No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Nine

Chapter Nine

Malia Hernandez

The sounds of squeaking swing sets overthrow the sound of the boys huffing and puffing.

Meliana, Josie, Khloe, and I are sitting on the swings while we watch the boys play basketball. They seem to be having an amazing time from the looks of their red, angry faces.

I understand the whole frustration of wanting to play good but damn do boys take things next level. Mark has yelled at Elias about his footwork a couple of times and Easton keeps telling Tyler to watch his surroundings.

“Do we need to remind them it’s just a park game?” Josie snorts next to me and we all laugh nodding our heads.

The only calm one seems to be, of course, Mr. Mauricio Reyes. Nothing about what the guys tell him is fazing him. He just stares at them bored and asks if they’re done talking shit.

I’m not surprised that he’s not fazed. Mauricio has always been laid back when it comes to games. He knows how badly the boys get riled up so someone needs to be in control of themselves in case a fight starts.

“So, the elephant in the park. Why isn’t Easton coming to the club tonight?” Meliana quickly says and I snap my head over to her. She gives me a knowing look which makes me sigh in defeat.

“He’s going out with his other girlfriend,” I roll my eyes and kick the sand located under me. I can see Josie shake her head at this and Khloe is oddly quiet. Normally, both girls always say something about Easton and me dating.

The subject is dropped after.

Josie tilts her head to the side and I raise an eyebrow at her.

“Penny for your thoughts, Josie?”

She brings her eyebrows together looking over at the basketball court. It seems she’s very interested in something, specifically someone that’s there.

“Have I told you guys how cute Elias is or was I blind?” Everyone laughs and we all agree on Elias being cute. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it before, those five boys on the court are literal gods. These boys look as if God poured ‘hot’ on them when he made them in heaven.

“Let’s play kiss, marry, and fuck. Mal, you go first.” Josie pushes me slightly which makes me swing to the left a bit.

I playfully roll my eyes at the random choice of game.

“Fine. Let’s see...not kiss Mauricio, not marry Mauricio, and not fuck Mauricio. Simple.” I shrug and a few seconds pass before all girls burst out laughing.

“She never said Mauricio was one of the choices,” Khloe laughs.

Oh, well fuck me.

I feel a sudden burst of embarrassment. I should’ve kept my mouth shut instead of trying to be snarky.

“Someone is crushing on Mauricio,” Meliana says with a teasing voice.

I quickly stand up from the swing and face the girls, gaping at all of them as if they lost their minds.

Both Khloe and Josie are nodding their heads. I can’t believe they all think I’m crushing on my boyfriend’s best friend, the same guy I can’t even stand daily.

“You’re all insane. I’m with Easton, Mauricio is his best friend. It’d be wrong to crush on my boyfriend’s best friend.”

“I’m just saying. All that time you spend alone together in your room can lead to more than projects.” Meliana explains with her hands up in defense.

I call them all crazy.

“No, she has a point. Come on, you’ve said it yourself before. Mauricio is hot. Anybody would be stupid to pass up a chance with that boy. And what Meliana is trying to say is you’re spending a lot of time with him, in a room...alone. You’re in a room alone with one of the hottest guys who ever lived. If I were you, I would’ve been had his dick down my throat just saying.” Josie shrugs smugly and I call her disgusting for thinking of Mauricio like that.

She tells me to quit lying to myself and admit that if I wasn’t with Easton, I would be sucking Mauricio’s dick right now.

Lord help me, she’s right. If I wasn’t with Easton and if I didn’t hate Mauricio as much as I do, I’m pretty sure I would be on my knees at this second.

I roll my eyes giving in, “Yes, he’s hot. But he’s also Easton’s best friend and I’m with Easton. Besides, Mauricio isn’t the kind of guy to do relationships. I wouldn’t count on him ever-changing that for me if things were to get “romantic” between us. It’s Mauricio. He’s the same asshole who hates me for gods no what reason.”

They all stare at me with realization and finally agree with me on this.

“Oh yeah, so has he never told you the real reason he hates you?” Khloe asks standing up from the swing. I shake my head at her question.

Till this damn day, I still don’t know why in the hell he hates me. Even Easton doesn’t know, he just thinks Mauricio is being his normal self. He sees no wrong in some of the things Mauricio says when we argue.

Now, there’s another reason to be mad at Easton. The asshole is always choosing Mauricio’s side and backing him up every time I express my complaints.

Josie motions to something behind me with her chin and I turn around to see the boys coming over to us.

Easton’s eyes meet mine and the anger builds up inside me.

The only reason I even came was that Josie wanted me to come. Elias invited her to come and she didn’t want to be the only girl with the boys.

