Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Five

My mother and I headed back to class in silence, I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. The only thing I knew, was that class was going to be intense. The only sound that carried the hallways was our footsteps hitting the ground.

“Do you want to go in, you can work in my office with ally if you like?” she asked me, turning to face me, sadness gripped her features.

“I’ll go in.” I responded. The tears still evident on my face, I had to tell Ally what I was told, I could be pregnant. I could be pregnant at 16 years old what was I going to do?

We continued walking back in silence and entered the same, silence filled the room as we entered.

“Hey Addi are you okay?” Kyle questioned. I had to fight so fucking hard to not cry, I just nodded in response. I was completely shattered. I could be pregnant.

I felt a piece of paper being passed into my hand. I looked down at it to see a note clearly written in Ally’s handwriting.

‘what happened? -Ally’

‘police, guy not caught. Could be pregnant’ I wrote back.

I heard the smallest gasp escape her lips. I prayed she wouldn’t judge me.

‘I’m sorry, but if you are, can I name the baby’ I couldn’t help but smile to her response, of course she wanted to name the baby.

‘who says I’m keeping it’

‘you will because your best friend wants to be a godmother’

‘you will just wait until we finish high school’ she sighed in response.

‘fine but I will be a godmother of one of your kids one day. Whether you or Kyle want it or not’

A small laugh escaped my lips. I rolled my eyes and turned back to my mother who was currently passing around a paper.

“I’m sorry I have to” she whispered as she handed me mine. My baffled eyes turned to the paper. It was the same article we had to read in health.

Panic filled my body. My eyes filled with tears.

“Addi? It will be okay.” I heard ally whisper, I blinked back the tears. I lifted my head and saw his anger; his face was fuming. Kyle shouldn’t be mad; it didn’t happen to him.

‘you need to chill. You look like you either going to punch a wall or take a shit’

I quickly wrote on a blue sticky note and slide it forward. His eyes calmed; a grin replaced the anger.

“Today we will be reading about something that happened to someone your age in this area…” my mother started, she turned to me, making sure I was okay, I nodded in response.


Last night I went to the doctors he performed an ultra sound. I told the doctor I didn’t want to know and that he should call my mum, he agreed. The reason I didn’t want to know the results before my mum, is because I didn’t know what I was going to do about it.

“Addi, may I please speak with you.” I heard my mother say as I entered her classroom, we both walked outside.

“The doctor called, he told me the results. You are pregnant.” She told me. I couldn’t help the tears brimming to the surface.

“Do you need a minute? Should I grab Ally?” she asked me. I couldn’t speak, I was crushed. I was hoping it would be negative so I wouldn’t have to decide. I simply nodded, I had still no idea what I was going to do.

“Hey your mum told me to come out and check on you. What’s wrong?” I heard Ally ask.

“I’m. I’m. I’m pregnant,” As soon as I said it, I started crying. Ally just hugged me. We hugged for about a minute.

“Let’s go back in there. Nobody can know.” I finally said wiping my wet cheeks. She nodded and we headed back in.


Miss R had asked to speak with Addi as soon as she entered the room. I couldn’t tell what about, it wasn’t good judging by their faces.

“Ally, can you please go and check on Addi? And you can stay out there for as long as you need.” Miss R whispered to Ally. She nodded and left the room. It must be bad then because normally Addi will put on a brave face and walk back into class.

Whatever was said was really bad news because when Ally got out there, the two hugged for a really long time. Addi shoulders were shaking, I think she was crying. I so badly wished I was the one giving her support, I wished I was helping her through this difficult time. Wait, was I falling for Addi? No way, Maybe. I turned back to Miss R who was looking straight at me. Uh-oh I think she caught me staring at Addi.

I couldn’t concentrate on a word she was saying, everything was muffled by my thoughts. All I could focus on was Addi.

“Get to work. Table 4 you can fill the girls in once they return.” Miss R told the class.

“Fuck!” I muttered. Now I really wish I was listening.

“What?” Bryce pondered. looking straight at me as soon as he stopped whatever he was writing.

“I wasn’t paying any attention and I think Miss R noticed.” I explained. He laughed smacking the side of my head.

“Luckily, I was, and Isaac to. We have to do a history project on some topic, she’s giving us 4 options.” He explained right as the girls came in.

“Let’s do the plague.” Addi’s voice quivered. She sounded crushed, I wanted to know more but I didn’t want to push it at school.

“Alright. Miss R we will do the plague.” Bryce yelled at the teacher. The girls both rolled their eyes at him, classic Bryce. We devised up some of the work.

“What if we all meet up at someone’s house and do it there?” Isaac spoke.

“Yeah, can’t be mine though.” Bryce agreed. We discussed whose house everyone spoke except Addi.

“Addi? What about your house? Would your parents care?” Bryce politely asked. Strangely Addi just glanced at Miss R.

“yeah. My mum is cool with it, just don’t tell anybody who she is.” She explained. What the fuck? Why would anyone care who her mum was? And how did she know her mum is cool with it?

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