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Lia Delores, otherwise known as Vixen, is a famed seductress, working within many mafia circles, known for her ability to seduce anyone she sets her sights on. Well, until she meets Damien Reyes. Damien was to take over his fathers mafia, but until then, they were partnered up, to take down a rival gang who was trying to overthrow The Blood Rose mafia and take over as the leading mafia. The partnership is difficult, and the two can’t quite seem to get along. They don’t like each other in the slightest, and the thing that ticks Lia off the most, is the way he can always resist her manipulations and attempts of seduction and his sheer arrogance.

Romance / Action
Naomi Smith
Age Rating:

Morning - Lia

Lia awoke with a sigh as her alarm rang throughout the room. She glanced to the time and saw that it was 5:00am, right on time. She ran her hands through her hair, which was somehow still flawless, and slowly sat up. She flipped on the light next to her bed, and slipped out of the bed. The silk sheets rustled as she moved them, the silk robes she had on rustling as well.

She walked softly to the bathroom and slipped the bow on her robes loose and the robe fell to the floor, pooling at her feet. She kicked it into the Landry basket, and stepped into the shower, turning the cold water knob.

Lia scrubbed her body, then reached for the shampoo, and put some on her hands, and massaged it into her blonde hair. She followed with conditioner, then brushed her hair to keep it light and soft.

She shut the water off, and stepped from the shower. She quickly dried her body and her hair, and began to apply her makeup. She popped her lips when she was done and smiled to herself. “Gorgeous.” She whispered, winking at herself in the mirror.

Lia walked from the bathroom, and glanced at the clock. 6:30am. Still on schedule. She looked in her closet, and decided on a long, flowing dress in her signature colour: orange.

She put it on, then walked from her room, shutting off the light.

Hello, wonderful readers!! Yes, I know, it’s really short, but the chapters WILL get longer, I promise. Don’t be scared to drop a review or comment, don’t be silent! Tell me what I did well and what I should improve. Thanks,
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