No Rules In Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea Twelve

Chapter Twelve

Mauricio Reyes

“I found your guitar skills very pleasing.”

I sent her a glare which she laughed for.

“This is your new way of torturing me now? You’re going to remind me of that awful day?”

She put her hands up and said, “Hey, I’m not the one who played the guitar in front of the whole town. And saw both Easton and Malia getting it on.”

Flashes of Malia and Easton come to mind and I almost ripped my head off for this.

Great, now I’m angry.

I told Maddie about how I was going to grab something from my motorcycle when I caught them. Of course, you know, I did lie a little about why I was in that parking lot but I knew if I told her that I was looking for Malia, she would have never let me hear the end of it. Like ever.

Right now, she’s just teasing me about it which is good since she’ll get over it.

But will you get over it?

Yes, I will because I have no reason to feel angry about it either way. There is no logical reason that makes sense as to why I would be angry...or jealous.

No, no, not jealous. Just angry.

Maybe there is a reason.

I stared off into space thinking about all of the possibilities of why I could be angry. And only one thing came to mind.

Fuck this.

“What time is Easton coming to pick us up again?”

“I don’t know but I’ll be right back. I need to pee,” She quickly got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom.

I sighed going over to my backpack. All the things I needed for the lake today are in here. I do hope I am not missing anything.

Double-checking just in case.

I walked over to my desk only to stop myself when I spot her.

Malia is tying the back of her bikini top and I quickly look away knowing I need to respect her privacy.

God, this girl drives me crazy, and yet I know if she asked me to be hers, I would be in an instant.

No. She’s Easton’s girlfriend, the girl you hate. Remember that.

And yet, my eyes find themselves back on here and I’m thanking God every day from now on for letting the construction workers put our houses so close to each other. We could see almost everything from one’s window to another.

She’s pulling up her shorts and I get a small peek of the red bikini she’s wearing. I also get to see her beautiful curves that I once pictured touching with my hands in the shower.

Stop it. NOW.

The bathroom door opens and I quickly shut the curtains.

I turned around to see Maddie looking at me confused.

“What are you looking at?” She looks over my shoulder at the curtains and I shake my head, “Nothing. I was just making sure to close the curtains before we leave.”

She looks at me suspiciously before taking the lie as the truth.

It relaxes me when she sits down on the bed instead of opening the curtains to see what I was looking at. More like who but she doesn’t need to know that.

My phone chimes and I bring it out of my pocket to see who texted.

The Power Rangers and Mauricio IG ;)

Easton: picked up Josie

Easton: Mal, Ricio, and Maddie be downstairs in three minutes

I am going to forever hate Malia for making this group chat name. It lowkey offends me considering it says “And Mauricio” Like what the fuck? Making me feel excluded.

It’s a good thing I’m joking but still. I liked the power rangers and the red one was always my favorite.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear a familiar argument between two very familiar voices.

Fucking shit, they can’t go one day without arguing.

Maddie is here for fuck sake.

Could they not have waited until we left?

Maddie’s blue eyes meet mine and the look of pity on her face makes me angry. She knows I never liked it when someone gave me pity after hearing how badly my parents argue.

“Mauricio—” Maddie starts but I shake my head, “Don’t. Let’s just go wait outside. I’m sure Easton is here already,” I grabbed my things and so did she.

We both quietly made our way outside, hearing the shouts of my parents as they argued about Papa not paying the water bill.

I’m so glad the kids aren’t home.

Reuben is hanging out with Lilybeth at the park with friends and Angelina is out with a family friend who has a daughter. They’re having some sort of pool party.

Easton pulls up in front of my house and honks his car horn as if he didn’t see Maddie and me waiting for him.

We walked over to this car and got inside.

I watched as Malia got out of her house with the bikini top and shorts I saw her put on earlier. She has the shorts unbuttoned so I’m viewed with her bikini bottoms.

You sexy infuriating girl.

She gets into the car and gives Easton a quick on the lips.

You hateful infuriating girl it is now.

My fingers tap themselves on my lap and I’m trying so hard not to pull my hair out from how confusing everything is.

It’s like my body wants her, it craves her. But my mind reminds me of the many times she’s made me hate her over and over. Even how hating her began.

