Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Sixteen

School started getting intense as the term neared the end. We were currently doing a history project on Hitler. Isaac was researching his life before the war, Ally was researching his life during the war, Addi was researching his life after the war, Bryce and I were putting together the information on both a poster and PowerPoint. The door slid open and almost all eyes were on the boy that stood there, a sheepish smile spread across his face. He walked over to Miss R handing her a piece of paper. She nodded then glanced around the room, her eyes met our groups table.
"You can join table four next to Addison." She pointed to her Addi.
"Isn't that Isaac's spot?" I asked the teacher.
"I thought Isaac sat next to you, well Isaac your spot now is next to Kyle as you normally sit next to him anyways." He nodded as the new kid came to sit beside Addi. He smirked as he sat beside her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him.
Jealousy and anger filled my blood, the look on Addi's face said it all, I needed to help my girl out.
"Hey baby, did you miss me." The boy looked down at Addi smiling.
"Get off me Jackson." She pulled his arm off her and moved her chair away from him.
Jackson pretended to look hurt, that look once would have had me backpedaling in seconds; now it made me want to punch him in the face.
"Ouch baby that hurt my feelings." Jackson grabbed at his chest.
I rolled my eyes and looked back at my work. Ally slid another note towards me.
'What is here doing here?'
I shrugged my shoulders at her.
'I don't know but this won't end well, just look at Kyle's face.' I slid the note back to her, her eyes moved to Kyle's angry face. We both giggled at the sight, that boy could get extremely jealous. She slid the note back to me, before I could read what it said Jackson snatched it out of my hands.
"What do we have here? You will have to make it up to him later then, with a winking face at the end." He shook his head as he looked to me. "We have a naughty girl on our hands." He leaned towards me, "Well I know how you can make it up to me later." He whispered in my ear, I rolled my eyes at his comment.
"Really, well I must obey then since you are the amazing Jackson." I laughed at my little joke. Another knock sounded at the door, we all turned to find out who it was this time. A tall blonde lady with legs for days stood there, her blonde hair hung over her shoulder and her dark glasses framed her face perfectly.
"Sorry for the interruption but there is someone requesting miss Addison." She smiled at me, I stood up and followed her down to the office.
"He requested that you meet him in this room here for some privacy." She showed me to a small room without windows. She turned on her heel and walked away, I gingerly stepped towards the closed door. There he stood, the man who I haven't seen for five years.
"Grandpa?" I asked, he turned to face me.
"Hello Addison." He spoke.
"Ally what was that all about?" I asked Ally hoping for some kind of an answer. She just shrugged her shoulders and moved to sit beside Jackson.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" She snapped at him.
"You know how I'm living with Addison's grandpa whilst I work on his property?" She nodded her head at him. "Well they sold that place and moved back home, thus landing me back here." I had no idea what he was going on about but Ally seemed to.
"Just don't go breaking her heart again." She threatened.
"I promise I wont ever leave her like that again." He looked down at his work, I turned my attention to Ally but she just shook her head at me.
20 minutes had gone by and Addi still hadn't returned from her visitor. Then as if answering my thoughts in she walked with the largest smile on her face. She glided over to her seat in a happy daze and begun working on her school work again. I needed to crack the happy mystery that was Addison Carson's sudden burst of joy.

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