No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Eight

Chapter Eight

Mauricio Reyes

I wake up to the sound of the front door swinging close.

Papa’s home.

This is just great. I’m just glad he knows not to drive drunk at night.

I stand up, rubbing my eyes, and gather everything I need for my shower. When I enter the shower I make sure to put the showerhead on the full force so I can mumble out my parent’s fighting.

Needless to say, it worked. I could hear them a bit but the water mumbled them out. A part of me wished I couldn’t hear anything at all because they’re arguing about Papa not coming to the charity, to see me play the guitar.

He is the one after all who taught me how to play.

Grandma Reyes used to be a singer during her twenties. She gave it up after getting pregnant with Papa. But she made sure to teach Papa how to use the guitar just like her mom taught her.

When walking past my window something catches my eyes. More like someone.

My towel almost drops to the sight of her. The sight of herself in a towel.

Malia is clenching onto the towel around her body while putting lotion on her legs. Those beautiful legs of hers slightly opened while she applies lotion on them.

I can just imagine my head between those legs. How soft they would feel as they wrap themselves around my head. The amazing taste of her juices on my tongue and lips. I groan to myself for even thinking about such things. Now I have a fucking hard-on which I can’t take care of.

I quickly close the curtains and force myself to forget about my thoughts.

I start getting ready for school and pray to God nothing drastic happens today. When I’m done getting ready I tell the kids to get hurry up and get their butts downstairs.

The three of us kiss mama on the cheek goodbye and the kids mumble a goodbye to papa on our way out. I didn’t bother saying anything considering the guy can care less if I said anything to him at all.

We’re in the car when Angelina excitedly says, “Look, it’s Malia and Easton!”

I roll down the window and Easton gives me a small wave. Malia simply looks at me but doesn’t say a word.

One part of me felt a little bit uneasy but the other part of me was glad. We’re both on the same page about going back to the way things used to be. Or at least for now until we meet up again after school.

“You taking the kids to school again?” Easton gives me those eyes, those damn eyes that show how much he wishes things were different.

“Yeah, I’ll see you there,” I said rolling up the window so I can forget all about the look in his eyes. Like I said earlier, I don’t want anything drastic to happen today. I rather not talk about my papa coming home drunk again in front of Malia or the kids.

I’m about to leave when I suddenly get a text message.

I pick up my phone and see Maddie has texted me.

Maddie: Can you pick me up? My mother is at it again *rolls eyes*

Me: Yeah. Come outside.

I drive over to Maddie’s house and she’s already pace walking out the door to my car. I make sure the kids have their seatbelts on and Maddie quickly gets in telling me to go before her mom comes out.

“So, what happened this time?”

Maddie glances back at the kids before leaning towards me and whispers, “She caught dad with another woman. So, of course, she made sure she was caught with one of her therapy patients this morning. Only it didn’t go as planned considering I’m the one who caught her.” I snort and she leans back onto her seat dry laughing.

Maddie’s parents never seem to stop cheating on each other. It’s either cheating or not speaking. They seem to do more of cheating rather than speaking.

I will never understand these parents. It seems this whole town believes it’s okay to cheat. They’ve seen what has happened to the couples. And yet no one has learned their lessons. How sad is that?

I’m pretty sure if someone gave out a poll of how many people, of Morhills, have cheated on their partner, the percentage will be very high.

Never doubt me, I’m always right.

“I need a distraction. Can we hang out after school?” Maddie is applying lipstick by the time her question snaps me back from my thoughts. I shake my head sighing, “Can’t. Malia and I are going to the store today for supplies.”

I stop at a red light and look over at her. She’s staring at me with an “I hate you” face which I chuckle to.

“I promise Saturday night we can hang out.”

She grunts, “You know for two people who hate each other, you both seem to be hanging out a lot.” I started driving again and lowered when my voice when I say, “It’s for the project. Calm down.”

Maddie doesn’t speak anything else about Malia after.

We drop off the kids before heading over to the Academy.

Everyone is already there and it seems the group is split in half. Half of them are hanging out next to Easton’s car while the others are by Aaron’s car.

Both Maddie and I end up going over to where Easton’s car is. I see that Jianna is the reason for the split between the groups. She’s under Easton’s arm and Malia isn’t.

This is just great.

“Hey everyone,” Maddie says when we walk up to everyone. They all say good morning and already Mark starts telling us about the girl he was with last night.

I look over my shoulder to where Malia is and see her already looking back. She’s wearing the usual school uniform but this time she has her hair up in a bun. I did notice it earlier before we drove off this morning but I didn’t exactly get a good view of her.

Malia looks away and follows the group she’s with, walking over to us. Josie wraps her arm around Malia’s and they’re both whispering to each other. She’s probably trying to stop Malia from ripping off Jianna from Easton’s hold.