I feel anger rise in my chest at the memory of her in that room. That damn stupid room I have to be in whenever we have a project to do. The room that I can see from my window and the room she calls hers.

My eyes squeeze shut to stop the memories from invading my mind once again.

There are so many reasons why I hate her and seeing her with Easton that night only added to the many reasons I am giving her the silent treatment right now.

I have no idea when I’m going to stop this childish shit, maybe until I figure out why the fuck this bothered me so much without that reason being the only reason why.

I just need to focus on the fact I am out of the damn house and even though she’s here with me.

It feels so good to be out of the house for once.

Being away from all the fighting and the alcoholic I call ‘Papa’ is very relieving.

Mama was the one who even suggested I should get out of the house more often. Reuben and Angelina are always at a friend’s house and the only time I’m out is when I’m doing the project with Malia.

So, this is good. Very good for me.

I am currently in a car with the supposed glee cast.

They’re singing their vocals off as if they knew how to sing.

We’re on our way to Morhills Lake for Elias’s birthday.

It was decided yesterday we’d celebrate his birthday at the lake since he didn’t exactly want a big party.

We’ve brought snacks, sodas, and extra clothes along with towels.

We are all also in different cars since we’re a big group.

Malia, Easton, Maddie, Josie, and myself are in one car. Mark, Loui, Aaron, and Meliana are in another car. Elias, Khloe, Tyler, and Remi are in the last car.

Other than that, I don’t know about anyone else but I plan to have myself a good time. I specifically deserve it and need it after the bullshit week I had.

My eyes stop on my green-eyed neighbor who’s currently dancing her ass off to the music on the radio. She’s moving her arms up in the air and her body is moving side to side.

Well shit, I can be pissed off and still want her to dance on my lap like that.

Snap out of it, Reyes. You just caught this girl a week ago fucking your best friend after the supposed moment—definitely not a moment—you two had.

I need some air.

I rolled down the window and feel the cold air hit my skin. I’m not wearing a shirt, well because, I saw no reason to. I don’t like shirts regardless so it’s fine. It’s also very hot outside and I saw no point in wearing a shirt if I’m getting into the lake.

My eyes glance over to Easton and Malia when I see her move closer to him. He grabs ahold of her hand and places a kiss on it.

The memory of catching them both that night flashes in my mind.

Fuck sakes.

What the fuck is going on with me?

Why do I feel like I want to throw Easton out of the car and kiss Malia’s hand myself?

Josie slaps her hands onto the seat and it makes me move my attention to her. Well, it made everyone turn their attention to her since she also gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Malia asks with a worried expression, “Turn. Up. The Volume. NOW!′ Josie practically yells into my ear and I have to lean away so I don’t pop an eardrum.

Malia widens her eyes before turning back around, she turns up the volume of the radio and ‘Sugar’ by Robin Schulz is playing.

“I’ll tell everyone to change their stations to the same one as ours,” Josie pulls out her phone and quickly texts the group chat.

After a few seconds, everyone, in all the different cars, is playing the song loudly. We’re also all singing very loudly and honestly having an amazing time.

Malia opens the window roof of the car and quickly stands up on the seat. Josie joins her and both girls are singing, dancing, and giving me an amazing view of their asses.

Normally I would look away but I’m a guy. Two girls are shaking their butts in front of me, I’ll never miss that opportunity.

I feel Maddie push me to the side and when I look at her, she’s giving me a ‘are you serious?’ look. I shrugged with a smirk on my face and the rolling of her eyes makes me laugh.

We both end up singing the song to each other. She grabbed my hands and we pulled each other closer.

Everyone, the whole group, was vibing to the song.

I’m positive if anyone drove past us, they’d think we’re all insane. Or maybe just living our best lives.

It doesn’t take us long to get to the lake. Once we got there everyone was already preparing everything or swimming.

Josie and I were sitting down on the blanket she brought. It was big enough for me to lay down on it. She smacked me on the stomach when she realized I only came here to relax.

“You do know we came here to have fun right? This isn’t the time for you to lay down and sleep,” Josie rolled her eyes and yet she laid down right next to me.

