Broken Minds Fix Broken Hearts

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Chapter Eight

“Mum. Mum look at me. Look at me!” Addi screamed, her mothers blood covering her hands.

Bryce and I pulled off our jackets, placing them on Kristine’s stomach. Ally was on the phone to emergency services, I ran over to Addi moving myself behind her, wrapping my arms around her. Her entire body shaking as she sobbed.

Hours had passed now and we were waiting in the emergency room. Addi lay on my lap asleep, she’d cried herself to sleep. Poor thing my heart broke for her, her fragile body slept peacefully.

“Who’s here for Kristine Rogers?” A doctor asked.

“We are.” Ally said.

“Hey gorgeous, the doctor is here.” I whispered to Addi as I tried to wake her up. She sat upright looking over at the doctor.

“How is she?” she asked him.

“She is doing very well, thankfully the bullet didn’t hit anything. She has just got out of surgery and is resting. She will make a full recovery.” He told us.

“Can we see her?” Addi asked.

“Yes, family only at the moment.” He explained.

Addi shifted away from me. She grabbed Ally’s hand, and headed towards the doctor.

“We are her family.” Addi told him.

They left with him. I was stressed, I really just wanted to hold Addi and support her.

“Gorgeous? What happened when you went to check up on her when she ran to the bathroom?” Bryce asked me.

“Well. Her face was cut so I fixed it up. And…” I started.

“And what else!” he jumped up and down. He sounded like a little girl. I laughed.

“Well… we hugged for a bit. And-“

“Wait what. I knew you liked her! You were so sad when you weren’t actually going on the date with her.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes at him knowing he was right.

“AND!” I told him. Watching his face. Clearly he was hanging around Ally to much.

“And we kissed. Twice. Well I kissed her head, then she kissed me, then I kissed her.” I told him. I laughed at him again squealing like Ally, We sat back down and waited for the girls.


“Ally, I'm fine I promise.” I tried telling her, she just shook her head at me.

“Addi I'm not an idiot, your mum is in there and you cant stay with her.” She responded seeing right through me.

“Okay I’m terrified, we will by ourselves at home with that creep knowing where we live. He could come back and hurt us, and my mum will be fine, I know she needs her rest. And with me being here my stress will stress her.” I explained to her.

“Yeah you’re probably right. Lets ask the guys to stay then.” She replied putting her arm around me. We walked to the waiting room where the boys were.

“Haha yeah right a restraining order wouldn’t be enough.” I heard Bryce joke. I was to exhausted to care what they were saying.

“Hey we have a question for you two.” Ally said when we walked in there. They both got up immediately and came towards us.

Ally moved away from me and towards Bryce, I felt Kyle move behind me, his arms wrapping around my stomach. His warm breath tickled my neck as he rested his chin on my shoulder, I felt extremely safe in his arms.

“What is it?” Bryce asked.

“Well, can you guys want to stay tonight? It's just that after everything that has happened tonight, we aren’t comfortable staying on our own tonight” Ally said, wrapping her arms around Bryce’s torso.

“Of course. You girls are going to need some muscle.” Bryce joked.

“Yeah, we actually planned on staying and we texted our parents. Its cool with them.” Kyle said behind me.

“Addison I actually have a question I’d like to ask you” the doctor said, making us turn. I nodded and headed towards him.


As she headed off I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening?

“I’m going to get an uber for us.” Bryce told Ally and I.

We all sat back down as we waited for Addi to finish her discussion with the doctor. Time seemed to move slower without Addi in my arms, as Ally got up to take off Bryce’s hoodie, Bryce adjusted his whole body.

Bryce placed one of his legs over the other trying to conceal his body. Ally looked puzzled, but didn’t seem to notice. She went back to her seat on his lap, kissing him on the cheek once seated. I got up not being able to watch this disturbing love fest unfold.

“Are you okay Bryce? Do you want me to move?” I heard Ally ask as I left the room, I just laughed shaking my head in response.

Once I'd turned the corner my heart sank. I saw her heartbroken face enter the female toilets. My poor Addi, tears were staining her rosy pink cheeks. I sat down across from the door placing my head in my hands, I barely heard the door to the toilets open. My eyes met the tall slightly muscular frame of a man he wore a grey suit and runners, heading into the lady’s room.

A strange feeling sunk in the bottom of my stomach. I had to check it out, I pulled my heavy body off the ground. My black runners taking steps filled with purpose, each more quite then the last. The slamming noise of a body filled my ears.

I burst the door open.

“Get the fucking hell off her!” I screamed, running over to the large man hovering over my precious Addi.

I pulled this man off her, as doctors rushed through behind me. They grabbed the creep and took him outside. I cradled her in my arms, I had to be strong. I picked her up feeling her soft, delicate body weigh barely anything. She was knocked out, that fucking bastard was going to pay when I get my hands on him.

As I entered the waiting room with Addi in my arms Bryce and Ally stood up taking in her limp form, Bryce immediately walked to the door opening it so I could leave. Ally flanked my left side and we exited the hospital, I held my Addi as the Uber driver drove us home.

“I’m going to take her up to her room.” I told the others as I headed for the stairs. They both just nodded, heading into the kitchen hopefully to finish the cooking that Miss R started I was starving.

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