No Rules In Bad Ideas

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A Sports Romance. (Basketball/Soccer/Lacrosse) • Two Neighbor Enemies. One Fake Relationship. • "I'm sick and tired of pretending. I want us. I want you and me." "And so what? Do you want to be with me? Because I'm sure as tired of being a second choice." "You were never the second choice. I just came back from my dad's to tell you I chose you." Easton's voice erupts from behind Mauricio. The world goes still. "I told you, I'd never make you choose, but for the sake of the three of us...this needs to be done. Who do you choose, Malia?" So much for no rules in bad ideas. • Seniors Malia, Easton, and Mauricio have a situation. A bad idea kind of situation. • Introduction, Extended Synopsis, & Author's Note inside. • S: 01/12/2021 E: The Morhills Elites Series/Book One/Four Parts (©mimisarai 2021)

Romance / Drama
Mimi Martin
Age Rating:

Introduction/Synopsis/Author's Note

No Rules In Bad Ideas



“I’m sick and tired of pretending. I want us. I want you and me.”

“And so what? Do you want to be with me? Because I’m sure as tired of being a second choice.”

“You were never the second choice. I just came back from my dad’s to tell you I chose you.” Easton’s voice erupts from behind Mauricio.

The world goes still.

“I told you, I’d never make you choose, but for the sake of the three of us...this needs to be done. Who do you choose, Malia?”

So much for no rules in bad ideas.


Not too long ago Easton and Malia had fallen in love, but one bad idea led to the cause of cheating.

Easton had been dating a Junior but was a coward to ever break up with her after promising his dad he’d never break the arranged relationship. So, Easton and Malia make a deal that their relationship will be hidden and no rules are included in it.

That’s until some people start to suspect their love affair. So, swoops in Mauricio Reyes. The famous varsity, bad boy, soccer player helps out his best friend Easton. He agrees on faking a relationship with Malia until the rumors die down. But, when things start to become too real, the fake relationship itself becomes a bad idea.

Didn’t all three friends agree on no rules? So what if having no rules was a bad idea itself?



1. Malia Sarai Hernandez- Samantha Boscarino
2. Easton Edwin King- Michael Evans Behling
3. Mauricio Miguel Reyes-Alex Fitzalan
4. Jianna Rose Miller- Ariel Winter
5. Loui Gem Salter- Booboo Stewart
6. Khloe Karla Uhrin- Daniella Monet
7. Meliana Millie Agner-Gideon Adlon
8. Josie Jaqueline Macari- Daniela Nieves
9. Elias Steven Hall-Cody Christian
10. Tyler Angel Garcia-Andrew Matarazzo
11. Mark Alfredo Thomas-Jacob Elordi
12. Rafferty Jack King- Michael B. Jordan
13. Lucy Briana King- Issa Rae
14. Denzel Briana King- Skai Jackson
15. Enrique Ben Reyes- Jay Hernandez
17. Miriza Rory Reyes- Rebecca Hall
18. Reuben Ben Reyes- David Mazouz
19. Angelina Rory Reyes- Mackenzie Foy
20. Vikki Lorianda Hernandez- Megan Boone
21. LilyBeth Anne Hernandez- Danielle Campbell
22. Samuel Mike Hernandez- Gerad Butler
23. Christian John Vazquez- Spencer Boldman
24. Maddie Jennie Ramirez- Madison Iseman
25. Aaron Cuevas- Ross Lynch
26. Remi Mae Holden- Lana Condor


Author’s Note:


Hi everyone, thank you so much for choosing to read this story.


The books playlist is located on my Spotify at @ben.dumb77

There are four parts to this story.



This story contains strong language, smoking (drugs), self-hate, mental abuse, and mature scenes.

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Young readers are advised this is a mature rating book.

No hate is TOLERATED! Please if you have nothing nice or respectful to say keep it to yourself! Thank you!

This book does involve cheating, I do not support nor advise you, the reader, to cheat on your partner. If you are unhappy in a relationship, I do advise you to break off the relationship and be considerate of your partner’s feelings. This book will be also revolving around the consequences of cheating.

This book does have two points of view. Malia Hernadez and Mauricio Reyes.



For Mama and Papa,

my five amazing siblings,

my three girls Karla Millie & Jacky,

my middle school teachers who believed in me,

Maria Fabian who listened to my rants about this book,

Easton and Mauricio who reals names can’t be revealed but if it wasn’t for you two boys this story would never have been possible,

Josh, our star player at King Drew in 2018-2020. You inspired me to write Mauricio,

Gus Bus who helped me with the whole basketball world,

Shpetona (Maxy) & Amqle (Spoony) who fell in love with Malia & Mauricio,


myself for putting up with restless days,

sleepless nights,

even school nights,

I am very proud of myself and this book.






No Rules In Bad Ideas Playlist

Spotify: @ben.dumb77



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