I turned my head to her with a ‘seriously?’ face. She grinned over at me before closing her eyes to fall asleep.

“I’m rethinking calling you my literal twin,” I use quotations for ‘literal’ since it’s only a phrase we use.

“Yeah, well even if we were twins, I’d be the hotter one,” Josie smiled widely with her eyes still closed and I kicked her slightly on the leg, “Please, we both know I’m sexier.”

This made her open her eyes and gave me a weird look before bursting out with laughter.

“I hate you.”

“Sure you do, Mauricio. Go get me a soda before I go to sleep. Thank you, twin brother,” She put on her sunglasses and laid there with a smug look.

Oh yeah, for sure my twin.

I stood up and went over to the cooler where the sodas are.

I’m grabbing sodas for myself and Josie when Malia comes up to me, to get a soda for herself. She ends up waiting until I got my sodas to get hers.

Time to get as far away from her.

I’m about to walk away when she stops me.

“Reyes,” Her soft voice stops my feet from moving and creates tension on my back.

Don’t do this now Malia. Let’s just pretend we don’t even exist with each other.

Come on, Reyes, you got this. Just keep walking.


Fuck me.

I turned around with my eyebrows brought together, “What’s up?” She raised her eyebrows at my answer, surprised I even turned around at all to talk.

I don’t blame her considering I barely spoke a full sentence to her all week.

“I just wanted to apologize for forgetting the meet-up a few days ago. I know you were upset that I didn’t tell you so—” She cuts herself off when her mind finally realizes what she’s even doing.

I could tell her off. I could also make sure she knows how much I hate her. But all of this is immature and childish.

There’s no need to be ignoring her because of what happened at the charity event. Well, nothing happened as we like to believe.

This is something I should’ve let go of, something I shouldn’t feel jealous about. Not that I am jealous, jealous. More like—angry at myself for caring.

“You apologizing now, Myers? Oh, you’ve officially become a goodie,” I said trying to release the tension and she is surprised that I am joking with her again.

“Not exactly. Josie forced me to apologize. She was tired of the awkward tension,” From the look on Malia’s face, Josie didn’t say a thing.

No, she didn’t.

I feel almost good about this. A part of me is glad that we’re going to move on from whatever happened at the charity event.

I looked over at the lake and said, “You going in?” and Malia says, “Yeah, why? You planning to drown me?” I act fake shocked and say, “How did you know?” Malia playfully rolls her eyes calling me an asshole.

I missed this. But she doesn’t need to know that.

“I’ll see you in there in a bit?” She’s walking backward, towards Khloe and Loui.

“Oh yeah, Myers, watch where you swim. Something might pull you down by the legs. Or someone to be exact.”

She flicked me off before turning around and finishing her walk.

This good, we’re going back to bickering and teasing the fuck out of each other. Just like before.

“Yo, Reyes, come on in!” Tyler yells from the rope where he’s about to push Remi for a starter swing.

I held up the two sodas and nodded my head.

Josie came up to me and grabbed the soda from my hold. She gave me quick cheers before chugging down the soda.

“Thanks, Reyes, I’ll see you inside,” She pulled off her sunglasses, threw them to the ground, and went over to the rope.

I watched as she swung on it before jumping in with a flip. The group cheered and I knew then I had to step my game up.

This should be fun.

I was going back to lay on the blanket until I saw Malia standing on the deck. She was shaking her head at Easton who’s trying to get her inside.

“Come on, Malia, it isn’t that cold,” Easton was holding his hand out for her to grab, “No, I know you’re lying,” She dipped her toes into the water before jumping up and down on the deck, “It is cold!” Easton laughed at this but still tried to get her inside.

Push her in.

Oh yeah, you are good little Mauricio.

I put down the soda on the wooden table next to me and head over to where Malia is. Except I am quiet and making sure she doesn’t see me coming.

Easton glances over at me and he realizes what I’m about to do.

“Alright, fine. I’ll wait here until you’re ready to get in,” Easton said with his hands up in defense and Malia huffed happily, “Thank you.”

She’s going to regret thanking him.

I successfully made my way behind her and just when I was about to push her, she turns around and grabs onto my biceps.