When everyone is here, Jianna is quick to ask Malia and me if we already have a song picked out.

“We’re still thinking about it,” Malia shrugs and I just nod my head to agree.

“I’m sure whatever song it is. It’ll sound amazing,” Khloe says smiling which Mark replies, “Of course you would say that.” Khloe flinches at the sound of his voice.

I glare at Mark who’s now realizing what he said out loud. Easton tells Mark to stop being an ass and Malia smacks the back of Mark’s head.

Elias is quick to change the subject, “Are we all hanging out after school today?”

Jianna shakes her head, “Easton and I are going to my house after school.”

I look over at Malia who’s staring down at her shoes and a part of me wants to take her away from here. Just grab her and show her that she doesn’t have to deal with this bullshit anymore.

I don’t though.

“How about you, Mauricio?” Tyler speaks up and I look over at him, “Can’t. Myers and I—” I wrap an arm around Malia’s shoulders, “—have plans after school also. We’re going to the store for supplies.”

I can see Maddie roll her eyes from the corner of my eye.

Malia pinches my left cheek and says in a baby voice, “That’s right. And Reyes here is going to be paying for everything.” I glare at her before quickly pulling her hair back which makes her yelp. She pushes me off her and everyone else is laughing.

“You’re an asshole and I hate you.” She rolls her eyes and I put a hand over my heart, acting fake wounded.

“Why are you guys trying to finish so early? You have like another two months until it’s due.” Meliana raises an eyebrow at us, “We’re trying to finish it quickly so we don’t do it last minute.” Malia shrugs which I gape at her for.

She notices my gaping and gives me back a weird look.

“No, we’re doing it because I rather not deal with you anymore,” I snort and she flips me the finger.

The bell rings and we all head to our first period. Needless, to say AP Calculus is one of the easiest classes I have.

Both Khloe and I sit down together at the table, located in the back of the class. We mostly never sit down together but she sat down at the table I wanted so here we are.

“Hey, so what’s up with Mark and you? I know it’s none of my business but hasn’t this been going on since middle school?” I turn towards her and she sighs looking down at her notebook. She nods her head and explains, “I don’t know. We used to be close friends in elementary until he started pushing me around and treating me...differently?” She’s too nice to say he’d been bullying her.

I knew about this in middle school, the whole of him bullying her. I always tried to tell Mark to stop or quit his bullshit. But he never listened, he was always saying how she deserved it. Mark has always been secretive but I never knew Khloe and he used to be close friends.

Before I can ask anything more the teacher comes in. And just like that the rest of the class quickly goes by.

I’m feeling pretty good about the fact this day can go by faster than expected.

I head over to my second period, telling Khloe I’ll see her later.

When I enter the classroom my eyes admittedly land at my assigned table. I see Malia isn’t there and my plan to make a joke fades away.

Where the hell is she?

I go over to Meliana and point to my table, “Where’s Myers?” She sighs looking over at the table. “She wasn’t feeling well. I saw her go into the girl’s bathroom,” Meliana tells me and before she can say anything more, I’m leaving the classroom.

The teacher is calling after me but I’m too focused on getting to the bathroom.

I know how this may seem but I know Malia. She’s never the one to feel “sick”. That girl hasn’t been sick since freshmen year and I sure as hell know she’s not sick now.

She’s my best friend’s girlfriend, I would be an asshole if I didn’t check up on her for Easton. He may have not asked me but if he knew, he would have.

That’s why I’m going to check up on her. Not because I care or I’m worried. This is for Easton.

I walk into the girl’s bathroom without a second doubt and hear the song of someone sniffling.

Holy shit, is she crying?

Okay, let’s calm down. We may have never heard or see Malia cry but we can do this. We can still act as if we can care less or at least comfort her for the sake of it.

“Malia?” I call out and she groans, “Great. I’m in here!” She yells back and I go into the big stall. She’s sitting down on the bathroom floor, wiping her face. One part of me is disgusted because she’s sitting on the floor and the other part of me feels like shit after seeing her wipe her cheeks.

She tries to turn her body away from me and keeps wiping her cheeks.

I sighed sitting down next to her. Of course, against my better judgment considering this is disgusting.

“Do you have any idea how disgusting this floor must be?” I make sure to keep myself from touching the floor with my hands.

She laughs lightly nodding her head, “Yeah.”

I cross my legs together and glance over at her, “What’s wrong, Myers?”

She snorts still hiding her face away from me, “As if you care.”

“It’s not that I don’t care. It’s the fact the girl I’ve hated all my life isn’t crying because of me.”

She finally looks at me and sends me a glare.

“You’re an asshole.”

Her puffy red eyes and little Rudolph nose show how much she’s been crying.

