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Roseane Mill, a simple girl that doesn't want any attention given to her that's why she covered up to avoid those stares, then suddenly she bumps into Sean Feddor who is quite used to be given attention, it surprised him that Roseane didn't even did a second look at his gorgeous face nor asked for his name or number which would typically happen with every girl he came across with. But Roseane was different. While Roseane had planned not to get involved with the populars, will Sean be able to grab Roseane's attention without wrecking her plan?

Romance / Drama
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Story Introduction

Roseane Mill, a 19 year old high school girl who just loves the books, and music. It makes her escape out of their world and into a different world full of here imagination and fantasy.
She have read of many romance books and wished to may someday encounter her fated one in the near future, though she doubt it would ever happen because she thoughts of herself as an ugly specie even though her parents look gorgeous and almost perfect, she found herself thinking about maybe she was an adopted. Clearly not tho, she just makes excuses.
But when finding her fated one, will she fight for it or stay silent and drown to her insecurities.

Sean Feddor, a burning sunshine that melts every girl he smiles to. Not a playboy though, he respects girls like her sister told him to.
He's moved to another city with his parents because of work, He loved his parents and also couldn't afford to leave his sister. He thought changing schools would be a fresh start and may be able to practice not getting too attached by a single place.
Not expecting to grow fond of a girl he bumped on his first day of his school, he felt like he needed her to notice him because had never experienced making a girl appreciate his appearance. Will he really be able to make her notice him?

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