Wrong Way Up

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Don't Judge a Book

I was really nervous and had started pacing in my living room waiting for his reply. My phone pinged in my hand, and for a moment I thought about blocking him and just going to bed. No, I was not going to be a coward, I was going to go have sex with a random guy. I take a deep breath and open his email. He gave me directions to a place that was about five minutes away. He included his phone number and told me to call when I got there, and he signed this email Jayce.

“Kendra, I um I am going to go out.” I call out to her.

“What are you talking about it is almost eleven, where are you going?” She immediately asks me back.

“Well you know that guy that placed the ad, I am going to go have sex with him.” I cannot even believe that I just said those words out loud. Kendra is laughing at me.

“Hell, yes girl, it is about time that you finally get laid. Alright so where are you guys meeting up?” I give Kendra the address to where I am going to be, and I even gave her Jayce’s number. If I go missing, I want to make sure that she has as much information as I can give her. For added security I forward her his picture too.

All of a sudden, the temporary courage that had built up in me vanishes. “Kendra should I put on makeup? Should I dress up?”

Kendra shakes her head at me. “No, Noel you are not going on a date, you are going for a booty call. No dressing up, although panties are optional. Makeup well that is up to you, I never leave the house without putting some on.”

“You know what it is late, and you are right it is just sex. Nope I am not going to put on makeup.” I try to put on a brave face, when truthfully everything I am doing is scaring the heck out of me. I grab my keys before I can talk myself out of it, give Kendra a hug, and pull out of my driveway. I am going to do this. I need to do this.

I almost turn around and go home twice before I pull into where he told me to meet him. It’s a long drive, and as I pull in deeper, I see that it is actually a mobile home park. I pull out my phone and give the number that Jayce sent me a call.

“You here?” He did not even say hi when I called. His voice is deep, and mentally I am questioning if this is a good idea.

“Um yeah I just pulled in.” I can hear the shakiness in my voice.

“You see that brown building in front of you. Pull up there I will be there in a minute.” Jayce hangs up the phone. I follow his directions and pull up in front of a small brown building, with fake wooden shingles on it. I step out of my car and lean against it, trying my hardest to appear like I am not nervous as hell.

I see someone walking up and I my nervousness goes through the roof. There is not much light available so I can not make out if it is Jayce or not. I have my hand on my cell phone just in case. When the guy gets closer, he says hey and I relax a little realizing that it is indeed Jayce.

As he gets closer, I get to look him over better. His head is actually shaved, and he is a little shorter than I imagined. He looks like he is a little taller than me though, so I am happy about that. He is skinnier than what his picture shows, and I worry about our size difference. Even though I am losing weight I obviously outweigh this guy. He saunters over to me though and gives me a hug before grabbing my hand. Jayce leads me to the door of the brown building; he punches a code into the door pad and pulls me inside.

“What is this place?” I can not help but ask him. Walking in there are washers and dryers going down the hallway, but I also see a couch and a television. Farther down the hall I see doors, and it almost looks like a hotel.

“Well this is the laundromat, and shower stalls for this park. Since we could not go to your place, and we can not go to my place I figured this place would give us some privacy. Jayce grabs my hand, and once again leads the way past the washers, past the couches, and down the hallway with the doors. Finally, he stops in front of the last door, opens it and ushers me in the room. For a moment I am engulfed in a pitch-black darkness. Jayce fixes that problem relatively quickly though, and a softer white light starts glowing in the room.

Looking around I see that we are in a bathroom of sorts. There is a toilet, a urinal, a sink with a mirror. Farther into the room there is a stall that I am assuming is the shower.

“So, we are going to have sex in a bathroom?” I did not mean to ask the question out loud, but the words slipped right out of my mouth.

“Did you have a better idea that was not going to cost a fortune for a room that we would only use for part of the night?” I cannot argue with Jayce’s logic. Renting a hotel room would cost way too much money to not even stay the whole night. On the brighter side of things even though it was a bathroom there was a lot of room to move around.

“Come here.” Jayce says and grabs a hold of my jacket, not hard enough to scare me but he certainly got my attention. He pulls me into him and captures my lips with his. I have not kissed anyone besides Donavon in ten years. Jayce certainly did not kiss like Donavon. Jayce knew exactly what he wanted with that kiss. He presses into me hard, sliding his tongue along my lower lip. I open my mouth and gladly accept his tongue in a sensual dance. Jayce wraps his arms around me, and I find my way under his shirt.

I am a little shocked to discover that even though Jayce is skinny, he is very muscular. I guess it proves the old saying that you should not judge a book by it’s cover. Jayce now has his hands under my shirt, and skillfully unhooks my bra. This whole time he has been kissing me. He draws away from my lips to kiss down my neck, and the flames of passion that I have not felt in forever flare to life inside me.

It no longer mattered that I did not really know Jayce. It no longer mattered that we were in a bathroom. I was lost in the moment, revealing in the passion and the desire that was coursing through my body. Everywhere Jayce put his lips nerve endings that had been dead for the better of five years sparked to life. For once my brain was quiet, and I allowed the emotions to just take over.

I push Jayce’s jacket off of his shoulders, and he allows it to slide to the floor. I reach for his shirt to pull it over his head, and I drop it on the floor behind him. Jayce’s tattoos are finally revealed. He has some really neat body art, but I do not take the time to admire it. Instead I am more interested in running my hands over his toned stomach. I bite my bottom lip as I explore the valley and peaks of Jayce’s body.

He reaches for my jacket and I help shrug it off of me. He wastes no time in making sure that my shirt follows suit, as well as my bra. Now we are both half naked and I shiver a little as the cold air hits my skin. Jayce reaches behind him and hits a switch on the wall, and I can feel that it was a heater of some sorts. Then his attention is fully back on me, as he pulls me to him and kiss me again. He brings his hand up to play with my sensitive nipple, and I cannot stop from moaning into his mouth. It is like electricity is flowing through my body, and I can feel that I am getting wet in places that have not seen action in too long.

