Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Seven

We headed into the dining room, the others all sitting at the table working on their laptops, I sat next to ally. I grabbed my pencil case and wrote on a sticky note, passing it to Ally right after.

‘guess what happened’ I wrote.

‘What? Let me guess your dad refused child support again’

‘Yes… and Kyle and I sort of just made out in the bathroom.’ I responded.

“WHAT?!” she screamed. All eyes turning to her.

“Sorry back to work people.” Ally apologized. We shook our heads. I rolled my eyes at her as I laughed

After another five minutes of working I heard the door shut. My mum was home, I was going to have to tell her about Kyle and my face, and what my dad had said to me.

“That’s my mum, Ally and I will be right back.” I quickly explained as I got up pulling Ally with me. She looked at me puzzled, noticing my face for the first time. Her hands flew up to her mouth as she pointed at my cheek. I shook my head at her and continued walking.

“Hey mum,” I started. She turned to me, after shutting the door.

“Hey Addi. Oh my god what the fuck happened to your face?” she asked as her hand flew to her mouth.

“Dad came over and we got into a disagreement.” I started. I then explained what happened with my dad and explained what happened with Kyle. She nudged my shoulder at the mention of him.

“Also our group is here, their in the dining room.” I told her.

“That’s fine, I'm just going to start dinner and if they want they can stay for dinner. Oh and I picked up these books on your topic.” She said as she grabbed some books from her bag.

We headed back into the dining room.

“We will go to the doctor and get that checked tomorrow. And discuss your last visit and the plan.” She said almost right as we entered.

“Okay. Well we better get back to work, our teacher likes good grades.” I joked as everyone turned to look at us, this was going to be interesting.

“Miss R? what are you doing in Addis house?” Bryce questioned.

“Well Bryce its not just Addi’s house, it's my house to. But don’t tell anyone. Addi is embarrassed of me.” My mum loved saying that and judging by their faces they believed her. Ally, my mum and I burst out laughing.

“Guys she's kidding, the reason is because its just easier. Nobody thinks that I get special treatment and my grades are good because I work hard to achieve them.” I explained.

“Wait so how long have you known about this. Like her being your mother and all?” Bryce asked and he seemed serious.

“I can't tell if your actually serious?” Isaac admitted.

“I'm serious. What was that a dumb question?” Bryce inquisitively responded.

“She's always been my mother. She changed her last name to her maiden name ages ago. I knew she was a teacher, but she was transferred to Olympus high second semester of year 7. So that’s why most don’t know she's my mum. So can we keep it that way?” I explained to mostly Bryce. They all nodded in response.

We continued working Isaac left about an hour and half later.

“You boys are welcome to stay for dinner” my mum yelled from the kitchen. The boys both pulled out their phones.

“Yup, I'm good to stay.” Bryce responded.

“Yup same” Kyle chimed in.

We stopped working and headed to mine and Ally’s room. We were chilling and laughing when Ally’s phone rang. She looked to me and grabbed my arm. We left the room and went to the living room.

“Hey, Jenny what is it?” she quizzed her mother. She refused to call her mum, well mum. It’s a long story which ill explain later.

“Well I’ve talked with Kristine and she has agreed, you don’t need me. And I don’t want you or any kids for that matter. So you will be staying with them permanently. And I would prefer if you and Addi either call me Aunty or Jenny. We can still talk but you wont be my daughter anymore. Goodbye.” Jenny hung up on her. Tears were streaming down Ally's cheeks.

“Wait really. Kristine am I living here?” Ally asked my mum. She nodded in response. Ally hugged me I couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad.

“This is amazing! We are going to live together!” she squealed.

Ok so let me explain what's going with Ally and her mum. Her mum had her at 20, she regretted it most of Ally’s life. She was either never home or barely parented, most nights Ally stayed at my house, we became inseparable. We were family from day one, my room became our room. Ally’s Dad left when she was 3. He hated everything, he was an angry man as my mum told us.

Hearing that Ally was going to live with me wasn’t actually that shocking. After a few minutes the boys came out and joined us. We were sitting in our the kitchen when we heard a knock on the door.

“I'll get it.” I said getting up from my seat.

I had a bad feeling about who was at that door, my feet glided across the floor. My heart was beating like a thunderstorm. Fear and panic rose up in my chest. When I opened the door, my eyes settled on his face.

“What do you want?” I questioned.

“I see you scrapped your face on the ground, slut.” My fathers voice echoed.

“I'll say it again what do you want?” I repeated. I stepped forward shutting the door behind me.

“I wanted to show a friend of mine where you lived.” He said pointing to the disgusting horrible man in the car. Tears welled up in my eyes at the sight of him, his mouth curled up in an evil grin.

“Thank you for showing me address, and all of your kindness. This means so much to me.” His evil voice said as he grabbed something from beside him.


We all sat there waiting for Addi to return. I was worried about her, I heard a mans voice faintly. Everyone else was laughing and talking yet all I could think about was Addi. I had a horrible feeling after she left.

“I'm gonna go check on her.” Her mother said leaving the room.

We heard the front door shut. Silence filled the room. The only noise you could hear was the clock and murmurs from outside. A pin drop would send you deaf in this silence…

“Ahhhhhh” a high pitched scream filled the neighborhood. We all ran to the front door. A car was pulling out of the driveway, On the ground lay her. Blood on both their hands. Tears running down their faces. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces for her.

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