No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Seven

Chapter Seven

Mauricio Reyes

Maddie is talking about something her mom did to piss her off. I’ve never been a fan of Maddie’s mom and dad. They treated their daughter as if she was a piece of trash on the floor.

But as much as I would love to tell Maddie her parents are assholes, my mind is somewhere else.

I had to take the kids to school again today. Papa came home drunk off his ass and threw up all over the couch. Mama didn’t take it well and made him clean up for himself. When I asked if he was taking the kids, he grunted before going to bed.

A part of me was relieved he didn’t take them, but I was late to a soccer meeting earlier today. Coach texted all of us last night in the group chat and told us we had a meeting early in the morning. He didn’t take it well when I came in late. I had to run a lap around the soccer field in my school uniform.

I could use a shower by now.

“Mauricio?” Maddie’s voice and her hand smacking my arm bring me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry. I was thinking about how I have to drive the kids back home.”

She sighs and leans back onto her chair, “And the worst part is you have to also take Malia.” I roll my eyes at her bitter tone and cross my arms over my chest.

“Please, we both know Malia isn’t a problem. She may be a sarcastic brat but she knows not to cause trouble.”

Maddie snorts, “I don’t know what’s your definition of trouble, but—” She raises her eyebrows and widens her eyes. I know what she means by her facial movements. She’s telling me that Malia has always been a bad definition of trouble, not the good kind.

Has Malia ever been good trouble? Let’s be honest.


Maddie stands corrected.

“How did you even get partnered with her? I heard she was trying to replace you,” Maddie snorts and a part of me wants to tell her about how I made sure no one replaced me as Malia’s partner.

I don’t though.

“Assigned partners. You’re acting as if I wanted to be partnered with her. I almost threw myself out of my chair when the teacher named us.” I rolled my eyes then looked up at the clock, waiting for this class to be over.

Maddie sits up straight and puts her hand on my shoulder, “Wait. You said you had to drive the kids. Was your dad...drunk again?” I’m grateful when she whispers the part of my papa being drunk again.

I nodded my head, “The asshole thinks it’s a good idea to get wasted at his bar.” I can taste the bitterness on my tongue. The feeling of anger and hate surrounds my body. I’m no longer disappointed, just done.

“I still can’t believe what your dad did to get that bar. Especially, after going to rehab and the disapproval of your grandpa.”

The anger builds up with the memory of finding out how my dad bought the bar. He’s the reason I even decided to take so many AP classes, so many sports. So much for the college money, he had saved up for me when I was younger. The fucking asshole used it to buy the bar.

I need the scholarship or I’m screwed.

Mama wanted to pay for it but I told her to save up for the kids. I also told her to hide the account from dad just in case. She agreed and thanked me for not being selfish like Papa.

The bell rings and I’m out of that damn class in a flash.


I’m going to kill him if she ends up pregnant. I will make sure Easton knows if he gets her pregnant, I will kill him.

From the looks of their make-out session, they’re going at it and I don’t plan on becoming an uncle anytime soon. Besides, Malia isn’t stupid enough to not be on the pill.


Oh, for fuck sakes. Why the hell am I even thinking about this?

I look down at the time on my phone and see I’m five minutes late. I’m supposed to be picking up the kids by now.

Fuck this.

I walk over to Easton’s car. I don’t even bother letting them know I’m there until I swing the passenger door open.

“Alright, I got to take Ms. Myers out of your hands now. I got the kids to pick up. There’s no time to watch y’all slob all over each other.” I rolled my eyes and Malia flicks me off still making out with Easton.

Kill me now, please.

Easton is the one to pull away and apologize for keeping me waiting. I gave Malia a pointed look which she ignored.

Malia and I said goodbye to Easton before he left for his house.

“God, I didn’t know how much of a cockblocker you are,” She says rolling her eyes and now I’m the one flipping her the finger.

“I don’t have time to watch you suck each other’s tongues. Some of us have important shit to do.”

We both get into the impala and she stares at it with admiration. I let a small grin take over my lips as I watch her lean back onto the seat happily.

She’s made it clear before how much she loves this impala. It’s red, her favorite color. The seats are leathered tan and very comfortable.

Who wouldn’t like it?

Amen to Grandpa Reyes who gifted me the car. He truly is a blessing.

I snap out of my thoughts when Malia says my name.

My eyebrows are brought together and when I see what she’s holding up, it reminds me of yesterday when I held up her underwear. Except this isn’t underwear nor is it Malia’s.

“Seriously? When the hell did you have car sex?” She scoffs and exams the pink bra with a small bow in the middle.

Fucking shit, Leilani. I should have known she would leave something. All girls do this to make up an excuse to get seconds.

I made it clear that night after the club how it was a one-time thing. Maybe she didn’t understand me since I was drunk off my ass. I drank too much that night and ended up needing a distraction. Leilani had been texting me and I gave in.

