Something Between Us

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Alyssa James, a nineteen-year-old college student is trying to break out of shells. She's doing things she's never done before. It also includes befriending her one-year-old crush. Tyler Hogue, who seemed so unreachable and out of her league before doesn't seem so when they start hanging out together. His friendship means more to her than she could imagine and what started as an innocent crush is growing into something more and it spells trouble. Because he is not just any guy, he is her best friend's boyfriend. What will happen when the lines between doing what is right and doing what you want gets blurred?

Sasha Dee
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Chapter 1

I woke up and felt that shuddering uneasiness that I’ve felt since forever. I looked at the clock by my bedside and saw that it’s almost 8 O’clock which means I’m going to be late for my class.

I’m an easy and simple girl. I didn’t pick my outfits the night before and don’t have lots of accessories to accompany them. I don’t have several pairs of shoes, sandals, stilettos, boots, etc. I don’t even comb my hair sometimes. I wear the first thing I see in my closet.

After the five minutes bath, I quickly chug over my blue hoodie top and some sweats along with my sports shoes. I ran down the stairs and I could already hear my family in the kitchen. I laughed as I saw my brother, Trevor, trying to eat noodles with a straw. His twin sister, Tina, was controlling her laugh too at the faces he was making. My dad and Claire were just smiling at them and drinking coffee.

I smiled at them. My family. My beautiful family.

“Good morning everyone!”

I kissed my siblings on their heads. My father gave me a warm smile and I got some giggles from my siblings. Claire just passed me my coffee and turned to the stove.

“So I’m running late for college as you can see but you know what will save me from that? My brand new baby. Now I’m going to ride that black sedan to school and make everyone jealous.”

We only had one car last year, but on Christmas, my dad brought a new car, and it was decided that I was going to ride that baby to uni. I jumped so high at the sight of the car and it feels good to have my own car. I’m tired of carpooling with my friends all the time.

“About that, I was going to talk to you but it slipped my mind. Claire needs a car so she could drive the kids to school and get to her office after that. I’m so sorry sweetie. You can take the car sometimes when Claire is not using it or you can drive mine whenever you feel like driving.”

My dad looked really apologetic, and I understand how much he’s trying to keep everyone happy, so someone has to meet him midway. Most of the time, I’m the only person doing that.

“I think that’s a good idea. I could always catch the bus or call Anne over to pick me up. I actually don’t like to drive alone anyway. See you guys. Bye.”

My father beamed at me, his green eyes shining with pride, though he has grown old, grey hair dusted over his side hair but he still looks handsome. Claire stares at me blankly and I quickly give her a smile before walking out of the house.

The smile fell away from my face as soon as I stepped out of the house. I closed my eyes and looked at the sky asking the universe for strength and courage. I pulled out my phone and called Anne. She lived near the campus and it would be a detour for her but I know she won’t mind. I will do the same for her too.

When Anne’s Mercedes pulled up at my curb, I jogged over to the passenger side. I closed the door and put on my seatbelt as Anne pulled away from my house.

Anne aka Anastasia Beverly, yeah, her mother named her that. Apparently, her mother wanted her name to sound rich as if her family name isn’t enough. She clearly succeeded.

She has been my best friend for a very long time. We used to hate each other a lot till middle school but one day we just became friends over a shared lunch and are still going strong.

We applied to the same universities and luckily got accepted into the same college. Even though she could easily live with her parents, she is living in her own apartment near the campus. She’s been begging me to be her roommate and after today I’m really considering it.

I don’t want to live here anymore. Pretending is exhausting and I’m not that good of an actor. I know my father saw that I was disappointed today and I don’t want to stress him out. Maybe if I moved out, he could finally relax and not feel like he is caught between a cold war.

“I thought you were going to get your own car today.”

I was really excited about the new car and told her everything about it over the phone even if she was 3000 miles away from me during the winter holidays.

I don’t think there is a guy who doesn’t have a crush on her. Anne is what we call an exquisite beauty. She has those long tanned legs, a naturally flat and toned stomach, a bubble butt combined with a more amazing front. Her hair is long and straight and the angelic blond colour goes with her overall look. Her big green eyes are always sparkling with mischief and her pert nose gives her that cute look that guys die for. The full lips and curvy eyebrows make guys worship every step she walks on. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. I’m not even exaggerating.

I’m lucky to have a best friend like her because besides being always there for me she has always supported and encouraged me to do things that I really wanted to but never could find the courage to do on my own.

“Claire needs her own car so she will get that one and I’ll get a new one soon.”

I consider myself a very private person. You will never know what’s going on in my life even if you are very close to me. Anne is probably the only person I could trust with all my secrets but I still couldn’t do it. She knows many things but not the things that have bothered me for so long. And I like to keep it that way.

