No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Malia Hernandez

It’s been a week.

A whole week since the charity event happened.

Mauricio and I haven’t exactly been talking as much. We only talk when needed to or when our English teacher is making us interact.

It’s so bad that we don’t even talk to each other when he comes over to the house or when he leaves.

We’re currently sitting in silence, in my room, doing the project.

This is the worst. I wish he would just say something snarky so we could go back to bickering as before. That’ll be better than sitting here with the tension surrounding us.

At least one of the Reyes and Hernandez’s seem to be getting along better than Mauricio and me.

Reuben and Lilybeth have been hanging out a lot more. They’re already texting, calling on the phone, or hanging out after school.

I’m glad Lilybeth is making new friends.

I am also glad on the fact Lilybeth doesn’t seem to be crushing on Mark anymore. The other day when he came over on Sunday, she didn’t even bat an eye at him or told us to not call him our brother. She was on her phone the whole time, texting. We didn’t have to ask who she was texting to know. The smile on her face said it all. And when dad asked her who she was texting she awkwardly looked at us before mumbling Reuben’s name.

Yeah well, at least that was a little less awkward than Mauricio and me right now.

I keep thinking it’s like this because of what happened at the charity event. He’s probably distancing himself because he got freaked out over whatever the hell happened.

I like to believe nothing happened.

Maybe I should start up a conversation. Hopefully, that’ll stop the tension between us.

“So, did Tyler tell you about his sister’s Quince? It’s next month. Short noticed but they’re going to keep it small. You know, between friends and family? He invited us,” I looked up at him from my book and when he just nods, doesn’t even look at me, I know then it didn’t work.

I sighed grabbing my laptop trying to distract myself.

This fucking sucks.

Can someone just grab the gun and shoot me, please?

I stared down at my laptop wondering what the hell is going on between us.

Is he seriously going to ignore me like this? Forever?

My dad ends up coming inside the bedroom which I almost yell a thank you at him for.

“You kids coming down to eat? I got some Thai take out,” Dad said looking between Mauricio and me.

I shake my head, “I’m going to Mark’s in a bit. They invited me to have dinner with them.” Dad nods his head and looks over at Mauricio.

Mauricio closes his laptop and shakes his head, “Thank you, Mr. Hernandez, but I should get going,” He gathers his things and Dad moves aside so he can pass.

Mauricio stops in front of the door, looking over his shoulder. His brown eyes meet mine for the first time in a week and it sends a shiver down my spine.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen those eyes of his. If only it would’ve lasted a bit longer.

“Myers,” He said before walking out of the bedroom.

Dad and I didn’t say anything to each other until we heard the front door closed.

“What’s going on with Mauricio?” Dad asks.

I shrugged and started to gather my stuff. Mark will be here any minute now.

“I have no idea. He’s been acting weirdly different ever since the charity event,” I put my books into my bag and made sure they’re all accounted for.

“Maybe it has to do with the fact how you two were singing on that stage together,” He teases me while wiggling his eyebrows.

I sighed looking at him, “Was it that obvious?” He nods his head saying, “It was more obvious than the flush you have right now.”

I playfully rolled my eyes and said, “Whatever happened on that stage was nothing. Mauricio and I were just singing.”

Dad is about to say something when we hear Mark honk outside.

“That’s my ride.”

He hugs me, kissing my forehead.

“Stay safe and come home before midnight.”

I nodded my head once he let me go and made my way past him. On my way downstairs I told everyone goodbye and quickly went outside to Mark’s car.

I see Mark waiting in his car for me.

He waves and says, “How was spending time with Mauricio, greeny?” I rolled my eyes and got into his car.

“He’s still ignoring me for god knows what reason. But I don’t care. It’s not like any of this is new to me. I shouldn’t have expected things to change because I thought we got somewhat closer last week.”

Mark didn’t press on the situation more. He only waited until I had my seatbelt on and off we went to his house.

Once we do get to his house, I was happy to know his whole family was there. They all greeted me once I entered the house. Mark’s step-mom, Jacinda even said, “There’s my daughter.”

They treat me like their daughter like we treat Mark as our brother.

I look around to see no sign of JT.

“Where’s JT?”

JT, Jake Thomas, is Mark’s half-brother. He’s the same age as Lilybeth, Reuben, and Denzel. He’s also what seems like Mark’s twin. They look so much alike and sometimes the only way you can tell the difference is the fact JT still has his baby face.

Oh, and Jake only likes being called JT. I have no idea why but he insisted we all called him JT.

Don’t tell Mark but JT is my favorite Thomas boy.