This is more embarrassing than walking out on Malia yesterday.

I just couldn’t speak about my parents. It was already bad enough she heard them and asked about it. When I got that text the other day from her, I ignored it because I thought it was some way to get me to “open” up. But now, I know why she asked and I hate it.

This one part of me knows it is none of her business. But the other part of me tells me I should have told her. It seemed immature of me to walk out and react the way I did. I just couldn’t talk about it, especially not with her.

I’m just glad she’s choosing to ignore it and never bring it up.

“You see—” I’m cut off when someone knocks on my window. I glance over to my left and see Elias staring at me annoyed.

I roll down the window, “What?” He points over to his car where Maddie and Josie are.

“Why is Maddie catching a ride with us again? I thought you said you’d take her this time?”

“I know, but I have to pick up the kids. She doesn’t fit in the car. Just—look I’ll take her next time, okay?”

He growls at me before walking back to his car.

I’m already driving out of the school’s parking lot to avoid both the wrath of Elias and Malia’s questioning. I rather not talk about how I fucked around with a girl in the car the other weekend.

When we end up picking up the kids, they’re both confused as to why both Malia was in the car. On the way home Malia explained how we’re doing a project together.

“Hey, Reuben, do you know my little sister Lilybeth?” Malia turns around to face the kids, “Yeah, she’s Denzel’s friend, right?” Reuben says clearing his throat.

I look into the rearview mirror and see the fascination in Reuben’s eyes.

Oh, he’s so going to get smacked when we get home. The little boy needs to learn to control himself.

“You should come over sometime. Lilybeth and you would make good friends. That’s only if you want to?” Malia shrugs and Reuben ends up saying he’ll go over next week.

I’m holding back my laugh and trying to keep my eyes on the road. Malia seriously has my little brother crushing on her. Shit, she has me fixated sometimes.

“Don’t forget, Myers. He’s already taken. Denzel?”

Malia lightly laughs, “Oh right. My apologies. You guys make a cute couple, by the way.”

Angelina starts poking him and even sings the “sitting in the tree” song. Malia joins in along with her and Reuben blushes harder than I’ve ever seen.

“They’re just teasing, Benny. Don’t listen to them. Girls are crazy,” I said with a smug look which makes Malia smack me.

“Hey, girls are not crazy. I seem to find young love very beautiful.” She says with wide smiles on her face. I grunt mumbling over to her, “And yet, you haven’t given a reason to why girls aren’t crazy.” She sticks her tongue out at me which Angelina laughs at.

Did we all become children all of a sudden?

“Mauricio, brother, can we stop at the diner for ice cream?” Angeline leans forward which makes me tell her to lean back.

“No, we can’t. Malia and I have a project to do.”

“Please!” Angelina whines and I purse my lips at her. She knows not to act like this but she also knows it always works.

Malia stands me corrected when she says, “Yes, we can. Mauricio. Drive. To. The. Diner.” I don’t miss the threatening tone in her voice.

“Or what?” I smirked at her which made her raise an eyebrow. “Or I will tell everyone about the time I caught you kissing—” I shut her up when I quickly turn around, on our way to the diner.

The only reason I’m even going to the diner is because of Angelina. And not because the crazy girl next to me practically threatened me.

Angelina jumps up and down on her seat. She even tells Malia how she would love her as her sister. I was a bit offended considering I thought she was on my side always.

When we get to the diner, everyone quickly left the car and we made our way inside. We all ordered some ice cream and fries. Lastly, we all sat down at a table and happily at our food.

Reuben was telling us about the assembly his school had today. Which was mostly the principal sweating the whole time because he’s anxious when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd. Angelina even told us how her sixth-grade class kept being told to be quiet since they all kept laughing at him sweating.

“God, remember the time in middle school when—” I cut her off when I say, “No.” The smug look on my face sends me the finger.

She gives me a slight glare before continuing, “They would make us sing the school song the music department created? Every time we had an assembly or elementary school students came to visit, they would make us sing that damn song.” I laugh at the memory of Malia and Mark getting detention for singing “Starships” by Nicki Minaj over the school song.

It’s a good thing the school dropped the song after they realized nobody was participating much. I did feel bad for the music department considering they worked hard to make the song. But they ended up getting to play at graduation so, in the end, they didn’t care.

“We should get going. Mom comes home early today from the hospital. She’ll be wondering where you both are,” I said standing up and everyone else followed along.

On our way out I kept hearing whispering behind me. When we’re out the door I turned around to see the kids pressing their lips together trying not to laugh. Then I’m too late to realize Malia coming at me with her ice cream. She smears the ice cream across my face and the three of them burst out laughing.

The ice cream drips down to my shirt and I get a taste of the strawberry ice cream when I lick my lips.

