Seven Adrift

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The Survivors

Just then, a male voice came from a distance.

Yo!” the boy said. The girls looked over, watching as a young man approached. “What’s up, ladies?”

“Who the hell are you, now?” Carol asked.

“Name’s Mike! Pleased to meetcha!”

“Mike, huh?” Nicole asked, looking him over.

Mike was a slim young man with dark brown hair and a black speedo. He stood with a cheesy smile, hands on his hips as the girls blinked at him.

“This guy can’t be serious,” Nicole whispered. Kate quietly laughed.

“Well, pleased to meet you, Mike. Wish it was under different circumstances, though,” Laura said, slightly blushing.

“Yeah. Bummer about the cruise. Just when I was startin’ to enjoy myself,” he said with a smirk.

“Umm. Are you retarded? This is a disaster! How can you act so casual?” Carol asked.

“Relax, sister! Get worked up and you might break your other leg!” Mike said.

“Shut up! My damn leg isn’t broken! It’s just sprained!” Carol replied.

“Yeah. Quit teasing an injured person. It’s bad manners,” Nicole said.

“Well excuse me,” Mike said snidely. “I’m gonna have a look around. You chicks stay here.”

As Mike took his leave, the girls looked to each other.

“I don’t trust that guy,” Nicole said.

“Yeah. Seems like a cocky prick if you ask me,” Carol replied.

“I think he’s kinda cute...,” Laura said shyly.

Seriously?” Kate asked.

“Don’t mind her. She’s just boy crazy. Hence that slutty bikini of hers,” Carol teased.

“Hey! Shut up! You hurt your ankle, and I’m the one caring for you. Show some respect!” Laura said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Carol replied.

“Well I think we should look around, too. Mike went west, so I say we head east,” Nicole said.

“Be careful of that guy. Don’t go alone,” Carol said.

“Yeah. You comin’, Kate?” Nicole asked.

“Sure,” Kate replied, the two heading east soon after.

Kate and Nicole searched the eastern beaches as Mike combed the western shores for survivors, Carol staying with her sister on the south end of the island. After nearly an hour of searching, Kate and Nicole paused.

“Look!” Kate said, pointing to the distance.

“Looks like another survivor! Come on!” Nicole replied, hurrying over.

As the two arrived, a young man with blond hair stood before them, wearing a green pair of swim trunks on his slender body.

“Hey,” the boy said quietly.

“Hi! Survived the shipwreck, huh?” Nicole asked.

“Looks that way. I’m Pat, and you are?”

“I’m Nicole, and this here’s Kate.”

“Hi,” Kate said shyly.

“Hey. You guys okay?” Pat asked.

“Somehow. Can’t say the same for Carol, though,” Nicole said.

Carol?” Pat asked.

“Yeah. This girl we met awhile ago. She’s resting with her sister Laura on the other end of the island,” Kate explained.

“I see. Good to know four others survived,” Pat said.

“Well... five,” Nicole said.

“Who’s the fifth?” Pat asked.

“Some guy named Mike. He’s kind of a dork,” Nicole said.

“I see. So there’s six in total?” Pat asked.

“As far as we know,” Kate said. As she spoke, Pat met eyes with her, the girl lightly blushing at his emerald green eyes.

“So, Pat!” Nicole said, somewhat flirty as she stepped toward him. “How old are ya?”


“Ooh! An older man! I’m nineteen, myself, and Kate here’s eighteen,” Nicole explained with a smile. Pat smiled back.

“Nice to meet you two.”

“Back atcha!” Nicole replied.

“We were actually looking for survivors. From what I can tell, we started on the southern shores and have been moving counter-clockwise around the island,” Kate said.

“That’s right. That Mike guy went the other way, and is going clockwise,” Nicole said.

“I see. Wonder if he found anyone?” Pat said.

“Who knows? That guy seems full of himself, though. I feel sorry for anyone he runs into,” Nicole said. “Anyway, what say we keep searching? There could be others around here somewhere.”

“Sounds good,” Pat said, the three soon resuming their search.

Back on the western shores, Mike traversed the beaches, humming as he searched around. As he reached an area thick with debris, he stopped, suddenly noticing someone off in the distance.

“...Who do we have here, now?” he asked himself, looking to a young woman in torn lingerie. “Come to poppa!”

Mike hurried over, calling to get the girl’s attention. She quickly looked around, cringing as she suddenly raised a gun.

Stay back!” she shouted. Mike froze.

“Whoa! Easy! Easy!” he said, nervously raising his hands.

“Who are you?!” the girl asked, her shredded underwear barely covering her body.

“The name’s Mike! Now could you put that thing down?” he replied, eyeing her pistol.

Shut up!” the young woman retorted, further raising her weapon. “Have you seen anyone else around?”

“Yeah. There’s some chicks I ran into down south.”

“How many?”


“Take me to them!” the girl demanded.

“Fine! But could you at least tell me your name?” Mike asked. The girl paused for a moment.

“...Mona. Now move!” she said, pointing her gun at Mike as he escorted her south.

Mona was a tall, slender beauty with straight black hair down to her lower back. She was in her late twenties and had pale white skin and dark eyes. She wore torn white lingerie and maintained a stern expression as she followed Mike south.

Back on the southern shores, Carol rested her leg as Laura sat nearby.

“I can’t believe all this,” Carol said.

“Me neither. Hopefully they’ll send help soon,” Laura replied.

“If they can even find this place. Who knows where the hell we are?”

“Get serious, sis. They have all kinds of tracking devices these days. They’re probably already on their way to rescue us.”

“Let’s hope so,” Carol replied.

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