Seven Adrift

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Terror at Sea

Just then, Mike and Mona returned, Laura and Carol watching in surprise as Mona held her gun.

“What the?!” Laura said.

“Who are you people?!” Mona asked.

“We survived the shipwreck! Who are you?” Carol asked.

“I’m Agent Mona Exley, FBI.”

FBI?!” Laura said in shock.

“Yes. I boarded the cruise liner with my partner, Agent Pender. We received a tip that terrorists might be on board, and it looks like they were right,” Mona explained.

“Did your partner...?” Carol asked quietly.

“I don’t know. We got separated during the commotion. He’s probably dead by now...,” Mona said weakly.

“Can you please get that gun off me, now?” Mike asked.

“...Oh. Yeah. Sorry,” Mona said, lowering her weapon.

“Phew. Thanks! You had me worried for awhile,” Mike said.

“You children... did you escape together?” Mona asked.

“Sis and myself did. We found the others by chance, though,” Laura said.

“Others?” Mona asked.

“Yeah. Kate, and... what was the other one’s name?” Carol asked.

“Nicole. They went up the eastern shore looking for survivors. We’d have gone with them, but sis hurt her ankle during the wreck,” Laura said.

“I see. So there’s five of you in total?” Mona asked.

Six!” Nicole said, appearing from afar. The group turned to her, watching as she approached with Kate and Pat.

“You’re back. And...?” Laura said, looking to Pat.

“Guys, this is Pat. He’s a really nice guy!” Nicole explained.

“Hey,” Pat said quietly. Mike folded his arms.

“Hmph. Another guy, huh? And here I thought I had these chicks all to myself,” Mike said.

“Shut up, moron!” Carol said. Pat then turned to her, approaching as he noticed her leg.

“You okay?” he asked, concern clear in his voice.

“I... I’m fine. I just... kinda hurt my ankle when the ship went down,” Carol explained shyly. Pat bent down, examining her wound.

“Looks like a minor sprain. You should be okay. Just keep your weight off it for awhile, and massage this area like so,” Pat explained, soon rubbing her ankle. Carol blushed.

“Wh... What are you doing...?!” she asked bashfully.

“Sorry. It’s just, my dad’s a doctor, and I’m studying to become one, myself. I sort of know about this kind of thing,” Pat replied.

“A doctor, huh? That’s fortunate,” Mona said. “We could be on this island for quite some time.”

“What makes you say that?” Kate asked.

“When Pender and I were investigating the terrorists, we learned that they’d drifted the cruise liner far off course,” Mona replied.

“You mean they hijacked it?” Carol asked.

“Sort of. They tampered with the ship’s navigating systems. It seems they planned to steer the ship to an unknown location where a larger group of terrorists would come hijack it,” Mona said.

“And you couldn’t stop them?” Laura asked.

“We were about to intervene. Then the bomb went off,” Mona said.

Bomb?!” Mike said.

“Yes. It tore through the western hull of the ship. It must have been massive to make the ship sink so quickly,” Mona said.

“So it was terrorism after all,” Nicole said.

“Indeed,” Mona replied.

“But... surely someone knows where we are, right?” Carol asked nervously.

“I can’t be sure. There are many ways of tracking a ship with today’s technology. These terrorists knew what they were doing, though. They may have disrupted the entire ship’s tracking systems,” Mona explained.

“Great. Just great,” Mike said.

“Why did they blow up the ship if they planned to hijack it?” Kate asked. Mona shook her head.

“...I don’t know. Something must have panicked them,” she said.

“So what do we do now?” Nicole asked.

“I’m afraid there’s not much we can do. We should keep searching for survivors around the island. Make a complete circle around the shores. We should also keep an eye out for debris we might be able to use that washes ashore. Phones. Radios. That kind of thing,” Mona said.

“Sounds like a plan. Glad we have a tough FBI chick to lead us!” Nicole said with a smile.

“Aww, come on! Everyone knows a man should be the leader! I vote me!” Mike said arrogantly.

“Please! You couldn’t lead a boy scout troop, you moron!” Nicole chided.

“That’s right! And if a man’s gonna lead us, let him be a real man! Like Pat!” Carol said, giving the boy a flirty smile.

“Huh?!” Mike said, looking to Pat in annoyance. Kate lightly blushed.

“...I agree. If Mona doesn’t lead, I think Pat should,” she said bashfully. Pat smiled and shook his head.

“I’m nothing special. Mike can be leader if Mona doesn’t want the role,” Pat said. Mona lightly smiled.

“Dear, dear. What a lively group. I’m not used to this, but I suppose I’ll have to be in charge,” Mona said.

“Aww, man!” Mike said in annoyance.

“Quiet, you!” Carol said. “Thank you, Mona.”

“Yeah. Thanks,” Kate said.

“Don’t thank me yet. I may prove an awful leader. But for now, let’s see how things go. We should formulate a plan. Carol, you stay here and rest with Laura. Nicole, you and Kate search the western shores for any debris that might be useful. Pat, Mike, and myself will walk the shores clockwise from this location looking for survivors. When the sun sets, everyone convene at this spot near Carol and Laura. Sound good?” Mona asked. The others looked to each other.

“Yeah. Sounds good,” Nicole said.

“I’m game,” Mike said.

“Me too. I’ll keep an eye on sis and wait for everyone’s return,” Laura said.

“Very well, then. Move out!” Mona said, the group scattering as everyone tended to their tasks.

And so, the remainder of the first day went by. The seven did as agreed, and sanity was still in full supply. The group had no idea how long they′d be stuck there, however, and it wouldn’t be long before their behavior turned... peculiar.

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