“You’re dead, Myers,” I say tightening my fingers around my ice cream cone and smashing it on top of her head.

A small gasp leaves her lips and the smug look she just had is gone.

“Reyes, you put it on my hair!” She shrieks removing the broken piece of the waffle cone from her hair. I laughed and shrugged, “You shouldn’t have smashed ice cream on my face.”

She glares at me before grabbing Reuben’s ice cream cone. I grab Angelina’s ice cream cone which she protests. I tell her I’ll buy her one tomorrow and shut ups after.

Malia and I move around in a small circle in the parking lot trying to scare each other every time we take a step forward.

“Come on, Reyes. You’re not scared are you?”

“Never, Myers.”

We both lunge and smear ice cream all over each other. The four of us bursting with laughter and ice cream getting all over us.

“Pose for a picture,” Reuben yells with laughter and we do as we’re told.

Malia jumps on my back and I hold her up by the thighs. We both smile at the pictures and Malia even does the peace sign. When Reuben tells us he’s done, she gets off my back and we head over to the car.

We end up putting our jackets under our butts so we don’t stain the seats.

“Do you have tissues?” Malia looks through the glovebox before I can even answer. There was no point in asking if she was already doing it.

She wipes off some of the ice-cream and when we stop at a red light, I wipe myself off also.

Once we got back home the kids said goodbye to Malia and me since we’re going over to her house. Regardless of how much the both of us are a mess. Well, Malia might need a long shower considering it’s all over her hair.

The ice cream is dried on my face and shirt which I don’t mind. I’ll throw some water on my face for now and take a shower when I get home.

When we walk in Malia’s sisters Vikki and Lilybeth are sitting down on the couch. Vikki seems to be doing Lilybeth some braids and Lilybeth seems to be dreading them by the look on her face.

“Not again, Lilybeth. How many times do you want your hair curly?” Malia said walking into the living room and I follow behind her. Both sisters look up at me and quick confusion fills their eyes.

“What’s up with the stuff on your hair and face?” Vikki looks between Malia and me. We both turn to each other with grinned before turning back to her sister.

“I’ll be back. Reyes, stay put. I’m going to go at least clean myself up a bit. There’s a bathroom down the hall if you want to change your shirt.” Malia points down the hall before making her way upstairs to her room.

Right, I told Malia I have an extra shirt in my backpack earlier in the car.

“Why does she have ice cream in her hair?” Vikki narrows her eyes at me and I stand there awkwardly, “Uh, Myers? We had an ice cream fight. My little siblings planned the whole thing.” I chuckled at the memory of them explaining how they pulled her aside and told her their schemes.


“It’s Malia’s nickname I gave her. She’s obsessed with Michael Myers, so it seemed best to give her that name.”

Lilybeth snorts and Vikki purses her lips together with a small grunt.

“So, Reyes is it?” Vikki raises an eyebrow, “Mauricio. Reyes is my last name. Your sister thinks calling my first name is a disrespect to her tongue.” I rolled my eyes at the memory of her telling me why she all of a sudden started calling me by my last name.

By the look on her face, she already knew that. She already knew my name.

Why did she ask then? Small talk?

Maybe I’m not the only one who knows how awkward this is.

Lilybeth tells me it’s fine to sit down. She also told me I can watch ‘The Originals’ with her and Vikki while I wait for Malia.

I look over to both girls and see how much they look like their dad. From what I remember of their dad’s facial features Lilybeth seems to be his twin. Vikki has different eyes and more of a heart-shaped head.

When I imagine Malia next to them I see how much it’s true when they say the middle child always looks different. Malia looks way more like her mom. I only remember this from when I used to compare them when they come over back in the day.

“So, are you, friends, with Easton?” Vikki comes back with her questions and I nod my head, “He’s my best friend.” I know where this is going. She’s going to ask me about Malia and Easton.

“What do you think about Malia’s situation with him?” The bitter tone in her voice isn’t hard to miss. Anyone can tell she does not like them both in a relationship. Even the way she said “situation” sounded like she was trying not to clench her teeth together.

“It’s not my business or place to say.” I shrug and she scoffs, “But?” This makes me turn away from her and think if saying anything is a good idea. I even look over my shoulder to see if Malia is coming down anytime soon.

Fuck it.

“But I think she deserves someone she can take out within the public. Someone who won’t cancel her because his other girlfriend decides at the last minute to hang out. And most importantly someone who knows they have a future with.” I pressed my lips after to stop myself from saying anything more. And from the look Lilybeth is giving me, she seems to think I’m right.

“Interesting,” Vikki says. She nods her head and goes back to braiding Lilybeth’s hair.

Rushed footsteps are heard from behind me and I turn my body around to see Malia. She’s wearing a Micahel Myers merch T-shirt and boxers underneath.

I give Vikki a sideways glance which makes her burst out in laughter.