“Reyes, what do you think you’re doing?” She growls at me and I smirked at her, “Flying to the moon? What does it look like I’m doing?” She rolls her eyes at this and tells me I’m an asshole.

That’s me, the asshole.

“If you push me, I am pulling you down with me.”

“I don’t think so.”

I push her back and watched as she fell into the lake. Easton and the rest of the group hollered with laughter.

Malia came up to the surface and flicked me off, “I can’t believe you did that.”

“One would think you know better than to expect me not to take an opportunity to push you into a lake, Myers.”

“Oh yeah? Well, why don’t you come and join me?” Her eyes glanced behind me and before I could even turn around someone pushes me into the lake.

Oh, fuck no.

When I come up to the surface I see Josie who’s laughing.

“I’m going to kill you,” I threw some water at her.

She jumps into the water and like that everyone else came in.

We all were swimming off the rope, pushing each other in, and playing water volleyball.

This is better than hearing my parents fight all day.

Way better.


“Quit pulling on my hair.”

“Stop moving.”

I groaned in pain every time I felt her pull on the strands of my hair. She snickered behind me every time I winced, I knew she was enjoying every moment of this.

Maddie is currently braiding my hair.

We’re at her house and it’s oddly quiet. Her parents usually are fighting whenever I’m on the phone with her or sometimes even when I’m over.

Maddie sometimes does feel embarrassed but I always remind her that she’s been around when my parents argued like hers also. It didn’t make her feel any better about the situation but at least she knew that I wasn’t judging her in any way.

All the people see Maddie as this spoiled teenager who acts way too aggressively. But all she ever wanted was to be loved. Loved by her parents who only seem to care about themselves or making another feel like shit.

That’s why it pisses me off when the group, specifically Loui or Malia, says some stupid comment about her. They don’t know her, not as I do. And I know that she only acts aggressive and bitchy as a self-defense mechanism. A defense mechanism to the fact all she ever wanted was to be loved.

“I am craving ice cream. Want any?” Maddie finishes the last piece of the braid.

I nodded my head and quickly got up to get away from her hair pulling.

We both head downstairs, to the kitchen and even sneaked a peek at her parents who are silently arguing.

Maddie’s mom is telling her husband to keep his voice down. She doesn’t want Maddie or me to hear them arguing about their infidelity.

Too late.

“You want strawberry or vanilla?” Maddie asks as she opens the fridge, “Two scoops of vanilla. I can’t eat too much,” I said remembering the time Malia and I got ice cream with the kids.

Fucking shit, I was doing so good at not comparing certain situations with her.

I helped Maddie prep the ice cream and once we finished, we both sat down on the counter listening to her parents arguing.

“You know she called me a whore yesterday?” A small laugh leaves Maddie’s lips.

I bring my eyebrows together, “Who?”

“My mom. She told me I am never going to have a boyfriend if I keep dressing like a whore,” She poked around her ice cream, and I shook my head, “Wearing what you want doesn’t make you a whore.”

She shrugged at this and I put down my ice cream so I could grab her shoulders.

“Mads, hey, no. Your mother is the last person to call you a whore.”

“I know but it made me feel like shit because I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I scoffed with an eye roll, “You don’t need a boyfriend to make you happy.” She grinned over at me and said, “Yeah, well it’s a good thing I have you instead and besides, boyfriends complicate things. Have you seen Malia and Easton?” She widened her eyes in horror and started to eat her ice cream again.

I stayed quiet for a few seconds after hearing Malia’s name.

On the first day of us back to our snarky comments and hating on each other, my mind can’t seem to stop thinking about her.

It’s never been this excessive or a problem.

So, what the hell is going on?

“Oh yeah, that reminds me. I see that Malia and you are on speaking terms again?” She raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged, “We mostly talk about the project.”

I technically didn’t lie to Maddie. We were talking about the project somewhat when she apologized for forgetting our study time.

“How far along y’all are on the project?”

“We’re almost done,” I jumped off the counter and grabbed my ice cream up.

She jumped off the counter as well, “Oh thank god. I miss having you to myself.”

Yeah, well I’m going to miss having Malia to myself.

Missing her more than I should be.




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