Both Easton and Elias are talking about upcoming practices, Tyler and Mark are throwing the ball between each other, and as always Mauricio is on his phone not caring what’s going on around him.

Abs, abs come to my vision and I almost sigh happily.

We girls seem to be practically drooling over the guys in front of us. I can see the girls from the corner of my eyes noticing the boy’s sweaty chests.

Heaven. This is heaven.

And, of course, it doesn’t last.

Mark comes up to me and rubs his sweat all over me. I push him off me and quickly wipe off his sweat from my cheek.

I am disgusted.

He hugs me from behind and plants a kiss on my head. I almost push him off me again but my petty ass saw the look on Easton’s face when he sees us like this. It gave me pleasure seeing him jealous and now I don’t mind sweaty Mark being all over me.

Tyler raises his eyebrows and says, “See, if I didn’t know Malia was dating Easton and Malia was your best friend, I would’ve thought you two were a couple.”

I snort at this and wrap my fingers around Mark’s forearms, “He wishes.”

Mark looks down at me, playfully rolling his eyes and I make kissing noises at him.

Easton glares over at us before changing the subject.

“You girls still want me to drop you off at the sleepover on Saturday?” He asks Josie, Meliana, and Khloe. He doesn’t even bother looking at me which makes my blood boil.

I’m over this.

“Oh, no man. I’m already taking them.” Elias speaks up beside him and Easton just nods his head to this.

An awkward silence fills the group.

Of course, Easton is the one to break it when he asks me if we could talk in private.

I tighten my hold on Mark’s forearms, “Talk about what? There’s nothing to talk about. Go talk to your other girlfriend.” From the corner of my eye, I see Mauricio look up from his phone with raised eyebrows.

Oh, this catches his attention?

Mark ends up pulling me away from the group, telling them we’re going on a walk.

We slowly walk over to the basketball court and stop in the middle.

He asks me what that was all about and I explain how he ditched me tonight for Jianna. And the look of pity reveals itself on his face which makes me turn away from him.

I know what he’s thinking and I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want someone else telling me that I should’ve expected this.

Mark jokingly ends up saying, “Want me to beat his ass?” And I remind him that he’s close friends with Easton are friends. He replies with, “Yeah, well you’re my best friend.” This makes me hug him and thank him for always being there.

I glance over to the group and my green eyes meet Mauricio’s brown ones. He seems to be narrowing his eyes at us but not in the bad kind of way, in a deep concentration kind of way. Maybe he’s daydreaming and doesn’t realize it looks like he’s staring.

“Hey, Mark—” I cut myself off when I feel his hand slowly make its way down my back. I push him off me and he’s laughing with his hands up in defense.

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m a man. You can’t hug me and except me not to grab your ass.”

I smack the back of his head and we both laugh at this.

We walk back to the group and of course, Easton tries again to talk to me.

“Mal, baby, can we please talk?” His pleading eyes almost make me break.

I don’t though.

“No,” I say grabbing the ball from Tyler’s hold.

“Let’s play some basketball,” I tell them already walking over to the basketball court.

The song is coming out beautifully.

Mauricio and I have been practicing it for the past three hours.

Right after I came back from the park, I took a shower, did my makeup and hair, and dressed myself up for tonight.

I’m so excited for tonight. Arctic Monkeys is playing tonight and they’re one of my favorite bands.

Everyone is making sure to look their best tonight.

I’m wearing a tight, small black dress from Fashion Nova. It shows off my curves perfectly. And I’m also wearing knee-high boots that lowkey make me feel too tall.

Mauricio is wearing, of course, all black. Usually, he wears more loose things but for tonight he chose something different. He’s wearing a tight black plain t-shirt, tucked into his black jeans with a belt holding them up. It also seems he’s wearing jewelry too. The diamond earrings aren’t hard to miss, the rings on his fingers are driving me crazy, and the cross-chain caught my eye the most.

This boy knows how to dress.

I’m surprised I haven’t jumped his bones yet. My willpower is slowly becoming weak and I need to get control of myself asap before I do anything I’ll regret.

Mauricio stops playing the guitar and looks down at my knee-high boots.

“Those boots remind me of Patrick Star’s boots from Spongebob,” He snorts and I burst out with laughter when I picture Patrick in them.

Oh god, he’s right.

“Patrick looks way better in these boots than I do.” I shrug and he purses his lips at me, “That’s not true.”

My laughter dies down slowly when I see his expression softening. The way his brown eyes bore into my green ones sends butterflies to my stomach.

God, what is happening?

The sound of his phone going off brings us back from our trance on each other.

Mauricio looks down at his phone on the bed. His face admittedly hardens at the sight of the ID caller.

I sneak a look to see the name “Danny” on the screen.