Rolling her eyes she explains, “Easton canceled on me for Friday. Jianna wants to be taken out on a date. Whatever princess wants, she gets.” She scoffs and pulls up her knees to her chest.

Well, shit. I always knew my best friend can be an asshole sometimes but not this much of an ass.

We’ve taught him well.

Shut up. Not the time.

I think back to the conversation I had with Vikki. This is a great example of what I said. Malia deserves so much better.

“Am I crazy to think it’ll work between Easton and me?” She leans her head back looking at me. I sigh and say, “It’s not my place to answer.” And yet, I have so much to say.

“Be honest. Please.”

The cracks in her voice are enough to make me break.

“You’re not crazy. When you’re in love with someone it’s impossible not to wish it could work out between you and them.”

She nods her head telling me I’m right. I even make a joke about always being right which she smacks me on the leg for. A few tears even fall from her eyes and the urge to wipe them away surrounds my body. But I’m too late to do it because she’s already doing it herself.

Pull yourself together, Reyes.

Something clicks in her head and she gapes at me, “What are you doing here, Reyes?” I narrow my eyes at her saying, “I forgot my laptop at home and we have to use yours.” She smacks me one more time on the leg and we laugh.

We both get up from the disgusting floor. I brush myself off and quickly go over to the sinks to clean my hands.

“Admit it, Reyes. You were worried about me,” She says when we walk out of the bathroom. I scoff wrapping an arm around her shoulders, “Maybe a little. Don’t tell anyone though. My reputation proceeds me.” She rolls her eyes with a giant smile on her red-stained lips.

Those beautiful lips, tempting lips. Very tempting lips.

“Come on, Reyes let’s race to class.”

Is she serious?

“What are we five?”

She tugs on my uniform sweater, telling me over and over how fun it would be.

“What? Are you scared you’ll lose?” She challenges me with those green eyes and I shake my head, “Fine. But if I win you owe me five dollars.”

She agrees and we prepare ourselves.





Malia Hernandez

“Can we please get chips?”


I roll my eyes at Mauricio before sneaking the chips into the cart.

We’re currently at the store buying supplies and Mauricio is being annoying as always. He doesn’t let the kids grab anything. They’ve been asking to grab chips for the past five minutes and I got restless of hearing Mauricio dismiss them.

We picked up the kids right after school. Lilybeth’s friend ended up having a family emergency so she needed a ride home. And when she got into the car it seemed as if she was starstruck when she saw Reuben. It took her a while to find her words before she told everyone “good afternoon”.

I did have to smack Mauricio on the arm when he couldn’t keep his laughter in anymore. Of course, he protested to my smack and told me I’m very violent.

Needless, to say, Lilybeth and Reuben are getting along well. They’ve been walking behind us, talking about school things. Mauricio even keeps wiggling his eyebrows and making kissy faces at me because of this.

When we get to the register Mauricio doesn’t even notice the chips. The kids are snickering behind me while I try to keep a straight face. Either Mauricio is seriously dumb or he did see them and gave up on saying no.

We all head to the car and put the bags of supplies, including the chips, into the car. Everyone quickly gets inside since the wind seems to be going extremely hard.

On our way home, we start playing music and singing along to the songs.

I press the button for the next station which Mauricio swats my hand for.

“My car. I choose what plays,” He warns me and I let my jaw drop.

He can’t be serious.

‘Best Mistake’ by Ariana Grande comes on and I’m quick to tease him about it.

“Oh, look Mauricio! It’s your song!” I poke his side which he squirms away for.

He tells me to turn it up and laughs when everyone in the car starts singing it. He even joins himself when Big Sean’s verse comes on.

I start finding it weird when all of a sudden it clicks what’s been going on this past week. I mean look where we are now. We’re both driving in his car while singing songs. A week ago, if someone told me this would be happening, I would’ve laughed in their face.

This new calmness between us is sort of getting to me. I’m starting to like it but I know it won’t last. I’m too smart to think any of this would last.

We get home and all the Reyes kids start singing when something catches their eyes.

I follow Mauricio’s gaze and see his dad’s car in the driveway. And when I look over my shoulder I see the uneasy looks on Reuben and Angelina’s face. Lilybeth also seems to notice because she stares at me with a nervous expression.

A rush of pain fills my chest, seeing them all react like this shows how badly they don’t want to go inside their house.

“Hey, guys why don’t you all come over? Mauricio and I are going to be at my house anyway. Lilybeth can bring out the soccer ball so you all can play?”

This is good.

I’m offering them a way out and from the looks, on their faces, they love the idea of getting away from dealing with their dad.

Mauricio gives me a grateful look before we all get out. We gather our things and head inside to see Vikki on the couch.

She must have been let out early.

“The kids are going to play in the backyard. Mauricio and I will be upstairs,” I tell Vikki who’s giving me a smug look when she looks between Mauricio and me.