He’s nothing like Mark. JT is one of the sweetest guys in Morhills. He gets it from Jacinda, she’s so kind-hearted.

Jacinda is married to Mark’s dad, Joseph Thomas, who’s also an asshole but we tolerate him. Joseph Thomas isn’t the kind of person you would want to be around, especially if you’re a woman. I have no idea why Jacinda chose to be with him but I know why he chose to be with her.

And before I explain, I would like to say that if I could punch Mr. Thomas in the face, I would.

Back when Mark was five his dad got robbed. He had all his money and passwords in this safe. Unfournatley, that safe didn’t end up keeping things safe. He was robbed by one of his closest friends, still don’t know who it’s top-secret according to Mark, and they caught the guy and now he’s in jail.

Mr. Thomas grew very stress and angry because of the robbery. All that anger was let out on his wife and Mark. It created big problems and needless to say, Mark’s mom divorced him.

A year later, Mr. Thomas is remarrying Jacinda and a few years later she has JT. And from what Mark has told me, his dad only married Jacinda to have that perfect family image for his company.

“JT is upstairs talking with his girlfriend,” Jacinda brings me out of my thoughts.

“I’m going to scare him. Be right back,” I said already walking up the stairs. Mark followed behind me as we slowly made our way up.

We creep into his bedroom quietly and see him on his bed. He’s on his stomach and texting.

I jumped on his back yelling, “JT MY FAVORITE THOMAS!” JT groans with laughter and we hugged each other once we stood up.

“Malia, hey!” JT hugs me again and I ruffled his hair, “I missed you, little Thomas.” He tells me he’s been missing me too and I need to come over more.

Mark comes inside and says, “All right, come on before he thinks you’re here to see him. We both know you’re mine.” JT rolls his eyes saying, “Shut up.” And I smack the back of Mark’s head.

How dare he ruin my time with my favorite Thomas.

Mark drags me out of JT’s room and I wave a quick goodbye to JT.

“That was rude. I was trying to hang with him,” I rolled my eyes when we entered Mark’s room, “Yeah, I know. That’s why I pulled you away.”

I flick him off and set my bag down on his bed.

It’s a good thing Mark’s room is clean. It’s sort of surprising considering I always assumed all basketball boys have messy rooms. I’ve been at Elias’s and Easton’s rooms which are always filled with clothes on the floor, cups, and plates, and sometimes even has a weird smell. As for Mauricio’s room? I haven’t been in there and the windows don’t show much. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his room.

I throw myself on Mark’s bed before quickly jumping off it.

Completely forget this asshole has sex on this.

“Oh god, did you change the sheets this morning? Please, tell me you did,” My facial expression was a mixture of disgust and hope.

Mark rolls his eyes, laying down on his bed, “Of course not.”

Someone give me a bag to throw up in.

Mark bursts out laughing and says, “I’m kidding. Calm down and wipe that nauseated expression off your face.”

I glared at him before laying down next to him.

“I always change them after sexy time.”

I question him on the fact he calls it sexy time and he says, “If you wanted to have sexy time with me greeny, you could’ve said so.” He even tries to get close to me but I quickly push him away.

We pulled out our textbooks and notes when he finally stops trying to get in my pants.

I know he’s kidding but the asshole seriously needs to learn how to control his dick.

Jacinda ends up knocking on the door when we’re starting to study for our exam.

She comes inside the room and puts a plate of pizza rolls, lemonade drinks on the counter.

“It’s a small snack for studying,” She smiles at us and we both thank her.

“Happy studying kids,” She leaves and Mark is quick to grab the first pizza roll.

When is he not eating?

“So, you never told me what happened at the sleepover. You guys talked about me?” He has a smug look on his face and I roll my eyes, “Oh yeah, we talked about how small your dick is.”

He sends me a slight glare before going back to eating his pizza rolls.

“Anyways, Elias’s birthday is coming up,” He passes me the tray of pizza rolls. I nod my head and explain how the girls are already planning something.

“We could throw a party at the club for him?” He offers but I shake my head, “Josie was told by Elias that he doesn’t want a big party this year. That he rather have something big for his eighteenth birthday.”

Mark nods his head saying, “We could throw a small party at someone’s house, their backyard.”

“Or we can go to the Morhills Lake? I’m sure it’ll be fun,” I shrugged and Mark nods his head, “That’s an amazing idea since it’s been hot this whole week and his birthday is in a few days.”

We both gave each other a high-five for coming up with such great ideas.

Oh right, talking about the boys reminds me of their basketball practices.

“Wait, I heard you guys started basketball practice already?” More like Mauricio had to cancel this week twice since he had practice.