Who’s Danny?

He aggressively puts down the guitar and grabs his phone. When he picks up, he turns away from me and mumbles his words. He ends up standing up, going to the corner of the room whispering into his phone.

I don’t miss the way he becomes rigid and angry. The tone in his voice says it all also, it’s low and I’m sure he just growled into the phone.

He ends the call and turns around, looking at me with hooded eyes.

Would I be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit afraid of him right now?

The Mauricio who teases and jokes around with me is no longer there. He’s been replaced with this very angry Mauricio who looks honest to god scary.

“Is everything okay?” I ask.

He stares at me for a few seconds before grabbing his keys and phone.

“I need to go. Tell the group I’ll be at the club later.”

He’s almost out the door when I call after him.

I grab ahold of his guitar and hold it up, “You forgot this.” He shakes his head, “I’ll get it later.” And just like that, he’s gone.

The guitar drops on my lap and I look down at it to see all kinds of band stickers. There seem to be lots of merch stickers of The Killers than the others. He must be a big fan of them.

I sighed wondering who called Mauricio and where he’s going. He seemed so angry and agitated. It’s never good for someone to drive angry. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him go on his own.

What if the phone call has to do something with his dad?

It’s none of your business. Let it go.

Right, it’s not.

I start putting everything away so I don’t come home to a messy room. It gives me OCD when I see my room messy. There’s never a time I don’t fix up my room whenever it’s messy.

My dad ends up coming in to tell me about being home before two am. He’s about to leave when I call after him.

Dad comes back inside my room and I nervously play with my fingers.

Why in the hell am I nervous?

“Do you anything about Mauricio’s parents? His dad specifically?” It’s too late to stop myself from asking by the time I realize what I just asked.

My dad gives me a confused look before sighing.

I’m taking that as a yes.

“Mauricio’s dad is a drunk as we all know. When Enrique was younger Mauricio’s grandpa sent him to rehab twice. Once during his early years of adulthood and the second time when Mauricio’s mom got pregnant. He stopped drinking for a while until Mauricio’s grandpa died. I heard from your mom that Mauricio’s grandpa and Enrique had a fallout before he died. His dad regretted not talking to his grandpa. Ever since Enrique has been a drunk.

It also took a toll on Mauricio’s mom because she was a housewife during Angelina’s infant years. She did start working after she realized the bills weren’t being paid because Mauricio’s dad was getting drunk instead of working. She wanted better for her kids and she knows the kids deserved the father Mauricio’s dad once was not this current one.”

All of this is a lot to take in. Just knowing what Mauricio went through, what he goes through every day creates pain in my chest. No one, not even someone who hates me, deserves to see their father hit rock bottom.

“Do you think that’s why Mauricio is so closed off? He doesn’t want to let the world in because he’s afraid we’ll judge him?” I ask rubbing my arm over my chest a bit. My dad nods his head and says, “Or maybe he’s simply a stereotypical teenage boy who doesn’t know how to express his feelings.” We both laugh at his answer.

My dad always knows what to say whenever the mood becomes low.

The sound of a car honking comes from outside. We both give each other a look knowing it’s my ride.

“Well, have fun, mijita. Don’t drink too much and don’t drive drunk,” He gives me a quick kiss on the head.

I playfully roll my eyes and think about how my dad knows about my late-night activities. Dad would be a hypocrite to tell us not to do those activities when he also did them. Also, he wanted his kids to live their best lives. Just as long as none of us gets into drugs, gets pregnant, and isn’t irresponsible enough to drink and drive.

I gather my things and quickly tell everyone goodbye.

When I go outside I see all three girls inside the car. They’re cheering me on telling me how hot I look. I even do a little spin for them which Josie wolf whistles at me for.

They’re the best hype girls.

I enter the car and make sure to compliment each girl. They all look so beautiful and I’m so happy to be friends with them.

We start talking about Arctic Monkeys playing at the club, on our way there. Everyone is excited just as I am.

“Mal, I want to fuck you so bad right now,” Josie dramatically puts her hand over her forehead as if she’s fainting.

I laugh, “Hopefully Easton sees all the photos we’ll be posting tonight. He’s going to regret not coming with us.” They all agree and we hype each other up some more.

When at the club, we sit down in a booth that has Mark, Aaron & Loui in it. Maddie, Remi, Tyler, & Elias are sitting down in another booth on the left side of us.

Meliana and Josie are quick to order drinks.

The whole drinking brings me back to what my dad said about Mauricio’s dad. Now, I don’t want to drink so much.

Both girls cheer on the waitress when she comes with our shots. Khloe does try to hand me one but I shake my head.

Everyone in the booth looks at me weirdly before Loui says, “More for me.”