Vikki nods her head and all three kids go outside to the backyard.

Just when I thought everything was going well, Vikki had to open her mouth.

“Remember to zip up and lock it tight. We don’t want teen pregnancies in this house!”

I stop my way up the stairs and widen my eyes.

Did I just hear her say that?

Please tell me I didn’t.

Mauricio bursts out laughing and I glance over at him in horror. He wraps an arm around my waist helping me walk up the stairs.

He even yells back, “You got it, Vikki!”

When we enter my bedroom, I quickly start smacking him on the chest calling him an asshole. He’s still laughing and telling me I should’ve seen the look on my face.

“Why in the hell would you tell her that? Now she probably thinks I left Easton for you,” I tell him taking out all of our supplies for the project. He laughs saying, “She knows I was just kidding.”

I start thinking back to what Mauricio’s dad said before. How, in Spanish, he said I left Easton for Mauricio. It wasn’t exactly something you expect to hear from your enemy’s drunk dad.

Mauricio and I both stare at each other for a few seconds before changing the subject.

“So, I was thinking since practice does start up soon, we could go home together after. We would be doing everything we do now except it’s after practice. The practices end at the same time anyway.” I explain sitting down on my bed and he nods, “Seems fair. We’ll probably be finished with this project by the end of October anyway.”

Right, and after we finish, we’ll go back to ignoring each other. Just how it’s always been and always will be.

Silence takes over when we start decoring our project board.

This is uncomfortable, “Do you have any songs picked out yet? For Saturday?” He looks up at me for a minute before looking down shaking his head.

“Here pick a song from my phone—” He unlocks his phone before handing it to me and I see his Spotify playlists on it, “—go into the acoustic playlist. Those are songs I know how to play guitar for.”

I search up and down his playlist before landing on this one specific song.

This is the one.

Butterflies fill up my chest when I visualize us on stage singing this song. The images of him playing the guitar as I sing this song play in my head.

“This one,” I show Mauricio the song. When he sees ‘That Way’ by Tate Mcrae something shifts in his eyes. Mauricio isn’t focusing on the project anymore, he’s focused directly on his phone.

Mauricio’s brown eyes meet my green ones and a sudden fire between us ignites. It surrounds us all around and the sound of our breathing is the only sound we hear.

I can see the way he tries to look past something; something deep in my soul, my heart.

Our eyes move down to each other’s lips and we’re no longer breathing. We are both aware of where each other’s eyes are located. And neither of us seems to want to stop the tension between us.

But the universe always has other plans.

A knock on the door pulls us back and we both quickly grab our books pretending to be reading them.

I look up to see Vikki opening the door with her eyes covered.

Is she serious?

Mauricio and I grin at each other before saying, “It’s safe, Vikki” in unison.

She slowly uncovers her eyes then she looks between Mauricio and me before relief takes over her face. I’m glad to know she would at least knock first before she came in.

“You guys want ice cream? The middle schoolers convinced me to give them some,” She rolls her eyes playfully and I chuckle nodding my head. Mauricio nods his head too and we all head downstairs to the kitchen where the kids are eating ice cream already.

Mauricio and I serve ourselves some strawberry ice cream.

We don’t bother speaking about what just happened. I’m pretty sure he’s just as afraid to bring up the topic like I am. So, I guess, we’re never going to find out what the hell has been happening between us.

Lilybeth suggests a movie and we all agree, heading over to the living room with our ice creams. We end up watching some action movies on Netflix.

“Malia?” Angelina whispers over at me. I look over at her, “Yes?” She looks between Mauricio and me nervously.

“Are you guys dating?” She whispers back and I almost choke on my ice cream.

Everyone seems to be listening to our conversation now. The looks on their faces are smugged while Mauricio’s eyes are narrowed.

Both Mauricio and I look at each other before both sayings, “Hells no.”

I clear my throat whispering, “Your brother is the evil woman from Rapunzel and is trapping me in my tower.” I made sure it was loud enough for the others, especially for Mauricio, to hear.

I hear him snort next to me and he leans forward to mock me in a sense. He ends up doing the same thing, whispering but loud enough for everyone, especially me, to hear.

“Malia is the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. I’m the knight and shining armor who slays her when she’s a dragon.” He winks at Angelina who ends up laughing along with everyone else.

I roll my eyes and pretend to scratch my cheek with my middle finger sticking out. He notices it and laughs at it.

Everyone goes back to watching the movie except Mauricio and me.

We’re both looking at each other with narrowed eyes.

“You know I hate you right?”

Mauricio turns his attention back to the television saying, “Trust me, I know. I hate you just as much.”

I turn my attention back to the television myself. But it doesn’t stop the smile forming on my lips and from the corner of my eye, I see him smiling too.

We definitely hate each other.



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