“Yeah, Coach wanted us to get started. Since we’re seniors he wants us to give it our all this year,” He does this little victory dance which I snort at.

“The games start this December to February and we’re not trying to waste any time.”

Wait, what?

“What about Mauricio’s schedule? Don’t the soccer games start in February?”

He takes a sip of his lemonade before saying, “Mauricio’s practices are during the weekends. For basketball, they are in the mornings since we have practices Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since soccer doesn’t start up until after basketball they’re making basketball his top priority. That’s why he had a schedule change the other week.” This reminds me of when he told me to wait for him after school. He was changing his schedule for the sports.

“How about your practices?” He hands me my lemonade, I thank him and explain, “We also start in October since we’re going to start playing at the end of February. We’re practicing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”

We end the topic there and go back to studying.

I’m going to make sure I pass this exam. I have never failed a test in my life, not going to start now.

After a while of studying, we decided to take a break. So, we went downstairs to Mark’s in-home theatre and watch a movie with JT.

“So, JT, how’s it like having a girlfriend?” I wrapped an arm around his shoulder and he laughed, “We’re good. The other day we went out on a date at the park. Had a nice time.”

I smack Mark on the chest making him almost choke on the popcorn.

“You hearing this, Marky? You need to be like JT. He has a stable relationship and is happy. He doesn’t have sex with women as if they were toys,” I rolled my eyes and threw some popcorn at his face.

Mark is about to say something but a voice from behind us cuts him off.

“Isn’t that what a woman is?”

I narrow my eyes looking over my shoulder to see Mark’s dad crossing his arms at the doorway.

This is why Mark comes over to my house, his dad is a sexist asshole who only cares about himself.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see both Thomas brothers glaring at their father. They hate him more than anybody in this house.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Thomas but if you see women that way. It’s a problem. We are more than just sex on legs.”

“We all have our own opinions, Malia.”

“Yeah, well if you believe a woman is just a sex toy then you are exactly like the men who objectify women. You are no better than the men who like to believe they know better about a women’s body than an actual woman. Because at the end of the day, Mr. Thomas—“ I turn my whole body towards him, my knees keeping me up on the chair, “—you will be wrong. You are wrong, especially when it comes to an opinion on a gender that’s not yours. Women should be the ones to choose to stay home wives or moms. Not be forced by their controlling husbands. Also, if you believe we are just boobs and vagina? Just know that vaginas bleed every month and anything you can do? I can do while bleeding.”

This shuts him up and I feel satisfied with that.

Both Mark and JT are snickering at their dads glaring expression at me.

Mark even says, “You hear that dad? Apologize and tell her she’s right. Because she is.”

I smile fakely waiting for his apology.

“My apologies, Malia. You are right—keep it down. I have a meeting in a few minutes,” He said before leaving the room.

Once he’s out of hearing range, I turn back around and sit down properly.

“I seriously hate your dad,” I mumbled and both boys said, “Same.”

I don’t blame them for hating him either.

Mark and JT’s dad is always pressuring them on school, sports, and the business. Mark does everything he can to make sure the franchise of the clubs comes out just like his vision but his dad always seems to find a way to hate something he created. With JT he’s always pressuring him to do better, be the top best in swimming. Also, he’s always comparing him to Mark which JT hates.

I mean who wouldn’t be?

Nobody wants to be compared to their older brother. They want to be themselves, do their own thing.

JT also hates how he treats his mom.

Mr. Thomas treats Jacinda like she’s just a person he needs for the pictures. For good image.

Happy family, happy press. All bullshit.

Mark told me it was like this when his mom was around. And now his mom is barely in the picture, he’s just glad she left all of this before it completely ruined her.

“Let’s just finish the movie,” JT turned up the volume and I snort knowing Mr. Thomas is going to be angry.

Good, he should be mad.


“Homecoming is coming up. Has Easton asked you?”

“He hasn’t brought it up. But there is no point in asking me since we can’t go together. Miss Miller must be his date, of course,” I rolled my eyes and sat down on top of the desk.

Josie only nods before changing the conversation knowing Jianna is a touchy subject.

“So, Elias’s birthday is in a few days. We doing anything?” She sits down on the desk across from me and I nodded my head, “Mark and I came up with the idea to have a small gathering at the lake. Just us, the group, and we’ll bring cupcakes, sodas, and order pizza to celebrate.”

The bell rings before Josie can say anything else about the birthday party.

We say our goodbyes to our teacher and head to Josie’s locker.