“Poor you. I think we should drive to campus every day. I don’t mind the long ride but it would be nice if we lived in the same apartment though. It’s our second year in uni. I want to make more memories with you. On the rare days when I don’t feel like driving, you can take the wheel. We could get some extra chat in the morning too. What do you say?”

I looked at this amazing person who happens to be my best friend. How on earth did I ever get so lucky to land a friend like her? I don’t deserve her friendship. Someday an exceptional guy is going to go crazy over her dimpled smile and God knows she deserves every happiness in the world.

“You know what, I’m reconsidering your offer to be roommates. I think it’s high time I moved out of my parents’ home.”

Anne screamed so loudly that she startled the people cycling around us.

“You are not backing away from this. You are moving in today or tomorrow but you are moving in bitch.”

“We have to talk about rent first. I’m not staying for free.”

“My father gave that apartment to me as a gift for just getting into a college. I don’t pay rent. I don’t even know what that place cost and if I tried to pay him, he would refuse to talk to me. What I’m trying to say is just move in and then we can discuss everything else.”

“But— ”

“No buts and ifs. I know you don’t tell me enough but living with your parents is eating you away from inside.”

The silence was the answer. I couldn’t agree but I couldn’t deny the fact either.

“Omg... I almost forgot. I have to tell you something which I should have told you a long time ago but couldn’t because... umm... I actually don’t have a valid reason why I didn’t tell you straight away. Don’t kill me please.”

I have never seen Anne so unsure and nervous. I really wish it was not something drastic or related to her father’s heart operation. I hope it is not some bad news. She doesn’t handle the stress that well.

“What is it?”

“Okay here goes nothing. I’m seeing someone.”

I blinked and then I blinked some more until all I could do was just blink at her very fast.

“Oh my god. You freak. Stop doing that. You are scaring me.”

I stopped blinking and then I just stared at her while she snuck concerned looks at me.

“Say something for god’s sake!”

We reached school and I still hadn’t uttered a word because I couldn’t digest the fact that my single best friend is not so single anymore and what’s more shocking is that she never told me. ME.

I got out of the car as soon as we reached the school’s parking and slammed the door dramatically. I crossed my arms over my chest and jutted my left foot out and tapped it against the road constantly to annoy her.

“Who is he? Where is he? How old is he? In which school is he? I want to know every little detail right now.”

I grabbed her arm and dragged her inside the campus where everyone was rushing towards their classrooms. We were already late but I don’t care anymore. Now, I have more pressing things to discuss.

“You know him. We share the same classes. He is...”

The dramatic pause was not necessary but she just stopped talking at is.. and I looked at her expecting some words or probably a name but that never came because a full blasted ear-to-ear grin broke over her face and she ran past me.

I turned around and saw her hugging a very familiar looking tall guy. His face was covered with his football cap and hidden between her shoulders. Dread filled my chest. Tears started clawing their way out of my eyes. I haven’t seen his face but I know who she was hugging. I hoped for two minutes straight that let him be anyone but him. But then he moved back and I saw his face.

A face I see every day. A face I admire every day. A face that brings a smile to my face every day.

Tyler Hogue.

My one and only crush. My obsession. The first guy I ever liked. He is now my best friend’s boyfriend. This is it. All the fantasies I had about dating him, kissing him, loving him are never going to come true.

I never told Anne about how much I am obsessed with him and if I had then this day would have never happened. I’ve never regretted anything more in my life.

I saw them walking towards me, their hands joined together. I kept staring at it. I looked up and saw him, only him, smiling at her like she’s his whole world. Why him? She could have any guy in this world? Why does she have to be with him?

“Tyler, meet my best friend, Alyssa and Alyssa, meet Tyler, umm... my boyfriend. I’m still getting used to saying that. My boyfriend.”

I smiled just like I did this morning at Claire. He left her hand for a second and came forward to shake mine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy his age shake hands but he’s like that. I know that because I’ve seen him do it so many times. His touch even though lasted for a minute created an indescribable ache right at the center of my chest.

“It’s nice to finally meet you. Anne has told me so much about you. I think we share a class or two but we never really talked much.”

His easygoing smile was going to be trouble for me. I can’t believe he noticed me sitting in the same class as his. I thought I was invisible to him. And yes we never talked because I avoided it at all costs.


I was now reduced to one-word replies only because I don’t know if I could handle speaking more than one word in front of them without uttering how much I know about him.

“We are going to be late for class. Let’s meet at lunch.”

I stood there and saw the happy couple walk away.

Did that really happen or was I living my worst nightmare?

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