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Skyler's gets a job to work as a maid at the most popular billionaire family, the Addison's. Their twenty-eight year old son is spoilt like sh*t but he is able to manage his father's five star hotel. Apart from that, he has a very cold heart. Do you think Skyler can cope and work with that cold side of him or he gets to have a soft corner for her. Join me let's unveil a new and exciting book👊

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Skyler's POV

I drove my car to the huge Addison mansion. I wasn't feeling good and had to stop at a pharmacy to take some drugs.

I soon reached and parked my car in the staff garage, which had been labelled.

I was in a hurry because i knew i was late for the auditions. Who would ever think of putting auditions on being a maid.

I pushed open the door to the mansion and walked. I dug my head into my bag while searching for a card I took some days ago to show that i was auditioning for the maid.

"Tthmph." I bumped into someone. I pushed my hair back and looked at the person in front of me.

And low and behold there stood the Greek goddess in a black T-shirt and jeans.

"Uhh sir. Are the auditions over?" I took out my card and showed it to him.

"It ended a minute ago and I don't take in late people." He said in a cold tone.

I got angry and turned to go but then he spoke, "but fortunately for you, I need one person to fit in as my maid."

I turned back and said, "So... does it mean that, I could work here?"

"Only if I'm interested in your work," he said. "Follow me."

I walked quietly behind him. We entered a room I assumed as his study room.

"Hand over the card." He read it and typed some things on his laptop. He then tore the card into pieces.

I gasped and he looked at me weirdly. "Everything has been copied and the card isn't needed anymore."

I closed my mouth and he continued typing.

He asked me so many questions and finally these...

"Miss Skyler Campbell. You worked as a nurse right?"

"Yes sir. I worked at Heevy Medical Centre as a first aider but then I was trained and transferred to the Heevy Police Medical Centre."

"With whom did you work with, any specific promotion, and where you lived and with who."

"I worked with my... ex, Senior Police Sankara. I was promoted to senior first aider and I lived on camp but sometimes went home to my dad in an apartment. But he rejected me for his other family so I moved back here to live with my mother."

"Why didn't you continue to work as a nurse." He looked at me curiously.

"I tried three medical centres and they all told me that they didn't take people who were back doored."

"Do you know who back doored you?"

"I'm not sure who it was. It could have been my ex or my dad."

"What would you do if I had told you that I wouldn't take you because you have a back doored past record."

"I would go and look for another job."

"Was your ex on camp with you?"

"Yes we met there"

"Did you break up with your ex because of the distance?"

"Yes. I told him about me making my way here and he was worried so I thought we could break up. But on the day of departure, I saw that he had already moved on and I was sure he was doing that behind my back."

"Are you very emotional?"

"Not that emotional."

"Are you also in any relationship," he asked.

"No sir.'' I wasn't liking the way the conversations were pushing so much into my life.

"Okay you should wait outside in the living room. I'll go through everything." He curiously looked at me and said.

I walked down to the living room and met his mom there.

"Good day ma," I greeted and took a seat beside her opposite the television.

That was when I realized that it was already dark outside and I shifted my gaze to the clock.

Half past eight? I came around four o'clock.

"Don't worry your mum knows you'll be staying over." Mrs. Addison said.

"Staying over?" I lightly screamed.

"It wouldn't help if you go home and come everyday." I was told.

I looked down and nodded.

"So I prepared a room for you near my son's room."

"Ehhh but we don't even know if he'll pick me," I stuttered. I wouldn't be surprised if doesn't give me this job.

"Follow me upstairs." Mrs. Addison led me to her son's room.

"This is Zach's room," she pointed at one door and the intervals between the doors shows that that room is very large. "And this is yours," she pointed at another door.

I opened the room and it was brightly painted with blue. Just my favorite.

"I was told you like blue." She looked at me and smiled.

We headed back downstairs and stated chatting. Zach headed down not long after.

"Congratulations Miss Campbell. You could start by folding the sheets in my room. Upstairs last floor-"

"I'm aware of where it is." I smiled and walked upstairs.

After folding about five sheets, he came in and cautioned me to hurry since he had to take his bath.

He sat down on his side table and went through his phone.

"I'm done sir." He shot his green eyes at me and went to the bathroom.

Awww I've fallen for his eyes.

"You're soon going to fall for the whole him" my i.f told me. My i.f is my 'imaginary friend'.

"You should learn to smile Zach, you should." I went to my room and texted mum. She has to know that I might not come back home fully human.

Skyler👧: Hey mum.

Mum❤: hey Sky. How's first day at work. (giggles)

Skyler👧: Gosh mum, he's gotta smile.

Mum❤: you have to keep up with him. They also pay real good.

Skyler👧: oh mum you're too good. How could you ask for just your car and a year payment of house from the divorce.

Mum❤: 😢So is that how you talk to your mother!?

Skyler: Sorry ma😌

Mum❤: you have to sleep for tomorrow

Skyler: Sleep? That's the last thing I'll thinking of doing now.

Mum❤: okay then we could stay online till we sleep.

Skyler: I'll be chatting with my friends text me if there's any problem.

Mum❤: Sure Sky.

I called my best friend. Well new best friend. As I'm living a new life here.

"Hey Sky."

"Hi Amber."

"Good thing you called weren't you planning to call me?"

"Awww sorry bestie. I'll come around when I'm free." I tried to talk things out with her or else would be temporarily angry with me.

"You better do so or else we're done."

"You sound like my ex. My very first ex."

"Ugh there's a difference between bestie and ex."

"Fine fine. You have to sleep."

"Huh I'm on a night shift. But there's no work now and we are all idle."

"Good for you, I need to work almost 24\7."

"Campbell," a voice called out to me.

"That must be my boss. I'm ending the call bye."

I shot up from my bed and knocked on his door.

"Come in."he said. " Get me a bottle of beer from downstairs," he said.

I looked down at the bottles he had already had. "I don't think you need anymire sir."

"Will you get going or what," he barked.

I gulped and left the room. Guess who's room I'd go to. I knocked on his parents door and his mum came to me.

"Ma, I think he's drunk," I whispered.

"Oh god," she said and went to his room. She came out minutes later and told me,

"Never give him a drink if he's taken more than one. He only drinks when there's something bothereing him. And ignore him when he asks for more drink when he's had one already. He isn't abusive. He'll just scream and no matter what don't give him."

"Okay ma thank you."

"And you can call me Aunt Emilia."

"Okay aunt. Goodnight."


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