Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Three


Last night my mum and I went to the police, it was difficult.

“Today we are going to continue our discussion on consent. Now here is a news article that was recently posted that I thought we could take a look at.” Mr. Harbour spoke. Oh no!

‘Teen Girl Raped After Her Date Ditches Her’

This article was about me. Same date same time same location. I glanced at Kyle he was staring at me with a worried look in his eyes. There was no way he knew. Right? Class dragged on forever, but the bell finally rang.

“Hey Addi, can I talk to you” Kyle tapped on my shoulder. I couldn’t. It was his fault. If he didn’t ditch me, I never would have gone through what I went through.

“No, you can’t talk to me.” I felt broken.

“Addi please I’m begging you.” He sounded sad.

“ugh. Fine, just hurry up.” I rolled my eyes.

He pulled me aside right by our classroom. I prayed the teacher wouldn’t hear.

“what happened after you left the date-“He started but I cut him off.

“correction, when you didn’t show up at all, and I had to walk away feeling embarrassed.” Oh no my breathing started to spiral. No. No. No.

“where not only did I leave feeling embarrassed but got kidnapped and raped.” My mouth just kept moving before I could shut myself up. My hand flew to my mouth, and I ran away before I said anything else. I couldn’t breathe. It got worse and worse.

I felt dizzy. And then I was out. Like a light only way worse. I had let my anxiety get the better of me, I could hear and feel everything. I felt someone’s arms on mine, shaking me.

“Addi. Addi. Addi can you hear me.” It was Kyle. I felt his arms lift me up. Then it’s like I fell asleep or something, I couldn’t remember anything after that.


I was anxious, this was the second time that Addi was missing English and History. I hoped she was okay, she’d fainted. And I was worried, because before it all she had told me a pretty big thing. I felt so guilty if only I’d shown up to our date, she never would have experienced that at all.

“Hey, Kyle. What is the pretty little head of yours thinking?” Kailey’s annoying voice boomed behind me. She had it in her head that we were going to get together, I don’t know why. I’ve never liked her, I barely even speak to her, and she’s just so fucking full of herself.

“It’s none of your business, I’m just worried about someone.” I rolled my eyes as she sat down next to me.

“Naww my poor baby. I’m doing great though so you have nothing to worry about.” She said as she squeezed my arm.

“The only thing that I’m worried about you, is the fact that you must be so fucking delusional if you think I’ll ever go out with you.” I explained as I moved away from her.

I heard her annoying fake ass scoff come from behind me as she moved away.

“Hey guys I’m going to be your substitute for today as your teacher has some stuff to attend to” great a sub, basically free time.

“Umm, this is awkward. My emails aren’t opening, so I can’t access your lesson. So, you guys can either study, chat, sleep or whatever you want. As long as it follows the school rules.” This sub was actually the best. Free time.

I pulled my phone out of my bag and started texting Addi. Yeah, we aren’t close but I wanted to make sure she was okay.

‘Hey Addi, hope you’re doing okay. – Kyle’

Nothing at first.

‘Hey Kyle, yeah I’m alright. Just stuck in a boring room. -Addi’

Room? Why wasn’t she at school? She should be here. Her annoying voice should be arguing with the sub about useless matters, she should be laughing with Ally, and I need to talk to her about what she told me the other day.



Today I was going back to school. My mother was starting her new idea on our English and History class, she was going to put us in table groups. I had helped her with deciding with who had sat where, of course I put Ally and I together. At the beginning I had asked my mum to put Kyle with us, I regret that decision now.

Health was awkward everyone kept asking me if I was okay. The teacher talked about mental health. Mostly anxiety. Mr. Harbour knew about why I had fainted. Well, he didn’t know the whole reason. He knew that I had a panic attack and my breathing was so bad that I fainted.

But to talk about in class was just plain awkward. Every so often I would glance at Kyle, and sometimes he would look at me with worried eyes. I just had to make it out of class without talking to him or the teacher.

“Alright class the bell is about to ring, Addi can you stay back after class.” Mr. Harbour informed me and our class. Whispers possibly about me filled the room.

The bell rang finally.

“Now Addi I just wanted to see how you were feeling. I noticed that you kept looking at Kyle, was he the reason? If so, we can deal with whatever happened.” He pondered as he started packing up his things.

“No sir, he just was there when I fainted. The reasoning for the panic attack remains a mystery, as a million things were running through my mind at the time. And i am okay now.” I informed him.

“Ah, okay well if that kind of thing happens again please let us know, you may go now.” He repeated the same thing everybody does when they find out about a panic attack. I just nodded, and I left the room.

I had to hear all those words through all of my classes, every teacher wanting to stick their noses in my business. Finally, English and History, yes, I had to sit with Kyle but at least I wouldn’t be quizzed by the teacher as my mother already knew about it all.

“Alright class, nobody sits down unless I tell you to. You will sit where I tell you. No, you aren’t allowed to switch spots. I have everybody’s names written and their spots. If I catch you switching there will be consequences. A warning, staying in, then detention.”

She wasn’t in a good mood today, my dad had refused child support, again. He was telling people that we kicked him out, he left. I wanted him gone, He was abusive, he would beat me daily after Kats death. He blamed me.

My mother went around the room listing people and where they sat. Kailey really wasn’t happy about where she sat, with people who never tried really hard, meaning she would have to do a lot more work to pass.

“Table 4. Kyle here, Ally here, Bryce here, Addi here, Isaac here.” She moved onto table 5 before she made her way back to the front of the classroom, we had all sat down by then.

“These table groups not only will be where you sit, but your groups for group projects. Remember this class isn’t just English its history as well that’s where most of your group projects will come from.” She said as half of our class sighed. I had to hold back my laughter.

This year was going to be entertaining.

“The way class will work is on Mondays we will work on English, on Tuesdays will usually be working on whatever English project is set. On Thursdays we will work on history and Fridays will usually be for group projects. Let’s start todays lesson.” She talked.

The rest of class was actually a lot of fun, Bryce and Kyle kept pissing each other off, Isaac knew most of the answers so he let us copy him. Ally and I passed notes most of the lesson, one we made sure my mum caught us, she asked us to give her the note.

She just shook her head at us smiling. The note read “ha mum we got you, what’s for dinner cause Ally and I want to know if we need to buy better food.” She gave us both a quiz paper as punishment with the word’s pizza then? Is Ally staying then? Written as the first two questions. I looked at ally. We laughed and answered the questions.

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