“What’s funny?” Malia looks suspiciously between her sister and me. I shake my head and stand up, “Nothing. I need to change my shirt real quick. Be right back.” I walk over to the bathroom down the hall with my backpack and quickly shut the door behind me.

Legs. Beautiful, beautiful legs are showing.

Malia is wearing short boxers and if I saw right, she isn’t wearing a bra. Her beautiful black hair is in a messy bun which I have never noticed makes her look so much sexier.

God, help me and give me strength on not doing anything I’ll regret.

I shake my thoughts away and pull off my shirt, putting on my clean one from my backpack.

Snap out of it Reyes.

She isn’t yours. She never will be. And the hatred you have for her must-win.

It must.


Malia Hernandez

Mauricio comes out of the bathroom with his face no longer with dried ice cream on it and a new shirt. There’s still some ice cream on his jeans but there’s nothing he can do about it.

“Let’s go, Reyes. We have work to do.”

The both of us make our way downstairs and my sisters both tell us to keep the door open. I almost go back downstairs and pull their hair for saying such things. One of these days I’m going to kill them.

Mauricio chuckles beside me which makes me want to smack him on the arm.

Once we entered my room, I did close the door in fact, we got straight to work.

We’re both reading Jane Eyre while laying on my bed, listening to our music. His head is across from mine and every time I turn to face him, our faces become inches apart.

That right there is a big no.

I need to stay away from anything that involves getting too tempted. I almost jumped on him when I saw the way he glanced at my legs earlier.

This boy cannot keep his eyes away and a part of me loved it.

My thoughts are cut off by the sound of Ariana Grande being blasted. I double-check my music to see if it’s mine but when I see my party music playing I know it isn’t me.

I pull out my AirPods and snap my head over to Mauricio.

Oh my god, he’s listening to Ariana Grande.

I quickly pull out one of his AirPods which he protests for. I put the AirPod in my ear and hear “Best Mistake” by Ariana Grande and Big Sean playing.

He pauses the song and snatches back his Airpod.

“You like Ariana Grande?”

“Yeah, a problem?”

“Nope, no judgment here. I’m just surprised you normally listen to rock bands. You’re obsessed with Arctic Monkeys and The Neighborhood,” I say shrugging.

He playfully rolls his eyes and shows me his phone, “I have different playlists. I listen to them on different occasions such as what I’m feeling up to.”

This makes something click in my head and I sit up quickly.

When I look down at him, he’s gaping at me with a shocked look.

“We need to pick a song for when we are going to sing.” I push his leg slightly and he sits up himself, “We’re going to do it?” I nod and he sighs.

I hope he doesn’t back out. I would feel a bit better if he was up there with me.

“We can sing whatever you want. I don’t mind,” He says.

“So, you’ll play the guitar? That’s a relief since I didn’t want to be up there alone. Thank you.” I lay back down and grab my phone trying to find a good song to sing.

He lays back down and says, “Oh really? Well, nevermind I’m not doing it.” This earns him a smack on the chest which makes both of us laugh.

Holy shit this whole day has been laughter between us.

Are we okay? Are we sick?

Maybe we’re just giving each other time off for a bit until we start attacking each other again.

Yes, I’m sure that’s it.

We end up reading again for a bit when I gave up on looking for songs. He kept telling me the whole time to sing a rap song which made me turn my phone off altogether. He wasn’t helping so I’ll look during my own time.

I don’t know how much time goes by but when I check the time it’s about one am. I didn’t even realize how long we’ve been reading. I should’ve known after being halfway done with the book.

“Shit, Mauricio it’s one am.”

He shoots up onto his feet and curses while gathering his things.

I stand up myself and slip on my sandals so I can walk him out. Nobody should let their guest walk out on their own. Especially, if that person is Mauricio right now who seems to be in a hurry to leave.

“Shit, it’s late. I’m sorry I didn’t check the time.” He puts his book into his backpack and I almost tease him on the fact he apologized. I’ve never exactly heard Mauricio apologize to me. This is forbidden or foreign. It’s something.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure everyone is still awake anyway. Both girls always sleep late and my dad is probably at his girlfriend’s house.”

We go downstairs and he tells the girls goodnight when we pass them in the living room. Mauricio and I exchange goodnights before he leaves and I close the door.

Vikki and Lilybeth give me smug looks.

Why are they looking at me like that?

“Mal, he’s hot,” Vikki says with a low tone which makes Lilybeth giggle, nodding her head agreeing.

I think about disagreeing but I know both girls would see past my lies.

A smile takes over a face, “Yeah, he is. Isn’t he?”

I join the girls on the couch which earns me protests since I smell like ice cream.

“Oh get over it. I’m in the mood to watch Klaus be one of the hottest men out there.”

“Aside from Mauricio?”

Definitely aside from Mauricio.

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