Jayce reaches for the button of my jeans and slides his hand inside my jeans. He takes his time exploring my slick folds, teasing me before he inserts a finger into me. I run my nails across his back in ecstasy. I have missed feeling the hands of a man, and I have to admit that Jayce definitely knew what he was doing.

I do not want to wait any longer, I am curious about him. I reach for his jeans and he kicks off his shoes. As I undo his belt, and pants they fall to his ankles. Jayce is huge, not just in length but in girth as well. I have never seen a dick as big as his in person before. The man is easily eight inches of throbbing hard cock, with a thick girth as well. Just seeing his cock makes me even more wet. Jayce is pushing my pants down, as I run my hand up and down his length.

I take advantage of his distraction and get on my knees. Jayce has teased me beyond all thoughts, and I just want to taste him. I pull him closer, and quickly pull him into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, and he lets out a groan of pleasure himself. I have always enjoyed giving pleasure to my lover, so hearing him moan just makes this better for me. I moan into him as he gently wraps his hand in my hair. He is gently but commanding at the same time setting the tempo as my head bobs on and off his thick cock. Jayce is so big that I can not take him fully into my mouth. He lets me tease him a little while longer before pulling completely away from my mouth.

Jayce lowers me onto my back, and I hiss as my bare skin touches the freezing tile. Jayce lifts me up a little and he arranges our discarded clothing underneath us so that I have a barrier against the cold. Then his lips are back on my skin, and all rational thoughts leave my mind. The air in my lungs leaves my body as Jayce wraps his lips around my nipple. His other hand is teasing my clit. I am moaning out loud, not caring if anyone hears.

Jayce positions himself between my thighs, and I can feel the head of his cock pushing against my wet channel. I arch my back, hoping to hurry him along. The fire that he has awoken in me is hungry, and the only way that this beast is going to be sated is to have him deep within me. Jayce does not make me wait and plunges into me. I gasp as my body takes a moment to get used to him length and girth. Jayce is huge, it kind of hurts but only for a moment. He kisses my neck and gives me a moment to catch my breath.

Jayce begins thrusting softly at first, and I can feel my desires spiraling out of control. Feeling every inch of him move with in is like fireworks on the fourth of July. The flames of desire are engulfing me within their light, and I feel Jayce speed up his thrusts. My body clenches around his thick shaft as my orgasm soaks both of us. It has been years since I had an orgasm, and I cried out in desire as the shock waves coursed through my body. Once I have settled down, Jayce tells me to flip over and get on my knees.

I do as he requested, and he gives my ass a little slap. Then he slides back into my now dripping wet pussy from behind me. Jayce feels even bigger from this angle, and it does cause a little pain. His thrusts have become more urgent, and I am surprised that my body is reacting to it. I find his primal lust exhilarating, and I feel another orgasm building within me. I have never had two orgasms in a night. I did not even know that was possible.

With Donavon sex was alright, but it was not like this, and it certainly did not last this long. Donavon only liked to have sex in the missionary position, and he did not like foreplay. Sex lasted maybe fifteen minutes with Donavon, and once he got his orgasm he was through. Jayce knew what he wanted, and he did not ask for it he demanded it. Oddly, I found that quality sexy. I was right Jayce was arrogant, but he had a reason to be. He was proving to be an amazing lover. The fact that he was interested in foreplay and had already given me one orgasm was more than I could have even imagined getting from this.

I loved feeling Jayce thrust in and out of me. His hands were gripping my hips allowing him to push himself deeper inside of me. I threw my head back and moaned again as another orgasm ripped through my body. My body was completely drained, I groaned as I felt Jayce withdraw completely from me.

We both sat up, propped against the wall. Jayce put his arm around my shoulders and allowed me to rest my head against his chest as we both tried to catch our breath. The sex was mind blowing, and I was loving the fact that my body finally felt alive. I felt bad though because I was not sure if Jayce had orgasmed. All of my insecurities welled up inside of me and I could not help but ask him if he had gotten his.

He looks at me as if I am crazy. “Yeah I got mine a while ago. I was worried for a minuet there that I was not going to stay hard long enough to give you that last orgasm.” He tells me with a little chuckle. I can tell that my face is turning red. I do not normally talk this frankly about sex.

We start gathering our clothes up and getting dressed. I am relieved to hear that he orgasmed as well. My mind is still spinning from the fact that I had not one, but two orgasms in one night. “So, um do you like want to do this again sometime?” I feel like an idiot even asking him, but truthfully, I am hoping that he says yes.

“Yes, I would.” Relief washes over me with his answer. We finish dressing, and Jayce leads the way out. He walks me to my car and kisses me goodnight. Driving away I am relieving every moment in that bathroom. I could not be happier that I went through with tonight.

Pulling into the driveway I can see that Kendra is on the front porch smoking a cigarette. “So, was he good?” She asks me with a laugh.

“Kendra, he was so freaking good. Holy crap I had two orgasms, and he actually engages in foreplay.” I know that I am blushing, but I had to spill the news to someone, and Kendra is the only person that I can freely talk about sex with. She gives me a big hug and tells me that she is proud of me. I laugh and head into the house.

I grab a quick shower because I have to work in the morning. As I lay in bed that night, I replay my evening. Just thinking about Jayce’s lips on mine has me wanting more. I wonder how long I have to wait before I hit him up again. I hope it is not too long. After not having sex, and then getting to experience mind blowing sex I certainly want more. I slept very well that night, having dreams of Jayce’s hands all over my body.

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