Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Eighteen


The semester had finally ended and Addi and I weren't going as strong as we used to. Me, always being jealous of her friendship with Jackson and her trying to explain that nothing was going to happen between them when it was obvious that something was there. This week was the first week of holidays and I spent most of my time looking after Nikki, that girl was hilariously sassy, she was constantly putting Bryce and I in our places. Nikki was basically the queen and they were her servants if she said jump they would respond how high. It warmed my heart to see Addi so happy around such a girl.

We were currently drawing with chalk on my driveway because Kyle's dad was home and being particularly physical today, Kyle wanted to take her to the cemetery for the day but I convinced him to bring her back to mine afterwards so she wouldn't get bored. Bryce and Ally were tracing each other bodies with chalk, I was drawing some unicorns and castles for Nikki, whilst Nikki and Addi were drawing a Beauty and the Beast scene.

I felt so happy that it felt strange. It felt like as soon as I closed my eyes or let my guard down something horrible happened, I didn't like feeling like this. A bright orange car pulled up in front of my house. Someone stepped out.

"Did you miss me?" Tim called out. "You aren't going anywhere this time." He pointed a gun towards Nikki and Addi.

"Nikki run." I whispered to her, and when she got up the bullet was fired our way.

We all heard his gun scream, we all moved out of the way. All but Nikki. She looked at her chest for a few seconds before she fell to the ground, I caught her in my arms. My little sister started crying out of fear and pain. Bryce grabbed his jacket and pressed it to her chest. Addi moved to my side but I pushed her away, it was her fault that I could lose my little sister.

I clutched at the little girl in my arms, blood seeped from her light blue dress, I sobbed as Ally rang for help. She turned to me and shook her head; they wouldn’t get here fast enough. She wasn’t going to make it.

“Nikki hey, its going to be okay. I love you with all my heart.” I cried clutching her in my arms. I sobbed harder when blood seeped through Bryce’s jacket, I was losing her way to fast. My little Nikki was spreading her wings to soon.

“Who’s turning on all the lights.” She asked, looking around.

“What do you mean Nikki?” Bryce asked as tears filled his eyes, he loved Nikki just as much as I did.

“I see mummy and Nanna, but they are in heaven?” She asked. I nodded as I sobbed.

“Go see Mummy, she will take care of you now my sweet angel.” I smiled down at her as her baby blue eyes started closing.

“I love you Kyle, I will be watching down on you.” She spoke, her voice became more and more distant as she stepped closer to my mum.

“I love you to Nikki, I’ll make you and mum proud I promise.” I smiled down at her as more tears slid down my cheeks.

“Goodbye Kyle.” She whispered.

“Goodbye Nikki.” I whispered kissing her head as she shut her eyes. The tears streamed down my face faster then a waterfall. Bryce went to her small, frail wrists, checking her pulse he shook his head at me.

“She’s gone.” He sobbed. Ally moved to beside him, hugging him as he fell apart with me. Addi moved beside me trying hug me, I only hugged Nicolette harder.

“Hey Kyle, I’m here for you.” She whispered wrapping her arms around my waist. I pushed her away from me, I hated her, it was her fault that Nicolette was gone.
“Fuck off Addi!” I yelled pulling everyone’s attention. “It’s all your fault she’s gone! You fucked that psycho! You told me to come here with Nikki! You’re the bitch here!” I screamed at her. She ran I don’t know how far or where she was heading, but she left. I didn't chase after her nor did I care if she got hurt.

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