“Has anything changed this week with Mauricio?” She opens her locker and I shake my head, “Nope. He is still ignoring me. He’s officially back to hating me and I’m back to hating him.” Josie gives me a look which I question.

“You don’t hate him.”

“Yes, I do actually. I’ve hated him ever since we met. The asshole has been ignoring me since we were ten. I’m sure I can survive him ignoring me for another ten years. It’s been done before.” She shrugs and Josie only closes her locker mumbling, “Stubborn assholes.”

What is that supposed to mean? And why did ‘asshole’ have an ‘s’ at the end of it?

We go off our separate ways, going to class.

It is time to attend my Fashion Design class.

I sit down at my desk and bring out my sketchbook.

We’re going to be presenting the three drawings of dresses our teacher had us sketch for homework.

I am confident with my drawings and I’m sure the teacher will love them.

“Alright, Miss Hernandez, show me what you got,” Mrs. Hathaway comes up to my desk with her tablet.

I opened my sketchbook and showed her the three pages of dresses. And from the look on her face on each one, she loved all three.

“Wow, these are amazing. Have you thought about becoming a fashion designer? You have so much talent for it.”

“Thank you and I’m still figuring it out.”

“Well, when you do, let me know. I know someone on the board at Morhills University who can help you with Fashion Design.”

She moved onto the student behind me.

I have no idea what I am going to do in the future.

When I was little I was planning to keep playing lacrosse but as I got older, I became more interested in fashion.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out by the time college comes around.

My phone vibrates inside my backpack and I quickly take it out.

Easton: Meet me in the halls right now

What is he up to?

“Mrs. Hathaway, may I go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, be quick.”

I quickly got out of my chair and left the classroom.

Easton never specified what hallway, dammit.

To my luck, once I turned a corner, I saw him leaning against the lockers.

He smiles and stands up straight when I walked up to him. I went in to give him a quick kiss but we ended making out for a bit against the lockers until we heard some footsteps. Then we pulled apart.

“So, what’s up?” I wiped the red lipstick off his bottom lip, “My parents and Denzel are going to some dinner tonight. I got out of it by saying I’m taking Jianna on a date and how I already made reservations. But in reality, I was hoping you could come over and we could hang out. Maybe go swimming for a bit?” He places a kiss on my jaw and I feel myself melting in his arms.

I pulled him more against me when I felt his lips starting to make their way down my neck.

“Okay, fine.”

He pulls away smiling, “Good. I’ll see you after school, I love you.”

We gave each other a quick, small kiss before departing back to our classes.

“I am so going to bring my red bikini.”


I quickly run into the living room, trying not to let him catch me.

“Come on, Malia! Just one more. It’s been a week since our last time!”

“We went twice today you sex addict!”

Easton walks into the living room and finds me looking at him with my arms crossed over my chest. The smug look on his face tells me how much he thinks he can convince me to go another round.

Men and their damn testosterone.

He starts coming for me and I quickly run around the couch. Sadly, I’m not quick enough because I feel his arms wrap themselves around my waist.

“I know went twice but seeing you in my jersey with nothing else on? It’s a turn-on, baby.”

I feel his hands move down to my thighs and he slowly pulls up the jersey.

Oh god, here we go again.

I quickly turn around and press my lips against his. He kissed me back with his tongue already teasing to enter my mouth.

Good enough thing, my phone chimes and I pull away from him.

“No, leave it,” He groans but I’m already reaching for my phone.

I grab ahold of my phone and see Mauricio calling me.

Why is he calling me—oh no.

I quickly answer and Mauricio’s gruff voice speaks, “Where the hell are you?” Not even a hello or something without ‘hell’ in it. He got meaner now that they’re back to hating each other.

“I’m out with Easton. I forgot we were hanging out today for the test—” He hangs up before I could say anything more.

I stared at my phone dumbfounded before calling him an asshole.

I throw my phone onto the couch and Easton asks, “Is everything okay.” I shake my head saying, “I hate your best friend.”

“Is everything okay between the both of you? Normally you guys bicker but it seems like you are seriously ignoring each other.”

I see the suspicion in his eyes and I know he’s thinking about the charity event.

“It’s fine. Mauricio is just being an ass. Nothing new,” I shook my head, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He only nods his head.

I’m quick to change the subject, “Pool time?” Easton smiles mischievously before picking me up. I widen my eyes and quickly hold onto him.

“You’re not doing what I think you’re doing right?”

“You mean running into the pool while carrying you?”

I nodded chewing down onto my bottom lip. The mischief and gleam in his eyes already gave me an answer.

“Yes, yes I am doing exactly that.”

I shake my head thinking how he’s so lucky I love him.

Very lucky.




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