grew bigger.

"No because I wasn't going to keep it anyways." The look on his face was priceless.

"But every girl I know has baby fever don't you want one of your own." Kyle and Nikki both laughed one of the chairs.

"Yes, but not at 16." I started laughing to.

"I don't want to be an auntie until I have finished school." Nikki placed her hands on her hips and looked straight at Bryce making us all crack up laughing.

"Okay, c'mon Nikki let's go get ice cream." Bryce moved picked her up and placed her on her hip.

"No baby making you two!" She shouted from the door, how did she know what that was she was eight.

"How does she know what baby making is?" I asked Kyle as moved onto the bed with me.

"It's a long story, which I'll explain now." He said looking into my eyes.


"When I was 12, I had just graduated primary school. My mum took the whole family to get ice cream. My mum made me sit in the middle of the two baby seats we had in the back." I explained remembering the accident.

"I was complaining about having to sit in the middle, my mum turned around to tell me off. She drove into oncoming traffic and bus drove straight into her side of the car, she and my little sister Clara both died a few days later in hospital." I looked to Addi beside me as she swiped at her tears.

"Wait so you had two sisters? Did Nikki have a twin?" she asked, I nodded in response.

"Nikki has no idea about Clara, we're were going to wait until she is at least eight to tell her. I'll tell her soon, I just need to find the right time." She nodded her head.

"My dad became extremely angry after their deaths, he used to beat the living shit out of me. I would just let him though, a few times I got sent to hospital. So I left Nikki all alone him and moved in with Bryce." I took a deep breath getting ready to tell her the worst part.

"The reason Nikki knows about how babies are made... is because my dad got her pregnant last year. The same way Tim did to you." She looked up at me sorrowfully. Tears slid down both our cheeks. I pulled her into a hug and held her there for a while.

I don't know who fell asleep first but we slept there until her mum came back.

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