Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter One

Sometimes my life sucked but other times it was amazing. This story tells both parts. Let me start from the beginning. I was born in Geelong hospital on December 18th my parents loved having me. I did have a twin sister but sadly she is no longer with us, I’ll explain that later.

My dad left when I was 11. He was abusive to my entire family, he acted as if he didn’t love us sometimes. So, my mum and I have been on our own for almost 5 years now, I love her so much, she tries so hard to provide for me but it’s hard some days.

My sister’s name was Kathrine, but we just called her Kat. She always seemed fine, I guess she was a bloody good actress. She passed away just two months after our birthday. Suicide. I miss her so much; it feels like half of me is still missing. That’s why my dad left, he couldn’t look at me without becoming angry or sad. I once heard him tell my mum he wished I was the one who died, the next day he left.

It’s hard losing someone so close to you like that, wondering if you could’ve helped or known. But with Kat she always seemed fine, even when she was sick it was fucking hard to tell. Me on the other hand I wasn’t as good at hiding it. If I was sad it was obvious. It sucked, I would get called a baby and more just for acting the slightest bit sad.

My dad used to call me the problem child for many reasons. I think the two main ones would be the fact at 8 I was diagnosed with a rare form of anxiety. The doctors call it mixed diagnosed anxiety, I call it PTSD, separation anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorders. Basically, if I had a panic attack I could go to hospital, daily, but it’s not all that bad I take medication. Another reason could be when I was younger, I had weak bones which meant lots of trips to hospitals. Each time I broke a bone it didn’t hurt, much, but it became expensive. I guess that’s why my whole family never noticed my sister’s depression.

I had a feeling for so long that something was wrong yet every time I tried to get her open up, she would shut me down or ignore me completely. She seemed okay so eventually I gave up. What else could I have done, but it still feels like it wasn’t enough. When we turned 11, I knew something wrong, she kept distancing herself more and more every day. What else could I have done, but it still feels like it wasn’t enough.

Now she’s gone. Most nights I can hear my mum crying out her name, it’s probably really hard for her losing a child, even worse is seeing someone who looks almost exactly like her. But what we have is good, strange but good. My mum changed her last name back almost as soon as my dad left, I left mine the same.

My mum is an English and History teacher at my school, nobody knows she’s my mum though. Well except for my friends. I like it that way. My mum is a really good teacher, she’s strict but kind. She uses games in a lot of her lessons which makes the students remember what they learn, her classes always get the best exam results. When school starts, she will be my English and history teacher, that’s going to be awkward.

I’m going into year 10 at Olympus high school, it’s nice, I guess. The school recently changed its uniform policy and as long as we wear one item of the school uniform, we are obeying uniform rules. They do have a dress code which kind of sucks but it’s alright.

Dress code:

Shorts, skirts, dresses must cover the buttocks.

Shirts must cover the sides of undergarments.

Shirts must cover more than just the chest (no boob tubes)

Pants must cover the waist.

No underwear is to be showing (bra straps accepted)

Racist slurs on clothing are banned.

Its small yet reasonable. A lot of people looked at it to make sure it would be reasonable. Everyone is happy most of time, my school unfortunately like a lot of schools we have the popular group. Most are approachable and fun to talk to some aren’t. its fine. I hang with my best friend Ally and our friends.

First day:

Well today is the day I go back to school. Ugh I wish I could just stay on school holidays forever. My last class today will be with my mum, it’s going to be awkward, I’ve never had a class with her before so it will be new.

School seemed to drag on and on except one strange thing happened today at lunch Kyle asked me out. THE most popular guy in school asked me on a date, I’ve liked him for ages. He seems extremely nice, so it seems realistic, right? I mean maybe it is some stupid prank but I’m still going to go, nothing bad could really happen.

I headed to English and history with butterflies, I had no idea who was in my class well apart from Ally but she was coming late because she had an appointment at lunch. So, I sat by myself.

“Can I sit here?” a deep voice said behind me.

“Hello? Addi?” wait that deep voice was talking to me.

“Uh sure I guess.” I replied.

He sat down next to me and e handed me a note.

‘I can’t wait for Sunday. Let’s meet at the edge at 12’

“I’m going to go sit with my friends sorry.” Kyle told me.

“ok.” I was a little annoyed but I think he really is genuine about Saturday.

“alright class I’m miss R, I’m going to be your English and history teacher for this semester.”

The class finally ends and well it wasn’t good. The class was extremely loud and for the first time ever in my mums’ class she made a seating plan. Next lesson is going to be interesting.

I was so happy when I was finally home.

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