By the time it’s eleven pm, everyone around is me is drunk. Meliana, Tyler, and I are the only sober ones. Meliana and Tyler’s excuse is designated drivers and mine is something I obviously can’t tell the others. I’m pretty sure Mauricio wouldn’t appreciate it if I blurt out the reason I’m not drinking is because of his dad.

That reminds me, where the hell is Mauricio?

We’ve been here since nine-thirty and it’s been almost two hours already.

I decided to text him just in case anything has happened.

Me: Where are you?

Reyes: Not going anymore. Get me an autograph.

Me: Wait why?

I wait for a few minutes until I realize he won’t be answering back.

Damn you, the stereotypical boy who won’t open up.

I start hearing the band play ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ and a small squeal leaves me. The whole group seems to have the same reaction because we’re all running to the dance floor.

Josie is quick to pull me against her and now, we’re both dancing to the song. Her hands are wrapped around my neck while I have my hands on her waist. We’re practically rubbing against each other but what else is new? We do this all the time.

Josie is my soulmate.

I look over to my left to see already drunk off his ass, Loui dancing with Khloe. They both seem to be having an amazing time and I’m relieved to know Khloe didn’t let what Mark said yesterday to get to her. I know he can be an asshole sometimes but I don’t there to be tension between them. I’ll end up in the middle considering they’re both very close friends of mine.

My eyes glance all around to see where everyone is at. I see Maddie dancing with some random guy. Mark is with some girl, typical Mark. Elias is at the bar with Remi and Tyler. And lastly, Aaron and Meliana are making out at our booth.

So, everyone is doing what they normally do. Great.

My phone vibrates in my purse and I quickly take it out hoping Mauricio texted back.

I am disappointed to see Easton’s name on the screen except Mauricio’s. But I also feel smugged considering what his message says.

Easton: U have no idea how beautiful u look in that dress

Me: You should be here to see it in person.

Me: I bought it just for you and you’re not even here *annoyed sigh*

Easton: I know and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you on Sunday ;)

Easton: I promise

Me: I expect a full strip show on Sunday ;)

Easton: If it means me fucking you into tomorrow then anything you want baby

Me: I love you. See you tomorrow. Text me

Easton: I love you too. I will. Have a fun night babe

Okay, fine I’ll admit I do feel better about everything now.

I’m about to put my phone away when I get another text message.

Did Easton forget to tell me something?

I look down at my phone to see Mauricio finally texted back. Relief washes over me and I’m not worried about him so much after I read his message.

Mauricio: Just stuff. Don’t get too drunk tonight

Me: Aw. You worried about me, Reyes :)

Mauricio: No. I’m worried about your family members seeing you rot all day tomorrow.

Me: Haha very funny. I hope you rot asshole.

Mauricio: And yet we both know that can never happen. Good night, Myers.

Texting Mauricio is a bit easier than texting Easton. With Mauricio, everything is grammarly correct, while with Easton everything is just texting language. I personally rather text as I do with Mauricio, the girls, and Mark.

Josie pushes me slightly, pulling me away from my thoughts.

“Who’re messages are you smiling at?” She teases me and I quickly drop my wide smile. I didn’t even notice I was smiling.

Josie tries to sneak a peek but I’m quick to put my phone away. Back in my purse, it goes for the night.

“I was texting Easton,” I shrug still dancing along with her. I didn’t technically lie to my best friend considering I was texting Easton. I just leave the part of texting Mauricio as if we were normal human beings.

I’ll never hear the end of it if she ever found out I was texting Mauricio. The endless teasing and sexting jokes will be enough to make me explode.

“You two made up?”

“Yes, he promised a strip show.”

She pouts at me saying I’m one lucky girl. I, of course, don’t disagree nor agree.

“Let’s get drinks. I’m thirsty,” She grabs ahold of my hand and pulls me along with her to the bar area.

I think what the hell, Mauricio is home and I have nothing to worry about.

So, I drink and drink and drink. And damn, do I regret not drinking earlier. The bartender gave up some Modelo drinks with Chamoy on the top of the can. It tastes amazing.

When I start getting a fuzzy feeling in my stomach that’s when I know I’ve had enough. I don’t want to get too drunk tonight.

Everyone else seems to be wasted except Meliana and Tyler. They’re our designated drivers, of course. Both of them are drinking water and soda during these times. The times of the group taking shots after shots.

‘505’ starts playing and I quickly bang my hand on the table of the bar.

Hells yeah, I love this song.

This time I’m pulling Josie onto the dancefloor. We’re already up against each other, waiting for the beat to drop so we can go crazy.

The rest of the group ends up dancing along with us. We all sing to the song having the best time of our lives.

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